Warm Weather Dining on the Porch

Welcome to the 244th Tablescape Thursday!

The iris in my garden were at their peak last Tablescape Thursday but alas, I had no time that day to create a table setting.  This week they were starting to wane but I couldn’t resist one more tablescape using them as the centerpiece.

Spring Tablescape with Purple Iris Centerpiece

Two weeks ago, when they were just beginning to open up, I created a simple table setting with the few I could find in bloom, placing each stem in its own bottle/vase.  (Tablescape can be viewed here: Whimsical Spring Table Setting with a Floral Centerpiece

Spring Table Setting Tablescape with Iris Centerpiece, Twig Chargers and Twig Flatware

This week’s table setting kind of veered off track a bit.  Right in the middle of creating it, I realized the BNOTP blog had vanished from existence thanks to a technical glitch in the domain renewal.  (See yesterday’s post for details.)  I guess I was just a little bit distracted.

Spring Tablescape with Purple Iris Centerpiece

When I started going through the pictures this evening, I noticed I placed the glasses in the wrong spot and I never got out the salad plates.  Yep, I was definitely distracted.

Spring Tablescape with Purple Iris Centerpiece

Also, I spent so much time upstairs in my office solving the domain renewal issue, some of the flowers I picked earlier in the day, up and closed on me!  Oh well, they’re still pretty.

Spring Tablescape with Purple Iris Centerpiece

So, please pretend like the glasses are in opposite positions, salad plates aren’t missing and ALL the iris are still in full bloom. Other than that, this tablescape is perfect. πŸ˜‰

Spring Tablescape with Purple Iris Centerpiece

For napkin rings, I tied a sheer white ribbon around the napkins and topped them off with little butterfly and flower shaped clips in colors of purple and white.

Spring Table Setting, Place Setting

I’ve never been that big a fan of purple, but I sure do love the color against a white table setting.

Spring Tablescape with Purple Iris Centerpiece

Remember this Easter table setting?  There’s just something about purple and white for spring.

Easter Table Setting with a Bunny and Floral Centerpiece

Wish your monitor had a scratch and sniff screen.  Iris have an intoxicating, spicy scent!

Purple Iris

The vase was a wedding gift 35 years ago.

Purple Iris Table Centerpiece

The crystal wine glasses were provided by Noritake, and the pattern is Rockford.  They worked great with the tea glasses I already had.  I love mixing patterns, even in stemware.

Spring Tablescape with Purple Iris Centerpiece

  Pssst: Just noticed this evening, Noritake has a big spring sale going on.

Spring Tablescape with Purple Iris Centerpiece

Looking forward to the tablescapes linked for this Tablescape Thursday!

Tablescape Thursday

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  1. Gorgeous Susan! Your Iris are beautiful and I would have never noticed they are slightly past their peak or that your glasses are out of place!

  2. Good morning, Susan!
    Hmm… I hope I don’t need new contacts but… I don’t notice any “distraction effects” on your table! πŸ™‚
    Aren’t the glasses placed on the right side and aren’t those iris beautiful?! And speaking of missing salad plates… Susan, don’t worry, I don’t have to have salad today! πŸ˜‰ (I wouldn’t have noticed they are missing if you hadn’t mentioned it! lol) Seriously, love your tablescape and that pop of purple and am glad that everything is OK today with your blog!
    ~Hugs to you and sweet Max~

  3. I love your white and purple. It’s so fresh and your napkins very cute. Thanks for the tablescape party. I always love it.

  4. Hi Susan,
    This is so calm and very romantic in my eyes. So pretty when everything is blooming outside although pollen is killing me.

    Have a great TS on BNOP.

    /CC girl at DΒ΄BoX

  5. Hi Susan,
    This is so calm and very romantic in my eyes. So pretty when everything is blooming outside although pollen is killing me.

    Have a great TS on BNOP.

    /CC girl at DΒ΄BoX

  6. It’s lovely Susan, using all white with the stunning lavender iris is such a great way to really highlight those fabulous blooms. Your space really compliments the tall centerpiece too! An all white tablescape is a great choice for summer, so light and fresh!

  7. Susan – I love the way that you let the beautiful purple iris flowers be the stars of the table! The white pieces really let the flowers “shine”. Those adorable purple butterflies pull it all together – love this one!! Thanks for hosting!

  8. I love the single color of the napkin ring.. beautiful…

  9. Susan, the table is beautiful. Even when distracted, you can set an amazing table. (It is nice to know that a pro like you can make mistakes too. She’s human!). Your Iris are gorgeous! laurie

  10. So Lovely…I have Iris in the house too..love the Wisteria…we had those growing all over the trees in our woods where I grew up…those you can smell a mile away I think…just Love ’em….

  11. Love the purple and white. I never would have noticed the missing salads.. and you say those glasses are in the wrong place? LOL.. This table is simply gorgeous. Thanks each week for hosting this wonderful party. xo marlis

  12. Susan,
    This irises are gorgeous….and I am so glad that you had a table set that was not absolutely perfect…seems like that is how most of us live anyway…you have shown us that it is ok to mix it up a little..especially since we all have life happening all around us all the time…enjoyed your post and your party…glad you are back..had a little moment yesterday when I couldn’t find you. πŸ™‚
    Love, Mona

  13. Susan,
    This table is stunningly beautiful in its simplicity! I’m surprised that you still have some irises because mine are all gone now. No salad needed today because I’ve been eating them every day for a few weeks now!

  14. Beautiful irises, Susan, gorgeous color! I have yellow and whit but I wish I have the lavender ones too….Christine

  15. Oh, I just love your iris. They are sooooooo beautiful. THey remind me of my childhood as my Dad grew them near the house where I grew up. They are among the most beautiful flowers, I think. Susan

  16. Those iris are just beautiful…I really love how they look with that white table setting! Thanks for hosting! Have a great week!

  17. Just beautiful!
    I am personally not a big fan of purple either, but those irises look absolutely gorgeous combined with the white table setting.

    We just moved into a “new old” house which has an enclosed back porch (the previous owner called it “sun room”), and I am sure I would want to make an inviting place out of it instead of a general storage room it is now while I am doing all the interior painting and decorating. Your posts give me a lot of wonderful ideas as to what our little sun room could become someday.

  18. Hi Susan, I think the purple and white is really lovely together. Iris are one of my favorite flowers. This is the first time I’ve stopped to say hello but I’ve been reading your blog for a few weeks, and found it so inspirational and informative, it helped motivate me to stop thinking about starting my own blog and do it! My blog is two weeks old tomorrow. So much to learn but I’m getting there. Thanks for all the tips on your DIY posts, you can’t imagine how helpful that is. And thanks for hosting the weekly TT party, too! -Dawn

  19. Rosie Moreno says

    Hi, Susan,
    Your tablescape is absolutely LOVELY!! Also, in looking back at your “wisteria tablescape” I have to repeat: your tablescaping and photography talents are screaming out to be shared in a tablescape coffee table book. Please give the thought serious consideration. I know I’m not your only follower who would run, not walk, to the nearest bookstore to purchase one!

  20. Your table always looks stunning and the Iris still look good to me. Love those little butterflies, so pretty. Hope all is going well!


  21. Please do NOT get me in trouble by mentioning a Noritake sale!!! I have been put in the dog house, and I intend to stay here quietly so that when I’m “paroled” I can go crazy, shopping with abandon!!! πŸ™‚

    I love the purple and white. Maybe it’s just me, but I saw nothing wrong with your table. It’s OK to mix it up every once in awhile so far as placement goes! And the irises are just so pretty in all their purple glory!

    Sorry about your domain troubles. When I tried to log on to your page this morning, it blocked me saying it was “unsafe.” I tried several times with the same results. Finally I was able to get through. Probably just a little aftershock from the problems you experienced last night.

    Have a terrific weekend!

    • Ha! Sorry about that Alycia! Don’t want you to extend your sentence any longer than necessary. πŸ™‚
      That is weird that you got an unsafe message, no one has reported that. I think it was just because that Blue Host screen was there instead of the blog itself. That should never happen again because as soon as 60 days is up, I’m moving the domain registration to Liquid Web where the blog is already being hosted. Then everything will be together in one place and I want have to keep up with “stuff” in two different places. I should have done that a long time ago.
      Hope your weekend is wonderful, sweet friend! It’s sunny hear and the temps are nice and warm. I’m soooo glad!

  22. Hi Susan,

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your purple irises and the table setting! Purple is my favorite color, so I am naturally drawn to it, and the purple in this table setting is really beautiful. I just planted purple irises in my yard – a friend “thinned” hers out and gave them to me – can’t wait to see them bloom next year!
    Thanks for sharing,

  23. Such a light & airy table, Susan…it is beautiful with all those elegant pieces, PLUS your gorgeous iris. It will be weeks before mine bloom. Yours remind me of the old fashioned “bearded” ones I grew up with.

    Thanks for hosting TT this week. I am finally able to join in.


  24. I’m a big fan of purple!! I guess because it is on the opposite side of yellow on the color wheel! The iris are very beautiful with the white. You know my story about all the iris in our family, so you know why they are near and dear to my heart.

    You have certainly been having your share of trials lately with health problems, then your website gone! Yikes, I would have a heart attack! Good thing you are computer savvy and know what to do (I’m not!) I hope all is well now!


  25. A simple little Google search for “bottle tree” landed me here, and oh how DELIGHTFUL! I have wandered and browsed the archives, perused the pictures, filled my head with a wealth of ideas for my little screened in porch. So happy to have found your whimsical home!!!!

  26. Oh Susan, I couldn’t agree with you more: there really IS something about light purple and white together that makes the most gorgeous team! Your table is lovely.

    Glad you solved the domain scary issue and all is set now.

    Thanks for hosting – my “table” is a pretty simple little tea for two outdoors, which is about all I seem to have time for lately.

  27. Lisa Conforto says

    Crisp and inviting! What’s for lunch? Very lovely tablescape,the purple and white make a great marriage.

  28. Susan,
    So beautiful…I covet your screened in porch. I love your flatware. Can you tell me the who, what and where of it?? Would love a few place settings for myself.
    Be well,

  29. Thank you for hosting the wonderful Tablescape Party! I’m so happy I found your blog! I love your creative ideas and the Iris table setting is perfectly elegant. Cheers!

  30. Susan, the light purple and white together are so dreamy together. I should probably hurry up and do a similar table with lilacs that are blooming. Glad you solved the domain issue and all is set now. Thank you for hosting. 244 tablescapes later!

  31. Sandi Reagan says

    Hi Susan:

    Two words, Simple Elegance! By the way, how are you feeling? I hope you have had no problems since your hospitalization…

    Take care of yourself!

  32. Peggy Thal says

    Love the simple white with the beautiful pop of color of the iris. Very fresh and elegant looking. Enjoyed your tablescape. I am in Florida now enjoying my grandson. Thanks again Susan for sharing your lovely table.

  33. Wow, those irises are so beautiful, I didn’t even notice anything else. You are so right about purple and white, there’s something about it that feels like spring and is so visually interesting to see the two hues together. Now that I have a kitchen table, I might start using some of your tablescapes as inspiration.

  34. Susan, I Love your tablescape, the iris’ are so beautiful! Thanks for hosting such a lovely party!

  35. Beautiful tables! Was wondering about the white flatware. Do you remember the brand? Always looking for great flatware without breaking the bank. Thanks

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