Having Mile High Tea at 38,000 Feet and Horrifying an Innocent Flight Attendant

Welcome to the 569th Tablescape Thursday!

For my flight back home from England, I decided to try Delta’s “Premium Select” choice since surprisingly, when I booked the flight, the cost was not that much more than Comfort Plus. I can tell you now, I will try to fly Premium any time it’s offered and fits within my budget because the experience was wonderful! I kept thinking the entire time, “This is every bit as nice as flying First Class.” I just noticed today, it appears to be listed higher than First Class in Delta’s hierarchy of options, so maybe it is supposed to be a “fancier” option than First Class.

Here’s how Delta describes Premium Select:

Experience Delta Premium Select – a new, superior Delta cabin available on select international routes. You’ll find more space to stretch out and relax with a wider seat, and additional recline, and an adjustable footrest and leg rest on select widebody aircraft. Plus, with plated meals, you can cruise in complete comfort with an enhanced travel experience every time you fly Delta Premium Select.


Another First

There were so many “firsts” for this trip to England. In addition to my first time flying Premium Class on the trip back home, this was my first time flying via Delta’s Partner airline, Virgin Atlantic. I’ve always heard great things about VA and it exceeded my expectations in every way.

I loved the bright red, stylish uniforms worn by the flight attendants. The Premium cabin was spacious and clean and the flight attendants were super nice. You know those flights where the flight attendants actually appear to enjoy their work and seem to be having fun? Yeah, it was one of those flights. Lots of smiles and terrific service throughout the long flight home. I would definitely fly Virgin Atlantic again and would love to fly Premium if it works out for my travel budget.

I’m glad I didn’t take time to read about what it’s like to fly Premium Class via Virgin Atlantic beforehand because I would have spoiled a delightful surprise. The flight home was a daytime flight and though I don’t remember much about the other meals we had during the flight, I definitely remember when this delightful tray arrived.

It turns out when you fly Virgin Atlantic from the United Kingdom during the daytime, you are treated to what VA calls, the “Mile High Tea.” It was truly a feast for all the senses!

Mile High Tea, Virgin Atlantic


Virgin Atlantic has partnered with Master pâtissier and celebrity chef, Eric Lanlard, to create this delightful afternoon tea experience at 38,000 feet.

Eric Lanlard, via Virgin Atlantic

Image via Virgin Atlantic’s Website

Virgin Atlantic describes it this way:

Afternoon tea. One of life’s great pleasures. So sit back, relax and experience an Eric Lanlard masterpiece – the finest high tea in the sky. And don’t forget the great unwritten rule of travel – diet rules don’t apply when traveling. It’s one we take very seriously here at Virgin Atlantic, especially where our delectable new Mile High Tea is concerned.es. Opulent, delicious and memorable. What happens if you combine the two and serve at 38,000 feet? You get our Mile High Tea, and it’s amazing.

When flying Virgin Atlantic, the information at their website states that their Mile High Tea is “served in all classes and features freshly made rolls and scones.” When flying Premium Class, your Mile High Tea also includes an eclair and macaron. Another good reason to fly Premium!

I’ve been trying to remember what was inside the red package. Just remembered, that’s what the sandwich on the left was inside. So that’s just the empty wrapper in the photo below.

Having Mile High Tea on a Virgin Atlantic Flight


The paper with which the tray was lined was so pretty, I actually rolled mine up and tucked it inside my carry-on bag. If I were at home right now, I’d take a photo of the whole picture to share. I’ll have to do that once I’m back home and add it to this post. It was adorable!

Mile High Tea Includes Eclair, Macaron, Scone with Clotted Cream and Jam, Virgin Atlantic



Took a photo of the paper once I was home. Isn’t it pretty!?

Mile High Tea, Virgin Atlantic Tray Paper


How to Shock a Virgin Atlantic Flight Attendant

I have to share this funny little story. I chatted for the first hour or so of the trip with a very nice, young guy who was sitting next to me. He was sharp, intelligent, the CEO of his own company and appeared to be super fit. I noticed that he only drank water throughout the flight and chose the most healthy option for every meal.

When the Mile High Tea was being served, the attendant asked me first how I would like my hot tea. I declined the tea and said I’d just like water. I wish I could have captured the look on the flight attendant’s face for you. It was a mix of shock, tinged with horror and dismay. Apparently, no one ever turns down hot tea during Mile High Teatime.

He asked me again, verifying to make sure he had heard correctly. I said, “Yes, just water, I’m not a fan of hot drinks.” If you’ve been reading BNOTP for very long, you may remember I don’t care for any hot drinks other than the occasional hot chocolate in the wintertime. I don’t even drink hot coffee, much less hot tea. Still looking somewhat stunned, he handed me my water.

Next, he asked my seatmate how he would like his tea and got the same answer–just water would be fine. Again, that look of shock and confusion crossed his face! He probably still hasn’t recovered from those two weirdos in Premium Class asking for water with their Mile High Tea! We were probably the talk of the plane back in the kitchen galley that day. Ha!

Virgin Atlantic Mile High Tea in Premium Class, Eclair, Macaron, Scone, Clotted Cream and Strawberry Jam


Before diving into the food, I opened up the sandwich and snapped a quick photo for you. I can’t remember what was inside now…may have been salmon. I’m memory-challenged when it comes to what I’ve eaten in the past. Does that look like salmon? Or, maybe it was turkey–can’t remember now, just remember it was good!

Sandwich Served with Mile High Tea on Virgin Atlantic


I definitely recommend flying Virgin Atlantic from the UK whenever possible, especially via Premium Class!

Having Mile High Tea on a Virgin Atlantic Flight


Just try not to shock the flight attendants by ordering water with your afternoon tea service! πŸ™‚

Mile High Tea, Virgin Atlantic


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  1. Your story is funny – alternate universe, lol. That looked like a lot of food too! Thanks for hosting us, and hope you’re having fun while away.

  2. Jane Franks says

    That’s a funny story about the water! I’ve noticed since living in the South that there is definitely an affinity to cold tea and drinks. Maybe it’s the weather! On the other hand, coming from New England and having Swedish blood, I cannot imagine not drinking hot coffee and hot tea even in the midst of summer!! Some of my Southern friends are aghast at that, too! I have some English friends who would have the same reaction as your flight attendant, and I have to smile! It’s almost sacrilegious to not drink hot tea!! Isn’t it an interesting world to see how different we all are, and aren’t we glad!! How dull it would be if everyone was alike!! Thanks for sharing this story!

    • Maybe it comes from how warm it is April through September, sometimes even into October. I guess hot tea is good when you live in a cooler, somtimes rainy climate.
      I agree! Definitely more interesting this way. πŸ™‚

  3. It sounds like you had a wonderful flight. I too, would have turned down the hot tea due to not caring for hot drinks. In fact, many years ago when I visited England I took my own tea. At that time I was addicted to Instant Nestea. it was my caffeine fix. I was so concerned the English tea would not have the amount of caffeine I needed, so I packed a jar of my “fix” and flew off the England. I must say, while on the trip I never suffered one of those caffeine withdrawal headaches which can ruin the day.

    • Whenever I travel, I do get some odd looks when I turn down the coffee at breakfast. Place settings are always automatically set with a coffee cup and saucer and I just move them out of the way. Glad you had your Nestea! Headaches during vacation would be no fun! Fortunately, I don’t get headaches if I don’t have a drink with caffeine. As long as I get plenty of sleep, I’m okay with just water during the day, although maybe once a week I’ll have a small amount of ice coffee (probably the equivalent of a half a cup) around 3 PM if I’m feeling super tired.

  4. I’m with you. I don’t like ANY hot beverages…nada. I don’t even like hot chocolate! BUT, at that altitude, I think I would have gotten the tea and taken one sip. Then I could say I was a mile high club member…the oh so civilized tea drinkin kind. Ha!

    • I totally understand! I have to really be in the mood for chocolate to drink hot chocolate in the winter…and then I usually don’t make it through a whole cup.
      lol That’s true! Maybe I should have ordered it to just take one sip. Oh well, I did eat the goodies at least.

  5. haha, that is funny!! Sounds like the way to go, thanks Susan!

  6. LOL Susan,
    that poor guy must have been 100% British since he was not “amused” that you and your seatmate declined the beloved tea and ordered just water instead! I think this may be considered the worst no-no by British people. πŸ™‚
    Just kidding, Susan, I think he was just a little bit confused … the meal they were offering is called “Mile High Tea” and not “Mile High Water”, after all! πŸ˜‰ Seriously, although the meal looks very yummy, I’d have ordered a glass water, too… additionally to the tea, of course. lol

    • Maybe that’s what I should have done, ordered the tea with water on the side…and just not drink the hot tea. πŸ™‚ I probably committed some major offense! lol

  7. I have to laugh at you saving the paper tray liner. I thought I was the only one who did that sort of thing. I have framed mine and have a wall of paper liners and menus from many places. My favorite is a Versailles paper tray liner from their garden cafe.

    • It was just so pretty! I wanted to take a photo of it to show in a post, it made me think of pretty, French wallpaper. I would love to see a photo of your wall! What a great little souvenir and such a pretty way to remember each trip! Plus, you have a lovely decorated wall!

  8. After all this time, I did not pick up on your aversion to hot drinks! We are having a severe thunderstorm right now and I would have a small cup of hot tea, except I am well into a Shandy at present, lol. And now I’m so hungry for tea treats. Curses!

  9. Lin Celoni says

    Truly the most original Tablescape Thursday!! You really go the ‘extra mile’ for us. I have wanted to get on a VA flight! Now I really want to book one!!!! To England!

  10. I love everything regarding tea time. Here is a sudden tea table I had to create for a visit of some friends.
    Thank you for hosting dear Susan.
    Have a lovely evening.

  11. Funny story! I’m not sharing a tea time, but I do feature my High Tea piece from MKC. I servered coffee not tea! And s’mores tiny pies, not sandwiches, which actually would be a great little tidbit for a tea.
    I flew AA business class last fall to France and took along my own Courtly Check mug. I pulled it out at dinner for my coffee. The flight attendent was so taken with it, that she wanted to buy one for herself. She even washed it and served my morning coffee in it.

  12. Brenda Lawrence says

    That was so funny about the water Susan, yes, I’m sure you and the man were the talk of the attendants. lol I rarely drink hot drinks either, only hot chocolate in the winter time IF I’m cold and the snow is flying. lol Your flight back sounded lovely. Hugs, Brenda

  13. Mmmmm, I find Darjeeling hot tea delicious anywhere, anytime.

  14. This was the best story. Thank you for the review!

  15. I can relate! People tell me all the time that I’m unsociable because I don’t drink coffee! I don’t drink any hot drinks, either!

  16. What a neat experience! Thanks for sharing.

    Thanks for hosting TT.

  17. About refusing the tea. What a cute story, Susan but I think I am just the opposite to you. Though I do not drink coffee I enjoy my cuppa-tea and prefer the majority of my beverages either room temperature or hot with the exception of fruit juices and milk of course. To conclude, even after 40+ years of marriage, I even manage to raise the eyebrow of my better half as he is just the opposite as the colder the better is his motto. -Brenda-

  18. What a treat, but then I would have asked for just hot water and brought my own good quality tea.

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