What I Purchased at the Summer Style Event, Got Some Great Deals

A while back I ordered two pairs of jeggings from Talbots, one in the regular fit and one in the curvy fit. I love their curvy fit in their slim ankle jeans. When the jeggings arrived, I found the legs of the “curvy” fit jeggings were a bit baggier than I prefer.

I have a Talbots very close to my home so it’s convenient to return an item when it doesn’t fit as I wish. Today when I headed out the door, I was wearing this Lilly Pulitzer long-sleeve Etta top that has quickly become a favorite. It was chilly this morning so long sleeves were perfect, although I was ready to change to a short sleeve shirt by afternoon.

Macaw Blue, Lilly Pulitzer Etta Shirt


Someone recently asked in the comment how low the Lilly Pulitzer Etta v-neck shirts come down. Here’s how this one looked on me today when I was about to start trying on clothes in Talbots. Not sure if you can see but the v-neck doesn’t come down too low–it’s just right.


The Talbot’s jeggings I’m wearing in the photo are the regular fit…not the curvy fit. I ordered them earlier this spring and they are again on sale here: Jeggings. (For reference, I’m 5’4″ and I’m wearing a size small in the Lilly Etta top and a size 8 in the non-curvy fit jeggings.) I do like their “curvy” fit for their regular jeans but for jeggings, the regular, non-curvy fit are my favorite.


The sandals I’m wearing are my all-time favorite for travel or when I’m out shopping and on my feet a lot. They have great arch support and are the most comfortable sandals I’ve ever worn. They are especially great if you have problem feet since they are adjustable in several ways. You’ll find them in a bunch of different colors here: My Favorite Sandals for Travel and Shopping.


Currently, Talbots is having a summer event so everything is 30% off.  (Update: The event also includes 40% any 1 item.) While in Talbots, I saw this huge picture right above the desk area where you check out. I love their linen tunics and the pretty colors of this one caught my eye. I really like the button detail on the side of this one. They didn’t have it in stock in my size, but they placed an order for me. (This top is currently on sale here: Linen Tunic.)


Remember this adorable gingham raincoat I shared a few weeks ago?


It was in stock and it was so cute when I tried it on. It will be perfect for cooler, rainy days. Doubt I’ll get to wear it this spring but it will be nice to pull out next spring. It’s on sale here: Gingham Rain Jacket.


Here’s how it looks on. My fashion life has been greatly simplified over the years. For summer I pretty much live in either white shorts with bright tops or white pants with bright tops. Since I’m so pale, I always look better with color around my face. With white pants and white shorts, I can wear pretty much any top I wish so it makes it really easy to dress each day. (The sandals I’m wearing are available here: Sandals. I have them in three colors and they are super comfortable.)


I also purchased this maxi dress today. I loved how soft it felt. It’s all cotton, even the lining is cotton, so it’s light, airy, and perfect for summer.


I normally wear a size 6 in Talbots tops and that was the size I took in this dress. So whatever size top you normally wear is probably the size you would take in this dress. If you’re sometimes between sizes, you may want to go up one size.


It wasn’t until I got home that I realized you can actually adjust the gathering at the top. I thought the tie was just decorative, but it’s actually functional.


The waist is also adjustable…good for when dining out! lol


This dress is currently on sale 30% off here: Maxi Dress for Summer.  (Sale price appears in cart.)


I was able to see these sandals in person and try them on in a slightly larger size than I normally wear. They were really pretty and comfortable so an order was placed for those in my size. They could easily go with pants or with a dress…definitely can be dressed up or worn casually. You’ll find them on sale and in 8 colors here: Sandals. I would also like to purchase them in the golden brown color, too.


So that was my sale shopping for today. You’ll find the Summer Sale Event here: Summer Sale Event. Everything is 30% off so look for that once your item is in your cart. Happy spring shopping!

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  1. Pam Copple says

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE your hair. Way to rock that Flip. Now you make me want to try to remember how I did that in the 60’s…. Great post as well. Cheers. Pam Copple

  2. Pam Copple says

    It will look great, Do it.

  3. The Ecco sandals you link to look comfortable, but I am very leery of their shoes — I had a pair with the soft type sole that disintegrated. My husband also had a pair of boots he had been saving, but when he went to wear them, the same thing happened. Their shoes are too expensive to just fall apart without even wearing them!!

    • I’ve been buying the Ecco Yucatans for about 10 years and I’ve never had that happen. Mine have worn like iron, I usually buy another pair just because they’ve come out with another color combo that I love or I’ve gotten mud on my others while hiking. The sole on mine isn’t soft exactly…it’s comfortable but firm at the same time…lots of padding underneath, I guess. I don’t know about their other styles but the Yucatan sandals I’ve purchased have been great.

  4. Dawne Marie Anderson says

    Love the Talbots reviews and sizing info. The dress looks pretty. You look pretty also!
    Was in “my” Talbots yesterday. Comforting to see long time helpful employees. Didn’t get anything this time. May go back for the madras plaid skirt.
    Thanks again for all your hard work.

    • Thanks, Dawn! My Talbots has had a huge turnover. None of the ladies who had been working there two years ago are there now–it’s all-new faces. The new ladies (and gents) working there now are really nice, too. I’m really thankful it hasn’t closed, I would be so sad if it did. I love madras…I need to scope out the site today and see what’s new on there.

  5. Your hair looks amazing.
    For some reason I thought you had red hair..

  6. franki parde says

    “Dahling, YOU LOOK fabulous!!” Talk about SCORE!! Off to check some of those suggestions!! SHOP! franki

  7. I’m glad your shopping trip was so successful. Everything is so cute and I’m glad you modeled them for us. I had to laugh because I have also elected to make things easier on myself. For the past few years I’ve basically done the same, white linen in the summer. It’s easy because I don’t have to worry if a top will match. And I have always been attracted to bright, cheery colors for my clothes, so my tops are usually bright and summery. Then in the winter, I wear warm black knit pants. It has made life a lot less complicated! lol.

    Isn’t it funny that you had to start the day with your long sleeved LP top because it was chilly?

    I love that LV top. And that ombre tunic with the pretty side buttons detail – can’t wait to hear what you have to say about that. The jacket and dress are great too. Sometimes when I shop I seem to hit the motherload and other times nothing seems to work. You really did well!

    • Thanks, Pam! Every time I wear that top, someone compliments it. One of the ladies checking me out in Talbots complimented me on it. I wish I could find more of the long sleeve ones because they aren’t hot and are perfect for when you want more than a short sleeve…like shopping in grocery stores where it’s freezing! lol

  8. Mary from Virginia says

    You are adorable! Love your new clothes.

  9. Those are all gorgeous pieces of clothing Susan and you will look so cute in all of them. The shoes are so pretty, dressing but not. Love that rain coat, way to cute and stylish! Hugs, Brenda

    • Thanks, Brenda! Only Talbots could make a raincoat look cute! lol They always have the cutest raincoats every spring. I didn’t need another one, but couldn’t resist a pink gingham one.

      • Cindy Petko says

        I couldn’t resist the coat either!! I was sooo lucky to get it at a ‘flash’ sale,too! You are a great inspiration,thank you!!

  10. I want to second Susan on those Yucatans. The soles are durable and hardy look worn. Mine have worn for years and years, and are amazing to wear in an airport and plane, because they are easy on/off and can be adjusted for swelling. Then once at your destination, you can walk miles, even over cobblestones or on light trails terrain. They are pretty casual looking, but I’ve been able to make them work.

    • Yes, to all of those points! I love how adjustable they are! Linda, that’s a great point about airports and if your feet swell. I wish I could find more in the color combo I’m wearing in the photo. The color of these was called “Wine Multi” and they are a mix of burgundy, pink and white…really pretty for summer. They really are great on cobblestones and you can walk miles! I love shopping in them because they are so easy to slip off for trying on pants, etc… and your feet never get tired.

  11. Cheryl Frizzell says

    Will be curious how you like the Talbot’s sandals. I returned a pair of sandals last year as the man-made bottoms were just way too polished smooth and slick for walking safely. Did not want to attempt scuffing them up for better traction so back they went. Love Talbot’s clothes but the shoes, not so much.

    • Did they have leather bottoms? A lot of really nice shoes made of leather will have leather bottoms and they are slippery until you wear them a couple of times. I’ll let you know if these have leather bottoms once they arrive.

  12. Allie Orange says

    I, too, switch to white pants in the summer, and like you, I need color near my face. It does simplify things!

    I love the Talbot’s Curvy Jeggings! For those who think that you won’t look good in something snug, I almost didn’t try them on, because something tight on the thighs? . But they look great! Buy a size slightly smaller than you think, because they do stretch a bit.

    And if you are disciplined to pay your bill every month, a Talbot’s card will save you money. They have tons of promotions for card holders and free shipping.

    One question for Susan and anyone else. I have looked high and low for a pair of regular length pants (not joggers or crops!) with some cotton and some stretch in white for exercising outside. Just impossible to find. Have some from Chico’s from years ago, but they are wearing out. Now, theirs are short and cargo. Talbots are unflattering joggers. Closest I could come was a pair from Lilly’s I just ordered. If anyone has any ideas, they would be most welcome!

    • I’m not sure where to recommend since I don’t have any excise type pants. I wear short when riding my Peloton. L.L. Bean used to have some really nice pants that had great stretch and were highly rated. I purchased several pairs back in the day, but then they changed the composition of the fabric and they weren’t the same the next I ordered them. I would check there though just to see what they have. Also Land’s End, too. Maybe someone else can suggestion a brand, as well.

  13. Susan, somehow I’ve gotten unsubscribed from your mailing list. I’ve been subscribed for several years and all of a sudden, I stopped getting emails. I happen to look on your website and realized that I had not received an email with any of your posts beginning in May. I’ve tried to re-subscribe twice with no luck. I’m just not receiving any of your emails. I wonder if anyone else is having the same problem?

    • I’m wondering if I need to change companies I use for sending those out because I’ve had others mention that. Thanks for letting me know, Glinda. I’m going to look further into this.

    • Glinda, I was able to resubscribe you. One thing I know Aweber has mentioned in the past is that if someone’s mailbox is full and they are at their limit/capacity for emails, it can sometimes cause them to be unsubscribed…not sure why exactly. That may not apply in your case. I don’t understand why it happens to some folks…that they get unsubscribed.
      Glinda, I was able to resubscribe you but just to be safe, email me at [email protected] (the address I use for the emails that go out) and I’ll reply back. Hopefully, that will also make sure that it’s not your email provider that’s triggering the unsubscribe…they will know that my email address is someone you do want to hear from.

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