Wallpaper In The Entry Foyer: Yay or Nay?

You know how every now and then you come across a room that just stops you dead in your tracks. Recently, I came across this entry/foyer and was mesmerized. So many things to love in one room starting with the fan light and sidelights surrounding door, the beautiful arched doorways,  that wonderful Dutch door, the antique door-knocker (is that a horse or a fox), the lovely brass hardware on the door itself, and finally, the beautiful wallpaper.

Entry with Dutch Door and Beautiful Wallpaper

Source (click on “Images” at that link to see this room)

When I see beautiful foyers like this, it sends me down the path of wanting to wallpaper my entry. I’ve thought about it many times before but the problem is there’s no good stopping point. If I wallpapered my entry, I’d probably have to take it all the way up the stairs and wallpaper the upstairs hallway, too. We’re talking major can of worms!

In this older picture, you can see how there’s not a clean break between the entry and the wall leading upstairs.

Entry with Shell Niche and Grandfather Clock


It just continues right on up.

Entry with Grandfather Clock


Looking back at this entry again, what would you call this style wallpaper? I was looking at the Thibaut wallpaper website today trying to determine what this style paper is called. I figured it must fall into a certain category because I’ve seen it a good bit over the years. All I could come up with was that it seems to have a “French” feel to it. What do you think?

Entry with Dutch Door and Beautiful Wallpaper


It reminds me a little of a wallpaper I used to have in my dining room many years ago. Sorry about the quality of the photo, it was taken B.B. (Before Blogging) with a not-so-great camera. This wallpaper was much prettier in person than in this photo. The background of the paper was a very light yellow and the colors (blue, rose, white, etc…) were crisp and elegant. I still have some of it left I think, the left over rolls were too pretty to throw away. I’m always drawn to wallpaper with this design for some reason.

Before Dining Room


I eventually removed the paper because I felt like the Venetian glass mirror was completely lost in the room. The wallpaper was there first, the mirror found later. I remember how sad I was to remove the paper because I still loved it, but I knew the mirror and chandelier would look better against a solid wall color.

I think it was the right call for this room. That’s the sneaky thing about wallpaper, it lures you in and then somewhere down the road you either tire of it or take your design for the room in a different direction. (Tablescape can be viewed here: Dashing Through the Snow)



Here’s another entrance foyer I have long admired, again with a beautiful fan-light, sidelights and wonderful Dutch door. I think I prefer my Dutch doors in kitchens or in back entrances, but this one is really pretty here. Notice the mural with historic scenes…love that!

Beautiful Entry With Dutch Door


 The mural in this entrance foyer continues right on up the stairs.

Wallpaper in Foyer


 This entry is in an historic home. The neutral wallpaper looks great with the brass mirror and sconces.

Wallpaper for Foyer


 Another entry with neutral-colored wallpaper and a beautiful curving stairway.

Thibaut Wallpaper



The entrance in the Whitlock Inn in Marietta is decorated with a blue damask paper. Colored wallpaper limits your decorating a bit more…

Damask Blue Wallpaper


…but it can really make a huge design impact as seen in this more modern take on damask wallpaper.

Damask Blue Wallpaper in Entry


Damask wallpaper in a neutral tone gives you almost as much decorating freedom as painted walls.

Damask Wallpaper for Entrance


In this entrance, the paper incorporates the look of a stripe with a damask. It also continues up the stairway.

Yellow striped patterned paper for entry


A bold look for an entry way…

wallpaper for Entry


This wallpaper feels so whimsical. I really feel like the wallpaper in a home’s entry sets the mood and one’s expectations for the whole house.

Beautiful Bird Wallpaper


Thibaut has a delightful line of birding wallpaper. I just love it! Couldn’t you see this bird wallpaper in the entrance of a cottage home?

Bird Wallpaper


Do you have wallpaper in your entry? Have you had it in an entrance and removed it? Would you ever consider using it in an entry/foyer?

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  1. Beverly Cook says

    I want to run out now and find a soft bird and floral neutral print wallpaper for my entry!!! Have always loved background wallpaper–gives such a cozy feel to the space–like wrapping your arms around the room. Still planning on putting some up in the bedroom as I have always had in other homes. Love how the English use wallpaper in many of their rooms. Loved today’s photos! 🙂

  2. While all of the entries are lovely, wallpaper is not my favorite. Right now I’m into a soft, light colored paint that let’s the wall decor and accessories stand out.

  3. Edith Bice says

    Not a fan of wallpaper. Think it makes a room look cluttered. I will keep my walls painted because I feel it gives me more design choices. I get bored and like to change color schemes and I also have a tendency toward cleaner lines as I get older. My vote is NAY!

  4. Thirkellgirl says

    No, no, no, no, no to wallpaper in my entry, or anywhere else except for possibly a powder room. It just looks old to me, and not in a fun historic way. It screams old-lady to me, with the possible exception of some of that bird paper. As someone who spent weeks removing wallpaper in more than one house, it would be a deal-breaker for me when buying a house.

  5. You’ve got great taste, and I can’t wait to see what you come up with. DO IT!

  6. That first entry is a knock-out! It just makes you feel happy and welcomed~

  7. I’d vote no wallpaper unless the tone on tone neutral. If we love to decorate with pictures and doo-dads it all gets too busy, especially in smaller spaces. A room can start closing in on us with pattern and texture everywhere. Just my opinion…jw

  8. Jean from Georgia says

    Hmm. Wallpaper, especially grasscloth, seems to be making a comeback, and I do love it, but I have removed so much wallpaper from various homes that I now stick to paint. Maybe a little in a powder room would be pretty, but there are such pretty paint colors now that paper is not my choice for walls.

  9. I took down all my wallpaper about ten or more years ago because it seemed out of style. Now I am putting it in my dining room since the room is large with a number of windows. The large floral print that I have chosen won’t overwhelm the room and is so pretty. I really don’t mind if it seems old-ladyish to some since I will be the one who will see it the most, and I will love it. My twenty-something daughters are encouraging me to do it also, because they say wallpaper is coming back and it’s time for a change. I agree.

  10. Peggy Thal says

    I love wallpaper. If you plan to sell your home I would not wallpaper the foyer . Mine is to big and too high to wallpaper. It is difficult enough to paint.-( scaffolding). Right now I think I would only wallpaper bathrooms and smaller areas. I love a wallpapered closet. Diningrooms always look beautiful.

  11. We had our home built in the 80’s when wallpaper was very popular. I had every room in the house papered. Over the years I have repapered some rooms and have removed paper and painted some rooms. I’m slowly taking paper down in every room and painting. I love wallpaper however, I think painted walls allow your accessories and art to be noticed and it is so much easier to change your look with paint. I think your first foyer picture is beautiful and that wallpaper is to die for. I used the sweet bird paper in your last photo in a bathroom in a previous house. Always loved that print. Vikki in VA

  12. Not a fan of the wallpaper idea. I’d prefer (in general, not specifically for you) a special new wall color and a fabulous stair runner (leopard, sisal, greek key, etc)…and maybe a new pendant light fixture.

  13. I do not have wallpaper in my entry. I don’t really HAVE an entry in this house. The front door opens right into the living room. Right now the entire house is builders grade beige. YUCK! I have all my paint and will be painting the entire house this spring! (Pray for me! LOL)

    I used to be a fan of wallpaper, but no more! I bought a house back in the 90s and it had some ugly wallpaper and I had to remove it. Not just because it was ugly, but because after years wallpaper starts to come undone at the seams, whether it be from the not-so-great installation, moisture in the house, or just AGE. It was a long, messy project that I will not ever take on again. My parents had wallpaper…twice since 1972. Both times it was installed professionally. And both times, the seams started coming up so bad that even with their newfound knowledge and expertise on repairing it, it wound up looking just BAD. So down it came. Some spots were glued so much that the wallboard came up. They had to do a layer of “repair’, almost like plaster, over the entire wall….everywhere in the house. My sister did most of it for them. (She has an old house and has become somewhat of an expert on wallpaper).

    Now I prefer to use paint techniques to achieve unique finishes on my walls. 🙂

    But I so agree that some styles of houses do look very nice with wallpaper!

  14. Christy Keyton says

    I can appreciate how lovely these entries are – and personally, I like wallpaper. But I have your same issue – no good stopping point for wallpaper in an entry. I will say, I spent DAYS removing wallpaper this summer from three rooms and it was a pain. BUT, I put it back in my powder room, on an accent wall in my daughter’s room, and in the separate toilet room of our guest bath. I think it can be a fun pop in decorating. I so want a dutch door for my front door – pinned that photo!!

  15. Marilyn in Mt. Vernon, VA says

    Thank you! I am presently pouring over examples of wallpaper for our foyer. It’s presently painted light gray, and it needs some personality! I think I might go bold…the perfect place to do so. Some of your examples are fabulous, thanks again, Susan.

  16. DON’T DO IT! Of course, I am terribly jaded. I spent countless days removing wallpaper from my former kitchen prior to putting it on the market, and then once the devil spawn paper was eradicated, I had to spend more time fixing the damage to the walls! I know it was big in the 80’s, but it has not been long enough for me to get over my dislike! I agree with Edith that it makes a room look clutered, and your entry is tres magnifique as is. I think the Dutch doors look a little too casual in such a formal space. I agree, off a kitchen would be adorable. ALSO, wanted to ask if anyone else had reported problems trying to link to your listed bottle tree stories. Every time I tried to visit it would tell me page was not available. I am eager to know your source for your bottle tree…the ones I see for sale all come up from a single pole and I love the sturdier nature of yours with the wide base as it gets very windy here in the high desert of Colorado. It is very neat, by the way! Thanks, as always, for a fun post!

    • Vicki, that’s so strange because the link opens up for me. Yesterday, my tech guy was fixing a link issue on another post. I wonder if that temporarily interrupted anything. Here’s the link again…see if it works today: https://betweennapsontheporch.net/bottle-tree-dreams-in-abundance/
      Also, you can go to the “Gardening” category at the top of BNOTP and you’ll find a bunch of links to previous “bottle tree” posts there. So if the link above doesn’t work, click on the “Gardening” category and the top of the blog and scroll down. Some of the bottle tree posts are on the second page under the gardening category.
      I feel you pain about removing wallpaper. The wallpaper in my son’s old room gave me fits and I damaged the wall pretty badly before I discovered Safe and Simple…the stuff the pros use to remove paper. It save my sanity!

  17. I have it in the entry and upstairs hallway. I’m ready to replace it but will definitely wallpaper those areas again. I think hallways, entry areas, and bathroom are perfect spots for wallpaper.
    Great inspiration.

  18. I actually like wallpaper!

    I especially like it in entry ways and powder baths.

  19. Yes, Please! I love love my wallpaper! I have had it up for twenty years and I still love it! It’s got to be a fabulous wallpaper for you to want to keep it a really long time though. I do have paper with birds and honestly it’s about the prettiest one I have seen with birds. It is in my kitchen and dining room as I don’t have a foyer. When you open the front door you are straight in the living room.

    It has a neutral background but so many colors in it that I decorate with anyway. Greens, dark blues, lavender and pinky reds are running through it. So I say yes to the wallpaper!

  20. Marlene Stephenson says

    I did have wall paper in my entry but got tired of it,so i took it down and painted.I loved the bird wall paper.

  21. I think your foyer is perfect a traditional wallpaper! Now, if you were considering a cutesy country style, I would say probably not lol. But, some of the soft and subtle patterns you shared would be stunning. I say go for it! Jane

  22. I’m not a big fan of wallpaper in general. I think it makes rooms look too busy. I want my walls to be absolutely plain (like an art gallery) but a have a great paint color. To me, that’s the best way to showcase well-framed art and photographs. Having said all this, I must say the entryway with the Dutch door and mural wall paper was GORGEOUS. Have a great day, Susan. :0)

  23. A wallpapered foyer in a traditional home makes a grand statement, done correctly that is! As for your foyer, you might consider using a paneled effect from the banister down with a painted solid complimentary color above; chosen from the wallpaper. The wall leading up the staircase would prepare the guest for the remaining palette.

    We purchased an old home that was not “level”. Knowing that we would face tremendous cost after shoring up the home we chose to paint “faux” wallpaper in our foyer. Alternating a satin and flat paint, we chose wide stripes and ended our technique at the back wall. Now that the house is level, we still love our stripes and no longer wish to wallpaper. So, it looks like we will just touchup the sheetrock that was stressed and avoid the fuss of wallpaper.

  24. Totally forgot why I started to respond anyway! I think you might find similar patterns under Traditional Papers, Acanthus and Urns.

  25. I adore wallpaper while my husband detests it. I’ve been in his ear for a long time hoping to change his mind. No success. Lol. Your house is so classic, wallpaper would be lovely. It wouldn’t look right in a Mediterranean like mine, but how I’d love to do in one of the bathrooms! The green chinoiserie you’ve shown here is absolutely gorgeous!

  26. I forgot to say, your removal of the wallpaper was such a good choice. The mirror looks outstanding against the colored wall.

  27. I love the wallpaper in that entry. Of course, I love the entry in it’s entirety. The entry in our house was painted in a two toned stripe. At first I thought I might paint over it, but then I grew to love it. For those who are afraid of wallpaper, painting stripes or using stencils is less of a commitment. I grew up in a house that had lots of wallpaper and I loved it. I think it’s sad that it has been given a bad name by so many of the television interior design shows.

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  28. pam ~ crumepty cottage says

    I am aching to do some wall papering; I miss it so much.

    Susan, when I saw that first picture (swoon) I immediately thought of the other entry (the one below your red dining room) I have thought about that entry MANY times as it has so many of the design elements that I love. But I think this new one has edged it out as my favorite. I believe I actually love the arch to our right even better than the French doors in the other entry. And French doors are my thing. Oh gosh, it’s gorgeous. Leave it to you to find something that tops the other. And yes, the wallpaper is gorgeous.

    As for wallpaper in your entry, it’s hard to tell from the pictures. I’d need a photo looking ‘toward’ the front door, but could you possibly paper just the bottom half of the wall and end it on the left side of the frame of the dining room entry? That way it wouldn’t have to go up the stairs. Of course, I’m not sure how it would work on the opposite side, where the someday library is. Maybe it could end the same way? That would mean it would wrap around a bit from the front wall. Hard to say without seeing that angle.

    Anyway, my 2 cents (for what it’s worth .. you know, inflation and all ..) is if you are seriously thinking of selling, don’t paper. Save all that energy for your cottage by Court. Your wall colors will likely be appealing to buyers but paper may not.

    Thanks for teasing us with more beautiful entries.

  29. pam ~ crumpety cottage says

    Oh, the wallpaper – would it be called Regency? I really have no idea but that popped into my head.

  30. Wallpaper–YaY!
    I like wallpapers, classic wallpapers that stand the test of time. NOT trending papers. I say go for it!

  31. Susan Jones says

    How funny. I was just looking at that same website last night. Saw an ad for it in HOUSE BEAUTIFUL magazine and immediately pulled it up on laptop. I am dying to wallpaper our small powder room but my husband is saying we are never wallpapering again. When we bought our last house, the previous owner was a builder and his wife got great wallpaper discounts, so every room in the house was wallpapered. After pulling all that down, my husband never wants to see wallpaper again. But I am actually a little excited it has come back in style. I say go for it!

  32. Wallpaper….a decorators nightmare!!! Having a hubby in the trade and coming from England, we wallpapered all walls in the 80’s and 90’s. I even stencilled walls, much to my hubby’s disgust. 🙂
    We decorated a hallway in a house, four houses ago and as I look at the photos, I wondered why we did it.
    Hubby categorically refused to wallpaper in any other house, although I would not mind it in a bathroom with panelling beneath.
    Not sure how many of you have been to England, but the patterns do not stop at the wallpaper, they are in the carpets in the curtains and sometimes in the furniture and I felt claustrophobic with all that going on around me.
    If we had wallpaper, I would be in helping to strip it whereas now I just say, honey, paint the walls please!! 🙂
    Incidentally, I do love the bird paper…..hmmm…..maybe the en-suite!! 🙂

    • pam ~ crumpety cottage says

      Megan, I have never been but I have watched a lot of English telly programming and I have seen what you mean; one pattern on the wall, another on the sofa, another for drapes, rugs, etc. Haha. The English are so funny.

      • Hey Pam, I am English!! I still find it peculiar!! 🙂

        • Megan, I was quite pleased with myself when I was watching an episode of Lovejoy yesterday, from the 4th series (The Galloping Major) and noticed that the living room couch and chair were the very same set used in one of the series of One Foot in the Grave – it was the steely blue with pinkish flowers – which, if you happen to watch OFITG you’ll remember how Victor and Margaret’s furniture mysteriously changes every season, lol. Even their wallpaper and bedroom furniture changes. I always wondered about that. Maybe when they weren’t filming they farmed those bits out to other shows … like Lovejoy. 😀
          Wish I could talk to you. I would have been English too (or Irish) if my ancestors hadn’t come over in the 1600s. 😀

  33. Mary Baldwin says

    I am a huge fan of wallpaper! Especially anything with roses! I can see using it in your foyer, and even up the stairs, perhaps keeping it under the hand rail almost as in wainscoting!

  34. Nikki Hartline says

    My parents old house had a lovely blue and white toile wallpaper in the hall. Up the stairs had a off white vinyl (there were six of us under 10 when the paper was put up). The upstairs hall had a geometric pattern in the same blue & white as the toile.

    After we all grew up and left home, my mom put up a beautiful white damask paper.

    My entry hall is short. I used a wallpaper border at chair rail height. Above it, the walls were sponged in three colors of pink. Below, a solid dark almost burgundy. All the walls in this house have been textured. Wallpaper doesn’t stick well. I tried in the kitchen since it had the least wall space.

  35. rattlebridge farm says

    I remember that pattern; it sure does look like Thibaut. It is beautiful, and wallpaper sure is making a comeback. That said, I am in the process of removing dark textured wallpaper in the ranch’s foyer (I started before my injury, and it’s waitin’ for me–so far, it hasn’t come off easily, and I may have to repair the drywall in spots. Hope not). I’m painting the walls. At the Georgian, the wallpapered foyer was dark and dated. But removing it would have damaged the drywall, so I covered it with faux beadboard. Painted it SW Creamy. It really brightened the space and made it feel larger. In this same house, a bathroom had wallpaper from 1993, and my painter “mudded” the seams and painted over it. All in all, I love wallpaper and the way it can tell a story and/or achieve the perfect mood, but it does lock in a color scheme, and removing it can be costly. That said, I have frog wallpaper in my laundry room, and it’s 8 years old–makes me smile every time I see it.

  36. Love the 2 foyers with the Dutch doors, very traditional, must be New England homes. I say no to wallpaper. Having removed it from a few homes and the mess of repairing the walls, I’ll never do it again. I like it in other people’s homes. If you have a lot of decor on the walls, it won’t show up on wallpaper, and makes it all look like a busy mess. That is the case for me, I want the art, pictures, wreaths, etc. to show up.

    Never saw your foyer before, it is lovely and has the perfect wall color, very welcoming!! Love the niche, and look at all the photos going up the stairs!! And I don’t know where you would end the wallpaper……if you plan on selling, don’t do it!! xoxo

  37. If you cannot wallpaper the whole wall, frame a large piece in a frame and hang it for impact. Then you can have the touch of pattern that you love about wall paper without committing the entire wall.

  38. Margo (Margaret) Kuhn says

    The first entryway in this post is most amazing. I like it much more than any of the others. It really fits the home. I do not have wall paper in my home at all. I find it hard to find one I love enough to put it up, where as paint is easy to change.

    I think your dinning room as you have it now is much prettier than the one you use to have.

  39. Forgot to say….Love the entry in the historic home……full paned glass door, gold and brass…….and the paper with the ears of corn and palmetto leaves, VERY early American, almost prim. A classic!!!

  40. I can appreciate the look of wallpaper. When I lived in Ohio, my foyer, dining room, kitchen and three bathrooms were all papered in companion prints and stripes. Now that I have moved to Florida, I feel that wallpaper is quite out of style here. With all the new beautiful paint colors to choose from now, papering is not my choice. I guess it also depends on the style of your home. Your home is very clasic. You have GREAT taste! Choose what speaks to you and be happy with it!

  41. bobbi duncan says

    Hi, Susan. It is all so relevant, really. A home like the one in picture #1 does not look old lady to me because it goes with the style of the home perfectly. The heavy pure white moldings, large entry, and sunny space all neutralize the wallpaper. Also, there is not much in the foyer in the way of furniture and other décor so the look is clean even with the wallpaper. Our old foyer looked almost exactly like this , but went front to back. I really don’t like to give opinions because I feel people should do what makes THEM happy–wallpaper can always be removed if it poses a problem when selling. The stopping point can be difficult, especially with a pattern sporting colors, but a tone-on-tone neutral or white background with neutral overlay allows more flexibility. I will say that, when I look at your foyer, it looks complete to me, not requiring any added embellishment. You have beautiful furniture and décor pieces that may get lost with a busy pattern. I want to wallpaper some baths for that POP factor, but that’s all as our home is now so open on the main level. I still love the way a wallpapered room can envelope one, making the area feel cozy. I see so many things that I love, that would have worked when we had larger spaces, that just won’t work in our downsized home. Door knocker looks like a fox to me.

  42. I so love wallpaper (actually at one time I was addicted to it) however all I have to do is reflect on the tedious job of removing it and that cures my desire to have it ever again. ☺ A question for you, what is to the right of your clock? Reason why I ask, IMHO I think possibly you could do it if the space is similar to that in the 8th photo down which also has wainscoting that breaks up the wall but you would ‘not’ wrap it around the wall next to the stairs (where the clock is). In other words you could treat the latter portion as part of the staircase area since it is white like the risers/wall trim on the stairs and the papered portion as an accent wall. (Hope that makes sense.) -Brenda-
    P.S: Something I learned over the many years, one doesn’t necessarily need an open concept to create a visual open space. By that I mean if you consider even the smallest space visible from another room as a portion of the said room, the illusion will be it is part of it or the same rule can be applied to do just the opposite.

  43. So glad you mentioned Safe and Simple. I remember reading your post about your wallpaper removal, but could not remember what you used. I have a powder room I am wanting to redo, but the removal of the wallpaper is holding me back. I am not up for a small job becoming a big deal.

    If you do decide yay I will be anxious to read about it.

  44. I love wallpaper and in one house had every room papered. Can you just do the wall opposite the stairs or even the wall with the niche?

  45. We had a bold modern wallpaper in the entry at our last house…I LOVED IT!!
    Sadly this new house has painted paneling the entry…

  46. How about a small painted mural? Start with one small wall. If you like how it looks take it a little further. If not repaint. Keep the pattern/picture simple.Much easier to repaint than to strip wallpaper.

  47. Susan,
    I had a toile in the front entry, up the stairs and in the upstairs hall, It was showing wear and we removed a large closet to open up the L shaped hall into a usable space. We painted with the idea of papering if the right one came along. I think an entry could be a good place for wallpaper. It can be welcoming and fill up a space that doesn’t have much room for furniture and if chosen well can buffer different room colors.

    The first wallpaper you show seems to have an Adam feel because of the urn or vase design.


  48. I say NO to wallpaper! You have a lovely house and impecable taste in your selection of furniture and decorative touches…and I’m afraid wallpaper will look too busy with everything else.

    I LOVE the way your dining room looks. To me it is striking with the painted walls as a background where before everything got lost with the patterned wallpapered walls.

    For the entry I would choose a color scheme you could carry up the stairs and hallway and continue to showcase your photo gallery, but definitely no wallpaper.

  49. That would be a big NO to wallpaper in my house ever again!

  50. I am 41 years old and LOVE wallpaper. I am so sad that people feel it is “out of style.” I don’t think it is old-ladyish at all. I think wallpaper in an entryway and in bathrooms can be gorgeous. I too would like to know what the style of paper is in the first photo. It reminds me of my Ralph Lauren bedspread that I am still in love with after all these years. (Ralph Lauren Villandry Floral https://www.pinterest.com/pin/552324341775700468/) I adore the urns and flowers look. It seems very late 18th century to me.

  51. Check out these glorious wallpapers at http://www.adelphipaperhangings.com/votive.html

  52. I love wallpaper. But I think if you use it it should be very quiet. You have a lot going on. The large floral design would seem busy to me.
    Another option could be a mural just there in the entry, stopping at the stairs.
    Those outdoors scenes are peaceful looking.

  53. I love wallpaper, especially in a dining room. Nothing else gives the same impact. I have a gorgeous red floral in my dining room now that really makes the room. Although, I will say that your dining room looks better painted. I am afraid to wallpaper now, since it gets such a bad rap. Taking it down is not as hard as it used to be. Of course realtors always tell you to take paper down before you list a home, and neutralize everything. Boring.

  54. I say no to wallpaper. Some of the entry ways with staircase reminded me of funeral homes I have been in. I wallpapered rooms back in the 80’s but today’s decorate is much less busy with a cleaner look!

  55. Anne Charles says

    Take a cue from your dining room. The dramatic color sets off the accessories so well! It is beautiful. The mural in the one home is beautiful, but it is the artwork and needs nothing else. I have had wallpaper in my home, but as so many others commented, it is a pain to remove, so no more wallpaper for me.

  56. I love wallpaper, but I hate removing wallpaper! I grew up in a home that was wallpapered in every room. It was beautiful then, but the trends didn’t change as quickly as they do now so the decorating remained pretty much the same. I know you have talked for a while about redoing your bathrooms. I would save the wallpaper for there!

  57. Elizabeth Roderick says

    That is a beautiful entry, but so is yours. I’d have to print pictures of both and study them side by side to make that decision. If wallpaper wins, I wouldn’t put it up the stairs. I love your sugar cookie so much that the paper would have to match it. I know what ever you do, it will be gorgeous!

  58. Charlotte says

    While I think those Foyers are beautiful, I am not a fan of wallpaper. I am a Real Estate Agent and I can not tell you how many people will not even look at a house once they see wallpaper. The first thing they say is “I am not going through taking down wallpaper”. It is really strange, I have shown a beautiful house with gorgeous expensive wallpaper in the dining room and it was hard to get people to look past the wallpaper. So, I say “Nay” to wallpaper.

    • Blount Designs says

      Charlotte, you’ve pointed out another very valid example of why NOT to wallpaper! Prints, colors, & murals add a very personal statement to walls/rooms/spaces, and will rarely be liked or accepted by the more discriminating eye. The buyers will view a wallpapered home as a labor intensive, time consuming, and costly project to tackle before one can even move into the home. As a home stager, the very first order of business is to “neutralize” the home so the prospective buyer can envision his/her upholstery, furnishings, and décor style within the spaces. When you’re overwhelmed with a defining color scheme or pattern in a wallpaper, it’s very rare that those wall choices will fit in perfectly with the prospective buyer’s décor.

    • Blount Designs says

      Charlotte, you’ve pointed out another very valid example of why NOT to wallpaper! Prints, colors, & murals add a very personal statement to walls/rooms/spaces, and will rarely be liked or accepted by the more discriminating eye. The buyers view a wallpapered home as a labor intensive, time consuming, and costly project to tackle before one can even move into the home. As a home stager, the very first order of business is to “neutralize” the home so the prospective buyer can envision his/her upholstery, furnishings, and décor style within the spaces. When you’re overwhelmed with a defining color scheme or pattern in a wallpaper, it’s very rare that those wall choices will fit in perfectly with the prospective buyer’s décor.

  59. Susan, your examples are beautiful. Reading all the comments, I find myself in the minority on this. I love wall paper, especially in an entry. Our entry is wallpapered. We have a split level, so the stairs go down to a lower level and up to the second floor. The wall paper soars to the upper level from the lower level, and I like the dramatic look. Interesting that many feel it makes the space too busy. We have a mirror hanging above a chest in the foyer and paintings hanging on the walls. I don’t find it too busy and distracting, but rather classical. Each to their own I suppose. ‘-)

  60. Blount Designs says

    I have to agree with the majority here…wallpapers will always leave your spaces looking “dated” and stuck in a time-warp in a very short period of time. How many of us changed up our walls, bookcase backs, rugs, upholstery, and accents to CHEVRON or SCRIPT, or “the color of the year” in the last few years and are already saying….”ughhh”…and “ohhhh whyyy”? Wallpaper is a huge commitment and investment that is verrrryyy difficult to choose in a pattern with longevity or aesthetic appeal for the long haul. Soooo many horror stories about trying to take down wall paper, or repair wallpaper, or trying to switch up your décor for new seasons or new looks when you’re saddled with wallpaper.

  61. My vote is no wallpaper, but if you must than do something with a soft pattern – these are wonderful but entirely too busy and you’d tired of it quickly I would think. And then what? You’d have a huge mess or costly redo on your hands. Perhaps a darker shade up the stairs on the lower portion would be the easy enough change you are looking for instead?

  62. I reluctantly vote no. You have already been talking of downsizing/moving. Even though you would do it properly so that it is easily removed, potential buyers would only see the money and work involved to remove it; so the cost and effort would not seem worth it. Use your inspirations, knowledge, and enthusiasm (and $$$) for that future cottage. However, if you honestly plan to live there at least ten more years, then I’d say yea!

  63. My entry foyer is (and always has been) wallpapered. Of course over the years the paper has been updated, but I never considered doing anything else.
    Right now it is a tone on tone stripe. It goes all the way upstairs. The wallpaper is more effective than paint in hiding cracks on 87 year old plaster walls.

    I do think you have lovely taste so I am sure whatever you choose will look

  64. Connie K. says

    The wallpaper design in the first picture appears neo-classical to me. The urns and trailing greenery remind me of the designs on Adams fireplaces. Your entry seems complete to me, but cannot quite get the layout from the included photos. Yet some of the pictures are so gorgeous, I would say to explore further. Would you do it yourself or hire a pro?

  65. Connie K. says

    The wallpaper design in the first picture appears neo-classical to me. The urns and trailing greenery remind me of the designs on Adams fireplaces. Your entry seems complete to me, but cannot quite get the layout from the included photos. Yet some of the pictures are so gorgeous, I would say to explore further.

  66. 15 years ago I sold our home that had wallpaper in the entry, bathroom, and kitchen. Two areas were dark navy floral wallpaper. Beautiful, but I wouldn’t do it again! Maybe in a powder room. I would not do it for an entry with stairs due to the fact that there would be no stopping place, as you mentioned.

  67. I love wallpaper and it is coming back into many interiors, however, I am not sure at this time if I want to invest in wallpaper as I am not sure how many more years we will be in this house…and perspective buyers tend to shy away from wallpaper…love the foyer inspiration and we have stayed at the Whitlock Inn before…loved it…

  68. Personally, I love wallpaper! Years ago, we remodeled a Victorian and put a scarlet damask in the entryway. We carried it up the stairs and landing. It was spectacular! I love the photo of the mural. If I ever have another home, would love to have a hunt theme mural in the dining area! Thanks for this post, really beautiful.

  69. sharon pace says

    I SO want my foyer wallpapered but it is 24 ft. Tall & just not practical! Maybe NEXT house!!

  70. Philippa says

    I would say nay myself, I don’t like wallpaper, it’s too distracting & how do you put paintings on it?

  71. Please, no!!

  72. I have wallpaper in my dining room. It is a Damask pattern in a beautiful green and I love it, I don’t feel it is busy at all. It adds pattern and depth to the room. I had paper in the foyer, but took it down when we painted the living room and papered the dining room. I have thought about papering again, but most everyone comes in the garage door, so I should really paper out there! =)

    If you want to wall paper you should. Frankly, I think so many people have gotten caught up on taking paper down because HGTV has told them to.

    It isn’t fun taking it down, but if you have a steamer and the right remover solvent, you can do it!

    If you like it, I love it is my motto.

  73. Lemons to Lemonade says

    I like wallpaper; but having had to take some down, does not make me love it. I have one large blank wall in my dining area with wallpaper. It has a small scale print with a stripe effect. All other walls either have a window (with blinds and pretty floral valance) or dark built-in cabinetry. This would have been too much blank space for me, so wallpaper helped balance the room. I found 4 matching prints and had them matted in a darker blue found in the fabric, wallpaper, and prints. The frames are the same wood tone of the furniture. The matting helps them “pop” on the wall. I also have a classic style chiming pendulum clock hung centered on this wall, with the framed prints on its sides. It’s been there for a long time and I still love it. I’m feeling it’s time for an update though, and I’m willing to strip one wall and put up another wallpaper.
    But as far as the rest of the house, I have found *painting techniques* can add subtle interest and avoid unnecessary cost, time, and work. My entry is a light taupe and then we rag-rolled over it with a diluted white (same color as the trim). Very pretty, subtle, looks formal and casual at the same time. Everyone asks how we did it and has to touch it. It worked out so nice, I did a bedroom with the same technique.
    Wallpaper in a bathroom with tub or shower is a huge “No” for me because of the moisture problem. It was very pretty but I was constantly touching up the adhesive. We solved the problem with *painting techniques* again. I marked off stripes and painted with two tones of my favorite taupe, then rag-rolled again over it with the diluted white. Everyone loves it. And just a little light sanding and repainting when I tire of the look.
    If wanting to wallpaper the entry but it leads to other walls of the hall or staircase which you don’t want to do, I would use some pretty woodwork detail to create a stopping point. I also like the idea of “framing” panels of wallpaper.
    Susan, I love your entry as is! It’s pretty, welcoming, and already has enough detail. If you really want a change, I’d go for a stripe effect with a flat paint and gloss paint in the same color.

  74. Dotti O. says

    I love wallpaper in a foyer. It really makes the entrance into the home something special. I have had natural colored grasscloth in my foyer since we built the house, and I still like it. I have a large mirror there with plates hanging around it, and the paper does not clash with that or the living and dining rooms, which open onto either side of the foyer. But I do know what other readers said about wallpaper in general…………I tried removed the wallpaper in my kitchen and then had to call in an expert to fix the walls and since he was there, paint them too. I much prefer the kitchen with paint! I understand that now there is paper that is kind of like post-its……….it can be taken down and repositioned without any paste. It would be great if it really works and comes in some good brands, like Thibaut.

  75. Personally, wall paper almost never tempts or draws me in-however; I suspect there are many spaces papered that I would be be very ‘taken’ with as I walked into it.

    I really love the new look when you removed the wallpaper and the beautiful venetian mirror is so beautiful.

  76. I’ve always adored wallpaper but after having to remove a lot of it I swore it off! That first picture is wonderful and I could totally see it in your entry area. I guess it’s one of those “do I want to do this to myself or not” moments!! LOL…

  77. I love wallpaper . . I think it really can make a room – and particularly in the foyer because it sets the tone for the whole house. I only wish I could hang it myself – my husband is great at it – but he never seems to get around to actually putting it up:)

  78. Wendy Johnson says

    The only two that I personally found attractive for everyday living were the next to the last ones that were so neutral as to not be there..While I could admire some of them I could never see them as being practical in a house that wasn’t a designer or historic showplace.

  79. I like wall paper, I have red and white toile in the front hall and up the stairs. Over the years I have collected pie crust mirrors and have them hanging over the paper in the stairway. Maybe it does look cluttered to others but I don’t intend to sell this house anytime soon and have decorated it with what I like, not what someone else might like when I sell it years from now (and it may all be changed by then!). Decorate with what you like, not what someone else may like should you sell the house!

    • I totally agree Barbara! And I love toile also – your mirrors sound lovely w/the wallpaper. The day I decorate for someone else or for a future sale – well that isn’t going to ever happen . . . . I always go with my instinct in feathering my nest and people always say how much they love my house!

  80. I honestly don’t like that top picture….I think that the wallpaper is too busy and with that stark white, it hurts my eyes. The wallpaper that I loved was the one with the dog standing on the left. I would love that wallpaper in my living room. But, then I’d have to get all new furniture and drapes! Which would be fun to shop for, but not exactly what my hubby has in mind to be spending money on right now.

  81. I love wallpaper…in someone else’s home.
    I prefer neutrals so I can make a decorating change whenever I desire.

    Best wishes with your decision which I am sure will be awesome like the rest of your home.

  82. I like the foyer. I like wallpaper although I only have one blue toile bedroom that is wallpapered. My only concern about the foyer is the practicality of later having to remove wallpaper from a two story wall. We had the world’s ugliest wallpaper in our staircase when we moved here and I had a heck of a time finding someone who would strip it in that stairwell.

    All that being said, please just please yourself. I love your taste and love what you do. But I am begging – please do not go with leopard or sisal or any of the trendy updating suggestions that would ruin the overall ambience of your lovely home! Traditional is timeless for a reason.

  83. Beth Reynolds says

    I could spend days and days looking at wallpaper books! But my problem is getting tired of wallpaper too quickly. Then after I wallpapered my bathroom three different times, I had to replace the drywall, uggggg! Not a fun or easy project. Better stick with paint.

  84. Patricia says

    Some really cute ideas and would love to “pin” but none of the Wallpaper In The Entry Foyer: Yay or Nay? Pinterest links work.

    • Patricia, Do you mean the round pin-it button that appears on each picture in the top right corner when you scroll over it? What happens when you try to pin it?

  85. I love wallpaper, too. But with 12 foot ceilings, I have stayed with paint because I’m a do it myself person. However, I really like pretty laundry rooms. I have a gorgeous wallpaper and a French style wooden chandelier painted blue in my laundry room. I don’t mind doing laundry but doing it in a pretty room really takes the “chore” feel out of the most necessary task I face several times a week . I did hire a professional to do the job and it was worth every dollar it cost. The room is entered thru the sleeping porch, so I chose a teal blue from the paper to paint the sleeping porch. Love it. The most often heard comment is “I can’t believe this is your laundry room.” The paper would work in a formal entry. But I put it in my laundry room. Love it.

  86. All are looking wonderful and stylish wallpaper and they are also enhance the beauty of doors.

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