Blue and White Tablescape

Welcome to the 10th Tablescape Tuesday!

Your’s truly wasn’t able to post a tablescape this week since I was out of town visiting a friend in South Carolina all weekend and didn’t get in until late tonight. So I thought I would repost a beautiful setting that I posted a few month’s back, in case you missed it the first time around. This beautiful tablescape was done by Lynne who blogs at Lynne’s Gifts from the Heart !

Blue & White Tablescape Table Setting
I asked Lynne how she came to collect all the pieces in this wonderful table setting? Lynne said, “A few years ago, after I got through the green phase of my life, I decided I wanted a cobalt blue and white kitchen. A new Garden Ridge store had opened up fairly close by. One January, a girlfriend and I took out on a “very” foggy morning, on a drive of over 55 miles to check it out. We had heard some wonderful things about the store. I stumbled upon the plates as we walked in and immediately fell in love with them. Naturally they ended up in my cart…a few isles over we found the tall drinking glasses. And like magic they, too, ended up in the cart. Knowing I had over indulged myself, we headed to the check out and I could not wait to get them home and start using them…immediately realizing…I needed more. ”

Blue & White Tablescape Table Setting
Lynne continued, “That brought on another trip about a month later. Once we got there I searched the store high and low, afraid that I couldn’t complete my mission of fulfilling this particular set of dishes. And not too far ahead in an isle, I stumbled upon the serving platter and brought home more bowls. My little lady friend, who I have taken care of and just loved to pieces, helped add to the pieces.”

Blue & White Tablescape Table Setting
Lynne added, “The beautiful pitcher and the smaller juice glasses were a birthday gift one year…and the blue serving knife as well. “

Blue & White Tablescape Table Setting
Then Lynne gave me the sweetest compliment saying, “Because of your inspirational tablescapes, I’ve learned to look at dishes and other objects in a different manner and whenever I’m out shopping…I seem to bring home some of the most fun things to put together and just go to playing with them.”

Blue & White Tablescape Table Setting
Lynne said, “The candlesticks I found at Cracker Barrel, of all places. The cup and saucer and the sugar bowl are from an antique set my mother gave us many years ago. The solid blue plates are from yet another set of dishes.” And did you notice the gorgeous flatware Lynne chose for her tablescape…I’m on a mission now for some like that!

Blue & White Tablescape Table Setting
Apparently, Lynne’s husband was quite impressed when he saw her tablescape because Lynne wrote, “DH got a big kick out of watching me play with these that day…made a joke about me getting ready for the President to come…and I said “nah, we’d be bringing out the silver for that…lol.”

Blue & White Tablescape Table Setting Thank you, Lynne, for sharing this gorgeous table setting…it is one of my very favorites and any President would be lucky to find himself at your dinner table!

To see more of Lynne’s wonderful talent visit Lynn’s blog, Lynne’s Gifts from the Heart.

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  1. Susan I just posted my post for this Tuesday:
    Thank you, Carrie

  2. The entire table is beautiful. So glad Lynne was able to continue to add to her original purchase. Love the way she used dishes from other sets. Those placemats add the final finishing touch.

  3. Lilly's Life says

    That setting is gorgeous. I love how Lynne says that the crockery just ‘ended up in her trolley’. Yes things that I buy have a nasty habit of jumping in my trolley too! I love the simplicity of the setting and the pattern is lovely. There is something refreshing about blue and white too. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Happy To Be says

    OH Susan you did 2 of my favorites today Lynne and Blue and white…Lynne I did those dishes girl you hear me?? Great post today Susan..Hope all is well in your world..Hugs and smiles Gloria

  5. Linda/ "Mom..." says

    *****How enjoyable to see Lynne’s beloved blue n’ white dish collection!!! ~~~ it’s such a “smile-maker”, ESPECIALLY knowing how much that darling woman LOVES it, too!!! Y’all are sooooooo sweet n’ loving n’ giving ~~~ you are blessings to soooo many of us! THANK YOU!!! I’d be so “BLUE” without YOU TWO!!! (CORNY but TRUE, too!) Hugs, Linda/ “Mom…”

  6. Just gorgeous! What inspiration… Lori

  7. Such a LOVELY blue and white table…
    Susan, I am a lot like Lynn…since you have started TT, I have learned to appreciate a beautiful table even more. Many thanks for that. I am sad that I am reaching the end of my collection of dishes to show ea. Tuesday but it sure has been so much fun.
    Have a beautiful Tuesday.
    love, bj

  8. So very pretty!!! Thanks for another great party!

  9. brettinsky says

    Thank you for inviting me to join your tablescape tuesday fun! Unfortunately, I didn't have the time to write & post the blog! I will save my pics for next week. Yesterday was my husbands birthday, so with all there was to do, I lost track of time!

    Beautiful tablescape-my mother has many many blue and white dishes, she has a dish "thing" too-I guess we both caught the bug!

  10. I love this beautiful blue and white setting. I’m glad you reposted it because I have never seen it before. I’ll make sure to head over to Lynn’s, too :0)

  11. Hi Susan, I am glad you reposted this. I just love looking at it. It is gorgeous, from the candlesticks down to the placemats.I cam curious, I don’t have a blog but can RMS tablescape posting join your Tablescape Tuesdays too?…Christine

  12. Susan (Moonlight and Magnolias on RMS) says

    Hi Christine…that’s a great idea! If someone wants to post their tablescape on RMS, I could show that on the list, also. OR if anyone wants to send me pics of their tablescape to [email protected], I could show the pics on my blog for them, too! πŸ™‚

  13. decorator101 says

    Susan…. I’m getting ready to head out the door..and will be late this evening when I get in.. I want to thank you and all of your guests for their truly kind and sweet comments… many many hugs to all…. ~lynne~

  14. The first thing I thought of when I saw these was:Gloria will love this.Man was I right?ha.Beautiful tablescape.Beautiful dishes.,,,Ann

  15. Cami @ Creating Myself says

    Good morning Susan! Hope you had a good time on your trip & I want to thank you for hosting this despite how busy you are. It's always such fun!

  16. Good morning Susan… and thank YOU for allowing the House in the Roses to participate in this fun even…. Blessings to you, and a lovely day!



  17. It’s such an elegant tablescape with the bright blue and crisp white. I love it! But, what really caught my eye are those rooster pillows on the bench in the background. Love those!

  18. Morning sweet Susan! How nice of you to show us Lynne’s beautifully set table!! I love blue and white too! Hope you had a nice visit with your friend.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia πŸ˜‰

  19. blessed mama says

    Another inspirational idea…I only wish I had the stuff to do this. My poor table is naked!

  20. Linda/ "Mom..." says

    ***G’ morning, Sweet Susan! Because of YOU putting together the “Tuesday Table Settings” blogs, I had a ball last night ~~~ stayed up WAAAAY too late looking, and commenting, on every blogger’s site, except a few that didn’t go thru ~they came to MY E-mail… huh?~ which proves, once again, I am NOT very “I enjoyed it immensely, so THANKS to you and ALL the OTHER GALS, too! Hugs, Linda

  21. lvroftiques says

    Hi Susan! I hope you had a wonderful time in SC. Like Ann I saw all this beautiful blue and white and thought of our Gloria *winks*
    Lynne all that beautiful blue and white would have just “jumped” into my cart too!! “Oops another…and another!” Just can’t stop the cute little buggers from “jumping” in the cart! Lol!! What’s a gal to do? Lol!! Beautiful beautiful my friend!

    Susan I can see how your tablescaping Tuesday has grown like crazy! I don’t have a blog but maybe I can join in from RMS with Christine? I’m always so inspired after visiting you! Vanna

  22. Katie @ says

    I’ve been clicking back and forth between different table settings people have–and wow! You are all inspiring me to just start unpacking dishes right now. We just moved to Germany (and I started blogging!), and I’m trying so hard to be patient.

    Thank you for uniting so many beautiful scenes!


  23. Susan,
    Lynne's tablescape is beautiful & I'm so glad you reposted it.
    Like Lynne & BJ, I now pay attention to tablescapes wherever I see them. Before I might have admired a table but now I truly look at all the details. :0}

  24. Blue and white china has been a favorite of mine for years -probably about like Lynne’s. I thought it was so funny that she said “when she outgrew her green phase”. In the 60’s you only had a couple of choices and those were green, orange, or harvest gold. I also went with the greens. I’m so relieved that we are out of that phase. Love Lynne’s look. Thanks so much for featuring her table and for hosting this event (hard to believe it’s the 10th-you’re on a roll!) laurie (bargainhunr)

  25. Lady Katherine says

    Very pretty, I have a lot of the same pieces, The candle stick, I have not, but a cake plate and mugs from Cracker Barrrel. Then they quit carring it. So I just use it with my other blue set. I love the Picture or is it a creamer that I have never seen. I love your place mats too. Just love it all.

  26. Oh, Susan…I just love your personality…you make me smile!
    I am afraid I have shown mixed, matched and stacked dishes until I am totally out. Can you think of anything else to start?? I have really enjoyed doing the tablescapes…gave us a chance to play with our dishes…we are, after all, just little girls at heart!!!
    love, bj

  27. oops..i meant to add that i DO have one more tablescape posting for NEXT Tuesday so I’ll get to play ONE MORE TIME !! :o)

  28. Scooterblu's Whimsy says

    WOW! What a beautiful and timeless tablescape/setting! The pieces are beautiful and the combination of them all is amazing! ~Rhonda πŸ™‚

  29. Our Four Sons says

    These dishes are truly beautiful! When our four little guys grow up a bit, I hope to be ready to create some beauty at my table as well. πŸ™‚

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