Autumn Handbag Shopping, So Many Beautiful Styles for Fall!

A week or so back I shared a post with a very cool trick I had just read about for removing ink marks from leather handbags. (That post can be found here: Miracle Trick for Removing Pen & Ink Marks from Leather Bags.) Sherry left a comment asking if I had any plans to share a post with some of the new fall handbag styles. Being a huge handbag lover, I thought that would be a fun post to create. Thanks for that suggestion, Sherry!


Last night, I spent a little time checking out the fall styles of some of the most iconic brands, and from some of my favorite places to shop. Before we get into the autumn bags I found, I tripped over some killer end-of-season sales for some really cute summer bags. I love this Botanical print that Dooney & Burke created for several of their bags this past summer. It reminds me so much of Gucci’s “Flora” print that was created specifically for a scarf made for Princess Grace. The floral part of the bag is a coated fabric/canvas, much like you see on Louis Vuitton monogram bags.


The handles, strap, etc… are all leather and I noticed in the info about the bag, it stated that the leather shouldn’t be any type of protectant or conditioner. That may mean they’ve already treated it or protected it somehow. I love the color of the leather and I a crazy about the botanical design! This bag appeared to be sold out at the Dooney & Burke website, guess it sold out when it went on sale. I managed to find a few pieces left and on sale here: Botanical Satchel.


The tote was also sold out everywhere, but again I found a few pieces on sale here: Botanical Tote.

One more beautiful summer bag that I discovered on sale is this wonderful Kate Spade beach-themed tote.


It’s currently on sale here: Summer Tote.


Okay, let’s go fall bag shopping! I know this isn’t a fall color but this Dooney & Burke satchel comes in plenty of beautiful autumn colors. In fact, it’s available in 21 different leather colors! I really, really like D & B’s pebbled leather–I’m so glad they still make their bags that way. I do not have a truly white bag like this and I love the contrast of the golden leather handle/accents against the white. The D & B letters are easily removed for a more simplified look and this bag comes with a strap so it can be worn crossbody, as well. I’m super tempted to pick this bag up right now while it’s on sale.


The other two colors that are really tempting me are golden brown and red. This bag is also beautiful in Midnight Blue and Sky Blue, too–so many great colors from which to choose. Does anyone own this bag? I really love this classic dome style! I could see myself falling in love with this bag and wanting to buy it in several colors. You can see all the beautiful colors it comes in here: Pebble Grain Satchel.


This bag isn’t currently on sale but I had to include it–I love the design! The color is “Cognac Brown” and it’s perfect for fall, winter, or really all year round. You can read more about his bag here: Top-Handle Bag.


Love, love, love this bag from Kate Spade! It can be hand-carried or worn crossbody.



It’s also available in this rich brown color which is the color I would go for…love that warm brown!


I’m so impressed with how the interior is designed! Look at all those different compartments–so perfect for keeping everything you carry organized! I would probably keep my phone in the center zip pocket. Love this design! This bag is available in black or brown here: Kate Spade Satchel.


Another pretty bag from Kate Spade that would be great for autumn.



It’s also available in this rich brown. Actually, it’s available in six different colors!



I love this pretty seawater/sea glass color. ♥  You can see all six colors that it’s available in here: Kate Spade Crossbody/Top-Handle Bag.



For many, many years, the only bag I bought/wore was Brahmin bags. They wear like iron! I’ve always loved this embossed croc style. This bag is currently available here: Brahmin Bag.


While we’re talking fall styles, I came across these really cute, suede boots that are currently on sale. You’ll find the sale here: Suede Ankle Boots.



Hope you found this post helpful for your fall handbag shopping!

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  1. I’m a handbag girl myself and all these are such pretty bags. I loved the D&B for years and have several. Also was a fan of the Brahmin and had 2. Then, this spring I leapt back in the handbag craze and have bought 4 new Brahmin bags, a wallet and a cosmetic case. Two handbag colors to die for. One in Dusty Orange, the other Pink Cosmos. Which I bought the cosmetic case in the hot pink to coordinate. Both are the Duxbury Satchel styles. The smaller satchel size since I’m 5’1″. LOVE them. Their new Fig color for fall is really pretty, too. A girl can never have too many handbags. 🙂

    • I had forgotten how beautiful D & B bags were until I started shopping for them recently. I love their leather! There used to a Brahmin store in Lenox Square Mall in Atlanta. I loved visiting their small store and almost always left with a bag. Not sure if they are still there now, I hope they are. It sounds like you had a great collection, Anne! I need to check out the Fig color!

  2. Patricia Lapp says

    I am always intrigued by your recommendations, and would like to make one of my own. I have purchased an MZ Wallace bag, and I can’t say enough good things about the bag, and the products they offer. They are light, have lots of pocket/organizational options and wear like iron. Please take a look, you may like them!

  3. If you like Dooney & Bourke bags, you need to look at their outlet site Right now they are having a Friends & Family sale that has up to 70% off bags and accessories. I have purchased many bags from this site at great prices. They are genuine Dooney bags.

  4. Check out the new Brahmin color for fall…Fig Jam. Gorgeous! And perfect for all the new fig colors in clothing this year!

  5. Susan, Thank you for taking my request and creating a great post! It is so timely, as autumn is here. This time of year makes me crave all things caramel, cognac, gingerbread, pumpkin or plaid. I have been searching for a hobo style bag and the Kate Spade top handle bag is already in my cart. I too love Brahmin and Dooney bags. I seem to hang on to my handbags for a long time and I have a D&B pebble finish cross body satchel very similar to the one shown in the post. Being matchy matchy I also have the wallet, key chain and coin purse. (purchased in the 1980’s I think). Using a lot of your suggestions on storage and care my bags last! I know so many other readers benefit as well and will love this info. Thanks again, Sherry B

  6. Hi Susan, I love different handbags too (colors and sizes), but have become so NOT into carrying large ones anymore. Which is a shame, because I have a lot of them. Because of covid, I switched to smaller bags that could easily be wiped down and have never gone back. I miss my large bags and do occasionally carry them when traveling. I am the one who has ALL the stuff in them…Band-Aids, Kleenex, pens, notebooks, sunglasses….well, you get the idea. Need an aspirin???…got it. Extra lip balm…yup, got it. 🙂 I once was at the doctors and the nurse weighed my purse because she said it looked ‘too heavy to carry’…I think it was 12 pounds!??!?! Anyway, I have a brand-new D & B bought right before the pandemic and have not even used it yet…Sigh….maybe it is time?!!? I just got used to my tiny purses and not gonna lie, I love them. Thanks for the fun post!

    • I don’t like really heavy bags either. My sister used to carry everything including the kitchen sink in her bag, and then often complained about how bad her neck hurt. I wonder if that was the cause of her neck pain. I carry bags of all sizes/shapes, depending on where I’m going that day. If I’m out running errands, I normally wear a small/medium size crossbody bag. If I’m hiking with my son, dil, and grandsons, I’m usually wearing a Burberry belt bag that I love for that. If I’m just going to lunch with a friend, I may bring out one of my top-handle bags. Most of my bags are medium to small size, only my totes that I use when traveling are bigger.
      Not sure if this will help, Rosie–but what I do is I carry things that I may find I occasionally wish I had in the glove box of my SUV. That’s where I’ll stash extra things that I don’t normally need, but if I do, I have them since I’m normally driving myself to wherever I’m going. I really don’t carry that much in my bag on a day-to-day basis. The heaviest thing that I carry in my bag is my smart phone and it’s like a heavy slab of metal. lol But I gotta have it with me or I’d fill lost!

      • Oh boy… glove boxes are SO FULL of other stuff, that I can’t fit anything more in there. 🙂 I truly am a pack rat when it comes to having things I THINK I may need in both purses and cars. But I appreciate your suggestion.
        I am really bad about transferring everything I need from purse to purse too! Like the other day, I went into Macy’s and sure enuf, I didn’t throw my Macy’s card into the new purse. I definitely need a new system…. I just bought a new belt bag for walking on the trails…odds are against getting everything I need in there. LOL

  7. Referencing the conversation with Rosie, I thought I would add what I started doing years ago when my big purse got so heavy it was difficult to shop with it. I started taking it in the car with me where wherever I go along with a small cross body. If I needed the larger purse, I carried it in, but if I only need my key fob, cards, phone and tissues, or whatever, I just take them out, pop them in the crossbody and lock the big purse out of site in the car. This enables me to have whatever I need at hand at all times. This has saved my neck and back when I am shopping for hours at Christmas, etc.

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