Updates for a Blue and White Guest Room

I almost titled this, “This is Not a Christmas Post.” I figured we could all use a non-Christmas post for a minute. 🙂

So, I was out doing a little Christmas shopping and I stumbled across something in the “Clearance” section of the store that caught my eye. Can you guess what it was?

It supposedly started out at $249.99, marked down to $100.00. I used a 20% off coupon bringing it down to $80, which is still higher than I normally like to pay for this type “thing.” But, it was blue and white and I’m a little obsessed over decorating in blue and white. Plus, it had blue birds on it and who can resist blue birds! Okay, they are stylized blue birds,  not painted in the colors of a real blue bird, but still pretty darn cute.

Garden Seat


I brought it home for the guest room, but I’m not sure if it’s staying.

Blue and White Guest Room


So what do you think? I have no idea why the walls look sooo yellow in some of the pics, they are a pale yellow, not a buttery yellow.

Blue and White Bedroom


Here’s the garden seat that was in this spot. It will have a new home in another room if I keep Mr. Bluebird. (This pic is more accurate of the wall color.)

Ceramic Garden Seat for the Guest Room


This seat is by Safavieh Accents and an internet search found the same seat online at several other stores for around $110. That’s why I say it was supposedly priced at $249.99. Do you do that…buy something then come home and look online to see if you can find it for a better price?

Online those seats look a lot lighter in color, which wouldn’t work in this room. Not sure if those other seats just look that way or if they are really that light, but this one is a nice match for this blue and white guest room. Plus it was $80, not $110…and no shipping cost.

So what do you think?

Blue and White Guest Room


Like the white one that was here better or do you like Mr. Bluebird better?

Blue and White Bedroom with Blue and White Bluebird Garden Seat


There’s one more little addition to the guest room, something just for the season. Christmas still managed to sneak into this post, didn’t it? 🙂

Reindeer Pillow in Red and Gray


Every time I see it, it makes me smile. I bought one for the upstairs family room, too. It’s from HomeGoods and is sooo soft. I think it has a down insert, most of their pillows do.

I found two pillows for the screened porch for Christmas.  I still need to share the porch dressed for Christmas…will do that soon.

Reindeer Christmas Pillow


So, let me know your thoughts on Mr. Bluebird, does he stay or does he go?

Blue and White Bedroom

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  1. Susan,

    While the blue one match’s the blue in the room,
    I am sticking with the white.
    The blue seems to busy, while the white is more classy.

  2. Suzanne Morris says

    I love the new garden seat !! Like you- I love blue and white. If my Kohl’s had it – I would buy it 🙂

  3. Stays for sure!!

  4. Carolyn Roach says

    Love it. You will probably regret it later if you don’t keep it. I HATE it when I do that.

  5. Pat Stansel says

    I love it !! If you don’t want it I’ll take it !!!

  6. I Love the blue & white one. I’m not normally a Kohl’s shopper, but I might have to go by today & see if I can spot one.

  7. Marie in Va says

    The room looks great- what a nice addition! 🙂

  8. You can’t beat the price and I think it looks pretty! Glad you were able to snag such a deal.

    I want one but have no idea where I would place it in my home. Both of my sons have homes, and I would love to get in there and decorate-maybe they need one?! 😉

  9. I love the light one with the chair, but the other one matches the spread so well, why can’t you put it by the door or somewhere else in the room?

  10. My vote is for the white one in your guest room. But, I do love your new birdie one. What would it look like in your upstairs family room? Just a thought. Happy Holidays, Susan!

  11. I love the white one. With Linda C on this one for the same reason. Also, it gives a beautiful spot to rest on from the pattern.

  12. I like the garden seat but I think it’s a bit “busy” for this room. I like the white garden seat in here better. If you keep the blue bird garden seat, maybe you can use it somewhere else in your house or sunroom.

  13. White – Mr. Bluebird is just too busy by the chair

  14. I think the blue and white one looks perfect! I love patterns with patterns, the layered look!

  15. Your garden stool looks like it has your name on it. It is so you. I love the mix of plaid and pattern. Perfect.

  16. Love the new blue/white garden seat, but I like the white one in the guest room more. The blue/white seat might possibly work somewhere else.

  17. Well for me it looks beautiful, the room is gorgeous, I’d happily lay in that beautiful bed looking at it LOL. Its a keeper
    Peg xx

  18. Susan – it is beautiful.DO NOT RETURN IT!!!

  19. Since you asked, I also agree with the white staying. I feel there are a lot of patterns going on in the room and while gorgeous, the bluebird seat is a bit busy.

  20. I love the seat and I think it looks good in the guest room, however, I agree with Linda C and I think the white looks more classy and not as “busy.” Your guest room is so lovely! Vikki in VA.

  21. Although the new piece is beautiful, I’m with the ladies who like the white one by the chair. I still think it would be lovely in the room, maybe by the door or in a corner with less pattern around it?

  22. I love the blue and white one! It’s a keeper as far as I’m concerned. The pattern is very small and the background is white, I love the different blue and white patterns together. Even if you don’t use it in the guest bedroom, it will work somewhere else in your home. I’m with Gwen, DO NOT RETURN IT!!!

  23. I would stick with the white – love the bluebirds but it’s just tooooo much!!!

  24. Stay, absolutely! I love the movement of the birds and the vines. The white one seems pretty safe now. Love layering patterns. And I LOVE the reindeer pillow. Heading to Homegoods right now!

  25. The blue and white brings more character to the guest room!

  26. Sharon Avinger says

    I, too, love blue and white and I LOVE that new stool. But I agree with others that it does look too busy by the chair. I like the white one by the chair best. I’d definitely find another place in your lovely home for the bluebird stool. Don’t take it back! You will regret it.

  27. I love the white in that particular room.
    This one is gorgeous and you should absolutely keep it.
    Give the new bluebird one it’s own place of honour 🙂

  28. My vote is for the white seat. I think it gives the eye a rest from all the prints.

  29. I love almost everything about this room. I usually do not like blue but this room I could live with for sure. So the question is….what do I do with blue carpet instead of light carpet? Our home has blue carpet in the bedroom and I would like to replace it but for now I must make due. First I painted the walls taupe…didn’t like it…then dark choc. brown still not good….help! Dianntha

  30. I also love blue and white but in this case I think the solid white one is the way to go. Think of it this way, if you keep the bird he’ll blend into the room and even at eighty dollars, that would be a waste!

    Merry Christmas!

  31. I love the blue and white garden seat. It is perfect for your guest room. But may I say right now that I have dibs on the white one!!!! I know exactly where I could use it in my house!!!!!!! lol You can just ship it to me via UPS! lol Also, the red pillow with the reindeer is adorable and such a cute Christmasy accent. Good job, Susan!

  32. Carolyn Price says

    I vote to “keep.” I am certainly not the decorator that you are, Susan, but for my two cents’ worth: I think the checker pattern in the chair mirrors the same pattern in the white garden stool, and comes off a bit same-y, same-y. However, the pattern in the bluebird garden seat complements the pattern on both the pillow and the bedding and adds the exclamation point to it all!!
    Of course, this is over-analyzation because it was lovely the way you had it! But since you asked … ! ; )

  33. It is just darling…and it’s perfect for your pretty blue and white guest room! What a wonderful find, Susan!

  34. I like it! mull it over. You will know what to do after you get back from your trip. Ive got 2 guys painting my only boys bedroom blue and white..as we speak. love the color choice. heehehe

  35. In my opinion, Mr. Bluebird is just the “punch” that little corner needed! I say, keep him! He compliments the room beautifully!

  36. By all means KEEP IT!

  37. Penny @ The Comforts of Home says

    I vote for the new one. I love combining patterns and I think it really looks great in that room.

  38. I love it. I also have a blue and white bedroom. I’ll show it to you sometime on my blog. Right now I’m trying to get a post ready for Tablescape Thursday, make dinner, and help with homework. This blogging is much more difficult than I expected. You make it look so easy!

  39. It’s an adorable garden seat, but I agree that it’s too busy to be in such close proximity to the check chair. I like the white one for this.

  40. Its adorable. I love it. 🙂

  41. I Really like the blue!

  42. I prefer the white one.

    The whole room is beautiful.

  43. I really like the new garden seat! I vote it stays. It adds a little whimsy to the room. I guess that what I love most about it!

  44. Diane A Parks says

    I’m gonna’ say white, just because it’s a bit more calming in the room! I’m still sad that my blue and white one was stolen from outside my quilt shop. It was a great deal 20 years ago and I loved it……it moved from room to room until I decided it looked great beside my garden bench. GRRRRRRR! Thoughtless, mean people. BTW…..I made a deer silhouette pillow for my grandson for Christmas! Love yours! The silhouette is almost the same, the pillow quite different. I used a large black/white check upholstery weight fabric with a red deer.

  45. Mr. Bluebird is a keeper, looks fabulous with the chair. I love the mix and match in your room, it looks fresh and yet calm, because you stick to the color scale. Would love to be a guest there 😉

  46. As a lover of all thing blue and white, this bluebird seat is beautiful. But it has enought punch to hold it own as the center of attention. Right now it makes the room look too busy and your eye jumps from one pattern to another. I vote for the white one to return to its place of honor next to that lovely chair. If the chair was a solid it might work better. The room is stunning and your guests are lucky ducks, or should I have said lucky bluebirds? That being said, I vote to keep it. You will find just the right place to put it. It would look stunning outdoors or on that famous porch of your. It reminds me of something I would see in a Carolyn Rohm setting.

  47. Have to go with the white one. I love the bluebirds but not in your bedroom. Maybe you can use it somewhere else.

  48. Susan,
    I love them both. I was going to say leave the one with the birds by the chair, but after really looking at the room, I think the white one should stay by the chair. I am sure you can find another spot for the blue bird one in your home. How about the upstairs family room? I did not take it that you would return it, just not leave it where it was. (Maybe I am incorrect) 🙂 You got a good deal and if you meant return it I say KEEP IT! 🙂


  49. Juanita in OH says

    I LOVE Mr. Bluebird! I think Mr. B. adds a designer touch to the room. I feel the only thing throwing it off is the valance, pillows and table topper because they have what appears to be pink in them, so it doesn’t make it a true blue and white. Other color could be introduced in some other objects like your red pillow.. The garden seat is fabulous! TFS. You have GREAT taste.

  50. I love the new Blue Bird Stool in the bedroom. I love Blue & White too, I have many of my Great Grandmother’s pieces and I cherish them. I love mixing patterns, it gives the room character.

  51. I like the white one the best, blue one is too buzy.

  52. The white one is classier…the blue is fussy, with all the other blue…I love it but could it go in guest bathroom to carry Blues over there, maybe? I LOVE blue and white decor. It’s the color scheme in most of my house…but this seems a little much…regardless, don’t take it back!!!!

  53. I vote for the white one!

  54. Hi Susan…I actually love the new garden stool…I thinks they both look great in the room….and when you feel the need for a change, you always have that option…I so love your guest room…and I can relate to photographing a “yellow” wall…it seems like the color is never true in the pics..always brighter…

  55. I like them both. Keep the blue one and alternate. Nothing like having choices!

  56. Susan Jones says

    I have to ditto the ones that say the white one looks best next to that chair — the bird one just looks too busy! But I also agree that you should NOT return it! I’m thinking it would be perfect out on the screened porch. I know there’s a right spot in your house somewhere!!

  57. I love the blue and white with birds garden seat, but for this room I would stick with the white and maybe use the blue and white in another room…since I also love blue and white and I adore garden seats and at $80 that is a great price, I would keep it, but not sure where I would use it…

  58. I like the Bluebird stool the best.. The white is pretty but looks a little benign compared to the blue one..The blue one is more cozy..

  59. It has a “new home” to roost! I like it!! franki

  60. The birds are fabulous in your guest room – hope you keep them there!

  61. Linda Joseph says

    At first, the crisp white seemed better– probably because I adore pure white, but after I scrolled back and forth, back and forth, I finally decided that I like the blue birds better. It seems more custom and adds another layer of blue and white. Either one works, of course, hence the tough decision.

  62. Stay!!! I will be honest I had not noticed the white garden stool but immediately noticed Mr Bluebird! I think he should be a keeper!

  63. Glenda Harder says

    Love, love, love it!

  64. I think your new blue one looks like it was made for your guest room. It’s different than most of those types of seats & I really like it!

  65. I have to go with the New one. It takes an expert to mix patterns as well as you have done in the beautiful room. Please keep it there. It’s perfect!

  66. I’d keep the white one … the blue floral is way too busy for that room.

  67. Love the white one for your guest. I think you need a little solid color. Bluebird seat is lovely! Can you use it elsewhere??

  68. An earlier comment, “gives the eye a rest” expresses it best for me. I couldn’t find the new item for a bit, with all the other patterns. But definitely a keeper for elsewhere. So a yes and a no; not much help, am I?

  69. Susan, I LOVE the blue one! The white is beautiful and can go anywhere. I love the birds. Couldn’t be more perfect for your room!

  70. Did not even know what garden seats were until your prior post about them. The blue & white one is perfect in this room; love the hint of holiday with the red/reindeer pillow on the bed. What a fabulous “eye” you have & such a beautiful home to work with. PS – Found a Wal-Mart platter today (total surprise)!

  71. Keep the white one in guest room and move the new one into another place. I love it but it is awfully busy with the other patterns. I am a pushover for anything blue and white. Really lovely.

  72. I think it is perfect! I love it! Wish I had seen it, plus you are lucky that it has the bird print and not one that is very Asain. Plus you have the option of changing them around, win win!!!!

  73. Nancy Edwards says

    Love the blue birds. It should stay.

  74. WHITE

  75. Although it’s charming on its own, I vote for the white. I love the crispness of it, and think the blue and white one introduces one too many patterns. But of course, ultimately it’s what sings to YOU!

    • Love the new blue and white garden stool in the room. Beautiful blues and pattern and scale are great. What a punch of color on the carpet. The white stools is pretty but a little lost with the walls and carpet. The white will probably work well in the family rm. or even on the porch. Great choice.

  76. I love the blue and white one as it looks like it is repeating the pattern on the white pillow in the blue and white checked chair. Both look good but I think the pattered one jazzes it up a bit!

  77. The blue one is lovely but it is a tad busy with the other items in the room. I vote to keep the white one!

  78. I vote for the white one….

  79. I prefer the white one in the guest room, but don’t take the blue bird one back! There must be a spot for it in your house. It’s just too beautiful to let go!

  80. Love the bluebirds! Keep it. You will never regret it. Merry Christmas.

  81. I would keep Mr Bluebrd!

  82. Susan, I absolutely love garden seats. This one is so adorable and in my favorite combination, blue and white. I vote for the Blue Birds. The white is expected and safe. Go bold! Of course, my thought process may be skewed. I just got back from a week at Greenbrier Resort in West Virginia. It still remains true to it’s original decorator, Dorothy Draper. You are styling lady!

  83. Susan,
    I think it is wonderful….please keep it. It goes so well with the check and room. Please keep it!!!

  84. I love the bluebirds. I hope you keep it. The pattern mix is right on point.

  85. I vote for the white one to stay in the room. I would keep the other one too, if you can use it elsewhere. It is pretty, but it does seem too busy in the bedroom.

  86. Donna Bridges says

    I love it , they call it the blue bird of happiness and that would make me smile every time I saw it. I don’t like the white one I’m afraid even in another room. Interestingly they are actually spa frogs , did you know? The stools not the birds . Merry Christmas

  87. I like the white one. The white looks great with the bed and allows your eye to rest as it travels around the room. The birds are beautiful! They just need a place of their own…….maybe the porch.

  88. I love Mr. blue bird. Most of all it seems to make you happy. The plain one can go anywhere and I am sure you have another spot. Enjoy your find!

  89. Melissa Smith says

    Oh it’s beautiful, but I have to vote for the white one in the room. I just love that room!!!

  90. Love, love, love the stool but in this room I personally prefer the white. This room looks like it has the perfect amount of blue to white ratio that makes the blue “pop”, any more blue seems to wash out this effect.
    I also think the cutout pattern on the white stool compliments the pattern of the chair very nicely. The cutout pattern on the blue stool is harder to make out and less detailed.
    But I agree with everyone else – its your eyes you’re pleasing! (however if your questioning it your’re probably wondering why- I know that feeling)

  91. pam ~ crumpety cottage says

    I’m lovin’ Mr. Bluebird! How could you ever turn him out, now that he’s at home? The white one is adorable too though, but Mr. Bluebird fits so nicely in that room and the white one can find many cozy homes. 😀

    Susan, I have been meaning to thank you for all the extra posts. I love them! And I personally love all the Christmas posts. Can’t get too many Christmas posts as far as I’m concerned. 😀

  92. Patricia Mason says

    I say keep the Bluebirds ! Yes, there is other blue in the room – but I think the patterns blend and harmonize with each other – it does add a little pizzazz to that corner ! You can use the white somewhere else, and alternate them occasionally, for a change. I would not give up the bluebirds though – it’s lovely !

  93. A keeper for sure! Maybe put some black or dark brown items in the roon so it doesn’t get too”floaty”. Love the comforter!

  94. I like the blue bird.. It plays off the pillow well.. It is a smaller print so I don’t think it is too busy. Great find!!!

  95. I love the blue bird one. If it had been all that you showed us, I would say keep it. Of course, I would keep it anyway because it’s just too darn pretty to take back – BUT I’m voting for the WHITE. I think it’s because I’m ADD and I get a bit overwhelmed with an additional pattern thrown into the mix.

  96. I don’t care what goes and what stays….it all looks good to me But I do know that if your ever getting rid of that blue check chair you will find me parked out in your driveway 🙂

  97. O.K. in the voice of a good politician…I like both!! 🙂 Susan, you and I have *wonderful* taste 🙂 I too have a pale yellow bedroom with blue and white tole and I am so coveting your bluebird seat. Go with your gut on this one!!

  98. Oops, make that toile!!!!

  99. rachel laughton says

    I vote for the blue a and white one . It gives a great pop to the room.

  100. The great thing about the garden seats is their transportability! Aside from its stand alone perfection, I’m thinking of an outdoor/patio table with mixed garden seat -seating. It seems a great purchase and will go anywhere. I’d have bought it in a heartbeat!

  101. Gloria in SC says

    Hi Susan. I would keep the white one in the guest room and save the blue/white/bird one to put in another room You know what they say: “If you love it, buy it and you will find somewhere to put it”. Just keep moving it around and you will have an aha moment when it’s in the right place. I know you know what I mean.

  102. Don’t believe there’s a wrong choice, but I love the new bluebird addition! Gorgeous room!

  103. I love it in your guest room. It should stay!

  104. The reason I prefer the white garden stool is because the cut outs in its ceramic subtly mimic the checks in the blue and white chair. Just sayin’ !

  105. My vote is to keep it, even though the white looked nice. I thing the more blue and white patterns in the room, the better. I had a blue, white and yellow guest room and got tired of it, but now seeing yours makes me wish I didn’t. I love that color combination.

  106. Blue for sure, Susan. I like the pattern play. It is perfect. You have such a good eye! Very English country… The look we like! Does it get any better than blue and white?

  107. You know I am a great lover of blue and white, the new garden seat is adorable and a wonderful purchase. Did you say you found it at Kohl’s?? Guess I missed that. Any who, there is a lot going on in that room and I love all the patterns…the charm of that garden seat is lost in there…….I vote to keep the white one, it gives the eye a place to rest. But you can find another great spot for it………even save it for the library!!!

  108. Hi, Susan,
    Please keep the blue and white garden stool! It looks GREAT with the pillow on your chair and the additional pattern just adds to the “happy” and welcoming feeling in your guest room.

  109. Lady Delores LeBoeuf says

    Keep in there – looks adorable…….and besides, when you are ready for a change, bring back the white one, they both work very well……………

  110. Definitely a KEEPER!
    I love it and the reindeer pillow is perfect too
    I’m so jealous I could spit! lolol

  111. Definitely think the white one. For my personal taste I think the blue/white adds too much pattern but that is my personal opinion. Your home looks beautiful and I enjoy seeing all your decorating ideas. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  112. like the white one best

  113. Love it!!! You have to keep the blue birds! They add whimsy to that little corner of the room. <3

  114. I vote for the white. The blue gets lost next to the blue and white chair, almost camouflaged , if you will.

  115. Although I am a fairly new subscriber, and do not have much history with your blog I would keep Mr. Bluebird. I was given some really good advice a long time ago which is this….”If you buy something you love you will always have just the right spot for it.” Love all the patterns together…some rooms can just handle it.

  116. Susan, I think the white one looks prettier, although the blue does match in the colors of the room. And where is your little guest room Christmas Tree this year?

  117. Mr. Bluebird is a beautiful piece, just not in that space. As you look around your room, your eye needs to periodically ‘rest’ and the pattern is too busy next to the chair, and too “match-matchy”. I would definitely keep him for $80, but find him another home.

  118. I like the white one better. It’s a little more serene, since there’s already a lot going on in that room.

  119. In a move so unlike me–I say be extravagant and keep them both! Today is my birthday, and at 67, there’s a part of me that says we must have the little things we want once in a while–that little something that speaks to us. I like the white better, but with such a great bargain, I say keep the blue–change them out, maybe use the blue one on the porch in the spring in a salute to the Bluebird of Happiness. Knowing your creativity, you will find a way to make this bird “fly” in any room!

  120. ~Susan~
    I think Mr.Bluebird needs to stay !! with all the white furniture ,lighter walls and carpet, He looks perfect right there !! PLUS what a super buy , I want Mr.BLuebird to fly my way !!
    Have a super day

  121. I love blue but it is a bit much so I’d opt for the white one…..but, you know there’s always a but….you could save the blue one in the attic so if you ever went with a white slip cover or more of a white bed cover then the blue would be the right one to have… Just a thought.


  122. It is gorgeous! A keeper for sure…but may be a bit much for the guest room. Can you use it somewhere else? That was a great price…Kohl’s…who would’ve thought? 😉

  123. Keep it but use it in a different room. Too busy with all else in that elegant room. The white is just perfect.

  124. Perfection. Definitely a keeper for this room!!!

  125. Anna Starner says

    I love the blue and white garden stool but it comes off as too busy. Sometimes less is more, this is the case for me here.
    I would try to find another place to use this pretty piece just not here next to the chair.

  126. I love the blue and white stool, however I think the white looks best in the guest room.

  127. Love it, leave it but the blue checked chair needs to come to my house. LOL. The room is beautiful.

  128. I love the bluebird in the bedroom. And you should keep it even if you decide to put it elsewhere in your home. It is just too lovely to not keep!
    And I must say that is a lovely room, whatever you decide….
    I don’t comment often, if ever, so since I’m here I would like to wish you a Merry Christmas as well!

  129. Elaine in Laguna says

    It’s a keeper! Beautiful pattern and a great price. It’s moveable so you could use it in different ways and in different rooms within your beautiful home. Merry Christmas!

  130. Juanita in OH says

    Hi Susan; I was looking at some of the responses to this post and started laughing out LOUD for real. In my defense I must preface this by telling you that I take TONS of medication for pain. I’ve cut down on quite a few of them but obviously I need to reduce some more! I thought you were asking about the toile quilt. You must have thought I was nuts!! LOL.

  131. Better late than never- I say keep it, looks great and price is right.
    The white one is well needed somewhere else special.
    It’s just too perfect in there.
    Well done, Susan!

  132. I like the birds, but I like the contrast of the white one better.

  133. The white one for sure. I think it adds a visual break from patterns. I am sure that you could find the most perfect spot for the new one in another area of your beautiful home.

  134. White I prefer because it blends in better with your blue and white checks and florals. For the price I would use your blue birds in or outside because it is beautiful also but would look better in this room with more solid patterns elsewhere in the room.

  135. Doug Denny says

    Did the blue and white stay?

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