Romantic Candlelight Dinner on the Porch

Welcome to the 410th Tablescape Thursday!

I’ve been saving clear bottles for a couple of years in hopes of one day creating this table setting. I was surprised by how long it took to save the bottles, seems like every tall drink comes in a colored bottle. Recently when I was cleaning out the garage and came across the bottles, I decided it was finally time to put this little table together here on the porch.

Romantic Table Setting on the Porch


This easy-to-make candlelight centerpiece would be even more dramatic and beautiful on a longer table, thus allowing for a lot more bottles. This was as many as my table here on the porch could handle, but try to imagine this centerpiece wider and longer with double or triple the number of bottles/candles!

Candlelight Tablescape on the Porch


I wanted this table to be all white with touches of silver and glass so I chose a basic white dinner plate and used Crestwood Platinum salad plates from Noritake. The rim around the salad plate is silver although it looks gold in the glow of the candlelight below. Glasses are Breeze Clear by Noritake and are available here: Noritake Breeze Clear and here: Breeze Clear Glasses

Chargers are from Horchow back in 2008. The pearl napkin rings are from Old Time Pottery several years ago. They were very inexpensive at around $1 or $1.50 each.

The flatware was available here: Silver Twig Flatware, but is currently showing unavailable.

Update on 8-1-16, found the twig flatware available here: Twig Flatware. I’m pretty sure that’s the same flatware I have and it’s available in three colors at that link.

Table with Noritake Crestwood Platinum & Silver Twig Flatware


You may remember when I used Crestwood Platinum in this Halloween table setting a few years back: Halloween Tablescape with Mercury Glass Centerpiece

Halloween Table with Mercury Glass Pumpkins & Crows


I’ve also used this beautiful pattern in a Christmas tablescape here: A Christmas Tablescape on the Porch.

Crestwood Platinum is available here: Crestwood Platinum and here: Noritake Crestwood Platinum
Christmas Tablescape with Mercury-Glass Christmas Trees and Deer Head Centerpiece

A view from overhead…

Romantic Candlelight Tablescape in Silver and White


You may remember when I purchased these pebbles in Marshall’s a few years ago in this post: Shopping for a Breath of Fresh Air.

Decorative Stones and Pebbles_wm


I sprinkled the pebbles  all around the base of the bottles. If you were creating a table with a beach theme, you could sprinkle pretty white sand all around the bottles and add seashells to the sand. You could even buy really teeny sea shells and sprinkle some of those inside each bottle.

Romantic Table Setting in Silver and White


The three opaque bottles you see in the very center are from the Peach Bellini beverage I shared from Trader Joe’s a few weeks ago here: Trader Joe’s. See, here’s  your excuse to buy Peach Bellinis, it’s necessary research for a future table centerpiece. πŸ˜‰

Something I think would be amazing is to put a string of battery operated lights inside each bottle…maybe those teeny ones with the tiny lights, forgotten what those are called. Wouldn’t that be pretty sparkling inside each bottle. I need to look for some of those! If they wouldn’t fit in from the top, maybe I could use my ceramic drill bit (see in THIS post) and drill a hole in the bottom of each bottle. Just thinking out loud.

Candlelight Centerpiece


A few pics just as it was getting dark. I think we were getting close to the Blue Hour.

Candlelit Table for Summer Dining


You can just see the sky through the trees starting to take on a blueish appearance.

Porch Dining by Candlelight


If you’re looking for a different centerpiece for your next dinner party, this one is super inexpensive and easy to create. Using a knife, I cut away a bit of the wax from around the bottom of each candle as needed to fit it into the bottle. I carved it down pretty deeply so it would fit inside the bottle securely. You wouldn’t want a flaming candle taking a nose dive right in the middle of your dinner party! So be sure to double check that all your candles are in their bottles nice and snug.

Update: A reader of BNOTP suggested an awesome tool for whittling down the base of a candle so it will fit inside a narrow opening and it works great! You can read all about it in this post: Taper Tippers: Easiest Way to TrimDown the Base of a Candle

Candlelight Centerpiece for Evening Dining on the Porch


Happy summer dining with family and friends! Love this time of year for entertaining!

Candlelight Dining on a Summer Porch


Looking forward to all the beautiful tables posted for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

Romantic Table Setting on the Porch

Tablescape Thursday


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  1. I have always wanted to create a centerpiece like this Susan, it is gorgeous! How did you ever get off all those pesky labels? Thanks for the table top fun today-

    • Thanks, Jenna! I found the easiest way is to use a big tub filled with hot water. Also, fill the bottles with water so they’ll stay submerged and not float. Just let them soak in hot water for a few minutes, it doesn’t take long. It’s amazing how easy they slide off after they’ve been in hot water a short while. The tricky part is getting off the glue that held the label on. I used Goo Gone for that and it worked great.
      Some of the bottles had a thin metal ring around the top, left over from when the cap was unscrewed. I couldn’t cut it off with scissors very easily so I ended up using a sharp, very pointed knife to get up under the ring to slice through it. Be super careful if you do that. You’ll want to make sure to cut away from you so if the knife slips (an it probably will because it did with me) you won’t cut yourself.

      • Vicki alewine says

        What a gorgeous table. My husband makes his own wine and we often re-use bottles (after sterilizing them). For those of you asking about removing labels, I have found ammonia and hot water will take off the labels and glue with no scrubbing. Fill a sink with hot water and ammonia and let soak for an hour or so. Kind of stinky but works like a charm.

  2. What a beautiful setting, Susan! I will be going to TJ’s to get some peach bellinis!!! Where do you find all your napkin sheer covers???? Thanks again for hosting and have a great day!

    • Thanks, Pinky! They also have a carbonated grapefruit beverage that comes in clear bottles, I used several of those in the centerpiece, too.
      The sheer covers are from a little shop in Marietta, GA called The Magnolia Room. They mostly carry antiques. Here’s their website:
      I’ve purchased the little sheer napkin covers from them in a couple of colors. I hope they still carry them, it’s been a while since I bought them there.

  3. Gorgeous table by candlelight Susan! Thanks for the excuse to drink Peach Bellini too πŸ™‚ If you like a summer rose wine, my favorite for summertime sipping is Francis Coppola Sofia RosΓ©. I buy it at Target or World Market and it comes in a beautifully shaped clear bottle that I’m guilty of hoarding after the bottles are empty… *hiccup*!

    • lol I’ll look for that one, thanks for that tip, Mary! I should have jotted down what was in these bottles that I used. I know three of them are from a carbonated grapefruit beverage I found in Trader Joe’s…forgotten the name of it now.

    • I just looked up that rose–it IS a beautiful bottle. On my list now.

  4. Who would have thought that you could create such an elegant table with simple white dishes and empty clear bottles! It is beautiful!

  5. As my now grown up children would say when they were small and out came the candles…”oh, oh, it’s romantic time…” Lovely (and clever) it is!! franki

  6. Your table is absolutely stunning! I’m going to have to start collecting bottles. That makes such a stunning centerpiece! I love reading your blog and look so forward to your beautiful tablescapes!

  7. jennifer moreland says

    Just beautiful! Who’s invited? Ha!Ha!

  8. Very pretty! FYI, rosΓ© comes in clear bottles.

  9. jennifer moreland says

    Hey, not to change the subject, but has anyone been to the Southern Living 2016 Idea House? It is in Birmingham, AL. Just curious as to what you think. A few of my friends have been and they say it is decorated like the 60’s.
    I will probably go when the weather is cooler. Thanks.

  10. Just Beautiful!!!

  11. Anne Shaheen says

    Found some led lights on Amazon, that look like cork bottle plugs. Give a beautiful glow without worrying about burning candles. Light for about 3 hrs. and come with a small charger.

  12. Kate Bootz says

    Fairy lights? Lovely table setting!

    • Maybe that’s what they are called. lol I saw some in Marshall’s recently and they had them on a copper colored wire and on a silver wire. They were very tiny, really cute!

  13. Love it! Does anyone else feel as I do, that this setting is not only pretty, it is elegant AND cute! I think that’s a great accomplishment! Thank you for showing us how to do this.

  14. Such a beautiful table, Susan! It’s very romantic I must say. Did I ever share with you when I burned half of my bangs off with a candle? Oh yes, call me the lacquer queen with my heavy use of hair spray and poof they went. It was just one candle and it was an aromatic one for making the house smell good but I was too close to it. But they grew back! Haha!

    • Oh my gosh! I know it’s funny to look back on now but don’t imagine it was funny at the time. So funny that it was caused by hairspray…I definitely remember those days!
      I did something similar when I was in high school. We had just moved into a house that had a gas oven and I had never used one before…always had electric before. It was the old kind that had to be lit, but I didn’t realize that at first. I had turned it on and after a while when it wasn’t getting hot, I realized I had to light it. Well, my hand with the match never made it to that little round hole where you were supposed to put the match to light it. I ended up with burnt eyebrows and no hair on my forearms for a while. lol It’s a miracle I didn’t seriously burn myself for real. I still remember the smell of burnt hair…not a good smell at all!

  15. You’re so right about the challenge in finding clear bottles but I will start saving the ones I come across. Day or night this time is beautiful and what an ambiance!

    • Thanks, Sandra! Yeah, they are tricky to track down and I wanted different ones, didn’t want them all to match, so that made it even trickier. lol I should have jotted down what these all were so I could share that, but didn’t think about it along the way when I was removing the labels.

  16. So very lovely and romantic. Just don’t have big hair, LOL… you might ignite.
    Gorgeous tablescape, thanks, Sandi

  17. Elegant simplicity. Love all the candlelight.

  18. claudette flanigan says

    Incredibly BEAUTIFUL! Wow! You are right about finding clear bottles. I just checked my bar and everything is green glass or funny shaped. Well, there was one vodka bottle that will work…now I have to start making my husband and I a nightly cocktail. LOL

    • lol He will like this new collection you’ve started! πŸ˜‰
      I wish I had thought to jot down what they all were before I removed and tossed all the labels over the last couple of years as I’ve collected them. The only one I can remember is the opaque Bellini bottle from Trader Joe’s and the only reason I can remember it is because I just bought a couple of bottle this summer and recognized that’s what the third one was.
      Oh, I do know of one item that comes in a tall clear bottle because it’s in my refrigerator right now. It’s this stuff: Raspberry Choco Vine.
      I bought it in Publix Grocery Store after returning from Holland a few months ago. It looked like it would be yummy poured over icecream.

  19. Sandi Lee says

    I love the bottles. They add so much glitter. Can’t wait to try it on my new garden room table that seats 12. I think it will be fabulous. Great idea!!

  20. Very pretty. I bought some Krylon spray paint a while back that puts the frost on clear bottles…..guess I’d have to do that since we don’t have Trader Joe’s (or World Market) in my small town. wah wah wah….

    • Rita, you can find clear bottles elsewhere, too…just wish I had jotted down the names of all the products since I have no idea now what they all were, now. It would be pretty to spray them with glitter paint, frost paint or the faux mercury glass paint. That would be a fun twist on this!

  21. Mary Anne Looby says

    This is a lovely table. I wish I had thought of bottles a few years ago when I did a Valentines day dinner for eight couples. At that time we had a wonderful candle shop (now gone) where I was able to purchase candles that were 30 inches tall. I kept thinking and thinking of how I was going to keep them upright. I finally bought two clear pilsner glasses, put a pieces of pale teal sea glass in the bottom and then put the candles in and filled the whole glass with the rest of the sea glass. It was perfect. I only have one set of good china, it is Fitz and Floyd, Hummingbird White, with large chargers that just have a solid green border with a gold band. I think it was one of the most beautiful tables I have ever done, because it was all my favorite colors of soft teal and pinks and greens. I used my grandmothers crystal, whose name and pattern name escapes me right now(hate getting old) it is a beautiful etched chrystal, with intricate hollow stems. I only have the very tall glasses and the old style champagne glasses which I used for the dessert. Chocolate mousse with raspberry puree in the bottom and whipped cream and strawberry on the top. Such fun. We don’t do much entertaining anymore. When we did it was awesome. Great memories.

  22. I would have never guessed clear bottles would make such a beautiful table setting! Love it.

  23. Susan, what a gorgeous romantic table! I also save clear bottles. It is amazing what candlelight brings to a setting! Thanks for the party! Happy Thursday, Pam @ Everyday Living

  24. You have probably the most beautiful and comprehensive collection of tableware and all the extras that I’ve ever seen or even imagined. However, these simple beautiful clear bottles with the tall candles are the best of all the tablescapes that I’ve ever seen you do. Simple, elegant, sparkly with none of the tchotchkes that are so often used. I understand that this is not a “theme” tablescape, but I’m not into those anyway. I love this one and can’t imagine any other becoming my favorite.

  25. If I’ve never said, I love how you don’t always use actual fabric placemats, runners, or tablecloths. I need to embrace that more. I love this white tablescape, especially with a nice cool salad. It’s so hot right now!

    • I don’t have a lot of those, plus they don’t fit well on this table the few times I have used them. I love chargers, though…love that extra layer they add to a setting. Stay cool, Jerri! It’s better now here than it was a few weeks ago.

  26. Susan, this is such a pretty table! I love the white and silver theme, it’s so elegant. I would love to have a set of that beautiful silver twig flatware, hope I can find it in the future. Thanks for another great Tablescape Thursday. Have a wonderful weekend. :0)

  27. This tablescape is the epitome of simple elegance. I love it and I am remembering this as inspiration for a look I hope to recreate. Great job!
    Best & Bisous,
    Michelle from Simply Santa Barbara

  28. I am always in love with all white, lace, tall-tapered candles and pearls. I always feel it doesn’t just have to be for weddings, but for quiet, tranquil evenings at home. The rustic touch with stones really provide a unique contrast. Lovely!

  29. Theresa McDaniel says

    I think this is my favorite table that you have ever done. This is beautiful. I am a big fan of clear glass. I have a few clear bottles from wine vinegar very different shapes. I also collect rocks from different rivers and lakes. We did a shower floor with the smooth rocks it is interesting when it is dry when it’s wet it is fascinating words cannot describe.

  30. Anita Porter says

    Is your porch glass windows or screened in or nothing thank you ?

  31. Looks beautiful! Thanks for making us a small part of your tablescape πŸ™‚

  32. Very romantic tablescape. I just washed the label off of a bottle of prosecco that is clear but also decorated with pretty white scrollwork. I had no idea what I would use it for. Now I know we’ll have to drink about a dozen more (wink, wink).

  33. Could you please do a story on you bottle tree and glazing ball combo. I have never seen one like this.

  34. Martha Lander says

    Susan, what I love about this table is its simplicity paired with elegance. White and silver can’t be beat! You are so creative and come up with some of the best classic tablescape designs. And wasn’t it fun drinking all the bottle contents! LOL!

  35. very, very pretty… I was, also, thinking that one could keep the place settings as is and just use sea shells instead of rocks and sea shell napkin holders and your silverware you use for sea things.. I would think that would, also, make a classy table setting.
    Love it.

  36. Oh wow, that is gorgeous!!

  37. Your tables are always so beautiful and inspirational. Love visiting to see what you are up to next!

  38. Cyndi Raines says

    BEAUTIFUL!! Looks like a wedding reception table for an outdoor or beachside wedding – just lovely! I’ll be on the hunt for clear tall bottles now -hehe!

    • Thanks so much, Cyndi! Oh, this would be a great centerpiece for that, as long as those sea breezes didn’t blow out the candles. πŸ™‚

  39. I love this table…I have collected some blue bottles, but not clear. I’ll have to start collecting right away. Thanks Susan, beautiful as always.

  40. Oh my goodness how am I just now seeing this?!?!? Love! I even think it would be so pretty as a tablescape for a bridal shower or luncheon. I never save bottles but will start. Thanks for the simple idea!!

  41. Oh my goodness how did I miss this back in July?!?!? Love! I think this would actually be perfect for a bridal shower or bridal luncheon tablescape. Thanks so much for the idea. I usually throw bottles out but will definitely start saving.

    • Thanks so much, Susan! I saved all my bottles so I can set this table sometime in the future for friends. It was a fun one to make and you’ll love it!

  42. Susan, this is a beautiful tablescapes! I love the creativity of using the bottles as a centerpiece! I have see the Noritake Breeze Clear glasses in many of your tablescapes and love them. My question is are yours the 16oz Iced Beverage or the 12 oz size. I also wanted to let you and your readers
    know that I found these glasses for 9.99 each at Bed Bath and Beyond. They have three types of coupons available: (20% off of your entire purchase and 20% off, 20% off of a single item or $5.00 off of $15.00 or more). So if you plan it correctly, you could easily get this glass for $7.50 or $8.00 each). If your Bed Bath and Beyond does not carry the glasses in house, they offer Free Shipping on orders of $29.00 or more. I hope that is helpful and again, if you would let me know what size glass you use, I would greatly appreciate that. Thank you!!

    • Christina, I wasn’t sure so I filled one of the glasses all the way to the very top (which of course you wouldn’t normally do) and then poured it out into a 2-cup measuring cup and it exactly filled it up. So, the glasses will hold 16 ounces when filled all the way to the rim. So I guess they are the 16 oz size.
      That sounds like a great price! Thanks for that info!

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