Updating my Autumn Wardrobe, What I’m Eyeing in the Sale

Welcome to the 561st Metamorphosis Monday!

The weather here in Ohio has so been so pretty! The leaves are changing and everywhere you drive there are piles of golden and red leaves. I’ll try to capture some photos for you soon and post those. Unfortunately, I think I’m trying to come down with a cold, I woke up with a very sore throat. I hope you are staying well and enjoying these beautiful autumn days!

Since I’m away from home, I don’t have a Before and After I’m working on, but I think I’ll be making some wardrobe updates today because Talbots just extended their Fall sale, making it even better. In addition to 30% off everything on their site, you also get 40% off any one item with the code TREAT40 at checkout!


I’m for sure ordering this striped turtleneck. I ordered a similar sweater a while back and love it. I wore it yesterday under a buffalo plaid J. Crew shirt-jacket and a cream white vest and it looked so good! So I think this one would be great for those days when I just need a soft turtleneck for layering. Navy/white stripe is almost like a neutral and looks good under a lot of sweaters and vests.

This one is on sale here: Navy/white striped Turtleneck.


I also love this one! The color would work under so many different sweaters and with so many outfits! You’ll find it on sale here: Striped Turtleneck.


Love this wool coat with the faux fur trim! The color is so up my alley! I also love that there are slits on the side of the pockets so you can easily slip your hands inside if you’re not wearing gloves. You’ll find it on sale here: Wool Coat.


I love a red coat so this red wool stadium coat definitely caught my eye. It would be great for when you need more than just a jacket. The color is so beautiful for fall and winter! You’ll find it on sale here: Wool Coat.


Love, love, love this adorable plaid puffer vest! Could it be any cuter?! You’ll find it on sale here: Plaid Puffer Vest.


I’m not normally a bit fan of puffer jackets but I love the look of this one! I have a Talbot cream/off white puffer vest with a faux fur color and I wear it all the time. In fact, I wore it yesterday when we visited a nearby town known for Halloween celebrations. My vest, being cream/off white color, goes with everything! So I’m sure this coat would be the same way. It’s such a classy, elegant color for winter!

You’ll find it on sale here: Puffer Jacket.


This is the beautiful cashmere sweater they have paired under the jacket. Cashmere is always expensive so this would be a great time to get it if you love cashmere. Cashmere just feels so pampering and luxurious against the body. I love it! You’ll find it available here: Cashmere Sweater. Again, don’t forget to use the code TREAT40 to get 40% off one item and 30% off anything else in your cart/basket.


I love these Sperry boots with faux fur trim. They may not be included in the sale…not sure if they are.


They even come in pink! Gah! You’ll find them here: Faux Fur Trimmed Boots.


If you’ve had your eye on these riding boots, this would be a good time to get them since you can get them at 40% off. These have the perfect heel height for comfort. You’ll find these beautiful boots here: Riding Boots.


I have this thing for Fair Isle sweaters! I try to add one to my wardrobe each winter. This pretty Fair Isle cardigan is on sale here: Fair Isle Cardigan.


Another cute Fair Isle design! Love the snowflakes! You’ll find it on sale here: Thermawarmth Fair Isle Sweater.


I have a couple of button-cuff sweaters that I purchased years ago, and to this day they are still two of my favorite sweaters. I love the look of buttons along the end of a sleeve. This one comes in 6 colors including a gorgeous red.Β  You’ll find it on sale here: Cable-knit button-cuff Sweater.


This sweater caught my eye because you so rarely see a Fair Isle sweater in the color, pink. Love the pink combined with the gray! I also love that they worked reindeer into the pattern! Beautiful sweater and you’ll find this sweater on sale here: Fair Isle Reindeer Sweater.


This shirt is already on sale so the extra discount at checkout makes it even better! This would be a beautiful top to wear with black slacks or a long black skirt for a holiday party. You’ll find it on sale here: Applique Top.


I pretty much live in Talbots stretch jeggings and their straight-legs jeans all winter so I really want to try their straight-leg cords. These come in a gazillion colors and are on sale here: Stretch Corduroy Pants.


This all the goodies I’m eyeing for updating my winter wardrobe. Again, if you do purchase anything, don’t forget to use the code TREAT40 at check out to get 40% off one item and 30% off everything else. Happy Fall Shopping!

Looking forward to all the great Before and Afters for this week’s Metamorphosis Monday!

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  1. Cyndi Raines says

    Yes, those choices are all really nice for fall / winter. Have fun shopping and hope you feel better. Have you ever tried the ZiCam nasal swabs to use at the start of a cold? I really believe they work and always have some on hand for just in case. Glad you are enjoying our northern fall, the color this year is over-the-top!

    • No, I haven’t heard of those. Interesting! I think one of my grandsons has had a cold so I may have caught his…or it could just be allergies. Fall is the time of year I tend to have more allergy issues. Thanks for that tip, Cyndi. I will look for those in the pharmacy.

      • Cyndi Raines says

        Please do as I use them the minute I feel like a cold is starting and I really feel like it never becomes a full blown cold and it shortens the duration. (At least that how it seems to be for me).

  2. Have you noticed on many winter coats are now car coat (3/4 length) length and not to the knee? I have been browsing coats and not only are there less nice wool ones (so many puffers) but the length…I am not a matchy matchy person but I do prefer when wearing dresses/skirt that you do not see the clothing hanging below my winter coat. If I could afford diff. coats to coordinate with outfits, then it wouldn’t matter but that is not an option.

    • Nancy, I know what you mean. That used to drive me crazy when I wore dresses a lot in the winter. I prefer my dresses to not show under a coat, either. Now I mostly just wear pants so it’s not much a problem. The red stadium coat in this post looks longer than most, especially if the model is pretty tall. So it may cover most dresses, but most coats these days do tend to be 3/4 length, it seems.

      • Beautiful selections, Susan and hope you get over your sniffles quickly. Regarding 3/4 coat lengths; here in Canada we refer to them as Parka Length and can relate to what you and Nancy are saying and have found (even in our climate) one almost has to opt for a jacket length if wanting to wear a skirt or a dress. That said; I decided to treat myself to a new (cloth) coat this winter hoping to find something that would accommodate but found most IMO were either too heavy in weight, not long enough, very high necklines or had an attached hood etc. so ended up with a down ‘n feather quilted type by Eddie Bauer (Alpendown Parka) which met most of my expectations ‘in design’ however still isn’t quite what I had in mind so will be tweaking it. (Replace the faux fur on its removable hood with a quality type, add the same trim to its sleeve cuffs and its collar etc. to dress it up a tad).
        Footnote: For those who might be interested, the coat is now on sale. Also though it is quilted, it is somewhat fitted in styling so you will not look like The Michelin (Tyre) Man which is a plus .. ☺.

        • Brenda, that’s so awesome that you can make adjustments to your coat to get more what you want…wish I had that talent! Oh, I have heard the term Parka…had forgotten about that.
          lol about Michelin Man, that’s exactly the way I’ve always described those HUGE coats that swallow you in their puffiness. πŸ™‚

  3. Dear Susan,
    Sadly we are definitely seeing a respiratory issue in this part of Ohio right now. For some natural comfort start taking Black Elderberry (syrup or gummies) & vitamin C. Also use a diffuser with distilled water and a high grade of essential oil such as eucalyptus, or Plant Therapy germ fighter oil (especially near where you sit or sleep). These items are readily available & will be of benefit in shortening the duration.
    Be well & have days of joy during your visit.

    • Thanks for those tips, Rebecca! One of my grandsons has had a cold, I think…so I may have caught it. Or, it may just be fall allergies acting up.

  4. Great choices Susan – I love those corduroys! And the sweaters! I hope you can shake off the cold and have more fun in the leaves. Happy Monday, and thanks so much for hosting, as always!

  5. I love the red stadium coat but like almost everything. You seem to get an awful lot of colds. Maybe you need to take zinc, C or more vitamins. Feel better soon.

    • It’s because I keep hanging around two little germ factories every few months…called grandchildren. lol When my son was growing up, I worked as a Media Parapro in the library at his elementary school. I was around little ones all day long, handling the same books they touched, etc… I stayed sick with approximately 4-5 colds per year. I kept thinking I would eventually become immune to everything but that never happened, even after 5 years. The other thing that adds to it is when I’m visiting my grandkids, I tend to get less sleep, getting up early in the morning to see them before they head off to school and staying up late visiting with my son/dil. My daughter is sick now, too. I think we have the same thing. I was taking vitamins but I developed a rash on my neck during the summer and stopped taking them as I tried to figure out what was going on. I don’t think it’s the vitamins so I should go back to taking those again. Thanks, Ginger!

  6. Thanks Susan, but now I want to go shopping! I hope you’re not catching a cold!

    • Thanks, Jenna! I think it is a cold or a virus of some type, but it’s a pretty mild one so far. Hopefully it will be gone by Halloween since I have to be a Ninja with my grandkids for Halloween. lol

  7. Great minds think alike! I had to buy that hot pink coat, although the coat police may come for me there are so many coats around here. But how often do you see a coat in that pretty color? And the hood is pretty too. Also that pretty marled sweater wrap dress to wear over leggings.

  8. Thanks so much for hosting!!

  9. Susan, I hope you’re enjoying your visit. The trip to the nearby town with the Halloween festivities sounds like fun! But I am concerned about you because you seem to get sick a lot. πŸ™ Too much! Wuzzupwitdat? We need to get you figured out. I hope you’ll consider seeing a Functional Medicine doctor to learn how to boost your immune system so you can snuggle and cuddle those grandbabies, even when they are sick. πŸ™‚ In the meantime, have a ball.

    • I think I caught this one from one of my grandchildren, that happens a lot although everyone was completely well last time I visited if I remember correctly. That would be awesome if that could happen, but I’ve always caught colds easily so not sure I can avoid it.

  10. Hope you’re feeling better, Susan!
    Sending hugs and healthy vibes your way! πŸ™‚

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