Big, Beautiful Magnolia Blossom for a Spring Table in Green and White

Welcome to the 713th Tablescape Thursday!

It has been so cloudy out the last few days, we’ve been getting some much-needed rain. Not great for picture taking but great for the trees, grass, and flowers.

Magnolia Centerpiece, Spring-Summer Table with Bunny Plates


I was in the mood for a fresh green and white table this week. I kept the centerpiece simple with a single magnolia blossom.

Magnolia Centerpiece, Spring-Summer Tablescape


I started out with this lovely magnolia blossom last night, but it was already too dark to capture many photos. By this morning, this pretty blossom had started turning reddish in color so I picked a fresh one.

Bunny Vase with Magnolia Blossom


So the centerpiece got a lot more dramatic overnight. lol

Magnolia Centerpiece, Spring-Summer Table with Bunny Plates


Hydrangea napkin rings hold adorable bunny-covered napkins for this spring table.

Spring Table Setting with Magnolia Centerpiece


Here’s a better photo showing the bunnies on the napkins. (If still available, bunny napkins are from here: Bunny Napkins.)

Spring Table with Hydrangea Napkin Rings, Bunny Napkins


With a bunny vase in our centerpiece, I kept the spring bunny theme going with bunny salad plates atop cabbage dinner plates.

Green and Floral Spring Tablescape


I love the simplicity of these bunny plates. I found these in Pottery Barn many years ago. I think the cabbage plates may be a luncheon size. I would love to find those in a big dinner plate size.

Bunny Plates, Raised Bunny Image


Happy spring! Summer is only a month away now. Yesterday was the last day of school here and it was so fun listening to the kids hooting and hollering as the school bus went down my street yesterday afternoon. When the bus came back up and stopped to let the kiddos off at this end of the streets, the parents were waiting with big buckets of water and water-guns. The kids got hosed down as they were getting off the bus and a hilarious water-gun fight ensued, parents vs the kids. The parents on my street do this every year on the last day of school. Do they do that in your area, too?

Magnolia Centerpiece, Spring-Summer Table with Bunny Plates


Happy Spring!  Looking forward to all the beautiful table settings linked for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. What a fun idea for the last day of school! I love the casual elegance of your table with the magnolia centerpiece. Wishing you a lovely Memorial Day weekend, Susan!

  2. Simply beautiful! Love magnolias!
    Have a blessed holiday weekend!

  3. Pretty and simple, my favorite. I also put up a green and white table in the kitchen last week and used the same napkin rings. I have those bunny plates, but this time used salad plates with ivy. The chair cushion fabric looks the same as the duvet cover I use for summer too. Magnolias are lovely, something we do not see in Colorado.

  4. What a wonderful tablescape! Simply elegant!!

  5. franki Parde says

    SO beautiful and the fragrance must be intoxicating (rather than the wine…this time.) The entire tablescape is fresh & enticing!!! franki

  6. Hi Susan, is there any chance you remember the name or source for your lovely white handled flatware in this post? Thank you!

  7. Maureen E. says

    Hi, Susan,

    I used to have those same green cabbage plates in a charger-plate size, dinner-plate size, and salad-plate size. I loved using them in tablescapes, especially at Easter, but I ended up selling all of them b/c I just didn’t have room to store them. (I may have given some to my daughter-in-law; I can’t remember for sure.) At any rate, they often come up in different sizes on eBay, so you may want to initiate a search there and keep your eyes out. Just be sure to look for photos that show the tops of all the plates b/c sometimes the coloring is very different from plate to plate. And be sure to ask the seller about chips, cracks, and crazing.

    Love the magnolia table you did!


    • Thanks for those tips, Maureen! I really do love the color and the design of these. I saw some on Amazon today that were listed as dinner plates but when I read the description, they were only 7 inches wide. Argggh. I will keep an eye out and thanks for the tips!

      • Maureen E. says

        I think the charger plates are about 12″ or so. I went on eBay quickly just now and searched for “green cabbage dinner plate,” and a fair number of listings came up, though I have to start work so don’t have time to look through them. Here’s one that gives the brand name of all the ones I had, and if you put that in, your search will be even more specific: Every once in a while, HomeGoods used to get them, but I haven’t seen them there for some time.

        • I purchased mine in HomeGoods, I believe.

          • Maureen E. says

            I haven’t seen them there for a while. Neither of our local stores has as much dinnerware as they used to, but you probably have access to larger stores. Also, you never know whether you can get as many plates as you want. I ended up ordering from eBay because I found some listings that had 6 or 8 plates at good prices. That was years ago, though.

  8. This table setting is gorgeous Susan! I love magnolia’s so love the centerpiece. I also love the white bunny plates, they are understated, but so elegant with a whimsical touch. Got to love the cabbage plates, they are so cool looking. The chargers work so perfectly with the setting too. Love, love, love! I love how the parents celebrate the last day of school with the kiddo’s on your street, that sounds like so much fun! I live in the country, so not many kiddo’s on my street, but no one had done that here. Most parents would have been at work and the kiddo’s went to an after care program or sports. Besides my 6 boys, there were only 4 other kiddo’s on my street when my kids were growing up. Wish I would have thought of that idea though for my boys. lol Hugs, Brenda

  9. Diane Seaver says

    I found many green cabbage plates on Replacements Ltd. Many are out of stock but if you look around around on the website you will see some are in stock. They have all colors, sizes, and serving pieces. I have a few I’ve bought over the years at Marshall’s, every once in a while they show up out of the blue. Happy hunting.

  10. Green and white is my favorite combo; top it off with a magnolia and it gets Best in Show! Love, love those magnolias. I insist you use them more often. 😉

  11. Lovely table, Susan! Your magnolias are so pretty and dramatic, and the colors are perfect. Love that last day of school tradition, too! 🙂 Thanks for sharing your beautiful table, and for hosting the party. Happy Almost Summer!

  12. This is so pretty, and I really like the vase with the bunnies. You can’t go wrong with magnolias.

  13. Love your table Susan! I can’t even imagine going outside and cutting a new magnolia blossom from the yard – how great is that! Love those cabbage plates too – they have them at Amazon. The dinner plates are 10.5 inches and the chargers are 12 inches. Happy Shopping and Happy Thursday!

  14. cheryl sinks says

    Oh Susan, you are so lucky to have rain-I live in northern California and we are in a terrible drought-I have a magnolia tree in my backyard and its dropping leaves right now-but it does seem to do this once a year-the blossoms are beautiful

    • Mine has been dropping them, too. It does that every year at this time…then lots of new leaves start growing in. I hope you guys get rain soon! I know droughts are scary, I still remember the one we had quite a few years back, they were on the verge of rationing water in our area when the rains finally came.

  15. Love your patriotic banner today!!!!!

  16. Susan, this is such a simple, elegant table. I love it! The magnolia blossom is breathtaking. The white plates stacked with the green cabbage plates are a perfect combination. Thanks for another beautiful Tablescape Thursday.

  17. Catching up on your reads all at once….love this table and I can almost smell the sweet magnolias! The story of parents v kids at the last day of school sounds like so much fun to see (and be in, I’m sure, from their perspective). Love all your new summer style finds, classic!
    Hope you’re enjoying your weekend!

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