A Beautiful, Bird-Themed China Pattern for Wintertime: Lenox Winter Greetings

Welcome to the 643rd Tablescape Thursday, a blog party sharing beautiful table settings for all occasions!

Recently I was chatting with a lovely BNOTP reader about our mutual love of a wonderful, bird-themed Lenox pattern called, Winter Greetings. I realized during our email exchange that it’s been years since I used that pattern in a table for Tablescape Thursday. I don’t know why I never think to bring it out for TT because it is truly one of my absolute favorite patterns ever!

I couldn’t wait to set a winter table with Winter Greetings because though it’s beautiful in a Christmas setting, it really works great all winter, especially if you’re a lover of birds. A bit off-topic, but WOW, have my feeders been staying covered up ever since I returned home earlier this month. I’m seeing so many Cardinals, Chickadees, Goldfinch, Phoebes, Nuthatches, Woodpeckers, Bluebirds, and House Finches.

After I filled both my seed and suet feeders and put out two dishes of dried mealworms, it only took the birds about an hour to realize I was back and that the feeders were full. I was afraid they would have abandoned me since I was gone so long! lol Fortunately, they forgave my long absence and are happily giving me hours of birdwatching joy each day. They bring so much life to the somewhat dreary, winter landscape.

Winter Tablescape, January 2021


I held off taking photos hoping for a little sunshine/natural lighting, thus the tardiness of posting Tablescape Thursday today. Unfortunately, the sunshine never arrived. So please know the snowflake centerpiece in this table is much prettier in person than these photos show on this rainy day. If the sun makes an appearance, I’ll add more photos to this post later today.

Winter Tablescape, Lenox Winter Greetings


I am really starting to garner a deep appreciation for what great tablecloths blankets make. lol I wanted a navy background for this setting but didn’t have a navy tablecloth. Fortunately, I did have a navy blanket and it worked nicely as a tablecloth in this setting.

Swarovski Crystal Snowflake-Star Ornaments, 1991-2020


I first fell in love with Lenox, Winter Greetings during a Christmas Home Tour in Washington, Georgia…or was it Madison? Ummm, it’s been so many years, it’s hard to remember. Anyway, I had never seen this pattern before and the moment I laid eyes on it, I was completely smitten!

Lenox Winter Greetings Winter Table Settings


I purchased 12-place settings that very winter. Though it’s a wonderful pattern to use at Christmastime, it really carries over beautifully all winter. The colors in this pattern are a bit different. The red is definitely a Christmasy red but the greens are a bit more muted. I love the dark blue in this pattern, as well. The more muted colors let the beautiful colors of the birds shine through.

Beautiful Lenox Winter Greetings China


The flatware is Towel, King Richard, a silver pattern I chose and started collecting back in 1978. Pierced chargers are from Horchow online, purchased back in 2008.

Lenox Winter Greetings in Winter Table Setting


I love these snowflake glasses. I can’t remember for sure but I may have found these one year in Dollar Tree. The sliverplate goblets seen in earlier photos were a wedding gift back in 1978.

Snowflake Glasses, Snowflake Stemware


Snowflake napkin rings work well in this wintery table setting. I think I found these in Bed, Bath, and Beyond. That was many years ago, so again–hard to remember.

Snowflake Napkin Rings in Winter Table Setting


Dark green, velvet-edged, linen napkins, along with cotton, eyelet napkins work well with the pierced chargers and the deep greens in the Winter Greetings china. Both napkins were a find in Pier 1 back in the day. Flatware is by Towle, the pattern is King Richard.

Towle King Richard in Winter Table Setting


Have you ever purchased something not realizing it was to be part of an ongoing collection? The first Swarovski crystal ornament was purchased back in the winter of 1991. My son was eight years old. Now I have grandchildren that are almost that age! When a second crystal ornament came out the following year, it became apparent that this was going to be an ongoing collection.

It has been 30 years now with this year marking the addition of the 30th ornament. Both of my silverplate trees are completely filled now since each tree holds 15 ornaments. Amazingly, over the past 30 years, not a single ornament has been chipped or broken. I’m so terrified of breaking one, whenever I get them out to hang on these little silver trees, I always open them over a padded surface (this time a navy blanket/tablecloth) and very carefully place them on the trees.

I think I’ll leave them out through March this year and really take time to enjoy them. I hope to pass this collection down to my son/daughter-in-law one day and hopefully, it will bring them as much joy as it has brought me over the years.

Winter Table with Crystal Swarovski Ornament Centerpiece


I’m always asked where I found the silver trees. They are from Ross-Simon online, purchased 20+ years ago. I keep hoping they will bring them back since so many BNOTP readers have asked about them.

Swarovski Crystal Snowflake Ornaments


Each year, Swarovski alternates between producing a crystal snowflake and a crystal star. It’s always exciting to see what gorgeous design they will create for the holiday/winter season. When they first started creating these ornaments, the first two had red ribbons. Then they changed over to navy ribbons. I loved the navy ribbons but I did not like a mix of red and navy ribbons on my tree, so I changed out the red ribbons to navy ribbons so the ribbons would all be consistent. I’ve kept the original red ribbons though since these ornaments have become a collectible.

A few years ago, Swarovski changed the color of the ribbon once again, this time going to a cream/off-white ribbon. Surprisingly, I prefer the look of the navy. It just doesn’t seem to stand out like the cream-colored ribbon does when the ornaments are hanging on the tree. I know that sounds the opposite of what you would expect.

I lucked out and found more navy ribbon that appeared to match the Swarovski navy ribbon perfectly, and that’s what I use each year when a new ornament is released. Again, I’ve kept all the original ribbons.

Swarovski Snowflake Ornaments, Crystal Ornaments


I hope you are having a beautiful, peaceful winter. There really are so many things to enjoy and be thankful for even during the cold months of winter. I am looking forward to spring flowers and lots of warm, sunshiny days!

Winter Table Setting, Snowflake Theme


I think the sun is trying to come out now so I’ll add some brighter photos to this post later today.

Winter Tablescape, January 2021



This photo taken in natural lighting coming in from the window, better shows the true colors in this beautiful pattern!

Lenox Winter Greetings for Winter or Holiday Dining


A few close-ups taken in brighter, natural lighting…

Swarovski Crystal Snowflake and Star Ornament


As I walk by the table during the day, they twinkle and sparkle in the sunlight coming through the bay window.

1998 Swarovski Star Ornament


Looking forward to all the wonderful table settings linked for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

2015 Swarovski Crystal Snowflake Ornament


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  1. Calypso in the Country says

    Your table is beautiful with the birds! I also love the navy and how you used a blanket in place of a tablecloth…I did the same thing! Great minds think alike. Thanks for hosting and enjoy the rest of your week!

  2. Oh that’s lovely Susan! I love your china, and the crystal ornaments are perfect! I’m so glad your birds are back at the feeders too. I love to watch ours, though we don’t get any bright cardinals like you do. 🙂 Thanks for hosting and for the beautiful birdy inspiration!

    • Thanks, Barbara! You don’t have Cardinals in your area? I hadn’t thought about how they aren’t in all the states. What types of birds do you get to your feeders? I bet you get some that we don’t see here in the south. I’m looking forward to the humming birds coming back in a few months!

  3. Love the way the navy tablecloth pulls out the colors in the china. Lovely!

  4. Karen Rosenberg says

    My Mother loved China. She had begun collecting the Winter Greeting collection when she passed. Now I only have two salad plates and one dinner plate. Can you point me where to go in order to purchase more?
    Thank you.

  5. Gayle Kesinger says

    Susan, I always wonder how the velvet embellished napkins would launder. I still miss the Pier 1 stores. They always had such wonderful displays of tableware. I love the silver ornament trees and, of course, the china. Beautiful colors.

    • I’ve always used them on the outside as just a decorative addition over the actual napkin, so I’m not really sure how they would wash. I think if I ever did have to wash them I would do it by hand and would use the Laundress delicate wash I buy on Amazon: https://amzn.to/3qKAM9N . But I plan to just keep using them as a cover for the actual napkin.

  6. I really love that pattern, Susan. And your Swarovski crystal snowflakes are stunning as a collection. No amount of hearts right now will make me feel like January and winter are over, so I appreciated the winter tablescape. I am chasing winter blues with forest greens right now. Thanks for having us in.

    • Thanks, Rita! lol I know, I can just imagine how cold it is there. I’ll be glad when the rain ends here. Georgia has turned into the rainest state ever the last few years! I love blue and green together. I’m wearing a plaid top right now with those colors and just love that combination! Looking forward to spring, Rita!

  7. very pretty…I have always loved that pattern…I was wondering how it would look if you used a red plate between the salad and the charger…yet another way to use the settings. It really is very pretty with the snowflakes. rls

  8. Lovely table, Susan. The hanging crystal snowflakes are so clever!

    I had to stop feeding the birds a few years ago. With all the other garden chores, pulling out the unending sunflower starts all summer long was too much.
    But, they have plenty of yummy food from my vegetables, and fruit trees in the summer.

    • I know, it can be a lot of work. I have trouble just keeping the feeders filled. I have three feeders out and they completely empty them in 2-3 days. I love seeing them, though…so keep filling them. lol
      I once had a gorgeous sunflower grown underneath one of my feeders. My backyard is more natural so I didn’t mind it being there. I bet they do love your garden and fruit trees!

  9. Love Swarovski ornaments! I collect them but I don’t have a full set and the early ones are really expensive.

    • Those first ones were not that expensive when they first came out. I think the first one we bought cost around $30-$35. But of course, they have gone up, up, and up over the years. I know the first ones now sell for a ridiculous amount on eBay, or at least they did when I looked a few years back. You would probably have to luck upon an estate sale or something like that to find those early ones at a more reasonable price.

  10. I absolutely love Swarovski Ornaments. I too have been collecting the star and snowflake ornaments since I think 2000 and the lady I work for started giving me the large Swarovski ball ornaments that are just stunning. They started those in 2013 and fortunately I have every one so far! This link will tell you about them. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=swarovski+crystall+ball+ornament+history&docid=608038731219403553&mid=6293CE6A489BA5842A886293CE6A489BA5842A88&view=detail&FORM=VIRE Anyway….because of Swarovski I love the sparkle of my Christmas tree each year. Toni

    • Wow! Those are beautiful, I love the sparkle! I bet they are gorgeous with the lights on your tree! Swarovski knows how to get us hooked, don’t they? lol Once we start the collection, we can’t stop!

  11. warren giering says

    Lovely table, Susan. I love (and want) the silver ornament tree. I searched EBAY but found nothing similar.

  12. Absolutely stunning!!! The whole table and each piece is gorgeous. So nice to have started such a memorable collection!

  13. Darlene Gardner says

    As usual Susan, you have done it again! I have always loved this Lenox pattern and feel it really is appropriate for the entire winter season. And your silver trees with crystal ornaments are gorgeous! I think the navy ribbon is very pretty too!

    • Thanks so much, Darlene! I really should use this pattern more often! I forget I have it sometimes since it lives in my china cabinet. I need to pull it out every winter and store it where I see it more often.

  14. I love this china! My aunt had this pattern but it went to her son and DIL after she passed. I really need to look at getting a set. Your crystal ornaments are gorgeous and so are the trees they display on. This a beautiful winter tablescape.

  15. Brenda s. Lawrence says

    What a stunning table setting Susan! I love the blue blanket for the tablecloth, it makes everything pop. Those dishes are gorgeous and I can see why you wanted them. I am also loving those snowflake glasses. But I totally adore those crystal snowflake/star collectable ornaments hanging on your two “trees”! What a different the light makes too. Simply stunning! Hugs, Brenda

  16. I have that beautiful china also and have used it with my William-Sonoma plaid chargers. I can’t resist bright red during the winter to counteract the dreary weather.

  17. So Beautiful! Thank you Susan!

  18. I’ve always admired the sparkle of the Swarovski ornaments. I have a collection of the Reed & Barton sterling Christmas Crosses — not the full collection and not consecutive years, but about 20 of them. My husband began giving my mother the annual Wallace sterling ‘jingle bell’ ornaments when we began dating, it’s now a collection of more than 30 bells that will eventually be passed on to me. They have a lovely sound and look wonderful when hanging on display.

  19. Susan, you set a beautiful table. I, too, have this Lenox pattern but didn’t use it this holiday. I used Lenox Winter Song . Your silver trees and Swaroski ornaments are beautiful. That is some collection!

  20. It’s so fitting that the curling ribbon on the dishes looks like an “S” for your name! Has anyone else noticed that?

  21. Victoria Tyson says

    Susan, how many sets of China? And where do you write them all? I love every one of your tablescapes and would love to do more of that but no one here really appreciates that. So I live vicariously through you!

  22. Victoria Tyson says

    Sorry I meant to say STORE them all!!!

  23. I love the look of winter snow and ice on your trees! Makes me long for a ‘real’ winter north of here. The ornaments are gorgeous in any kind of light. Funnily enough I’ve also shared a table with Winter Greetings!

  24. Sharyn Kimbrough says

    Susan, what can I say except that are you an exceptionally talented blogger and it is so nice that you enjoy “traditional” design as I do. Most design magazines feature modern/contemporary as the young people like it, but I feel “at home” reading your blog. I have a question that I can’t find in your archives, but you did a blog on it in the past: plantation shutters-are they still going to be a worthwhile window cover. If you could tell me the month you posted the article, I will re-read it. Thank you and keep your audience hanging on your every word.

    • Thanks so much, Sharyn…you are so sweet to say that! I do very much love traditional design. I can appreciate other designs but I feel most at home with classic interiors. I do love a cozy, English cottage or the decorating/interior design we used to see in magazines like Traditional Home back in the day.
      Actually, I do have a couple of posts about plantation shutters. Please excuse the photos in this first post, I still hadn’t really figured out the lighting in photos back then so they are pretty awful, but at least the info I share in that post should be helpful. lol

      Here’s the second post where I shared about tightening up loose/sagging louvers if shutters have a tension adjustment screw included in the design.

  25. Cyndi Raines says

    What a beautiful tablescape! Love this china by Lenox! I have one plate I put on display, but was lucky enough to find the vegetable bowls at a garage sale for $15.00 for 3 and then have been given 4 oval shaped plates that I use as luncheon plates. I have some accessories also, so I’m building slowly but steadily. My “seasonal bird tree” that I leave up all year is now decorated with a nuthatch, yellow finch, chicadee and many cardinals, snowflakes, icicles and some crystal snowflakes, but not your beautiful Swarvoski kind, however they still do glisten. Your Swarvoski crystals are stunningly beautiful! What a treasure your son and wife will have one day to pass on to the grandsons. How precious is that! (Especially coming from the girl that hates to be cold, hehe)

  26. Hi Susan, Your tablescape is beautiful. I am a huge fan of Lenox Winter Greetings too. I first saw it many years ago and just loved all of the beautiful birds. A few years ago my husband gave me a set of it for Christmas and we enjoy using it every year. Not too long after he gave me the set, I found a collection of Winter Greetings salad plates and mugs that were just exquisite. I was so excited to buy them and got a phenomenal deal on them through a local online auction.
    I usually use a green tablecloth with my Winter Greetings but I really like the way yours looks with the navy so I will have to try that too. I recently bought a beautiful navy Noritake tablecloth when our local Bed, Bath, and Beyond closed so this will be the perfect opportunity to try it with the navy.
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  27. I love all of this! Lenox china has perfected that creamy finish- it is my favorite! The winter greetings pattern is fabulous & I look at it every year to mix and match with my wedding china but never pulled the trigger. We have about 7 years worth of the Swaroski ornaments. We had an annual Christmas party in our old neighborhood and one of our neighbors always gifted one as a hostess gift. I cherish them. Thanks for a great post as always.

    XO- MaryJo

  28. You table is beautiful. I have some mugs and a couple of other small pieces in this pattern. We will use them throughout the winter.

  29. I have been crushing on using blankets and throws for quite some time now…my favorite thing about it is that they usually don’t need ironed like a tablecloth! Your pierced chargers are stunning! How lovely to use those beautiful crystal snowflakes!

  30. Bobbi Duncan says

    Another beautiful table setting, Susan! I wish I had started collecting the large Swarovski ornaments when they first came out ( I started my collecting about 14 years ago) because I’d love to have some of the earlier ones that are now so expensive. I began collecting the lovely ball ornaments as well, about five years ago–so pretty! It’s a shame though that they only come out at Christmas because their sparkle is truly magnificent. Having the birdies is enough to make any dreary winter day a nice one. Hugs!

  31. Franki Parde says

    You were SO smart collecting those crystals…they are spectacular!!! So beautiful! franki

  32. Susan, last year on Valentines Day I used an old crocheted bedspread for a tablecloth. It was so pretty with my pink roses china and red carnation centerpiece of 36 I added red and pink hearts on my napkins. Everyone loved my beautiful “tablecloth”.

  33. Beautiful as usual. The navy brings out the tiny touches of navy in the design. As I was reading about the ornament trees, maybe you can search for trees that hold tiny baskets for treats. I bought two from a basket company years ago.
    I have to brag about my purchase last week. I found a new 8 ft white damask tablecloth that was probably mis-marked (mine now) for $1.49 at GW. Deal of the year.

  34. A couple of years ago My luggage was pulled aside at JFK for inspection. Imagine my shock when the TSA agent pulled out a tissue wrapped Swarovski star I had left in my bag after visiting relatives the previous Christmas. I had forgotten I slipped it in my bag wrapped so poorly. Thankfully he didn’t confiscate my ‘weapon’ and I had to travel for the next 30 days throughout Europe worried that it would either break or be confiscated. Happily it arrived home unscathed.

  35. Barbara Wallace says

    Where did you get the tabletop “trees” that you used to hang the crystal snowflakes and stars? It is a beautiful table and perfect for the winter season!

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