Decorating With Preserved Boxwood Wreaths

Each year I love to decorate my glass front cabinets in my kitchen with little wreaths. I started doing this after seeing it on wood cabinet doors in a kitchen while on a Christmas home tour.

It can be hard to find wreaths in this smaller size. I had to search for quite a while to find these many years ago.

Decorating with Wreaths on Cabinets


I’ve never been really thrilled with these. Β They aren’t very full and don’t remotely look like real wreaths but I bought them because they were the only ones I could find this size.

Faux Wreaths on Kitchen Cabinets


I’ve always admired preserved boxwood wreaths. They are closest thing you can get to using real, live wreaths (since they are real) but still have the convenience of being able to use them for years to come. Each year when Christmas comes around and I pull out my not-so-great small wreaths, I think about ordering some of the small, preserved boxwood wreaths. Unfortunately, they always seem to sell out before I get serious about doing it. This year I finally did it before they were all gone.

Boxwood Wreath

This isn’t the greatest picture since it’s been dark and gloomy here for days, but hopefully you can kind-of see how they look. This is the 8″ size. They also had a 10″ but I was worried they would be too big, plus they were a good bit more expensive.

Hang Wreaths on Glass Door Kitchen Cabinets


I definitely like them better than my scratchy, fake wreaths.

Notice the platter on the counter. That’s the matching platter to the Better Homes and Garden Christmas dishware I’ve been using recently in my table settings. The prices on that dishware were ridiculously good. That huge platter was only $12.95!

Hang Small Wreaths on Kitchen Cabinets


Here’s a zoomed in picture. Sorry it’s so grainy…I had the ISO really cranked up since there was no sunshine the day I took these pics.

Preserved Boxwood Wreaths on Kitchen Cabinets


A little close-up of the platter… I love how it pulls out the various scenes from the four patterns available in the salad plates. The only thing missing are the birds that were featured on one of the plates.

Christmas Platter


I cleared off the top of the refrigerator and dressed it up with a few cake platters. You can see the wreaths a bit better in this photo.

Pretty Cake Platters


Do you ever decorate with preserved boxwood? Do you love the look?

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  1. Bought the BHG platter and the smaller plates–but our area WalMart did not carry any of the other
    plates,cups etc. It is a very nice theme.

    • So weird how the different Walmarts got in different pieces. Here they came in at diff. times. One week they didn’t have something then the next week it was there on the shelf.

  2. Love your boxwood wreaths. Can you share where you purchased them? Thanks and Happy Holidays to you.

  3. Yes, I love boxwood! I have some of the wreaths, but this year I also ditched my big houseplants in the sunroom and planted two small boxwood plants in black terra cotta clay pots – love the change, and they are very low maintenance.

  4. Love the wreaths on the doors. What a neet idea. I’d say your whole house inside looks as pretty as your front porch. Have you featured your tree this year? I hope I haven’t missed it. Stay warm, we have more snow this morning here in Indiana. Merry Christmas.

  5. I’m so glad you were able to finally get your boxwood wreaths. They are simply charming and so festive. I love your white kitchen and I’m shooting for that in our next house. I want that cake plate too πŸ™‚ Merry Christmas! -Bev

    • Bev, do you mean the funny bow one with the polka dots? That’s Dept. 56…can you believe it? I found the top in HomeGoods and the bottom in Marshalls…or vice versa…forgot which came from where. Anyway, I don’t think they were originally meant to go together but I love them that way. πŸ™‚

      • Hi, Just wanted to add my two cents. I also love boxwood, I just use it from my yard. I make my wreaths and spray them with a preservative for fresh greenery that I get at a local nursery. If you have your the shrubs on your property you can do your own. I made sure when we built our home that I would never have to buy another Christmas green. I had the landscaper plant white pine, holly, boxwwod, Japenese Holly, Hemlock and a few other types of evergreens. Now I just go out into the yard with a basket and start clipping what I need for each project. Also wanted to mention to those of you who may not know, Home Goods and Marshals are the same store. The only difference is that sometimes the brick and mortar footprint isn’t large enough so they will just have clothing, or home goods. We happen to have a very large store which has both so it is a Marshall/Home Goods. The same corporation also owns TJMax, so don’t be surprised to see some of the same stuff in their stores.

  6. I looked for the birds on the platter, too. I was hoping they’d be perched in a tree. Did you also find the little nesting bowls and large serving bowl? They’re very sweet. Now I think I want to go back and get the platter. I didn’t see cups, saucers or pitchers. Do they even have them out? There were salt and pepper shakers, though.

    • I know! Do you think that was an oversight? I looked and looked for those birds. They have the barn with the sleigh, they have the tree with the bunny and they have the deer. How could they leave out the birds? I kept looking for them in the trees, too. I’ve been puzzling over that. Maybe it’s because they included them on the large serving bowls.I did buy three of those because they look like they would also work pretty well with my Lenox, Winter Greetings. I can’t remember now if they had mugs, I don’t think they had any cups/saucers. I also bought one set of the deer salt and pepper shakers…they were too cute and too inexpensive to not get at least one set. I purchased two of the platters because I was thinking they would be great to place on either end of my dining room table if I have another neighborhood cookie party or some type finger-food party sometime. They would also be great for Christmas if you’re serving a turkey and a ham…a platter for each. Yes, go back and get a platter! It really is cute and the price is so good!

  7. I just love those little boxwood wreaths. Your kitchen looks very cute. Im always inspired by your ideas. I stole your idea for the little town on my dining table. My 8 year old boy and I had hours of fun arranging the scene. He cut out construction paper and made a water scene for under the bridge. This wonderful memory was in part, was due to you. I really cant say thank you enought. May you be blessed. melissa b

  8. Your new wreaths are beautiful & I didn’t even know about preserved boxwood. I also really like the platter. Your kitchen looks so pretty all decorated for Christmas.

  9. Love the new wreaths, Susan. Would you mind sharing where you found them? I have been looking for some to decorate my dining chairs.

    I hope you will please come by to visit my holiday home tour.β™₯ Days one and two are now posted, and it should continue into next week.

    • Hi Beverly, Well, I started out by looking on Amazon and I found a seller on there called Bella Marie. They have their own site too, so you can google for them or go to Amazon and search for preserved boxwood wreaths and they will pop up there, too. I know, I just have been swamped…will try to get by!

  10. Susan, you are way too much smarter than me!!! I have never heard of preserved boxwood. But I love the wreaths and yours look beautiful on your glass front cabinets. OK, so NOW I covet your kitchen. Pretty soon I am going to want your entire house!!! lol.

  11. Hi Susan,
    I just went on Bella Marie website and all 8″ box wood wreaths are sold out….too bad. Anyway, it’s a great site so will save it. Noticed your pink ironstone in glass cabinets, what is the pattern? I have Johnson Bros Old English Castles and love it. When do we get to see your tree…………………can’t wait!

  12. Susan, I love the look of your new wreaths on your cabinet doors! I’ve admired the preserved boxwood wreaths for a while, too, but have not ordered any. Pinning for next year!

  13. Your wreaths are beautiful. I love the preserved boxwood! I’ve long admired your kitchen and especially in its Christmas finery. I just looked @ Wal-Mart online for your BH&G Mistletoe Christmas dishes and it appears they are out of stock. πŸ™ Oh well, where would I put more dishes? Vikki in VA

    • Yup, I had someone ask me for the link a couple of days ago and discovered they had sold out. She emailed back though to say she found some in her local store. Some of the stores may still have them but I’m sure it’s hit or miss. Hopefully they will bring them back next year, they were such a huge hit!

  14. Cathy Miller says

    I love boxwood. I’ve purchased four boxwood garlands for my decorating this year. However, it’s the plastic ones, not preserved. That’s not as nasty as it sounds…they actually look like real, fresh boxwood. I love it! I have to get that platter. I love the old fashioned look of it. I think I’ll check on that today!

  15. Those wreaths are so pretty! But, they are sold out…no surprise there I guess! I have to ask…do they have an odor? I bought a preserved boxwood plant about five years ago…and it had an odor…still has a faint one. So I’m a little hesitant to buy another. I know you’ll give me the straight skinny, Susan! Thanks! πŸ˜‰

    • I was afraid they would be sold out. πŸ™ Happened to me every year, too. I think you have to buy them right after or maybe before Thanksgiving to get them. I don’t know why the companies don’t stock more. These had a slight odor when they first came out of the bag, but I don’t notice anything in the kitchen at all when I walk in there…and I have 8 hanging up. So I guess whatever odor they had went away pretty quickly. Did your plant stay smelling that way or did it get any better with time?

      • It still has a slight odor…and believe me…I febreezed the heck out of it! It bothered my son…so I had to put it in a room he isn’t in very often! πŸ˜‰

        • lol about the Febreeze. Too funny! A new use for Febreeze! πŸ™‚ Well, I hope the odor gets better so you can place it wherever you want. If I ever buy any of the plants, I’ll be sure to ask about that!

  16. I have the platter too and am looking for the salad plates. I have some red Winterberry dinner plates that they would go with. Too bad that the dishware sells out so fast. . . Sad actually.

    • I hope you find some Ann. Someone told me Walmart had them last year, too. I totally missed them last year. Hopefully they will bring them back again next year so folks who can’t find them this time around will be able to get them next year. The two Walmarts in my area got them slowly, in a staggered fashion…different plates coming in at different times…or maybe it just took them a while to put them out on the shelves. Anyway, not sure if your Walmart may have restocked again…but it may be worth checking.

  17. Hi Susan, I love the boxwood wreaths on your cabinets! Yes, I use the preserved boxwood topiaries and wreaths throughout my house for a touch of green. It really adds a fresh feel to a room, at least at my house. Thanks for your lovely blog. I really enjoy it. Happy Holidays!

  18. I LOVE your wreaths. I don’t think I own any preserved boxwoods – they always catch my eye though.

  19. After weeks & weeks of checking almost daily, our local Wal-Mart finally got in a shipment of the BHG Christmas dinnerware. I bought all the salad plates they had, which this time was about 20 of them; also got 4 dinner plates (all they had). Passed up the platter & immediately regretted it. Next day, the 4 platters they had were gone. So, I’m once again on the hunt at Wal-Mart for at least 1 platter. Susan, thank you for getting all of us out to Wal-Mart on a regular basis this December. Wal-Mart should really be one of your sponsors because of this. Maybe you should Ask The Question: “Please Comment & Let Me Know Which & How Many Of The Wal-Mart BHG Dinnerware Did You Add To Your Dinnerware Collection This Year” (bet even you’d be surprised!)

    • Wow, all four platter gone in a day! That is fast! lol You’re probably right! It’s not that I’m trying to promote or not promote them, just seems to have worked out that way with so many folks emailing and asking about that dishware. πŸ™‚ The price was amazing…and the quality really nice! So I’m not surprised it’s been such a huge hit. I hope they get some more platters in so you can snag one, Paula.

  20. Juanita in OH says

    These are so beautiful! I like the color much more because the difference is not as stark as the older ones. I must add that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your kitchen. I’ve never seen wreaths on kitchen cabinets before and I feel it is an excellent idea. TFS.

  21. Susan, love the look for your kitchen cabinets. Your dishes look so pretty sparkling through the glass doors. The boxwood wreaths really dress it up for the holidays. Yes, yes, yes! I love boxwood wreaths. I’ve not bought a wreath but have lots of the balls which I use atop tabletop urns and also some small topiary boxwood. Like you, I’m fond of the fact that they are preserved real plants. Hope you are enjoying the holiday preparations. Merry, Merry……….Sarah

  22. Hi Susan, love your wreaths and the platter is wonderful. Now how did you fix the wreaths to the doors?

    • I always use a little push pin…the doors are wood. Probably not the great thing for the cabinets but they are old and nothing fancy…almost time to have them repainted. I primed and painted the insides and when I had the exterior part “professionally” painted, the guy did a terrible job.

  23. WINNERS!! franki

  24. Nan, Odessa DE says

    Please give us details on preserved wreaths! What does this mean exactly? How much should we expect to pay for 8″ wreaths? Thanks! Love your blog.

    • Thanks, Nan! I don’t know a lot about them. I can’t really find anything online about how they are made but it’s my understanding they are real boxwood that is somehow preserved so it keeps a fresh look. I think they must add some green color to it as well. I’m not sure how they preserve it but it is real, not plastic or artificial. I paid $12.95 per 8″ wreath online at Bella Marie and that’s the best price I’ve ever seen for them. Apparently, they are sold out now though. The bigger wreaths can be quite expensive. I found Bella Marie via Amazon so you may want to check on there or on eBay to see if any sellers still have them. It’s hard to find them as it gets closer to Christmas. Hope that helps.

  25. Love the small wreaths! It’s been on my To-Do list to try preserving some boxwood my self. I got as far as purchasing the glycerin at the pharmacy! Directions were on the internet. Takes about 2-3 weeks I think. Maybe next summer!

  26. Hi Susan,
    Love the boxwood wreaths on your cabinets. I do no have the boxwood wreaths, but I do have several preserved boxwood topiaries. They do require you mist them with water once a month or they dry out and turn color. You may know that already, but I thought I would mention it in case you are not aware and store them for next year.

  27. Just a beautiful!!! Love your kitchen.

    I looked at my local Walmart and didn’t find any Home and Garden items. I was so disappointed.

    • Kathy, read Paula (Grandmom) comment above. Maybe they will still get some in…hope so! I hate it when I really, really want something and it’s sold out…so I know how you feel.

  28. I love boxwood wreaths, but don’t have any. Love those cake stands on the fridge! So pretty!

  29. Hi Susan,
    I love your kitchen and the boxwood wreaths were a very clever addition, simple and classic!
    Happiest holiday!

  30. SharonFromMichigan says

    I adore boxwood too. I was reading something online that said that if you want to make your own boxwood wreaths, they can preserved by putting them in a vase or container with water and glycerine. After they “drink” that, then they can be put into wreaths, etc and will stay green. Of course this would be an early fall project! Don’t forget to pack your Uggs for your trip to Ohio! They’ll probably come in handy on your trip.

  31. Hi Susan,
    Gorgeous, indeed! The family at DΒ΄Box are going more allergic to real pines even the boxwood. I just thrown 2 cypresses, not sure if it is called in English. Hyacinth…etc etc.. are not welcome, unfortunately. I never use any false things as it is like “prohibited” in Sweden. The country have bountiful of nature. However, it is proven this year that all flowers are gone forever during winter.

    So, I bought 2 false small pine trees, real cones are preserved inside the hurricane as we almost stop breathing. Suckss…. how I wish I can find like what you have, in a way, so we can enjoy the spirit of Christmassy.

    Thank you for the great tip, once again. Btw, the tray is stunning. for $13? If I can purchase here in Sweden? I never say no to grab at least 4 pcs.

    Have a wonderful mid-week…

    Greetings from DΒ΄Box,
    /CC girl

  32. Your kitchen looks so festive and that adorable cake plate is calling my name! I’ve never decorated with boxwood before and surely didn’t know how long it lasts. Thanks so much.

  33. Thanks for such a great source for boxwood wreaths. I will wait until next year to order a few to use all year, and maybe a boxwood orb, so I am saving that link. On another note, at the bottom of your website is a collection of links in 4 columns. Only one is for Christmas. Will you be changing out any of the 3 autumn-themed groups soon?

  34. Love your wreaths on the kitchen glass cabinets. I like the boxwood wreaths too and bought a few to hang around. One for my large Pig head .( I live in Smithfield) Those Walmart dishes are so sweet. Bought a set of 12 for my daughter-in-law and me. Also, large platter for both so us to display in kitchen just like you. Great minds think alike ! I have so many sets of Christmas dishes but just went goofy for these. Great every day for Winter. Still decorating- just got back from Maryland. Do not like ice and snow !

    • Peggy, I think a lot of us went goofy for that dishware! πŸ™‚ I’m glad you snagged some before it disappeared. That is a great platter to have for winter, isn’t it. I love changing that one out for the holidays and seasons. Where do you have the pig head? Is he above your stove. I LOVE a boxwood wreath displayed that way!

  35. Cathy Miller says

    Susan, too bad we don’t live closer together…my husband is a painter, works in a cabinet shop and paints/finishes cabinets every day! He would do a wonderful job for you! LOL…oh,well, I’m sure there’s someone in your area that can do that too. I just thought that would be very cool, if only…lol.

  36. Love your wreaths the size is perfect and love the look of the cream color ribbons.

  37. The wreaths on the cabinets look so lovely. I think it is the perfect way to add Christmas to your kitchen!

  38. Those are great. I had bought just one that size several years ago because I loved it, but could never find anything to do with just one (you know that after-Christmas budget thing, when you say “I really shouldn’t buy this” so you buy just one and then regret it FOR.EVER?) So I ended up giving it to a friend because it was perfection on her kitchen window. I’ve been on the look out ever since. Oh, and yes, I would love to have every bit of your dishes when you are through with them. πŸ˜‰

    • Carol, I’ve been known to hang them from Grandfather clock, wall scones, door knobs, over bathroom mirrors, floor lamps and sometimes from knobs on armoires or secretaries if you can shorten the ribbon. I only had one that I purchased at The Country Living Fair until I bought these. It was my “tester” wreath to check for the size. πŸ™‚ Okay, I’m writing you into the will! πŸ˜‰

  39. ~Susan~
    I too love the boxwood, my favorite shrub !! I have thought about the ones Ballards carry for about 2 years, but never have ordered.
    Love the cake stands on top of the fridge! The other day I was thinking how the cabinets above the fridge seem like a waste of space because it just is not handy getting in and out of those cabinets!!
    I love your pink /red dishes, just love those!
    Have Merry Christmas,

  40. Susan, While shopping early in Nov for the Better Homes and Gardens Harvest dishes that had words on them like Blessings, Thankful (I think) could not find them at any Wal-Mart I looked at BUT happened to see the beautiful platter that you have pictured and the price was right!! So I bought it. Wanted the other plates for my Autumn table but only found cups in One Wal-Mart, nothing in any of the others, but was really glad to get the platter. I bought the plates last year that goes with the saucers this year– Peace, Joy, Love, etc written on them. I later bought one of the bowls with the birds cause I love it also! Have it all set out on my table ready for Christmas!! If you see something at Wal-Mart that you like, you better grab it then because it won’t be there for long and rarely makes a reappearance! Merry, merry Christmas to you!

  41. pam ~ crumpety cottage says

    Susan, those look lovely. They really do look so much better than the others; both in fullness and in color. I didn’t even realize there was such a thing as ‘preserved’ boxwood. You are a fount of information! πŸ™‚ Now I want to put wreaths on my cabinets. They would look pretty against the cream color, I think. I’ll have to see about getting some of these. If I can snag any this year, I’ll send you a picture. πŸ˜€

  42. Susan, I love those new wreaths you put on your kitchen cabinets! They look beautiful!!!! I also love the gorgeous platter. Thanks for sharing your beautiful kitchen with us!

    Pat F.

  43. Those preserved boxwood wreaths are so pretty!
    Is there a way to change ribbon on them? Somehow, I think that red would go better in that space because kitchen is all white. It would give it a pop of color.

    Unfortunately, preserved boxwood wreaths are out of my price range right now, but I have had my eye on them for a while. Maybe next year…

  44. Diane A Parks says

    Susan, I bought ONE of the small ones this summer to hang on the mirror over the mantle…….Mr. Husband asked me why I was decorating for Christmas already! lol…….MEN. He also thought the white silk bow looked like an angel, from afar! Your cabinets are beautiful! I have searched high and low for the walmart salad plates….even online. We live in a very small town with a Walmart that is not well-stocked, so I went to Nashville and looked… luck. I found a set on ebay for 12.99 per plate…..I don’t need them that bad! Still enjoy your blog every morning with my coffee! Merry Christmas!

    • Thanks, Diane! I don’t think I’d want to pay that either. I betcha Walmart will bring them back next year since they were so popular this year. I love that about the bow looking like an angel…that is sooo cute! That’s way better than a bow! πŸ™‚

  45. Nan, Odessa DE says

    It is Nan, Odessa, DE, AGAIN on this topic -,
    Ladies, don’t forget –
    you can use LIVE boxwood all year – inside with sun and little water. I purchase 2 of the 6-8″ for my table, window boxes, etc. enjoying them thru fall and winter and plant outside in the spring. I also keep 11 – 15″ pots of this size boxwood lined on my patio. These I place in a sheltered, south facing area during the winter after Christmas. Just lovely!!!!!!! Enjoy.

    • Nan, I love that idea! I’ve become so enchanted lately with boxwoods. Thanks for all the suggestions!

      • Nan, Odessa DE says

        Check out: Saunders Brothers, Inc ( article in Mid-Atlantic Living: People and Places March 2009

        Susanne Hudson, Douglasville, GA (associated with The Penny McHenry Hydrangea Festival held in that town in June. Go to SOUTHERN LIVING May 2008 for article and pictures of Susanne’s garden. Queen of boxwood!

        SOUTHERNLiving May 2009 ( 2009 A PLACE FOR POTS

        All good sources! enjoy!

        PS Buy a boxwood today and love it

  46. Hi Susan. Oh I love your wreaths, and what a sweet idea, to hang them on the cabinets!! I don’t think that I can find anything like that, here in Denmark where I live. But I do love the look πŸ˜‰

    • Thanks, Jannet! I think it may be a little too late for this year but next year around early to mid November, check out a website called Bella Marie. I found her via Amazon. Maybe she can ship to you. Their phone number is on their website. Also, Garnet Hill carries them for a pretty good price each year too. So hopefully they can ship some your way.

  47. I love the wreaths on your cabinets. They add a perfect holiday touch on your already beautiful cabinets.

  48. I agree with Jelena regarding red ribbons. You could reuse the ones you had previously. They were perky for Christmas. Happy New Year!

  49. Re: the boxwood wreaths, I purchased the same ones that you did only I got mine on Ebay. I still have mine and they look great but was wondering if you are going to store your wreaths for next year. I am unsure how to store them but colonial williamsburg suggests that you can. Any ideas how to do that? Also, the instructions that came with my wreaths suggested spritzing with water ever so often which is a HUGE mistake because the dye used in the glycerin will drip, stain the ribbon, your walls, counters and anything else that it comes in contact with. Actually, it doesn’t create a permanent stain but it sure makes a huge green mess. I don’t recommend spritzing them.

    • Liz, I called the company where I bought mine because they are local, only about a half hour from me. I talked with the owner and she told me that the directions do say to mist them but that she doesn’t. She said she’s had hers displayed in her home for several years and they look fine, and she doesn’t mist them. Before I ordered all the ones in the kitchen this year, I already had one that I had picked up elsewhere a while back. I misted it once and the same thing happened, green dye everywhere. So I don’t think I’ll be misting mine. I guess if I placed them all out on the garage floor, I could mist them very lightly occasionally, but I doubt I’ll do that. Maybe they would enjoy hanging out in the bathroom when I take a shower…lol…all that moisture in the air.

      • Thanks Susan. You might end up with a green bathroom floor!
        I purchased from the same store you did and I sent them an email this morning but have not heard back. Wow, several years of display? I never imagined that. I don’t want to leave mine up all year so I will put them in a dark cool part of my garage and hope for a happy surprise next November when I take them back out. If indeed they do last two or more seasons, they are well worth the money…actually they seem like a much better deal than buying an artificial one. I enjoy my very expensive colonial fruit wreaths but these are gorgeous, simple and elegant- always my preference. I was so glad to find them though I paid more for mine via Ebay than you did from purchasing directly. Next year I will purchase more from their website.

        • I tripped over that company via Amazon. I googled for preserved boxwood wreaths and as I recall, they popped up on Amazon, then I just followed the link to their site. I remembered seeing them online last year and actually called and talked with the owner last year because I was toying with driving to Alpharetta to pick them up in person to save on shipping cost. I never ended up ordering last year and this year I just had them shipped to me when I finally did order. You may want to cover them up a little if your garage is as dusty as mine. πŸ™‚ Mine is always a mess with spiders, spider webs, etc… I’m not sure where I’m going to store mine…def not under the eves with the rest of decorations. Gets really hot under there.

          • I have a horrible spider phobia so I finally hired an environmentally safe pesticide company to treat my property. They use things like peppermint, thyme, clove oil and other herbs and natural products that I can’t remember and voila..NO spiders or earwigs. I’m not very fond of the odor…it’s got a patchouli sort of smell that is pungent for a few hours but it really works!!! without harming the bees, wildlife or my dogs. They only come once every quarter now. Oh and I also supplement by putting some boric acid along the baseboards of my garage doors and along the floor perimeter. I know I’m sounding like a bug phobic but I’m really not’s just that I don’t like spider webs and spiders in my garage or on my porches. oh YUK!! I may put some plain tissue paper ( not colored) loosely around the wreaths and place them in a cardboard box with a few silica gel packs ( I save the ones I get in other products).

  50. Christina McCall says

    I love the wreaths. I have oak cabnets, so I don’t think they would look as nice on them unless I had the cabinets with the glass panes. I did however purchase that large platter this year at Walmart. I really did not get around to purchasing the plate, since I started to find the blogs and really went all out decorating my table scapes and mantle for the fall season. I did however purchase that gorgeous platter at our local Walmart for 12.97. I saw the plates, but had too many other projects going on that I did not get any of the plates last year. I think they introduce a new animal plate every year or so??? Not sure. This year I will be stalking Walmart around the first of November and purchase the different variations of the salad plates since they are only 2.97 each. I recently saw a set of 4 on Ebay for over 60.00. Gee, what a profit. Amazing that something that cost’s around 13.00 total would sell for that price. Someone had a great idea of a good way to make some serious money. Anyway, I can’t wait to put a wreath and candle on every window and purchase those darling salad plates this year for my Christmas projects. Have a great week! Always love your ideas, keeps my creative wheels turning πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Christina. Wow, that would be a steep profit. Wonder if they actually sold them for that. Hopefully walmart will bring them back since they were so popular. Glad you got a platter! πŸ™‚

  51. Love this! Any thoughts on how to keep the wreaths from swinging around on cabinets that get daily use? Thanks a bunch!!

    • Thanks! I use the Blue Willow dishes every day so those cabinets get opened a lot and I haven’t any problems. The wreaths do move a little but they don’t swing wildly or anything. If you were trying to avoid any movement, you could probably take some of the putty I’ve seen in HomeDepot and Office Supply stores and stick some on the back of the wreath and press it against the glass…or maybe even use some two-sided tape. It might be hard to get off a leaf on the wreaths but I bet it would come off glass doors pretty well. If the doors are solid wood, I’d use putty or something you know won’t harm the wood. But you may find you don’t have that much movement in normal opening and closing.

      • Great idea! I really appreciate your response, great blog : )

        • Thanks, Cindy! I was just reading my reply…meant two-sided tape, not two-sided table. πŸ™‚ I can’t remember now where I’ve seen the putty in the hardware stores…it may be over where they have the picture hanging stuff. I’ve used it in the past to hold a picture on the wall at the bottom so it wouldn’t shift around on the wall.

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