What I’m Buying and Loving For Summer

Recently when I was visiting my son, dil, grandson and the newest little addition to our family, I did something I’ve been meaning to do. I finally stopped by the Talbots that I always see when I’m out and about there. I was curious to see if it would be like the Talbots stores here in the Atlanta area.

It was very similar and they were having a huge sale with almost everything 50% off. That same sale is still going on right now and you can check it out here: Talbots 50% Off (almost) Everything

I had seen this coat earlier in the spring and thought it was adorable.

Adorable Raincoat with Gingham Lining


The sale was really good so I decided to go for it. It was originally $149, marked down to $109.99 and 50% off that. So in the end it was $54.99. Update: It’s now on final clearance for $44! Awesome price for a coat of this quality!

I really like that the pockets are designed to function two ways: you can use the big pockets in front to hold things or you can slide your hands into the side pockets to keep them warm.

Raincoat with check gingham print lining


I love the gingham fabric inside, the blue, white and coral colors are so pretty together!

Stylish raincoat with check print lining


I especially love the inverted pleat design in back. Besides being really cute, when you sit down you don’t have to unzip or unbutton the coat because of the pleat design. That feature would really make this a great travel coat, as well.

The length is perfect, too. It completely covered my backside. lol It’s also available online and comes in two more colors, here: Raincoat with Gingham Lining

Stylish Raincoat with Inverted Back Pleat


The other item I bought that day was this cute seahorse shirt. I don’t like synthetic fabrics, especially in the summer. It’s just too hot and humid here in the south to wear that type fabric, so I’m always looking for cool, cotton shirts. I love cotton because it’s so breathable.

The first thing I noticed about this shirt was how light-weight it was, light as a feather. I liked that it could be worn with the sleeves rolled up to the elbows or down full length to avoid getting sun on the arms.

Light cotton aqua shirt with seahorse print


The seahorse pattern is sooo cute and I love the color. I’ve really become obsessed with this Tiffany Blue/Aqua color over the last two years. It’s been gradually weaseling its way into my life and now into my wardrobe. If you’re in need of a lightweight summer shirt, this one is on sale, with an additional 50% off here: Seahorse Shirt

Tiffany Blue Aqua Shirt


Some of the other pieces I love that are currently on sale are this cute cardigan, reduced from $89.50 to $34.99, available here: Cardigan Such a smart look for summer, especially for work.



Love, love, love this dress! So cute! It was originally $159.99 and is now on sale for $54.99 here: Tropical Sheath Dress

Tropical Dress


I’m eyeing this eyelet shirt. It comes in three colors and the eyelet pattern is so pretty! I love wearing tops out, as opposed to tucked in, and I like how it’s designed to be worn that way. It would be beautiful with a skirt, too. It’s on sale 50% off here: Eyelet Top

Eyelet Shirt


Love the colors in this nautical, sailboat dress. It’s reduced from $149 to $44.99 and is available here: Nautical Dress

Nautical Sailboat Dress


Update: After I created this post, I spotted a dress I loved and drove to the Talbots near my home to see if they had it in my size. I got lucky because they had one left. It’s such a flattering fit! I love it! You’ll find it available here: Polka Dot Shirt Dress Update: This dress is now just $36!

Talbots Polk Dot Dress


What else am I loving these days?

I’m completely obsessed with this Dior Nail Glow Polish! I used to wear clear polish all the time and loved how it looked, but it never seemed to last very long. I heard a YouTuber raving about this Dior polish a few months ago and decided to try it. It’s not cheap but I am definitely a fan! It is by far the best clear polish I have ever used.

I love how it looks on my nails, kind of gives them the look of a French Manicure. It dries unbelievably fast and holds up really well to all the abuse I put it through each day. Again, it’s bit more expensive than what I normally pay for polish, but I absolutely love how it looks on my nails and how it lasts, so to me, it’s worth it. You can check out the reviews for it here: Dior Nail Glow

Dior Nail Glow Polish


Another product that I’m loving these days by Dior is their Addict Lip Glow Balm. It revives your lips and brings out your own natural lip color, so it looks a bit different on everyone. It feels really good on the lips, not sticky, just very moisturizing. I can’t stand a sticky lipstick or lip balm. It’s has a ton of rave reviews and you can read those here: Dior Lip Glow.

Dior Addict Lip Glow Balm


I’ve been really impressed with all the Dior products I’ve been using.  Do you have a favorite by them? I’m eyeing their Hydra-Gel Mirror Shine Lipstick that comes in a ton of colors. Anyone tried it, yet?

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  1. I think those look like “cruise” clothes…. 🙂 franki

  2. This was a really enjoyable issue. Your website is so much fun! Thank you!

  3. Susan,

    Love all your summer buys !!! Talbots one of my favorite shops too!!

    Stay cool

  4. Martha Lander says

    I have that jacket! Just got it when it went on sale at my local Talbot’s. I thought it might come in handy for Italy in October, our dream trip coming up! Susan, I reread your post from this past year on going to Italy and have bought a few of your suggested items, to include the Skecher’s shoes. How I loved them this past winter!

    • It should be great for Italy! When I saw that back pleat, I thought about how perfect it would be for wearing on a bus or in a restaurant…any place where you need to sit while possibly still wearing a coat. I loved those, they are so comfortable! Glad they worked for you, too Martha! Make sure you take some boots that are waterproof. They don’t have to be tall boots but trust me, you will want to be wearing waterproof boots if you have some rainy days. They saved me on that trip, I would have been miserable without them. You’re going to love Italy!

  5. Talbots is THE place for clothes which are good quality and classic styles.
    With the many sales they have throughout the year, anyone can splurge
    and beef up their wardrobe with items sure to remain in style and last for
    years. It has been my place to shop for years when long ago I decided that
    I would have only their label in my closet. I have nearly fulfilled that fashion ambition.
    Your choices are indeed looking like there is a cruise in your future; even if not you will be looking great the rest of summer. Don’t you just love that dresses are in again? And the softer feminine look?

    • Alyce, you are so right! I have linen suits I purchased there many, many years ago and they look as in style today as they did when I bought them. You can never go wrong with classic styles. You may pay a little more in the beginning but they last through many seasons/years.
      I wish I could go to Greece but I’m afraid landscaping and hardwood flooring ate up my travel budget. Definitely want to take a small ship or small boat cruise there in the future and see all the islands, though. On my bucket list for sure!
      Oh yes, I so am…I love dresses and skirts! After I published this post, I was drooling over several of the dresses online, so I drove over to the Talbots that’s 2 miles from my home. I got there about 15 minutes before they closed and they had one left in my size. I quickly tried it on and loved it. You can see it here: http://bit.ly/2aBSne8
      It’s so feminine and very flattering. Hope Talbots is around a long time, I don’t know of anyone who consistently carries such classic, feminine clothing these days and you can’t beat their sales!

  6. Regality (aka The Quing) says

    Darling coat. Just curious–have you ever had your colors “done”?

    • No, but it would be interesting to do. I can usually hold something up under my face to tell. For example, I look horrible in most pastels. I’ve always wanted to wear a yellow dress but I look dreadful in yellow. Corals and peaches don’t always work for me (especially peaches) but if a coral is bright enough or mixed with another color like the bright blue check in this coat, I can get away with it.

  7. `Love the coat…bought a very similar one this year (same color), only it is a Jones New York…Great dresses too!

  8. Susan, that coast is supper cute and definitely a great buy. You’ll get lots of use out of it. I haven’t shopped at Talbots in years. I need to take a look. I like the quality of their clothes.

    • Sarah, it’s funny because a few years ago they changed and for a year or two, I didn’t recognize anything in there. In fact, I stopped shopping there.
      They are back to their old wonderful self now and I’ve love their clothes for the past few years.
      I asked a sales associate what happened back then and she said they were under different management and it didn’t work, so they changed back. When they changed back, they were better than ever. I’ve really loved their clothes the last few years. Every season has been great since they changed back to carrying beautiful classic styles.

  9. You got a cute jacket! I love it!

    Fun post too!

  10. Mary Anna says

    I bought this same jacket a few months ago. Yours was a much better price. I think mine was half off. I thought it was a really cute rain jacket and can’t wait to wear it☔️☔️☔️
    I also saw some umbrellas at Target that would be cute with “our” jacket.

  11. Susan, love the jacket! Talbots always has cute clothes and their sales are terrific! Happy Weekend, Pam @ Everyday Living

  12. Marlene Stephenson says

    Thank you so much. I am going to Ireland the 8/6 and i have been looking for a raincoat. You were a great help i got the same one you did, have a great evening Susan and again thanks.

    • Oh, Ireland is on my bucket list! I want to hear all about it when you get back, Marlene! One of the other things I think you’re going to love about this coat is the hood. When I went to Italy and the Netherlands, we had tons of rain. I loved the hood on the jacket I wore because I could take photos without having to juggle an umbrella and my camera. I wore my camera around my neck and under my coat, so it stayed dry and when the rain would let up enough, I could take photos. I felt bad for the folks who had on coats without hoods because they were forced to carry an umbrella and it’s about impossible to hold an umbrella and take photos at the same time.

  13. As usual love your choices Susan. Myself, I don’t shop at Talbots that frequently however some of my favourite wardrobe pieces are from there. -Brenda-

  14. Jill from Southern NH says

    That dot dress is a dream! Talbots is definitely having one of their best summer sales ever. This year I was able to scoop up the wicker and navy clutch I’ve been eyeing since last summer. It was a great price, and they seem to have a lot of sale inventory online, even at the deep discounts, which is great!

  15. Barbara Rodenbough says

    I purchased that rain jacket on sale for our trip on the Windstar to Greece and the Greek Islands in October. I love the jacket.

  16. You found some great things ! Enjoy! Love the Talbots sales. Thanks for the tip on the Dior polish – I use Perfect Formula ( online and on QVC ) and it is similar – like a french manicure without the fuss. Thanks for all the great posts – heading out to see what is left at Talbots, preparing for a trip to France next week…scary times, but probably still going to go.

  17. I purchased that polka dot dress too when it first came out back in May. Love it! There is a Talbots next door to the job

  18. I’ve been using the Dior Nail Glow for a couple of weeks now and letting you know I really like it. Also use it with one of those nail white sticks, which helps with the french manicure look. Thanks for the tip!

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