Lemonade on the Porch

Welcome to the 47th Tablescape Thursday!

I love summer time here in the south.

Screened In Porch at night

Yeah, I know it’s hot, but we can fix that.

Some fresh-squeezed, ice cold, lemonade out on the porch, should do the trick.

Found this neat beverage dispenser while kicking around inside Old Time Pottery last week. It was only $19.95 and it’s HUGE!

We need munchies to go with our lemonade…Double Chocolate Chip Pecan Meltaways, Key Lime Snaps and Lemon Tea Cookies…all from Marshalls.

Ya gotta squeeze a few lemons, if ya want lemonade! A juicer makes the work go fast.

I can almost taste the lemonade now.


I put little lemon wedges in some summer-themed ice cube trays…used distilled water so the cubes would be fairly clear. They almost melted before I got them into the glasses. Do you see a star, a sun, a pineapple, a shell and a flower?

Fiddlesticks! I just realized I forgot my sprigs of mint. Ok, imagine little mint sprigs poking up out of the tops of the glasses. ๐Ÿ™‚

Glasses are a recent purchase from Dollar Tree. I’m always so surprised at the cute glasses they often have for sale. These had a Made in the USA sticker on the bottom…always love to see that!

So glad you stopped by…

You are always welcome, here on the porch.

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  1. Barb~Bella Vista says

    Hi Susan, I love all your pictures…they are so cool and refreshing!

    I have been praying I could link up before I had to turn the computer off….we are having terrible thunderstorms here in Central Florida. Yikes.


  2. I always feel so at home when I look at pictures of your porch. What a gorgeous, cozy space. Love the lemonade glasses. They are the cutest! Thank you for hosting TT! Amy ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Mid-Atlantic Martha says

    I can almost smell the lemons — nothing like lemonade on a hot July afternoon!

  4. Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) says

    susan, the glasses are just darling. I wish we had one of those stores here.. then again maybe not, I'm trying to cut back..lol.. everything looks delicious and so refreshing..I think I'll stick around a while we can have a nice "long" chat..thanks for hosting another great day to be able to play with our dishes..lol..hugs ~lynne~

  5. Pat@Back Porch Musings says

    I love this Susan! Summertime perfection on the porch.

    Our Old Time Pottery closed. I think there is one closer in to St Louis. A bit of a trip for me. I always found the neatest things at OTP.

  6. Leigh of Bloggeritaville says

    Your porch is so charming! I always feel welcome. You are such a good hostess! My tablescapes are up. I hope you will have time to stop by! Thanks for having me and for always being a gracious hostess.

  7. Jadehollow says

    Love the lemon glasses.. those are too darling as well as the dispenser.. Gonna have to look for those cookies next time at Marshalls.

  8. Maryrose says

    Hi Susan,
    Your lemonade looks devine, so refreshing and cool. I love those glasses, Dollar Tree huh? Does anyone know if we have those in California. Thanks for hosting.

  9. My poor husband tells tales of his grandmother's lemonade that would curl your toes.
    Yours look so much more appealing and the goodies to go with it are indeed yummo.

  10. Alisa Lucas-Brown says

    HI Susan,
    I'm back! I've been away for the last month helping my parents move to NC. They've just retired so we've had a big transition to make. I feel like it's been forever since I've posted a table. I love your post this week. The homemade lemonade looks delicious and refreshing. It's my favorite summertime drink. The tea cookies look great too! I love the big photos that you are posting. It really help to show detail. I read your instructions. I am going to test it on my blog. Hopefully, I can figure it out. I'm not too blog savvy. Thanks for the tips!

  11. Susan,
    I love your porch!! I have one of the dispensers, mine has a large bowl on the bottom for chips or whatever you want. I haven't had a chance to use it in a tablescape yet. You have a very warm and inviting home.

  12. Susan,
    Thank you so much for being such a gracious hostess. I love your porch. It makes a person just want to sit down for a spell. I looked at those very glasses this past weekend. Might have to go back and get them. Thanks for sharing!

  13. A Classy Flea says

    Wonderful photography, as usual. I had to laugh at "fiddlesticks"! Even Susan is human, after all. Loved the theme and I would just swear that my computer has smell-o-vision when the lemons scrolled up. Thanks for hosting our weekly get together.

  14. Susan,
    you have the talent girl! I love the south too, the people are so friendly!! I got my first visit to Old Time Pottery while down south and I loved that place! That water jug was just made for your lovely porch and the lemonade and cookies look fabulous! Come by for my give-away if you can. Hugs, Cindy

  15. Oh Susan, your porch is just SO inviting! I love that first photo, with your porch lit by lamps. Beautiful!

    I'm ashamed to say that I have never made lemonade from scratch, but you have inspired me. ๐Ÿ™‚ Those glasses are so cute, and I love your new beverage dispenser. They are perfect for your porch!

  16. Frugal Fine Living says

    I love the drink dispenser and the glasses! I can almost taste that fresh-squeezed lemonade and those delicious cookies… yum!


  17. Yellow Rose Arbor says

    I enjoyed seeing all this! You always come up with the neatest ideas!

    I hope you will stop by to see my "Cameo Appearance" tablescape!


  18. Pearl Maple says

    Beautiful summery post, the glasses are cute and to be made locally is an extra bonus. Thanks for hosting the tablescape events, i am learing so much.

  19. The Tablescaper says

    Susan: Everything looks cool and restful. Just the way summer should be! Love that beverage dispenser. wish we had an Old Time Pottery by us. – The Tablescaper

  20. Michelle says

    Love your new blog layout, such nice big pictures.

    I've been thinking of getting a juicer too. But I think of this every summer, just never seem to get around to it!

    Gorgeous pictures!

  21. I'm not sure when I've ever wanted a glass of fresh lemonade more than now! You've done a wonderful job as usual, always love your posts. Have a great day!

  22. This is always one of my favorite times of the week in blogland!!! I wait…not so patiently…to see what you are going to show us this Thursday!!! I am never disappointed!!! This week is no exception!!! I love this cool and refreshing post!!! It almost makes me forget it is 104 degrees outside…almost!!! I bought the cute lemon glasses too…after seeing them on another blog…Cherry Hill Cottage. I love them…I love all of things that I have been inspired to buy after seeing them on a blog!!!

    Thank you Susan for being such an inspiration and for being such a FUN place to visit every week!!!


  23. Happy To Be/ Glโ™ฅria says

    just great my friend…and girl I also got those glasses plus the pitcher…and it is nice to have a cool drink after all this heat we are having here thanks…May you have a great day….hugs and smiles Glโ™ฅria

  24. Crystal Rose Cottage says

    Your porch is so pretty and inviting! I can almost taste the lemonade and the yummy cookies!

  25. 'Really very nice visiting here. It's like entering a whole new world. A little vacation spot for the soul.

  26. Donna Marie says

    Fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As usual! I love how you turned simple lemons and lemonade into a work of art! I love your photographs!!!!!

    Donna Marie

  27. laurie @ bargain hunting says

    Oh MY! Susan, that photo of the outside of your porch is breath takingly gorgeous! I would never have thought that someone could make lemonade look pretty, but you sure did it! Those ice cubes are adorable. Thanks for the cookies and lemonade. laurie

  28. Dana and Daisy says

    Oh I love your porch! I could just stand outside and peer in all evening! Of course you are such a welcoming host, I know you would invite me in! The lemonade is delicious! Why thank you!

  29. Susan, thanks so much for the virtual lemonade, I can almost taste it! And I have some Key Lime cookies out in the kitchen, and am gonna run right out there and get one now:):) Our Dollar tree doesn't have those glasses, I would have grabbed them up for sure! I was just there today! As for Old Time Pottery, none up north here so my sister in Fl. is my "personal shopper"!!!!! She got me the miniature chairs that you featured with the cupcakes in them for the 4th! IF, I can get my DH off his computer I will post a table today, I had guests the other night and have pics of my table to post, but his computer is the only one that will uplaod for some reason????? Thanks again for being the MOST gracious hostess! Hugs, Pinky

  30. The White Bench says

    Love your refreshing pictures and your beautiful porch!!

  31. Hi Susan! This is delightful! Now you know how I love your green hutch and those dishes! I love 'em! I'll have a glass of lemonade and a cookie, please! I believe I have that same lamp as you. Beautiful post as usual.
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ๐Ÿ˜‰

  32. blushing rose says

    Absolutely inviting, everything is so lovely & refreshing. TTFN ~Marydon

  33. Nothing like a bit of lemonade in the good ol summertime! Love that decanter — I've got one that I love dearly — it's a great piece to have.

  34. Lady Katherine says

    I just love your porch setting! I sure wish we had an Old Time Pottery! The dispenser is great! Love the glasses! Funny, I love lemon pie, lemon cookies, lemon anything except lemonade! I love the mint in the glass! lol

  35. Your porch is always so pretty to see and the lemonade and cookies look delicious. Great dispenser. Hugs,Marty

  36. Melissa Miller says

    It all looks so lovely and refreshing Susan! Your new glasses are precious. ๐Ÿ™‚

  37. The Fajdich Times says

    I just love your beverage dispendser. That is perfect! And the ice cubes…….how cute is that:)

  38. That's such a wonderful lemonade container! Nothing like REAL lemonade. Such cute glasses. I'll have to go in there more!. You're porch just makes me want to come and sit a spell!

  39. Cottage Rose says

    Hey Susan; I always love to see your porch, it is just so lovely. I will be right over just as fast as I can….. lol love the great buy you found in the lemonade container, and the cute lemon glasses.. I could sit and look at you beautiful home all day….


  40. Kathryn @ Bonafide Southern says

    A nice cold glass of freshly squeezed lemonade sounds so good right now! It would be perfect to cool down with on these hot summer days.

  41. Dining Delight says

    How refreshing your beautiful glasses of lemonade look! You have captured a totally "summer" feel with your little 'scape and the pics you took!


  42. Mary @Boogieboard Cottage says

    Hi susan! I always look forward to Tablescape Thursday! You are such an inspiration to us! I love your posts! :O)

  43. Susan- Everything looks beautiful as usual. You are incredibly talented and a master at detail. I always enjoy visiting,


  44. The Quintessential Magpie says

    Love your lemonade dispenser, Susan! Very cute, and the glasses look familiar. I haunt DT, too! ๐Ÿ˜‰



  45. OMIGOSH…it is so hot here tonight in West Texas and I am having iced tea as I write but I sure am thirsty for lemonade…homemade lemonade..just like yours. The cookies seem just perfect for it, too.
    Love your beautiful photos, dear one.
    Come by and I'll give you a glass of wine in the vineyard…:)
    xo bj

  46. You've taken a simple Summertime treat and elevated it to an elegant art form! It's no wonder you have so many ardent admirers, Susan. Your warmth, kindness, and generosity of spirit shine brightly in every single story you share …

    Thank you for inspiring us and for making us feel so welcome on the world's most wonderful porch.

  47. The perfect refreshment on these sizzling afternoons.

    Thanks for sharing,

  48. Hi Susan, I just found your blog and I'm feeling inspired. I love your home and everything you have done with it. You and Joni Rock!
    I can't wait to see what you're going to do next. In the mean time head on over to my blog. I'm having my first giveaway. I have a feeling you are going to love it since it will match your home perfectly.

  49. Everything looks so beautiful. I love those dishes with the house on it. Where did you get them or who made them.


  50. Morning T says

    It's all SO mouthwatering,,,,I'm off to eat some cookies. Beautiful colors and pictures as always!

  51. Diane @ Four Paws and Co says

    You've got my mouth watering for lemonade now, Susan! Your porch is sooo pretty with the soft glow of the lamps. Now if you could just pass a glass of lemonade over here & a couple of cookies, I'll be very happy! โ˜บ Diane

  52. Allidink says

    Oh my gosh that is the most perfect lemonade tablescape! I love those lemon tea cookies they are my favorite! Those cups are sooo cute! So summery!

    All the best,

  53. Susan, oh my this is so inviting and yummy looking! Loving the ice cubes and you know how I feel about your covered porch room.
    I will be right over, lol!!
    Linda Q

  54. Everything is so beautiful and so refreshing, Susan! Your plates that are displayed in the hutch, I think, are my favorite among all your plates…Christine

  55. Blondie's Journal says

    I do love that dispenser, Susan. You have a neat idea here for a tablescape, very refreshing (literally!). And I too love DT. It's nice to stop in every few weeks to see the new things…


  56. Love your post today Susan. Very refreshing! Thanks for the lemonade!

  57. Bama Belle says

    Susan, great post. Do you not adore Old Time Pottery? Oh I do! I got a drink dispenser there and posted about it on my March 26th tablescape actually!http://thoughts-of-a-bama-belle.blogspot.com/2009/03/thrifty-thursday-tablescape-thursday.html

    Thank you for doing this every week. It is so much fun! I love visiting everyone

  58. Oh, great, I get to see the dishes I was asking you about. They really look so nice on your hutch instead of in a cupboard, anyway. I try to imagine porches up here with sheer curtains swaying in the breeze, but somehow I can't quite picture it.
    We would be out tying everything down so it didn't blow to Alaska. Speaking of Alaska, i read it is 87 degrees up there and so far this year, we have had only 4 days over 80. It really is unusual.
    I do love your porch !!

  59. Ariadone says

    Hello Susan, Beautiful and delicious. I have put your blog on my favorites so my quests can easily visit you for a cool drink.
    Have a fine fine day

  60. Blushing hostess says

    Thank you for the beautiful reminder that I need to do something with all these lemons today!

  61. Just bought those same glasses. I was thrilled and shocked when I saw the made in USA sticker! Lovely setting as always!

  62. I love that dispenser and those glasses are so cute. I'll have to check Dollar Tree out and hope they have them. Everything looks so cool and refreshing; I want to come over.LOL

  63. Mary @Boogieboard Cottage says

    I reall like your glasses from dollar tree, they have a 50's vintage look about them and I love your beveage urn, it looks perfect and summery and goes with your dishware. I'm going to have to keep my eyes peeled for an automatic juicer, such a great way to mske lemonade. :O)

  64. denisemarie says

    Susan, I've been looking at your tablescapes for weeks and finally started my blog and just posted my 1st try. Your lemonade and snacks look awesome and the $1 store glasses are awesome. You've inspired me to get my dishes out and play around…maybe cook more.

  65. Suzann @ Lavender and Roses says

    I so adore your porch. Someday…
    LOVE the glasses. Off to check out the beauty.

  66. The Curious Cat says

    Your home looks so invited and cosy! Just stumbled onto your blog…think I'm going to like it!

  67. Suzann @ Lavender and Roses says

    I so adore your porch. Someday…
    LOVE the glasses. Off to check out the beauty.

  68. I would love to have some homemade lemonade on your pretty porch!


  69. Oh my goodness, as a Yank myself, I think I have fallen for the South. I live in VA, so not deep south, but it certainly feels southern to this cold-weather girl. Your pictures certainly capture it all. I just love your blog. I am going to be sticking around to read more!! Thanks for the southern inspiration. I came over from Cozy Little House. Abbie

  70. santamaker says

    Susan, that first photo of your porch from your deck is spectacular! Just beautiful…. and those sweet lemonade glasses are perfect! Thanks for hosting, Susan!

  71. Anonymous says

    Ok, I confess, I'm not a blogger (sigh) but I have become completely addicted to your blog site and Tablescape Thursdays. I have long held a fascination with china and dinnerware in general. I purchased my first set of vintage dinnerware at the age of 16 from an estate sale for $250 which is now worth about $1200 (according to Replacements.com), not a bad investment, huh? Long story short, I have about 9 sets of dinnerware and have finally started using all 9! Our family of 10 (grown children, sibs, friends, etc) has dinner together every Tuesday evening; they now can't wait to see how the table will be set for them. Thank you so much for becoming my inspiration!

    Marnita in Columbus GA.

  72. KellyinPA says

    I would drive the whole way from PA for a visit on your porch! Everything is lovely. I look forward to Tablescape Thursday every week, thank you for hosting it. I'm stopping at Marshall's today, wonder if they have any of those yummy-looking cookies left?

  73. Christi @ A Southern Life says

    Nothing better than a cold glass of lemonade on a hot summer day. Love the glasses with the lemon slices on them. Perfect!

    My host server was down last night so I'm late getting around and my site apparently was down as well ๐Ÿ™ Oh well, today is another day!


  74. inner_child says

    Lemonade and the key lime cookies are my favorites! I may just stop for lemons on the way home!

  75. lilsista says

    Looks so yummy!!!! Very refreshing!

  76. Scrappy Girl says

    How gorgeous…your blog is so beautiful and inspiring…you make me want to redecorate…but I am sure that is not the first time you have heard that!

    I linked up my very first tablescape…I couldn't resist any longer!

  77. Susan, if I could pick any porch in the whole country I would most like to have, it would surely be yours. All the lamps make it look so inviting! You are the ultimate tablescaper of blogland, and we appreciate you so much for giving us this special day. Not to mention your gorgeous photos and decor and food arrangements! Whatever would we women have done if you hadn't started this and begun the dishaholic revolution that are making many companies very happy, I'm quite sure!

  78. Ohhh it looks soooo pretty! I'll bet it is as good as it looks!!
    Have a beautiful day!

  79. squawmama says

    Hello Susan… what a refreshing post today… Totally lemonie… Loved it! Made me want to come over and sit on the porch to sip lemonaide with you…


  80. Hi
    I have just come across your blogs, what a great house you live in. I live in a small bungalow in Surrey UK with my husband Phil. Your ideas on the blogs are wonderful, I don't think I will be able to keep up with them all.

    Very best wishes to you, Jackie.

  81. This is so refreshing Susan! Your photos are fantastic…

  82. Painter's Place says

    I'm so in love with your porch. It's beautiful! My sister has the exact same glasses.

  83. Your porch always looks so cool and inviting. I would love having sharing some lemonade and cookies with you.

  84. Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio says

    It doesn't look hot at all now! What a refreshing post. I could almost taste that lemonade…

  85. Debbie Pearson says

    Oh what a lovely setting for a snack with homemade lemonade. I just loved your little lemon ice cubes. Adorable idea.

  86. Kathysue says

    Susan I want to just sit on your swing and sip my lemonade, is that alright. Such an inviting surrounding to sit in, whether it is cool or hot outside. Always lovely always inspirational. Thank you for sharing, hugs Kathysue

  87. Lemons are such a summery fruit and sipping lemonade on your porch would be wonderful!


  88. ~CC Catherine says

    Hey Susan, What a delightful and refreshing post today ! I love it! Hope you are well…this summer has been a blur for me… We must get together soon! I've got to get back to blogging more often again…I miss all of you very much! Take Care! ~CC Catherine

  89. Thanks Susan for hosting this fun event each week. I've just posted my first tablescape.

  90. Oh my goodness.. How refreshing. My little jaws were aching when I thought about that wonderful lemonaide… and those cookies… I love your beverage dispenser and your porch… and your blog… Hallelujah for Tablescape Thursdays!

  91. Glenda/MidSouth says

    Looks delicious! Really like your beverage dispenser. I am past due for a trip to OTP.

  92. Terri and Bob says

    Love the porch!! I love OTP, too. The nearest one for me is almost 2 hours away! I love those ice cubes… how cute and I discovered those glasses at Cherry Hill blog and got some, too!

  93. So refreshing….lemonade on your porch. Now I'd like to stretch out and take a little nap if you don't mind. ๐Ÿ™‚

  94. Nancy Holte says

    Beautiful as always, Susan. And, you are a great photographer, too!

  95. Love the lemonade jug and the glasses and those neat ice cubes. Yep, I can taste that lemonade right now; it is so refreshing on a really hot day, like today. We don't have a Old Time Pottery store here in Md. Looks like a really neat place, where I could swoon over real easy. I see they have one located in Wilmington, NC, so the next time I go "Home" again; you better believe that my best friend and I will be sure to visit that store!

  96. Donna@designson47thstreet says

    What an absolute treat it would be to sit with you, Susan on your beautiful porch, sipping lemonade out of those gorgeous $1 glasses! OK, now I have to look for those too! lol!

    Not only are you a multitalented decorator/tablescaper, you also are a lovely photographer. I always love looking at how you photograh everything…..sigh….

  97. SmilingSally says

    Mmm, that lemonade looks so good.

  98. hi susan,

    your porch is so pretty! the lemonade and treats look delish. thank you for your southern hospitality!


  99. Susan, I am never disappointed when I come to see your tablescapes. I felt cooler just looking at your beautiful porch and the refreshments. Thanks for inviting me in.

    Happy Thursday.


  100. Oh my, Susan, you've really outdone yourself this week. What a beautiful porch you have! It's a beautiful place to kick back and relax in………

  101. The lemonade server coordinates with the colors on your porch. Nothing says summer like lemonade and cookies. It is so nice to use your beautiful porch on a lovely summer day.

  102. MyJourneyBack says

    Beautiful. You inspire. I cannot wait till my life slows down and I get to do a tablescape. Thanks for the inspiration. I can't wait for a few hours tomorrow to check out all the links. Thanks for coordinating this meme. How fun it is.
    Have a Blessed Friday.

  103. pk @ room remix says

    I love your porch and those ice cubes were adorable! What a great idea…

  104. I can almost taste that lemonade and your cookie selection is almost more than this dieter can bare. Have a wonderful day.

  105. darnold23 says

    Beautiful, as always. I could sit on your porch all day while sipping lemonade and eating those key lime cookies. Yum! Beginning August 5, I will be hosting Crock Pot Wednesdays at Diningwithdebbie.blogspot.com, and I hope you will join me. THERE WILL BE PRIZES:)!!!

  106. Faith Imagined says

    So pretty! Love the icecubes!

  107. 'Had to stop by to thank you for your kind comment to me and to thank you for your suggestion to participate in Foodie Friday. That's something I might enjoy, but I'd need more than Omaha Steak desserts for that!

    So sweet of you to think of me like that.
    Soul as pretty as your decorating.
    God Bless!

  108. Tamara Jansen says

    I'm definately going to have lemonaid LAKESIDE today! Thanks for the tip on presentation ๐Ÿ™‚

  109. The Bloom Girls says

    Hi Susan,
    I hope you are enjoying your summer! I am loving it…the weather has been so wonderful here…plenty of rain…thank you God!
    I've been neck deep in a bathroom renovation, subsequently not able to spend as much time in blogland…:(.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  110. Okay, so when I read your post and looked at the pictures my mouth salivated. Lemonade and Summer are 2 of my favorite things.

  111. love your pictures! Now I'm thirsty for some lemonade!

    Hope you are having a great summer!

  112. cedwards55 says

    So refreshing Susan! How do you sweeten your lemonade. Do you do a simple syrup? Hard work squeezing all those lemons but well worth it.
    I soooo want to come sit on that porch!

  113. Julia @ Hooked on Houses says

    Ahhh. This looks so inviting on a hot summer afternoon. I'm on my way over right now! ๐Ÿ™‚

  114. imjacobsmom says

    Cute beverage dispenser! We don't have an Old Time Pottery around here. But I think I'll look for those glasses at the Dollar Tree. They sure are cute! ~ Robyn

  115. Nicole Feliciano says

    Happy Friday! Lovely pictures. I hope youโ€™ll stop by my Friday Feast link/recipe exchange and share this recipe.


  116. Linda Higgins says

    How lovley! My heart just sank when I saw your blog and posts! I moved from a country home to a desert home! Not that I don't love my home in Southern Utah, but it is so different than country living! I miss it! I will have to do a desert living post to let my friends know how beautiful it can be too! I LOVED your pictures. But I have no idea how you would find time to nap (and you probably don't) your home is so beautiful, you are are probably busy ALL THE TIME decorating and entertaining! miles of smiles!

  117. That DOES look refreshing Susan. I am not fond of the summer heat at all! I always love visiting the porch!

  118. Susan it was a real joy stopping by your porch (blog) I feel so relaxed now and Im craving some lemonade.
    Your porch is so beautiful and very inviting!

  119. Now I'm craving lemonade. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Love those lemon glasses. I need some. I seriously want to come live on your porch.

  120. Poppedijne says

    This lemonade reminds me of my younger days when summer seens warmer and longer and life was without a care. But I intriged by the cookies on the picture. Are they homemade too??

  121. Reflections ... says


    I LOVE seeing your pictures. You have such a wonderful way of making everyone feel right at home. Your home is lovely, charming, just gorgeous.

    I LOVE lemons! Your cookies and other treats are perfect this summer. I'm sure you're feeling the heat too. What a great way to cool off.

    Thanks again for being such an inspiration!

  122. I don't know that love is a strong enough word…but I love your porch ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope the Dollar store out here has those lemon glasses because I'm on a mission now ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Thank you for the lemonade and the visit, it was just what I needed!


  123. Where did you buy those adorable ice cube trays? Or are they cookie cutters that you use for that purpose?

  124. That lemonade looks so refreshing. You've taken the evryday and made it extraordinary with your care and attention to detail.

  125. Looks so refreshing. I can just taste it. I had to laugh at your using the word "Fiddlesticks". I used to say "Fiddlefaddle" with the kids as a way to avoid using cuss words. People look at me funny when I say that.

  126. I absolutely love your porch…! xxx

  127. I know this is an old post but I am drooling over your plates. What are they?

  128. I love the glasses. Not for a tables cape but just to sit outside with a tall glass of lemonade. So refreshing! Ooh I have lemons, might just make some now

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