Bottle Tree Dreams in Abundance

When I last shared a few pics of my bottle tree, it was looking pretty puny.   (If you’re wondering what in tarnation a bottle tree is, check out this previous post: Bottle Tree: The Poor Man’s Stained Glass   I’ve been waiting for Hobby Lobby to have another “glass” sale.  In the meantime, I’ve collected 3-4 more, via consumption.  Plus, my BFF, Jan, dropped a couple by recently, too.  I think she took pity on me after I posted about her amazing bottle tree.

Guess what!   Hobby Lobby has all their glassware on sale right now…50% off.  If ya got a bottle tree, now’s the time to head to HL.  I think the sale ends tomorrow.  If you miss it, it will be back in a few weeks…they run their glassware on sale pretty often.

So here’s how the bottle tree is looking now!  Much improved!

See the yellow square/rectangle bottle there on the right…that’s from Hobby Lobby.  At 50% off, I believe it was around $4.

Here’s a close up of it.  The tall pink one is a bottle in the shape of kitty cat…a gift from Jan.

The tall ones, like this purple one, are some of my faves.  Again, this one came from Hobby Lobby and was just $4 on sale.

I bought the tall yellow one during a previous HL sale. It also comes in lots of colors.  So far, I have it in yellow, purple and hot pink.

The square bottle comes in lots of colors, too…including hot pink.

They even have this pretty blue color.  Imagine a whole tree done in those and maybe one other color.  The possibilities are endless.

I just bought the small blue one today.  The small ones are great for filling in between the larger bottles.

The triangular shaped opaque ones are really inexpensive…only $2.50 on sale.  I bought two of those, today.  They are really pretty when the light passes through them.  I held them up in the store…just to check.

I’ll have to catch some pics when the sunlight is shining through this tree.  My yard is kind of shady so there aren’t too many opportunities for that.  Hey!  I just had a thought!  Winter is coming and the leaves will soon fall from the trees.  That may be the best season for the bottle tree.  Something to look forward to…

The kitty cat bottle again…

The red bottle is a “Luna di Luna” Merlot wine bottle.  After searching and searching for red bottles, I’m now thinking of removing all the red ones.  I’m finding the colors I like on my bottle tree are the colors I also like in a garden: purple, lavender, pink, yellow, green, blue.  I’m not a big orange or red fan when it comes to the garden…although, I do like red geraniums on the porch.  Ummm…

Whimsy…I crave it like air.

Send me pics of your bottle tree (betweennapsontheporchatgmaildotcom) and I’ll post them here at BNOTP sometime.

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  1. I have never, ever in my life seen a bottle tree here in NY! I think they are hysterical.
    Love the colors, I don't want one, but do they sell the holder things?

  2. The Real Me! says

    I love this! I really really really really love this. My husband would probably think it's a target of some sort and whip out the .357 LOL!

    The bright pink bottles really make it pop!

    Have a fabulous night.

  3. Love this!! I might have to do this myself!

    I think I'm with you on the red, but just the opaque red. I like how the see-through red bottles look.

    Thanks for sharing,

  4. Bottle trees are one of those things that I just never "got", sort of like rag rugs or collecting spoons. I mean, what's the point? Lots of people like to have them, but they move me not at all. After seeing your tree filling up, however, I'm a little closer to geting the "why". Some of the colors are beautiful together, almost jewel-like.

    All that said (and thereby admitting I'm no expert on Bottle Trees), I would like to make an observation. Perhaps the problem that you have with the red bottles is not so much the color as it is the translucency (or lack thereof)!

    It is the light shining thru the glass that brings out those jewel tones. No light can shine through the "solid" colored ones (like the red)so that changes the whole feel of the bottle and it doesn't fit in with the rest. It feels like all the bottles should either be one or the other. Mixing them, just doesn't have the same impact.

    From a lady who knows nothing about it!! LOL!

  5. I love your bottle tree! You've certainly picked some beautiful colors to put on it. I especially like the amber color rectangle bottle! Your tree looks great!

  6. Cottage and Broome says

    Love the addition of the new colors to the bottle tree! So pretty and colorful. I have a simply version of a bottle tree, I use green garden stake and stick my bottles on them. The stakes are a hard plastic so the bottles will sway in the wind. Mom from Cottage and Broome.

  7. Karin Şen Cankan says

    Ohhh my you really did water the bottle tree.

    The bottle tree looks absoulately beautiful.

    Amazing how the colars and the shapes shows itself.

    Loved the pink kitty cat.

    Thank you for sharing

    Karin Şen Cankan

  8. KnitOne, PearlOnion says

    Love it!

  9. I'm never sending you a picture of mine now! This looks incredible! I found a shop on the way to Beaufort, SC that had the trees like yours and meant to stop on our way back home but forgot. I love all the colors you've used! your inspiring me to fix mine up a little! Then I'll send you a photo!
    Scissors & Spatulas

  10. Interesting. I have never heard of a bottle tree before.

  11. Susan, I know we all are given the same 24 hours in a day but where do you get your energy? I like the additions to your tree and it struck me that it would make a wonderful outdoor Christmas tree with string lights entwined all through the "boughs." You must have super fertilizer in your water. They are opening a Hobby Lobby here in my tiny little town next weekend–I am excited at the prospects!!!! Here's to more additions to your tree.

  12. Glenda/MidSouth says

    Wow – Your collection is growing fast! I pitched a pretty colored wine bottle recently. Hated to do it, but just did not have a use for it and I am trying not to "accumulate" these days.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  13. Chatty Crone says

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE your bottle tree – hey have you seen the movie The Help? They had a bottle tree in it!

  14. Your bottle tree is coming together nicely – bit that is one ambitious project (oh wait…you are not consuming ALL of the bottles contents). I've been wanting to find a place for one of the smaller versions…but your lovely addition is making me rethink that idea. Fantastic.

  15. Sewconsult says

    It's delightfully whimsical! I am not a red or orange fan in the garden either. I could see your neighbor's house in the background. I bet they will enjoy those colors in the Fall after the leaves have fallen.
    Beckie in Brentwood, TN

  16. If I had this stand I would take it as a personal challenge to fill it up and believe me when I say it wouldn't take me long.

  17. I have never seen bottle tree in my life.It looks so lovely.I love this.Thanks for sharing.
    dinner sets

  18. Sandy, the Old Crow says

    If you look really fast you can see a real bottle tree in the movie "The Help"

  19. You know, I never buy anything at HL at full price. It all goes on sale sooner or later (and often). I love that tree. I can't believe how many spots there are to fill on it!

  20. Oh, Susan, it looks so pretty. Have you read "On Folly Beach," by Karen White? It's about a young widow who moves to her mother's childhood beach town on the Southern coast, and a bottle tree plays an important part in the story. I loved it — bet you would, too!

    Here's the Amazon link if you're interested:

    Hope all is well with everyone in Irene's path; here on Cape Cod, we are hoping the winds won't be too terrible!
    With (I hope) a tensey, tiny little wave from the Cape,
    Judith Ann

    • Judith Ann,
      Dorothea Benton Frank is another great writer who writes about all the Islands in the Low Country. I’ve read all of hers . Once you start reading them, it is hard to put them down till you are finished. Goodle her name and you’ll find all of her books. I haven’t read any by Karen White but I’m going to look for it in our public library after the holidays.

  21. Your bottle tree looks great… there is a home in my neighborhood that we call "The Bowling Ball house"… she also has bottle trees everywhere.. you have to go looking for them behind bushes etc.. The name Bowling Ball comes from her garden beds lined with Bowling Ballspainted in assorted colors, and the bottom of blue bottles….. it's a fun house… I have photos and need to get the post up!

  22. It's looking great! One of my local greenhouses I go to has a pair of them out front..but all their bottles are green and identical..not nearly as fun as yours!

  23. Mid-Atlantic Martha says

    Looks like a fun project. We have a bottle tree house in our neighborhood. Not nearly as large as yours. Now when I go to see "The Help", I'm going to be looking for the bottle tree!

  24. ❁Velma❁ says

    Just a thought…how about stringing some lights thru your tree? I think it would be pretty seeing the different colors at night…kinda like a Christmas tree. Like I said…just a thought 🙂

  25. Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) says

    Velma…I was thinking about doing that around Christmastime…there's an outlet right behind the tree. Would be pretty from the road that runs back behind the house.

  26. Hi there! Your bottle tree is looking downright dreamy. I thought about you last weekend as I sat in a movie theatre viewing 'The Help' … there was a brief image of a bottle tree in one of the yards in the 'colored district' all of the maids lived in. When you see the movie, look for it. Have a great weekend, Susan. It's beautiful here in Bend.

  27. Michele/Ohio says

    Susan, I love your bottle tree and love the red in there too – so colorful!

    I cannot imagine having a winter where one could keep glass outdoors, wow. Out temps get to well below zero F with a wind chill factor to break ANY glass left outside.

    I love the idea of having a permanent "garden" of color for the winter!

    What a whimsical fun thing, your tree.

    I like everything you do in your home and love your blog and check it daily.


  28. Sandy–YOU have a BOWLING BALL house too???? I have pictures of a bowling ball house as well and they have bottles around the yard too! I didn't think there could be TWO!!!! LOL

  29. That is like the coolest thing I have ever seen. I collect pretty bottles and never knew how to display them. So glad I stopped by. You have a beautiful selection.
    Thanks for sharing this great idea.


  30. Hi Susan, I am a new blogger and I just wanted to tell that your bottle tree is so very cool. When you shared that glassware was available at Hobby Lobby I was so excited. I have not attempted to make one of these cool garden ornaments cause I thought I had to drink all that wine and I would look like a lush to all who gazed upon it. LOL Now I know I can purchase the bottles empty (some full) and tell those that admire it that I bought the empty bottles. Love it! Oh, and as a side note I was wondering if I can still participate in Monday Metamorphis if my first of the month post is are check lists to be organized for the month but not actual before and after pics. Thanks Love your blog!

  31. FABBY'S LIVING says

    i love your bottle tree Susan, around Christmas time it would look great with lights inside each bottle, wow…but I think I said that already in your previous post about the bottles. Have a nice and safe weekend. Hugs, FABBY

  32. Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) says

    Wanda, you are sooo cute! I promise folks won't think that! Pier 1 also has pretty bottles…but I never seem to catch those on sale.
    Yes, definitely link up for Met Monday! Your post sounds great!

  33. Susan – When I first saw you posting about your bottle tree, well I was like "why?". Now I know! It is beautiful. I want one!! The Mister will really think I am "on the bottle", at least till I can get it looking as good as yours. Have an amazing Sunday!

  34. cottage art shop says

    OH, I'm in love! I have a bottle tree, too. They add so much color and whimsy…Not to mention they catch all those bad evil spirits, lol!

  35. Where can you find a bottle tree like yours? I love it and NEED one for my yard. Thanks for the fabulous idea.

  36. Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) says

    Cyndi, I found mine a few months back at Ballards Backroom in Atlanta…it's the outlet for Ballard Designs. I think they were being discontinued because they were marked down. They are all gone now, but maybe they'll get more in next spring. You many want to check their site periodically…although, the regular retail price was very high. I bought mine for $60…then they reduced them even lower to $20 before they sold out. Originally they were over $300 as I recall…I would never have paid that. If you Google "Bottle Trees" you can find folks online who make them…or you may be able to find someone locally. I don't know where to find another one just like this one, but I'm sure there must be a store somewhere that sells them. Bottle trees seem to be making a comeback in popularity, so maybe you'll be seeing a lot of them soon.

  37. You should check out the Bottletree Bungalow Bed and Breakfast down in MS. They even have a cute little bottletree on the breakfast nook table! Their website is

  38. Air Purifiers says

    What a cute idea! I've never seen one of these before! I love all the different colors and shapes 🙂

  39. Tombstone Livestock says

    I have seen a picture of one with all blue bottles, I think they just used different lenghts of rebar stuck into the ground. I have collected some blue bottles from the local winery and want to find an old tree stump, drill in some holes and ad dowels or rebar for a base.

  40. Love your bottle tree!! I bought a bottle tree this week in Fredericksburg, Texas. No bad spirts will be coming into my house. LOL Mine is a different shape than yours and will hold 24 bottles. So far, I have 8 bottles on it. The search continues!!

  41. Tombstone Livestock says

    As I look at the bottle trees, and wanting to do one right, I am thinking it is another thing to keep clean. Living in the country, right now temp is in the 100 degree range and everything is dusty, and the little cobweb spiders have been busy trying to attach the tv, chairs and anything else they can find to the walls. Thought about coating the bottles in Glass Wax (do they still make it?) and plug the opening to keep out the spiders, how does everyone else keep theirs clean, don't want to have to bring them in and wash in the sink, I don't even like to wash dishes.

  42. Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) says

    Tombstone…I think rain (if it ever rains again) will keep them clean. So far, spiders don't seem interested in building inside the bottles. I have those inside, though…annoying.

  43. Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) says

    Susan…I want to see your bottle tree! Isn't it fun gradually adding the bottles? I still have quite a few empty spots…will have to find some more pretty bottles…always keeping my eye out. 🙂 Yep, gotta keep those bad spirits away! 🙂

  44. Ann S Mindicino says

    I learned about bottle trees recently b/c my cousin opened a creative arts house in PA called Bottle Tree Creative Arts House. Fascinating. Check out her Facebook page. I recently read the book that Jude mentioned “On Folly Beach,” by Karen White. It was the first book Anna (Bottle Trees House, owner) read in the book club that is part of her program. Like Jude said it’s a really good book and if you are interested in the whole Bottle Tree beliefs it does incorporate that into a great novel. Susan, I think i saw your bottle tree on Pinterest? I also saw one made into a chandelier. So much creativity on the internet! If so your tree has come a long way since then. With Hurricane Sandy approaching for today I’m glad I don’t have a bottle tree but under normal circumstances they look cool and I’ve never seen one in NY. another great post. thanks

  45. Love the bottle trees! Where or what did you use for the tree itsel;f?

  46. JoAnn Spiegeler says

    Great looking tree!! Love it! Love the different shapes & colors. I have one but mostly blue & gold bottles! Where did you get the tree form ? Did you make it or bought it that way?

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