It’s the Weekend, Let’s Go Antiquing!

Recently I mentioned that I was going to start antiquing more. I used to go antiquing every single weekend, but as my home filled up with lovely finds, I started slacking off. I have really missed it so I’m enjoying getting back out on these beautiful, sunny days and seeing what treasures I can find.

This weekend I decided to visit the Queen of Hearts antique shop that’s about 30 to 40 minutes away from me. The one we visited recently in another post is much closer. As I walked in, I noticed the booth that always has a lot of beautiful vintage/antique china and transferware was still there.

Vintage and Antique Transferware


The prices in this booth are always higher than I would want to pay, but it made me happy to see that it is still here.

Antique, Vintage China


Look at all that glorious transferware! ♥♥♥ I didn’t dare walk into the booth, was too afraid I would bump into something and start a cascade of broken transferware!

Beautiful Antique Transferware


Continuing my shopping, I came across these beautiful blue and silver eggs.

Blue, Silver Eggs, Easter


They appear to be metal, they were huge (5″) and really pretty. $11.50 each.

Blue and Silver Metal Eggs for Easter


Was very tempted by these green, white, and brown napkins decorated with greenery and cute bunnies.

Green, White Bunny Napkins


I saw two of these guys while shopping, they were in different booths. Do you recognize him?

Ceramic Dog, Great for Making a Lamp


I purchased one many years ago in an antique store and had it made into a lamp by a lamp shop that is sadly no longer in business.


Then later, Mary, a lovely BNOTP reader, decided to do the same thing when she came across this cute dog. (Read that post here: Make a Lamp from a Treasured Piece. See how Vikki made a lamp from a beautiful vase in this post: Make a Lamp From a Beautiful Vase or Figurine.)

Dog Lamp Made from a Dog Figurine_wm


Lots of pretty chandeliers!

Vintage Chandelier


In the room with the chandeliers, I came across this beautiful mirror. Wouldn’t it be great above a fireplace or sideboard?  It was priced at $699.

Triple Mirror, Beautiful over Fireplace


This velvet upholstered bench was very pretty, I could see it at the foot of a bed. It was $399.

Green Velvet Bench


What a stunning chest! The tag said, “Beautiful three-drawer marquetry chest with bronze mounts, painted porcelain pulls, and specimen marble made by Hilda Flack.” $2950.00.

3-Drawer Marquetry Chest with Bronze Mounts, Painted Porcelain Pulls, Specimen Marble


The tag attached to this piece said, “Lovely vintage French Louis XV style, two-over-two Bombe Chest with bronze mounts and marble top.” It was priced at $1,195.

Vintage French Louis XV Style Two over Two Bombe Chest with Bronze Mounts and Marble Top


This Chippendale Wingback chair tempted me because I think the colors would work perfectly in my bedroom with both my winter and summer bedding. $399

Red, Green Stripped Wingback Chair


Saw lots of beautiful antique clocks!

Antique Clocks


Came across this sweet St. Patrick’s Day garland: $29.99.

Green, white St. Patrick's Day Garland


This was probably my favorite booth in this antique mall. I’m a pillow nut and they had so many big, fat, fluffy ones in really unique fabrics.

Blue and White Pillows


I may have purchased the green plaid ones if I had a place to use them in my home. I love those! Notice the adorable bunny basket. I didn’t notice it when I was there. I just zoomed in on the picture and the tag says: $34.99. Cute, cute!

Green Pillows


All the pillows I saw in this booth were priced at $69.99 each.


Another beautiful pillow…there seemed to always be two of each design.

Green, White, Blue Pillow


I really loved this one, too!

Pink, Green Pillow


Beautiful bird pillow! I could so see these in a sunroom or on a screened porch.

Bird Pillow


These would be great in a room with neutral colors. I love the buffalo plaid!

Neutral Plaid Pillows


Hope you enjoyed this little antiquing adventure through the Queen of Hearts in Alpharetta, Georgia.

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  1. Fun! I spent the entire weekend with my two Panoply sisters, antiquing in Ohio! We had lots of laughs, shopped till we dropped, and spurred the economy. One place was disappointing in both underwhelming inventory and overwhelming pricing, but otherwise, it was a good trip!

    • That sounds like so much fun, Rita! If I ever make the leap and move to Ohio, I’ll be sure to ask where all the best places are to shop. 🙂

  2. Tina W Reynolds says

    Wow! Just, WOW! I think I would have been in there for hours and hours! Thanks for the great “field trip”.

  3. I love to go to a town about 30 min from us called Aurora, OR as it is practically all antique stores! My favorite is South End antique mall. Was just there yesterday. So much fun!

  4. I loooove antiquing with you, Susan!

  5. Lynne Ryan says

    I’m visiting my son (in April) who recently moved to Brookhaven & he promised to take me to at least one antique store – which one would you advise ?
    Thanks – love reading your blog

    • Ummm, hard to say since they are always changing. The places I go are pretty far away from Brookhaven, but I bet there are a lot of antique shops in that area, too. I would just do a search for antique shops in Brookhaven to see what pops up. If you don’t see anything that looks good, there are two Queen of Hearts (located in Marietta and Alpharetta) and quite a few more antique shops in the Metro Atlanta area. I’m just not that familiar with what is in the Brookhaven area. You’ll always find antique shops around the town squares…like in Marietta and Roswell. I passed by several antique shops when I drove through the tiny “downtown” part of Roswell yesterday on the way to Alpharetta. I bet your son will know the best places to shop antiques in Brookhaven.

  6. Oh, my, Susan, when I saw those first 2 pictures of the transferware dishes, I was ready to jump on a plane and go cross-country and explore that wonderful antique shop! What a treasure chest! Thank you so much for sharing your shopping adventure with us! It was a great way to start my day. Did you end up getting anything? I would have needed a truck to get home!

  7. Elena M. says

    Homegoods (online) has the matching tablecloth to those napkins with the bunnies; I wonder if the store has the napkins, too. That Homegoods store you recently visited is so well stocked and full of merchandise – a stark difference to the ones in my area! Hopefully, all stores will be packed as they used to be, even though the prices are a little crazy!!

    • I honestly have not seen it that full in years, even before the C thing started. It used to be one of my fave places to go for dinnerware, then it got where they hardly had anything. Hope it stays this way!

  8. Rose Taylor says

    So many beautiful things . Those eggs would look wonderful hanging from an Easter tree . I love your dog lamp so those are a great find and the mirror would b e amazing over a mantle . You have an amazing eye for finding incredible things and never fail to brighten my day . Thank you. Rose.

  9. Ohhhh, Hilda Flack! I’ve been trying to think of that name for ages. When I lived in Atlanta back in the early 90’s she had at least three different furniture store locations…Flack’s Interiors. I loved her things and have a ton of them to prove it! Brings back sooooooo many happy shopping memories for me. Those were the days!

    • I remember Flacks, too. I never bought anything there but I did stop in a few times. Do you remember Beverly Hall, Furniture Craftsmen, and another store whose name started with H. Was it Hearndon’s? Can’t remember now. Furniture Craftsmen was my favorite, was sad when it closed. All the good places are gone now.

  10. I was a shopping fool back then! Flack’s had a lot of whimsical things that I really liked. I bought nice furniture pieces, as well as pictures and tons of knick knack items. I have a cat lamp similar but much smaller then your dog lamp that I got at Flack’s. Momma cat has her paws perched on a basket full of kittens. Cute! Beverly Hall sounds really familiar. There was a nice design kind of place in Perimeter Mall that I liked…maybe that was a location for them? I’m thinking it was! Got an entire bedroom done by them including custom bedding that I still have…I part with nothing…..EVER! Ha! I just gotta ask, where was that lamp store that did your doggie? I recall going to a wonderful lamp store that was off of 75 at the end of West Paces Ferry, I think? Lord, it’s been forever. Anyway, I’ve marveled at times how alike our taste are and the Atlanta connection has to be part of it. But that doesn’t explain why our parents had the exact same cookware back in the day. I emailed you several years back after I saw a pot of yours in one of your posts. I just had to ask, “What the heck are you doing with my pot?” LOL!

    • Wow, that is amazing! I had forgotten about the cookware! It’s still my favorite and I use it almost every day or whenever I bring my lazy self to cook. lol
      I can’t remember the name of the lamp store now but it was located in Woodlawn Commons shopping center on Johnson Ferry Road in Marietta. It was owned by a couple and they had been there for ages…really nice people! I didn’t discover them until just a year or so before they closed, wish I had known about them a lot sooner. I think they closed because they couldn’t compete with the big box stores like HomeGoods, etc… They were one of those stores where you would go in and buy a beautiful silk lamp shade for $75 (which was a lot back then!) but you were getting amazing quality. Then suddenly, it seemed like no one cared about that anymore and people were buying whole lamps at HomeGoods for less than what a really quality silk shade would normally have cost. It just seemed like the next generation coming up didn’t value things that lasted forever like the baby boomer generation (and earlier generations) did. I know not everyone was that way, but the way the majority of the fine furniture stores have all closed says a lot.
      I wish you had had a chance to visit Furniture Craftsmen. It was a hoot to find! It was located in a white, cottage-style house that was literally out in the middle of the woods. You drove north on Cobb Pkwy and you pretty much had to know the back road to turn on to get to the store. (Just remembered, the road name was White Circle.) The road was super wooded and there was almost nothing else on that road. The road was pretty rough, like a country road. Then suddenly you would come to this sprawling country house that looked like it had been added onto multiple times. I don’t know who did the buying for the store but they always had the most beautiful sofas, chairs, armoires, desks, dining tables, etc… We could barely afford anything in the store but we would go by at least a few times a month just to dream and drool. That’s where I purchased the small Hekman table that the lamp is on in this post. I wish they were still in business–I miss them more than any of the other fine furniture stores that closed. Do you remember Furniture Craftsmen or hearing about it?

      • Wow, Furniture Craftsman sounds wonderful, almost magical. But no, I never even heard of it. Wish I had! Serendipity doesn’t really ring a bell but I bet that was it cause it was in Perimeter Mall. Sweetest girl came to my home and worked on things for my guest and master bedroom and I loved everything we chose. We lived just inside the Perimeter on Peachtree Dunwoody in a cluster home development with twenty homes…WoodChase. And I swear the lamp place I went to was called Lamps n Things, too! Maybe they had different locations at different times? I fired up some brain cells (and Googled) and I think it was in a little shopping center at Northside Pkwy. and West Paces Ferry. There was a Houston’s there and across West Paces (I think?) was the OK Cafe. It’s been almost thirty years but the foodie in me never forgets a restaurant. HA!!!

        Gosh, thanks so much for the memories. At this point it seems like a lifetime ago but I look back on living in Atlanta with such fondness. It was a wonderful time for both me and my husband. He chimed in earlier and said he didn’t think there was one single, solitary Pike’s Nursery location that I didn’t drag him to. LOL!

        • Thinking back now, I don’t think it was Serendipity…seems like the name of the store started with a P. I think I still have my receipts in my “Guest Room” file. I should look and see. That’s awesome that she came to your home! It’s so fun reminiscing with someone who has lived in this area, Kat! Too funny about Pike Nursery! That’s where I purchased all the Green Beauty boxwood shrubs I planted in the front yard a few years ago.

    • I just thought to go look on the bottom of the lamp to see if there was a card or something and there was a sticker with the name of their shop. It was called Lamps ‘n Things. Their phone number is still on the sticker.

  11. Kathleen says

    Fun trip! I like the blue pitcher that was in with the blue pillows. I have two platters in the pattern shown with the pillows (with the pink and green pillow). I wouldn’t want to step into the booth with all the transferware either. It will really packed and stacked! This makes me want to go browsing.

  12. Nancy Brantley says

    Thanks for the antique trip…love shopping antique stores! I’ve always thought that booths like the transferware is a setup….break and its sold. I have 5 of the French ormolu chest I’ve bought over the years. You’re right about generations not wanting quality furniture??? Buy to last is my theory. I use to be like Kat above said… fool! I still love the thrill of the hunt.

  13. Michele M. says

    Oh my word! What incredible treasures!!!!!

    My eyes are popping out of my head!

    I honestly think those sweet bunny and clover napkins were a fav.

    Thanks for the “tour” Susan – I feel as though I was right with you as your were gazing at that awesomeness.

  14. Mary from Virginia says

    You truly have the best antique places! Everything here seems to be disappearing, good furniture stores have gone, the owner type of restaurants, plenty of chain restaurants are here. The antique places are few and far between. There are a copy in Norfolk VA that are fun to shop but boy are the prices unreal!

    I’d love to have those blue pillows, and the transferware is plentiful! The two dresser/chests you showed were very pretty too.

    So glad you took us along.

  15. That Brown Transferware made me want to jump through my computer screen! I’m going to the Salt City Antique Show this weekend in Syracuse! Hope to find a few treasures! Usually a good show but since Covid who knows!?

  16. I just visited my granddaughter who loves in Atlanta and we went to Queen of Hearts in Buford. I love it. We found lots of treasures for her new house.
    I love going shopping with you when you go to theses shops. Thanks do sharing.

  17. Jill from Southern NH says

    Thanks for the virtual shopping visit, Susan. I’ve never been antiquing, but I probably would have come home with one of those blue pillows – the Jacobean floral style one on the right, most likely! Those green plaid pillows are beautiful and if they were priced lower, they would be a gorgeous find for some refined, upscale St. Patrick’s Day decor, especially on a brown/tan leather or wicker couch.

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