Christmas Table Setting with Lenox, Winter Greetings

Welcome to the 17th Tablescape Tuesday!

The table is set for a Christmas feast…

Colonial Williamsburg Christmas Table Setting with Apple Tree Centerpiece

Colonial Williamsburg Christmas Table Setting with Apple Tree Centerpiece

Colonial Williamsburg Christmas Table Setting with Apple Tree Centerpiece

China is Winter Greetings by Lenox. The pattern features classically rendered holly branches, mistletoe, chickadees, cardinals, berries, and ribbons. It was designed by artist Catherine McClung who is beloved by collectors for her accurate and vibrant bird portraiture.

Colonial Williamsburg Christmas Table Setting with Apple Tree Centerpiece

When I came across this Lenox pattern on an historic home tour in Madison, Georgia…I knew I had found my Christmas china. Actually, you could easily use it throughout the winter season. Can you see the three birds on this plate…a cardinal, nuthatch and chickadee? I love how the little chickadee has the end of the ribbon in his beak! Winter Greetings is available here: Lenox Winter Greetings

Colonial Williamsburg Christmas Table Setting with Apple Tree Centerpiece

Jingle bells encircle the napkins…

Colonial Williamsburg Christmas Table Setting with Apple Tree Centerpiece

Colonial Williamsburg Christmas Table Setting with Apple Tree Centerpiece

Colonial Williamsburg Christmas Table Setting with Apple Tree Centerpiece

Place card holders with a Christmasy feel…

Colonial Williamsburg Christmas Table Setting with Apple Tree Centerpiece

Colonial Williamsburg Christmas Table Setting with Apple Tree Centerpiece

This Colonial Williamsburg style centerpiece was created using apples and holly, surrounded at the base with magnolia leaves and nandina berries. I’ll show you how it’s made in a future posting.

Colonial Williamsburg Christmas Table Setting with Apple Tree Centerpiece

Crimson hock glasses…pattern is Lismore by Waterford

Colonial Williamsburg Christmas Table Setting with Apple Tree Centerpiece

Tea glass is Araglin by Waterford…

Colonial Williamsburg Christmas Table Setting with Apple Tree Centerpiece

Colonial Williamsburg Christmas Table Setting with Apple Tree Centerpiece

Colonial Williamsburg Christmas Table Setting with Apple Tree Centerpiece

Cranberry salt cellars…

Colonial Williamsburg Christmas Table Setting with Apple Tree Centerpiece

Colonial Williamsburg Christmas Table Setting with Apple Tree Centerpiece

Colonial Williamsburg Christmas Table Setting with Apple Tree Centerpiece

Colonial Williamsburg Christmas Table Setting with Apple Tree Centerpiece

Colonial Williamsburg Christmas Table Setting with Apple Tree Centerpiece

Christmas dinner by candlelight…

Colonial Williamsburg Christmas Table Setting with Apple Tree Centerpiece

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  1. a pot, a thought & a smidgen of dirt says

    What amazing dinner plates, they are an art form in themselves, just love it

  2. Oooo the greens and reds are luscious…what a delightful highlight…utilizing the pineapples and apples…to pick up those colors in your lovely dishware…!
    That is a true Christmas table!

  3. Wow. Great table setting. Love the pineapple centerpiece. Thanks for letting me join. Mishelle

  4. Those jingle bell napkin rings look perfect for this table. Your place card holders look very much like some ornaments I’ve had for over forty years. Very vintage.
    Love the way the color of the cardinal in the china is accentuated by the apples, stemware, and salt cellars.

  5. Your diningroom and tables are breathtaking. Never seen anything so beautiful. Thank you for showing

  6. Good morning Susan…just when I think you can’t possibly set a more beautiful table than those you’ve shown before…here comes this one. In your red dining room, this table looks so regal…and that centerpiece is spectacular…
    This should be in a decorating book!! πŸ˜‰ Bo

  7. Good morning Susan, This tablescape is simply awesome–so elegant and festive. I love that it complements the colors of the room. Everything is perfect and your photos belong in a magazine:-)

  8. Pat@Back Porch Musings says

    Absolutely gorgeous, Susan! Elegant dining, indeed. I love this pattern. What’s more J loves this pattern. We started collecting the Winter Greetings Everyday, before we saw this one. I’ve often thought about starting this pattern, too. At last count we have two full sets of Christmas dinnerware! We have 12 dinner plates and a few other pieces of the Everyday and 12 of the Lenox Holiday dinner plates. A few bits and pieces of other sets round out all our Christmas dishes…but every time I cee this Winter Greetings, I am tempted!

    Thank you for hosting Tablescape Tuesday!

  9. Ma'dame French says

    Thanks for including me at the last minute! Your table is truly spectacular!! Many thanks! French;)

  10. Susan, this is just incredible. On one of your plates even the ribbon’s tale has forms the letter S. Your monogrammed napkins are beautiful. And those cranberry salt cellars stole my heart. You know those ornaments would work
    “perfectly” in my home..:-) (wait until you see next weeks tablescape.)I already have some of the wonderful napkin I love the hunt picture on the wall..Well girl… I love it all..hugs ~lynne~

  11. A beautiful southern table…it’s soooooooooo Biltmore, so I LOVE IT! Please sign me up for TT for next Tuesday! Thanks! LOL!

  12. Your tablescape should grace the cover of a magazine. WOW!!!

  13. Every Tuesday, I’m blown away by your table and say “how is she going to top this?” AND YOU DO! This is my new favorite one!


  15. Kathleen Ellis says

    Oh, Susan…this is lovely! I love the red! Your dishes are so pretty, everything just sparkles! The salt cellars are beautiful…love to see those on a table. I need to find some for myself.
    Thank you for hosting this fun and inspiring Tablescape Tuesday!
    Congrats on your upcoming 100th post! I just realized my last post was my 100th…I like your idea of a giveaway….hmmm!
    Merry Christmas!

  16. simply the best….vickydarnell

  17. Happy To Be says

    Very Beautiful again Susan..loved it all..Gloria

  18. Breathe taking as usual. The table is so pretty. Love the little give away place holders.
    Happy Holidays.

  19. once in a blue moon... says

    just beautiful. my dr used to be the warm red colors too, but i switched to soothing green and white a few years ago, but i am still so drawn to the warmth of reds… love all the details, fruit is always a fav of mine, love the cardinals too. funny about your give away, i was admiring the place cards to begin with! always delightful stopping in, thanks for sharing~

  20. Susan, you have outdone yourself with this tablescape. Everything is breathtaking.

  21. You have wonderful taste! Your tablescape looks FANTASTIC!

  22. profenretraite says

    Oh Susan…It’s beautiful! And now that I have been in the room, I can really picture the whole wonderful setting! The salt cellars and stemware add the just-right touch of color. Of course, your centerpiece is gorgeouos! I love your Winter Greetings china. I have the everyday and I enjoy it so much during Christmas season. I am still enjoying our visit and I look forward to many more!…Debbie

  23. Morning, sweet Susan! Oh, nobody does it better ! That’s a song! lol Your table is the most gorgeous! The centerpiece of course, the dishes, the glassward, the napkin rings the place cards…truly gorgeous. Congratulations on your almost 100th post! I’d love to be the owner of these little ornament. Good luck to me, right? lol
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia πŸ˜‰

  24. White Iris Designs says

    Your table is so inviting & says welcome…with the use of the pineapple (the universal symbol of Welcome) I would be honored to be a guest at such a beautiful table.

  25. Cathy Miller says

    Ah, Susan…beautiful as always! I’m really, really trying to get a tablescape photographed to join in again…I’m so bad about that! But I love Tuesdays to check out everyone else’s tables! Thanks so much for doing this!!

  26. Good Morning Susan…. What a spectacular tablescape today… You are incredible when it come to designing a table setting that makes you want to melt… I can hardly wait to see how you did the pineapple candle holder… Thanks for the beautiful post… Have a great day


  27. Your tables are always beautifully set – in fact I doubt you could set a so-so table.

    One of these months I am going to do one of these…..LOL

  28. OOooo, so beautiful Susan, as always! I love the idea of using the pineapples in the tablescape … their meaning of welcome, hospitality – it’s perfect for a tablescape! So creative! Everything else is fantastic too! I wanna play along, for the first time next tuesday. Do I need an invite?

  29. Your Christmas table is so elegant. I love the design on the China and the red goblets are such a great addition. The bells for napkin rings are so much fun, too. Have a great week!

  30. Hi Susan! Again, very beautiful! Love the apples and pineapples very nice touch! I bet it smells wonderful! Deb

  31. Donna Marie says

    Gollum… oooohhhhh I love the little Robin’s on your Christmas China! I love the rich reds and greens and your centerpiece is beautiful!!!!

    Everyone’s tablescapes are lovely!!!!!

    Donna Marie

  32. What can I say new? Beautiful, as always!! The thing that caught my eye is the crystal – just gorgeous. Sally

  33. Terri and Bob says

    I love the reds, too, and the red glassware and the red walls. So beautiful!

  34. Magnificent! Thank you, for so generously sharing your home and
    Christmas ideas with us.

  35. Truly an amazing table…. just gorgeous…

    Have a lovely day….


  36. Hi Susan! Your table is gorgeous! Lots of southern charm! Very Elegant!


  37. Really Rainey says

    Susan, you outdid yourself today! Just gorgeous! Your china is …. oh my gosh I gotta have it! Its a Cardinal! I have 24 tiny cardinals on my Christmas tree!

  38. English Cottage in Georgia says

    Absolutely stunning…the pics took my breath away! What an eye for beauty and talent you have. I am off to visit the other tablescapes.

  39. Gorgeous table…as always… Thanks for inspiring me to create a blog and join in on the fun

  40. Susan, your tablescape is breathrtaking. I love your China pattern, love the cardinals in them. But of course, I really love everything and that centerpiece is one of a kind. And the pineapples make it so welcoming. Thanks again for showing us one of your gorgeous creations….Christine

  41. Just beautiful…I love the traditional greens and reds of Christmas, and your red Waterford glasses are wonderful! πŸ™‚ Your tablescapes are so inspiring.

  42. Beautiful Christmas tablescape. Love those plates!

  43. Glenda/MidSouth says

    Your table is beautiful – love the pineapple arrangements. So many talented people in blog land.

  44. Wow! Your table is amazing!!

  45. Hello & Merry Christmas Susan…

    Ooooh…I just sat in awe as I looked through each photo of your beautiful Christmas tablescape! And your red dining room is so exquisite!!!

    I love your Christmas china…love those darling little red cardinals!!! And that centerpiece is fabulous…I love that you used the pineapples & fruit…it's so different from what everyone else is doing for centerpieces!!! I love it!!! Thank you again for sharing your talent and beautiful home…I just hang on every "Tablescape Tuesday" that you do!!! I just don't know how you come up with so many fabulous ideas??? Hehe!!! Have a great day Sweetie…

    Love ya,
    PS…I was so very happy for you and Debbie to get a chance to meet…You both are such beautiful women…and your party looked fabulous!!!

  46. I love it! The jingle bells around the napkins are just fabulous! Also, the card holders are very cute!

  47. I seriously think I am tablescape “challenged.” I am going to really study your photos and try to set a creative and amazing dinner table on Christmas Day!

  48. Lady Katherine says

    Just wonderful! Your table is so lovely! I love your new cardinal china. The bells on the napkins are great! I love the ornament place cards! Such a lovely idea. The pineapple and apple brings the whole tablescape together. Its so beautiful!

  49. The Graves' House says

    how beautiful! i want to come over for christmas dinner…

  50. Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey says

    Absolutely gorgeous and more gorgeous !!

  51. Your table is beautiful and richly festive. The china is exquisite, as are the other table appointments.

  52. Kristens Creations says

    Everything is just fabulous! Kristen

  53. To answer your question … yes, I did read my poem in the OR with my surgeon, nurses, etc standing all around. The very last thing I remember is the sound of laughing as I went under. I think my poem has been framed and is in my surgeon’s office – at least he told me that’s what they were planning.

  54. Sidney (Sixy Mama) says

    Your tablescapes are breathtaking, and make me want to run out and buy each pattern of china and everydayware that you have! Darn shame I can’t afford to do that, though…..

  55. 9405018--Pat says

    Susan, Truly an amazing table…..Thanks for sharing….Pat H

  56. Oh Susan, you never fail to present something outstandingly beautiful!!! I have a friend who has that china but the Waterford glassware is SOO spectacular….oh I dream of it!!! Is it possible for me to get a tablescape posted on your space if it is on RMS, (like Linda’s)???? If so could you e-mail me at [email protected]… I would love to participate! Thanks, and have a great day, well, what’s left of it!!! Hugs, Pinky

  57. Susan, I wish you could have heard the ooohs and aaahs I was emitting as I scrolled through your blog. I just kept thinking, not only is the tablescape perfect but Good Grief! Your photography is amazing. You should print these off for gift cards or something!!!!! I think you should do a coffee table book of your own!!!!
    love ya~ C

  58. Melissa Miller says

    Oh my Susan I am drooling over here! I am a HUGE fan of anything by Lenox and your dishes are GORGEOUS!
    I would love to have a set of those as well.
    I will have to very nice to Santa. LOL!
    ~Unbelievably stunning tablescape! You made me smile with this post. ~Melissa πŸ™‚

  59. Great table. Absolutely gorgeous.

  60. Susan, Queen of Tablescapes! You’ve done it again! Absolutely gorgeous! Your crystal, your china, your place card holders, your center piece –all exquisite! Every time I visit your blog, I use the same words. I’m going to have to go find some new words for “wonderful” before I come back here! laurie

  61. Scooterblu's Whimsy~Rhonda says

    Takes my breath…absolutely beautiful! ~hugs, Rhonda πŸ™‚

  62. Susan,

    It’s simply breathtaking! You’re definitely the QUEEN of Tablescaping! β™₯


  63. Susan,

    Your table is beautiful and just has those thoughtful touches that make it very special.


  64. Susan,
    I have just found your site and love it, the music is wonderful.
    Your table setting is very pretty, I live in Ohio and our state bird is a cardnial.

  65. susan your china and crystal just glisten in your beautiful red dining room.The pictures you have taken are like being there in person.I can only imagine how lovely it is in person.Another beautiful post from our Susan, Hugs Kathysue

  66. Raggedy Girl says

    You table is incredible. I don’t know that I have ever seen one quite so beautiful. Your talent in this area is so evident. Your guests are blessed to receive an invitation to your table.
    Roberta Anne

  67. Cottage Rose says

    Hey Susan; I just love how you set your table very elegant. I need to take some lessons on how to set a table. lol I love Tuesdays I get to see all the lovely tables.

    Have a great week.


  68. Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey says

    Oh be still my heart ! Your china is to die for ! I was going to enter this weeks tablescape and it completely slipped my mind .I will catch you on another one later.

  69. Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) says

    Gretchen, thanks for the wonderful comments you always leave. Wish you had a blog I could visit to tell you thank you in person…so to speak. Hope you do read this. Susan

  70. White Iris Designs says

    Thank you for the kind words & letting me participate. It was fun!
    So nice to have come across your blog.

  71. WOW!! Can I just say WOW!!!??? This needs to be in a magazine!! Beautifully done, amazing centerpiece, lovely china ( I love birds) and your pictures are well done also!! It’s always like a breath of fresh air to visit your blog and today’s tablescape is no exception!! Thanks so much for sharing your gifts and talents with us, Susan. You truly inspire me!!

  72. Suzann @ Lavender and Roses says

    Wow! Everything is just so beautiful I don’t even know where to begin. But, the centerpiece is amazing and that china and crystal is just to die for! LOVE it all.

  73. I wanted to thank you & the other ladies for improving my table! I did a table, and then visited everyone, and just had to RE-DO my own! It turned out so much better after I "stole" some of theirs & your ideas! Thank you! As I'm learning, I'm looking forward to more of a "stagger backwards – then an ooooo/awww" LOL! Envoy-ette @ It Could Be Worse!

  74. Darlene - Our Creative Life says

    You are simply amazing with Tablescapes!! I have an award for you over at my blog! Come by and get it when you get a spare moment.

  75. Oh to be a guest at your Christmas table! It just looks so spectacular the china is a favorite of mine and the pineapples just say “welcome to my table”! Gorgeous – all of it!

  76. What a beautiful room! The table setting is breathtaking! I love it all…

    Love the little place card holders – so cute!

    Betty in Oklahoma
    [email protected]

  77. lvroftiques says

    OH Susan! THis is beyond fabulous!! I think this is the best one so far! And that’s saying something because all your tablescapes are amazing! I’m anxiously awaiting your instructions on how to make the pineapple centerpiece! Vanna

  78. david mcmahon says

    Christmas for us is in summer!

    I’m intrigued by the cardinal – is there a special significance behind that motif?

  79. Susan, your tablescape is beautiful and so festive for the Christmas season. The china is so pretty with the cardinal. A perfectly lovely way to share a beautiful Christmas dinner with people you love.

    Thanks for stopping by and your favorite table was done by my sister, Her dishes are Rosenthal and I too love the simplicity of her table decorations.


  80. Wow Susan, can I come for dinner?

    Your home is gorgeous and the place setting is for a king and queen.

    Blessings, I enjoyed thisβ™₯

  81. I am dazzled ! Wow, the perfect traditional Williamsburg Christmas dining room. Love the pineapples and candlelight!

  82. Your table is a dream! I have always loved that pattern. But, I already have a fortune invested in my Fitz & Floyd St Nick China. We girls have to have our toys don't we????? You & I have some very similar taste. I wish I had the courage to paint my walls red like you did. I have been thinking about it for over a year. It's only paint right? πŸ™‚

  83. This is so lovely. I think a beautiful table makes every occasion so much more special. Tablescape Tuesdays inspire me.

  84. Your table looks so beautiful! We have this plus the everyday and I just love them.

    Your Venetian mirror is absolutely stunning.


  85. Fabulous…..I just love your table settings….

  86. How special it must be to dine at your home! I never thought I was a fan of Waterford until I saw that tablescape, it is just the stunning touch to all the other beautiful components. I’m having my family here for Thanksgiving this year and I’m thinking I have to seriously up my game, haha!

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