Blue and White Guest Room

My guest room was one of the first rooms I ever furnished/decorated after we moved in. I love blue and white so when I found this Ralph Lauren comforter set called, “Porcelain” I decided to go with a blue and white theme.

In March 2010, I added a secretary to this room.  When I was working on adding some things to this room, I knew I wanted to mix it up a bit. I fell in love with this floral Sanderson fabric and had balloon valances, pillows and a table topper made. The wall paint was custom matched to the yellow in the Sanderson fabric.

Blue and White Bedroom


Had a little “kitty” pillow made out of the Sanderson fabric. If you look closely, you can see that the floral pillows are edged in the same wavy, blue and white striped fabric that you see in the table skirt. Charles Faudree says it’s about the mix, not the match.   Love that!

Blue and White Guest Room


I looked many, many years for a dress form for this room.  Each time I’d find one, it would either be in terrible condition or priced over $300. One day while out antiquing, I found one and it was perfect…just what I’d been looking for all these years.

I couldn’t find a price tag on it anywhere. I walked to the front of the store and asked the two ladies behind the check-out counter for a price. They couldn’t find one either and told me it was “NFS” (not for sale).

So often when I’ve come across dress forms in the past, they were marked NSF and usually in use by the store keeper to display clothing. Since it didn’t actually have a sticker on it saying “NFS”, I persisted. I asked the ladies if they would call the owner of that particular booth and ask to make sure. (I really wanted that dress form.)

Reluctantly, one of the ladies called and as she was talking to the owner of the form, her eyes grew large. She couldn’t believe it…the owner was willing to sell it and for only $95. Yipee!  The other lady behind the counter began to have a regular hissy fit, saying she would have bought it for herself if she had known it was for sale. Both ladies went on and on about how they had no idea it was for sale and what a steal I was getting and how THEY wanted it. I couldn’t write my check fast enough.  I was worried the owner would call back and say she had changed her mind! This blouse was my Mom’s and is almost 60 years old, now. The pic above better shows the true color.

Dress Form


Blue and White Guest Room


While out antiquing one December, I found a wonderful old doll house. It was already decorated for Christmas and it stole my heart. But the price was a bit high so I walked away.

After Christmas, I went out of town to visit a friend in Virginia. We were out touring Mount Vernon one afternoon and I kept thinking and thinking about the doll house.  Suddenly I knew I had to have it!  Has that ever happened to you?

I panicked.  What if it had been sold while I was out of town!  I called the antique store and they said it was gone.   Oh, noooo.   I asked if they would make sure, hoping it had just been moved since Christmas was over. About an hour later, while I was standing just outside Mount Vernon, they called me back to tell me it was still available and the owner had just taken it home after Christmas.

I picked it up as soon as I got back into town. The Christmas decorations on the dollhouse were very faded and falling apart, so I bought some garland and ribbon and made wreaths with bows for each of the windows. I’ll do a post sometime soon to show some close-ups of this cute house. The details amaze me, down to the individual bricks of the chimney.

Yellow Dollhouse Decorated for Christmas


I keep extra towels here in a wicker basket for my guest.

Basket for Towels in Guest Room


Years before I stumbled across the doll house, I found this dresser in the same antique shop. The shop owner told me someone had bought the matching bed, but left this beautiful dresser behind.  I could not understand why someone would buy a bed and leave this dresser behind.  I would love to know how the bed looked.  I guess I should be glad they did leave it behind since I loved it the moment I saw it.

Antique Dresser


I love its graceful curves.

Antique Dresser


I’m in awe of the craftsmanship it took to make the curving drawers and doors on this piece.

Antique Dresser


This silverplate shaving stand is another antiquing find many, years ago. I sometimes fill it with potpourri. The photo almost makes it look like the mirror is cracked. It’s not, that’s just the ceiling fan reflecting in the mirror.  I’d love to find a pretty chandelier for this room one day and nix that ceiling fan.

Antique Shaving Stand


Max supervised as I took pics of the guest room this afternoon.

Blue and White Guest Room


Here’s a cozy spot to curl up with a good book.

Ceramic Garden Seat, Garden Stool


A garden seat with a quatrefoil design was added to this room in April 2012.  It’s handy for holding books and a nice cup of hot tea.

Ceramic Garden Seat for the Guest Room


I added the secretary to this room in March 2010. Isn’t it fun to find pieces and to gradually make little changes to our homes. I love doing it slowly, taking my time. I want the rooms in my home to feel as if they have evolved. Good thing since my pocketbook likes doing it that way, too.

White Secretary in Blue and White Guest Room


Hope this room lived up the little “tease” from yesterday.  Thanks for coming along for the tour!

Blue and White Bedroom
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  1. I’ve been amazed at how that room has slowly changed over the years and always for the better.

    I think you’ve added the dollhouse since I saw it last. I love the bed too. You can go ahead and add it to my section of the will. πŸ˜‰

  2. Diane@A Picture is Worth.... says

    Hi Susan,
    I would love to be a guest at your house! The room looks great…and I love all your accessories.

  3. That dresser is a true gem….the dollhouse too. You’re a lucky girl! Way to shop!

  4. I knew in my heart I had seen this beautiful room before…I remember commenting on it on RMS! Such a detail gal you are…I am much too mellow to care about EVERY single little thing…after all, I just prefer to wallow in the ambience of all that you accomplish in your home!! Like I said…which week is open?? I am clearing my calendar. πŸ˜‰

  5. Hello Susan…

    What fun…I loved your reveal! You’re good girl, I have seen this beautiful guest room many times on RMS and yet it never dawned on my that this was your “tease”…hehe!

    I love everything about this beautiful guest room…love your pretty yellow walls…all the mixes of fabrics and patterns!!! Your bedding is just scrumptious! Such a soft…romantic room! I fell in love with your antique dresser as soon as I seen it…ohhh my…what an exqusite piece! Thank you for sharing this lovely room!

    Warmest wishes…Chari (Happytodesign)
    PS…hmmm, I honestly can’t say which I like better…tree or no tree! I think it looks fabulous either way!)

  6. Very, very cute room, love it all. mishelle

  7. Pat @ Back Porch Musings says

    Absolutely perfect guest room. A wonderful retreat.

    I love the stories behind the furnishings. Thank you…fabulous post.

  8. I think Rose and I should get a prize for guessing correctly. Joy you have seen the room so many times, I would have been surprised if you didn’t get it right.
    Since Joy claimed the bed, I’ll put dibs on the dresser. It is a magnificent piece.
    I think I prefer the “no tree” look. The curves of the headboard are more clearly visible without the tree obstructing the view.

  9. Your attention to detail is simply amazing…you make it seem effortless, but we know it isn’t. πŸ™‚ Congrats on such a wonderful room!!! Lori

  10. Now there is a guest room that I wouldn’t mind being a guest in.
    You nailed it. It is fabulous

  11. I suspected it was “my bedroom”. Okay… so I have lampshades on the brain. I’m so happy that the piece that I was smitten with turned out to be your mother’s blouse. The detail is beautiful.
    I vote for no tree behind the bed. Such a pretty room!

  12. I would like to book the room the first week of Dec. Please e-mail my conformation, thank you. vickydarnell

  13. Suzann @ Lavender and Roses says

    I love this room. I really really do. It’s just so beautiful. I love that you can tell a story about all the pieces and the bedding and the little accessories. So much better than walking into a store and buying up “the set”. You’ve done an absolutely amazing job on this room and anyone who gets to stay in it, must feel like they are living a dream.
    Definitely given ME some food for thought as I’m working on my own master bedroom. Wanna help me?

  14. Hi Susan
    I would feel right at home in your guestroom with all the blue and white. It’s beautiful! I have the same bed skirt but I got it at a garage sale for $5, which was a deal.
    I agree with Charles Faudre!

  15. Nothing is more cheerful that the blue and yellow combination in this room. So warm and friendly…just puts a smile on my face!
    For guessing right, I would like what’s behind the curtain on Door Number 3 !!! “Carol Merrill, show her what she has just won….”

  16. Love the room! I can tell you spent numerous hours planning and contemplating everything you did and it is just gorgeous! It has so much personality and how great not to be done by a hired decorator! It’s yours and yours alone! Congratulations!!

  17. Part of my guess was correct! I love the room. So lovely. Any guest would feel pampered in there. Beautiful!


  19. Glenda, the sad thing is it took me longer than it should have to figure out which room it was.

    This is fun. It’s amazing all the little details I’ve never noticed.

    BTW, I’m undecided on the tree, no tree debate.

  20. Susan – How beautiful – I love it all!! The little bunny and the sunny yellow and blue is beautiful. I notice stuff like that too.
    Thanks for sharing your lovely home with us.

  21. imjacobsmom says

    Well, I just want to say I prefer the room sans tree. I think it has a less cluttered look. The yellow/blue & white is fresh and cheerful! I adore that cute little house! ~ Robyn

  22. WOW, what a blog you have, I’ll be back when I have some more time. Beautiful……

  23. salmagundi says

    I could tell from the tease, we were going to see a doll house. Now I can hardly wait to get another look at it up close. Your guest room is enchanting!! Sally

  24. Joy, the only way I narrowed it down was the dollhouse. I’ve spent hours poring over the pictures on RMS, and knew if she hadn’t moved it, it was in the guest bedroom.

  25. I used to be big in doll houses, but I just stopped playing with them. I have 2 left, one in the attic, I was going to make it into a santa’s workshop and the farmhouse , in the garage, collecting dust. Maybe I can get into the mood to work on them again. I went to a huge doll show in Orlando, bought way too much stuff and it wouldn’t work in this doll house, so I gave up

  26. Good Morning Susan~ I guessed right! But loved the tease! Your use of mixed fabics is great and your attention to detail is wonderful. I have to vote for no tree. It shows off the bed more. The room is so warm and inviting.

  27. Kristens Creations says

    Gorgeous! Love the fabrics and colors. I knew it would be beautiful! Kristen

  28. Ah, Susan…you never disappoint. I have always wanted a doll house like that…am I too old? LOL
    πŸ˜‰ Bo

  29. I get dibs on this room too! when it is too cold to live on the porch I will move in here! BUT only if I can also have the cuddle time with that kitty!

  30. nikkicrumpet says

    It couldn’t be more beautiful!

  31. I love it! The colors are so nice together and the prints just make it perfect! My fav thing though might be Max… oh, is it not his room? Okay then, how about the doll house.

  32. Susan, I SOOO remember this beautiful room from Rms. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get on my computer yesterday so missed the TEASE…but am so happy to see your guest room again. That dressing table is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!! I would have paid WHATEVER for it!!! And your accessories are perfect! I am a “details” kind of person too, so notice things like that also. Thanks again for sharing this wonderful, happy, inviting room! Lucky guests!!! Pinky

  33. Seeing your lovely room was a real “pick-me-up” today. I have the same Lauren linens and yellow walls in our master bedroom. So crisp and cheery. But I specially love your blue/white check accents. I’m definitely going to copy that. Thanks for the inspiration!

  34. Susan (Moonlight and Magnolias on RMS) says

    Bo…you are never, ever too old for playing house! I refuse to grow up…where’s the fun in that?! Susan

  35. Happy to be says

    WOW!! This was beautiful on RMS and even more beautifu here Susan..lets see I need that shaving stand, and I’ll take the tree if you don’t use it and Thand bed is just so pretty and to have your Mama’s b;ouse how cool is that??? I would love to have the doll house make it bigger and I’ll move in…another great room Susan your home is just so you beautiful dear friend..Thanks for sharing Hugs and smiles Gloria

  36. Yes! The reveal was definitely worth the wait!! I just love how you make your spaces so elegant and cheery/happy at the same time! The dresser just makes my heart ache!!!! Soooo beautiful!
    Now I’ve got to go back and look at all the pics again and pretend it’s my bedroom! πŸ™‚

  37. Susan,

    Your guest room is just beautiful and even more so cozy. How do you ever get anyone to leave?


  38. Just found my way to your blog. I love your guest room and each of the special details you have included. It is so inviting. The reveal post was so clever!

  39. Susan, I love this room! So, do you have your reservation book open???

    Your dollhouse is so precious. I gave away my much larger farmhouse style dollhouse last year. Mine was also yellow. It was so big that it took up almost a quarter of our future guestroom. It was either the dollhouse or a bed for guests to sleep on… It now lives with our 4 year old great niece.

    Can you check out my paint dilema on my blog? :0} Diane

  40. Gorgeous guest room your guests will surely enjoy and feel welcomed in. Thanks for sharing, Susan! You are one of my favorite decorators….Christine

  41. santamaker says

    Susan, where is the that big rooster, that’s half off ?!?!?!? Huh, you forgot to mention that to me, good thing I’m on your tracks!LOL
    I forgot to say, I vote without the tree in the back. How about a sofa table back there with one or two large blue and white vases, maybe some creamware. See, I’m giving you a reason for going to the Flea!!

  42. Hooked on Houses says

    Hi, Susan! Your blog is beautiful. I am sort of obsessed with porches (and naps!), so I love the name of your blog and the gorgeous photo in the header.

    Thanks for joining the Hooked on House Tours blog party. I’m always happy to meet other people who enjoy historic house tours as much as I do and can’t wait to see what you have to show us next week! -Julia πŸ™‚

  43. Susan, I have always loved this room, and I REALLY want to come stay in it and go to the Classy Flea with you. Couldn’t ask for a better trip than that-The Classy Flea and this beautiful room. laurie (bargainhunr)

  44. I just had to come back by to say how honored I am to have you visit my blog…as I think you have one of the best! And to have you as one of my “peeps” is even better! I also enjoyed your RMS spot! I want to do my fall Tablescape, but I’ll be busy for the next several days, so I may have to wait a week or two to get my photos together! Again, thanks for visiting!

  45. Hi Susan. I’m a day late commenting on your beautiful guest room! It’s lovely!! I am having a hard time picking out my favorite item. I think I like your tree at the headboard of your bed and that dresser! Oh, it’s beautiful! Love your fabrics, the body form and your Mother’s blouse – priceless. The truck – I have one just like it but I believe yours looks a little better than mine! Oh, and little Max!! He’s precious.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia πŸ˜‰

  46. Susan this is a beautiful guest room. Every piece of furniture was lovingly chosen and it shows! A guest would feel right at home here. I think you should sleep in here once in awhile to enjoy it too. I like the bed without the tree. The detail of that lovely headboard and your valance get hidden to much by the tree. Now the hard part will be getting your guest to leave.

  47. Creating Myself says

    To be honest, I think the bed needs something behind it but the tree isn’t the right thing for it (don’t ask me what is! LOL). Everything else in your room is absolutely perfect!


  48. I love the idea of a table behind the bed with blue and white porcelains on it…. If you do anything please show us!!!! Pinky

  49. Hi Susan, I absolutely adore this room! Your attention to detail never ceases to amaze me. I love the colors, the bed, the window treatments, etc! Yes, I would like to book my reservation asap! Thanks for sharing! πŸ™‚ Pam (pc25)

  50. Life on Bonnie Lane says

    Wow, I must have slacked off on blog posts because how did I miss this terrific post earlier this week? I remember this bedroom from RMS! It is just incredible! I love everything about it. You have incredible bedding and all your special touches in the room are just wonderful. I am in love with that dollhouse! Even at $125, you got a great bargain.

    I had to laugh because I have the very same yellow, white and blue towels in my bathroom!


  51. Can’t wait to see the inside of the doll house.

  52. southerninspiration says

    Oh, it’s sooo pretty…and I’ve been looking for a dress form JUST like that, so look for one for ME, TOO! What a deal; so maybe I will find a deal like that one day!


  53. Your rooms are just beautiful.
    I love the arrangements you made
    for the door.

  54. Susan, I was looking through your blog and came across this post. I love this room! It is so inviting and warm. I love the doll house and all the blue and white. It is lovely!


  55. glimpse of my world says

    wow!! loved the blue bedroom.. fabulous!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  56. Jan and Tom's Place says

    Pauline is so happy to know where Penelope is now…she’s missed her sister so!! We’ll have to keep our eyes open and look around Blogland for the other 3 sisters and a brother. Pauline has told us all about her family!

    Pauline, as far as she knows, is the only one who has married. She and Albert anxious to start a family of little “forms”!!!! We’ll keep you updated.


  57. Vintage Linen Treasures says

    I just came over from Jan and Toms place, and I’m so glad I did. This is a beautiful post! Your guest room looks like it’s from a magazine. And I love your story about your dress form. It’s GORGEOUS!
    Patricia :o)

  58. Oh,my…be still my heart! I love that dresser!! The room is lovely, and your guests will be sad to leave.

  59. How did I miss seeing this before today? Gorgeous guest room! That curved dresser of spectacular; what craftsmanship, and it looks to be in such good condition. Did you have it refinished? The whole room just could not be better — although I think you’ll probably think of something!

    Love the mix of patterns.

  60. comfycook says

    I love your guestroom with all it special extras to pull it together into the coziest rooms.

    I love your whole blog. I am glad, I found you.

  61. victoria bassham says

    I love this room so much it has inspired me to turn my room into a blue and white room. I would love to get my room looking this great!

  62. Love, love, love it!

  63. This room is so lovely! Thanks for taking the time to share all the little details.

  64. The room is lovely. I kept wondering what bothered me until I realized it was the bed at an angle. It upset my sense of balance or something. For some reason, and it is probably just me, my brain goes into disconnect when I see furniture placed at an angle like that. Other than that the room is lovely.

  65. i just love the guest bedroom and the yellow floral fabric. May I ask the pattern name?

  66. Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) says

    Hi Norma,
    The yellow, floral fabric with the blue ribbon weaving through…is a Sanderson fabric. I had the curtains and pillows made so many years ago that I've forgotten the name of the fabric now…but I do remember it was made by Sanderson. Wonder if they are still around? I used to see their name/ads in the shelter/decorating magazines all the time, but haven't noticed it lately. Thanks for your visit!

  67. Laurel Leaf Cottage says

    I love love love this room!!! So warm and inviting! You are very talented, and very inspiring! All the best, Deanna

    • Margie, that does look just like it except it’s missing the writing that says Wolf Model Form Company at the top. Mine looks really old…like it’s from the 50’s or earlier. Wonder if the ones at Amazon are reproductions? I’ll have to read more about them. Amazing though that you can find them on there!

  68. Machee Whitesides says

    I love the buffalo check chair you have in your guest room, can you tell me where it is from? I am looking for something similar for my lake house.

    • Thanks! That chair was bought about 15 ago in an antique store in Atlanta. It was in the back section of the store where they stocked new furniture. Unfortunately, they went out of business about a year after I bought the chair and ottoman. I don’t remember the name of the store now, it’s been so long.

  69. omg!
    I have the exact same bed in my guest room and I’ve been at a loss how to decorate around it..
    I also have a blue checked chair that’s similar from Ikea.. it’s called Jennylund and it has a matching ottoman just like yours!
    I never thought of putting the 2 of them in the same room.
    THANK YOU!!!…you’ve saved the day!
    I LOVE your guest room.. can’t wait to do my version of it.

  70. Yes it’s wonderful how similar it is to your lovely antique chair.
    And yes i LOVE blue and white… especially in a bedroom.
    I don’t have the budget to do my room in the same lovely antiques that you have but your pictures have given me some wonderful ideas and I’m using it as a template to put something together on a “beer budget” lol
    I did notice that my bed has a slight difference to yours..
    Mine doesn’t have the white globes where I have indicated but other than that I don’t see any difference.
    I also tracked down a nice vanity dresser from 1910 with a very pretty mirror,,, so it will have to be my version of your gorgeous antique.
    I found it on craigslist and talked the dealer down a little in the price so I’m happy as a clam!! πŸ™‚
    I put a small deposit on it and the dealer is letting me pay for the rest in January/February which will be great cuz the holidays have been a drain on my finances.
    Here’s a couple pics of it
    I’m hoping to find a secretary desk that will fit into my budget…so far no luck.. but looking is fun all the same.
    Will keep you updated as the room comes together.
    Thanks again Susan for your inspiration and ideas.

    • That’s amazing how similar they are (the beds). They must have been made around the same time, maybe even by the same company. My bed isn’t an antique. I’m not sure how old it is but it’s not an antique, even though I found it an antique type store. πŸ™‚
      Love the dresser you found! I love the shape and design of the mirror! So nice when a dealer works with you. I can’t remember now if I included it in this post, but I paid for the dresser the same way. It was a good bit more than I normally spend on vintage/antique furniture but I loved it so much, I decided to go for it and the dealer let me pay for it over a few payments. I have found a lot of dealers will work with you if you just ask…and it never hurts to ask. What amazed me was when I bought the dresser, she told me it was part of a set and the bed had just sold a few weeks before. I couldn’t believe someone would buy the bed and leave that beautiful dresser behind! What were they thinking?! Wish you lived near A Classy Flea. I’ve purchased two secretaries there now and I can’t remember the exact prices without looking back at the posts where I first blogged about them, but I think they were both in the $350 range. Probably my best deal/find ever was the highboy in my Master Bedroom…got it for $400. I had been wanting one for years so I was thrilled to find that one. I have no idea why it was marked so low. The amazing thing is the pieces you buy in the vintage/antique stores are often A LOT less than new furniture and a billion times better made. If you don’t find what you need over the next few months, don’t give up. I’ve found the best time to shop the vintage stores is in late spring and early summer. The garage/estate sales get going in the spring and all the dealers/shops around here really start stocking their shops in late spring with their finds.

  71. oh my.. I hope i can find a secretary as nice as yours in that price range.. so far all the ones I’ve found were upwards of $900 which is just too much for me at this time.
    It does give me hope knowing what good deals you got on yours…I’ll keep my fingers crossed and search, search, search! πŸ™‚
    I so agree with you on the difference in quality between “new furniture” and “vintage or antique” in the same price range..
    Most of the new stuff is particle board put together with staples and glue while the old is typically solid wood with dovetail joints etc… I just love it.
    Thank you for the tip about shopping in late spring and early summer.. I wasn’t aware of that.
    Yesterday I made myself a big pot of tea and went through your “My Nest” section… so many gorgeous rooms and you’ve done a wonderful job of finding just the right piece for every spot.. do you mind me asking how long it’s taken you to find all your treasures?
    Also I notice you have shutters on a lot of your windows.. which i love but could you tell me the size of slats you have in your guest room, office etc?
    Are they a 2 inch or something smaller?.. I ask because I almost purchased one for my guestroom.. it was a 2 1/2 inch but when I brought the sample home I thought the slats looked too large for the window.
    I jotted down so many great ideas while looking at your rooms and feel inspired to tackle the rest of my home once the guest room is finished. πŸ˜€

    • Well, I took my time because I don’t like to buy pieces to “make do” since I feel like that wastes money. I didn’t have a coffee table for many, many years but didn’t really miss it, then one day I came across the one I have in A Classy Flea (again) for around $95 and loved it. So it takes me a while since I only buy what I really love. That’s one reason why my rooms don’t change much over time. The only exception to that is my dining room. I wasn’t thrilled with that furniture “set” when I purchased it but it was all we could afford and we needed a place to eat when guest were here, other than the breakfast room.
      All my shutters are the 2 1/2 inch size which is the standard size for a “plantation” shutter. They also come in a big 3 1/2 inch louver but those can look very big in windows. For traditional homes, 2 1/2 inch is best, in my opinion. I love the 2 1/2 inch size. I actually wrote a post about plantation shutters with a lot of detail info. Here’s the link in case you want to check it out:
      Thanks Catalynn…glad those posts were helpful. πŸ™‚

  72. ohhh so yours are 2 1/2 inch.. well that’s a relief because I wasn’t sure and just kept looking at the sample and having doubts about what the finished product would look like and if the slats were maybe too large.. but I love the look of your windows so that puts me at ease.
    I’ll read the info you’ve pointed to though before i place the order.
    Thanks again Susan πŸ™‚

  73. Susan would you mind telling me the dimensions of your room?
    I’m trying to figure out if my guest room is a similar size…. for furniture placement etc..
    Thanks in advance for any assistance.

    • Sure! I just measured it and it 138 inches wide by 163 inches deep. So that 11.5 feet from side to side and 13.5 feet from the door to the windows. The bed is a full size bed, not a queen. The room is pretty small so I don’t think a queen would have worked that great in here anyway. Hope that helps. πŸ™‚

  74. Thank you Susan… that was a huge help.
    I had a sneaking suspicion that your room might be larger because I started visualizing the furniture in my room and I just couldn’t make it all fit.
    My room is 11.5 feet all the rooms on the 2nd floor of my house have some type of dormer window or dormer ceiling.. so I don’t have 8 ft ceilings in some spots.
    In the guest room it’s a dormer type sloped ceiling on the wall with the window so that entire wall is about 72 inches high instead of 96.
    It gives the room a very cozy cottage look but it can pose a challenge when placing furniture..I’m hoping to find a secretary short enough to fit against that wall.. otherwise I’ll have to change the layout I have in mind.
    Since my room is smaller..I’ll also have to do without a couple things.. problem is a LOVE everything you have in your room! lol
    oh well…
    I guess I’ll have to sacrifice the trunk and maybe use a smaller table next to the bed but I think it will still look very nice. πŸ˜€

    • You may want to use one of the secretaries that kind of a half secretary…can’t remember what they are called. Here’s a cute one from Pottery Barn in this post: I see those in antique/thrift stores for really reasonable prices. You could buy one in not so great shape and paint it. You’ll have to email me some photos when you’re done with the room…would love to see it!

  75. A quick question and update:
    Well I had to put the bedroom on hold for a bit because we had a surprise.. ugh.. developed a leak in pipe under bathroom floor for the guest room.
    Our house is about 35 yrs old.. so i guess it’s to be expected.
    The bath was original and needed renovating but we had’nt planned on doing it quite yet but since the ceramic tiles had to be busted out anyways to find the leak we decided to do the renovation now and get it over with.
    So we had it taken down to the 2×4’s and gutted, also had the horrible “popcorn” ceiling removed at same time.

    So long story short… the guest room has a whole new bath.
    I’m waiting to purchase the accents, towels etc until after I do the bedroom so I put up a shower curtain I already had and added a few HOT pink accents towels etc to go with it until I am ready to decorate it with the bedroom.
    I had our carpenter build in some custom shelves above the toilet which provide a nice spot for art and knick knacks, had the electrician add some lighting to the center panel and add that to the main bathroom light switch so it can illuminate whatever artwork I settle on.
    Tomorrow the window covering lady is coming to measure and order the plantation shutter (I put up old venetian blind for now until new shutter arrives)
    Oh and I purchased a ceramic garden stool like yours because I loved it so much. (you’ll see it in one of the pictures) πŸ™‚

    So here it is with the current pink accents etc. which I will change once I get the adjoining guest bedroom done.
    Please excuse my resolution,, its an old digital cam that doesnt take the greatest pics.

    now on to my question.. you mentioned that the name of your Ralph Lauren (quilt/comforter) is called “Porcelain” but when I searched I found several by that name because it seems like it refers to the color?… so I checked on “” site and think your pattern might be “Nanking” and it looks like your pillow shams etc are “Rosette” in Blue”?
    I’m just taking my best guess based on looking carefully at the pictures you posted.

    I found some on ebay, still new and in packages so…
    I’m wondering if you would take a peek and confirm that for me before I bid.

    Again.. thanks in advance for any help Susan and hope you’re having a great day!

    • Catalynn, your bathroom is beautiful! I love the sink, the flooring and the shelf you had built in…love it all! I so need to renovate my bathrooms…you did a great job! I always thought that pattern was Porcelain but maybe it had a second name. I bought mine from Macy’s around 15-16 years I’m guessing so it’s been forever ago. πŸ™‚ I just took a close look at mine and the comforter and dust ruffle to look just like the Nanking that you found online. I guess Nanking is the name for the fish, huh? But my pillows have exotic looking birds on them like this:
      As I recall, I think it all came together in one set. I don’t remember buying the pillow shams separately so maybe back then they mixed the two patterns. That’s amazing that you can still find it after all this time. I know they made it for a few years because I kept seeing it in the stores. It must have been a good seller for them. You can NEVER go wrong with classic blue and white…it never goes out of style. Love your garden seat by the way…those never go out of style either! πŸ™‚

  76. Thank you for your kind words and compliments Susan.. really appreciate it!
    I never would have had the nerve to go with white octagon ceramic tile floor years ago but as hubby & I keep telling friends and family…now that we have an empty nest we can have “nice things” again… hehe πŸ™‚

    I’ve been doing a little research while trying to track down the bedding and it’s been very interesting… learning a lot about the beautiful blue and white porcelain vases, jugs, bowls etc.
    From what I have read they refer to the “fish” (which I also thought it looked like) as a “dragon” and yes I can see now that your pillows etc are “Tamarind” and not “Rosette in blue” as I thought.

    Thank you so much for clarifying that for me.
    I’ll go ahead and bid on the “Nanking” quilt and look around on ebay for some “Tamarind” shams etc. to bid on.
    I already have a beautiful white throw that looks similar to yours so I’ve got that covered and then it will be a matter of the Sanderson fabric or something similar if I can’t find that exact pattern. πŸ™‚

    • I’m afraid that Sanderson fabric may be impossible to find. Many years ago I looked online to see if I could find some more when I was thinking about putting THIS chair in that room. I was planning on recovering the cushion, yet again. I couldn’t find the fabric anywhere.

      I remember it had a name like blue ribbon or something like that because there’s a blue ribbon that weaves in and out through the pattern. You can see the fabric a little better in this post but it’s not near as YELLOW as it looks in that post. I don’t know what happened to the pictures in that post but the yellows were super intense. It may have been a setting on my camera. In any case, the yellow is much softer, paler yellow than it appears in the photos, but you can see the fabric a bit better.

      It’s funny because I picked that fabric out on my own and I’m shocked now that I had the nerve to go for it! I knew nothing about decorating back then (not that I do now!) and it was pretty pricey to have the curtains, table topper and pillows made. It was the first thing I’d ever had custom made by a work room and I was really taking a chance. I still love it though. A couple of times I’ve thought about taking that fabric out of the room for a change. One day I actually took the curtains down. That lasted about a week and I put them back…I really missed that extra “layering” of color and pattern in the room.

      If you can’t locate the fabric, I bet you’ll find something just has wonderful to pair with your bedding. I wonder if Sanderson is still in business? If they are, you may want to email them a picture and ask them if they make anything similar now.

  77. oh my Susan.. I loved the story of the chair and what a beautiful piece of furniture… it’s priceless.

    Sadly I think you’re correct about the Sanderson fabric.
    I had done some searching to no avail before the “bathroom” project was thrust upon us.
    I’ll keep looking for a bit and if nothing turns up I’ll look for something similar because I love the look of your room with the yellow added to the blue/white.

    At this point I’m just thrilled that the Ralph Lauren bedding is still out there and it’s just a matter of tracking it down piece by piece.
    It might take me several ebay auctions but I’m determined to put a set together….. once I put my mind to something I can be pretty stubborn. πŸ™‚

  78. Susan, I keep meaning to tell you how much your cat Max reminds me of our little girl “Mewliette”… their face coloring is different but just the way he sits around in the rooms you are working in reminds me of her… she is always interested in “projects” lol
    Here’s a pic of her with our male cat and her beau.. “Romeow”
    lol… yes i know.. so cheesy… but they really are “Romeow and Mewliette”.
    He dotes on her whenever she will allow (she’s a girl and likes to play hard to get) and the rest of the time he sits there just admiring her from across the room.
    Here’s a pic of one of Romeows favorite things.. sitting in the window with her.

  79. Renee Martin says


  80. Catalynn says

    Hi Susan,
    I’m wondering if I could ask a favour of you.
    As I’ve stated in the past I have the exact same iron bed as the one in your guest room, we’ve had it dissasembled and stored in our basement for a few years now and had another bed in that room because it was our sons room and he didn’t want an iron bed.
    Well long story short.. we’re now ready to re-assemble it and put it back in the room, my husband found a ziploc bag taped to the headboard and that contained everything to connect the headboard to the frame but he can’t locate whatever it is that we need to connect the foot board to the bed frame… ugh.
    We’ve dug through a bunch of boxes etc in our basement but we’re not even sure what we’re looking for.
    I’m wondering if you’d be so kind as to take a picture or two of your foot board and how it’s bolted to your bed frame in hopes that it gives us an idea of what we’re looking for and if we still can’t find whatever we’re missing at least we’ll know which (nuts, bolts, brackets or whatever) we need to purchase… thanks in advance if you can help me out with this problem. πŸ™‚

    • Hi Catalyn, I just emailed some photos, hope those help!

      • Catalynn says

        Thank you so much Susan the pictures are wonderful.
        The crazy thing is even though our beds are almost identical in appearance the foot board mechanism is completely different.
        You appear to have a nice flat bracket welded directly to your foot board that bolts directly onto your bed frame.

        Ours doesnt have anything like that… ours has holes punched into the leg itself on one side only of the hollow tubular metal and it appears that you either attach a bracket to that (maybe something similar to your welded on bracket) then bolt it to bed frame, or maybe you bolt it directly to the leg with some type of metal bolt anchor.
        It’s so crazy because my hubby has no memory of how we had it set up years ago or what type of bracket/bolt/washer combination we used.
        He’s going to take a couple pictures of our foot board and the bed frame bracket into the local iron bed store tomorrow and see if the people there have any ideas.
        I printed out a couple of your pics and how it’s bolted to frame and also a pic of how your foot board leans and told him to show them that as well to see if they’d have any ideas for you as well.
        I’ll let you know what they have to say or if they have any ideas for you.
        Keeping my fingers crossed that they’ll have some answers for both of us πŸ™‚

        • Hope they have some ideas for you, Catalynn. The leaning footboard is so strange to me, too…maybe they’ll have an idea for that. lol It’s not that noticeable, but I’d still rather it didn’t do that. If they aren’t sure what to tell you about your bed, I wonder if a local antique dealer would have some ideas. Let me know what you find out…hope they can help!

  81. Catalynn says

    Well so far we haven’t solved our problem… the fellow at the store said he’d never seen a bed with our foot board configuration but felt that it must be missing some type of bracket or something.
    In the end he told my husband about a specialty/antique store downtown Vancouver that sells a lot of used and antique iron beds… apparently they carry some accessories, brackets and also used parts from old or antique beds etc. so we’ll check that out to see if they have any ideas or options for us.

    As far as your foot board and the way it leans a little he said he’s seen that before and doesn’t know exactly why some beds do that… probably just the way the brackets meet… he said he’s seen some that lean drastically and yours is very slight in comparison so he wouldn’t worry about it πŸ™‚

    I’ll keep you posted on our search or if we find out anything else when we go to the store in Vancouver. πŸ™‚

    • Best of luck, Catalynn…hope that specialty shop is able to help and has the part you need. You’ll probably find it at home as soon as you find one elsewhere. That’s normally how my luck runs. And thanks for asking him about my bed.

  82. Catalynn says

    Eureka! We have a bed!!
    We were planning on going to that shop this weekend but hubby was downtown today and realized the address he was doing business was right around the corner from the bed shop so he walked over.
    The man said “no problem all you need are steel threaded inserts and some washers”
    He went in the back and brought out a pkg of 10 and washers to go with them.
    They’re a neat little item… I’m sure they’d be great for all sorts of applications and especially handy where you have limited access like our hollow steel bed legs with the punched hole on one side only.
    Here’s what they look like:
    They come in different sizes and have little “legs” that collapse as you tighten the bolt or screw which causes the 2 surfaces to pull in tight to each other.
    He brought them home and had the bed up in no time! yay!!! πŸ™‚

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