Spring Shopping & What I Brought Home from HomeGoods Today

This is our weather right now, it’s unbelievably gorgeous outside today. The daffodils and Tulip Magnolias are blooming beautifully! I think the Red Bud trees may already be done, spring has come so early this year!



I love being at home but all this sunshine pulled me out. I’ve been hoping to visit HomeGoods to see what they had in for spring. I was hoping for some St. Patrick’s Day dinnerware.


All I found was this one lone plate. Cute, but I can’t do a lot with just one small plate.


You can see my current St. Paddy’s Day plates in the background of this photo below.

Lemon Lime Infuser Pitcher


By the way, if you are looking for St. Patrick’s Day pillows similar to the ones I decorated with last year, they have some really cute ones out this year.

Happy St. Patrick's Day Pillow on Porch Swing


These are the same size and similar to the ones I bought last year. You’ll find this collection here: St. Patrick’s Day Pillows.


These are cute with the buffalo plaid background…the are available here: St. Patrick’s Day Pillows.


I think this collection may be my favorite though. I love the tartan/plaid! These can be found here: St. Patrick’s Day Pillows.


I snapped a few photos of what I saw while in HomeGoods. The prices seemed a bit high on the outdoor furniture. I think the price you see below was for just the two rocking chairs and the small table between them. Doesn’t that seem a bit high?


This teak bench was really nice! I love a teak bench in the garden and they hold up amazingly well.


They did have some cute Peter Rabbit dinnerware displayed.


There wasn’t a lot available but it looked like there was enough for a table of six.


I came close to purchasing this flatware but both sets had a badly damaged piece among those displayed on the top. The print was scraped off pretty badly on one of the pieces of both sets.


I saw a lot of pretty tablecloths!


Beautiful lemon dinnerware…


They had tons of melamine dinnerware.


This blue dinnerware is interesting. What is that design?


More melamine…


Lots of Easter/Spring decor…



I saw plenty of nautical/beach decor items, too!


Tons of pillows for spring!


These were embroidered and really pretty!



More nautical/beachy decor!


I really like this pale aqua-blue/green garden stool! Would be great in a beach house.


So what did I buy? I couldn’t pass up these daisy glasses!



I also purchased the matching trifle bowl. I have a trifle bowl but it’s really large, which is great for serving dessert for a big party. But it’s a bit too big for preparing/serving dessert for a family dinner or a small dinner party. I love the size of this one, it should be just right for smaller gatherings. Wonder what else I can use it for this spring/summer? Got any ideas?


Occasionally, I get questions about why I don’t use more tablecloths in my table setting. I like tablecloths but I find them a bit restrictive since they can be so patterned, at least some of them. I did purchase this colorful beachy tablecloth in Marshalls a few weeks ago. I will have to see what dinnerware I have to use with it–I have a few ideas in mind.


I hope you are seeing some sunshine in your neck of the woods!

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  1. franki parde says

    This was SO FUN!! I haven’t been to “Home Goods” in an age!! Both “my” Tuesday Mornings closed &, of course. “Pier 1.” Luv your purchase!! franki

  2. What lovely things I would buy practically everything. Thank you for sharing your shopping trip.

  3. Marion Goodwin says

    I love Home Goods stores, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen one as large and well-stocked as the store you shopped at for those sweet daisy glasses. Whenever we travel outside Upstate NY, i.e. NJ and PA I always search out new stores. My family tells me I have too many dishes and I do, but like you, I just can’t help resist a pretty plate! Thank you for sharing all your lovely tablescapes! Care to share what Home Goods Store you shop at? Don’t know if I will get to travel beyond the Mason Dixon line, but you never know! Thanks again!!

    • It was a million times better stocked today than I have seen it in a few years. I was so surprised and happy to see it looking more normal like it did years ago when I used to shop there a lot. Plus, the parking lot was packed. It looked like a Saturday, not a random Wednesday morning. This was the HomeGoods that’s in Marietta, Georgia. I think there’s just one in Marietta, but there are many more in nearby cities like Kennesaw, Smyrna, Alpharetta, Woodstock. You could literally visit 4-5 stores in one day easily because they are all pretty close together–just in different directions

  4. Susan, that was fun! I love all the colorful, pretty Spring things. It would be hard to resist buying half of them. And I’m not surprised that the parking lot was packed. Any time there’s a hint of nice weather, it seems everybody comes out from hiding. 😀 Thank you for taking us on your shopping trip.

    But I want to tell you, the pillow picture under the caption – Tons of pillows for Spring! is not there. It’s just blank. 🙁

    Enjoy your wonderful weather!

    • Thanks for letting me know. I think I uploaded it before resizing it, then removed it to resize it, but when I added it back, something must have gone wrong. Apparently, I was just seeing the cached version because I could still see it but definitely wasn’t loaded. I just added it back again. Thanks again for letting me know!
      Maybe it was the weather, I couldn’t get over how many people were there shopping!

  5. Can you use the bowl for a 7 layer salad, or is it too small? If you want St. Patrick dishes you could get the clover doilies they have and put it under a clear glass plate on top of a charger..just a thought.

  6. I use my big trifle bowl for a seven layer salad. I’ve also used it for an Ambrosia/Waldorf salad. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever used it for dessert. You’re right. It’s just too big. I love the bowl and glasses you chose. I have to cover my eyes now, or I’ll be making a little shopping trip of my own. lol

  7. How delightful to see all the pretty spring merchandise! The adorable daisy trifle bowl would be perfect for banana pudding, or mixed melon balls. I think I’m heading to HG tomorrow!
    What a fabulous forecast —we got to 57 here in Chicago burbs today!

  8. Michele M. says

    Nice scores, Susan. How about using your new small trifle bowl on your porch for floating candles centerpiece?

  9. Thanks for the springy, colorful post!!! It was unseasonably warm here in the mountains too. I love your purchases…I definitely would have been tempted by the bunny plates. 7 Layer salad would be perfect for the trifle dish. I immediately thought of making a big bowl of dirt (chocolate pudding) and “planting” silk daisies and chocolate foil covered carrots in the dirt (crushed Oreo cookies).

  10. I’m super envious of your temps Susan! lol We had two nice days with the temps in the 50’s and that was nice, but back to cold tomorrow. By the weekend though, we will be in the low 60’s, but rain, rain, rain. lol I think they said March was going to be warm, but wet, hope April is dry. Love all the pretty things, those daisy glasses are so pretty!!! Hugs, Brenda

  11. Mary from Virginia says

    What a fun trip to Home Goods. Your store had lots of pretty things to offer. The rockers and table together didn’t seem high to me because everything has gone up. Most porch chairs seem to be running 200.00 and up. The set didn’t seem like a horrible price. Maybe it was, and I am out of touch of where to shop for better deals! haha! Hopefully the stores in my area will come back this season with lots of fun things to purchase. My problem is storage!

  12. Love your “Daisy Finds”: I am partial to anything daisy, especially at this time of year! Looks like a trip to HG is in my near future. I have 2 trifle bowls about the size of the one you bought: that way, I can make 2 different trifles for family gatherings and keep everyone happy with a choice! Thank you for your post today. I always enjoy your shopping expeditions!

  13. Tina W Reynolds says

    The shopping in your area is fabulous! That store was very well stocked. During the late 1980’s and through the 1990’s my in-laws lived in Roswell. We had many happy vacation hours shopping in and around that neck of the woods and swooned over things we saw in the big city and those incredible big malls!

  14. I could see using the shell rimmed chargers that you made on the beachy tablecloth.

  15. Fun shopping with you. I thought the spring pillows were super cute.

  16. Why can i not subscribe? I used to receive daily posts but for reasons I don’t understand they abruptly stopped. And now i am prevented from signing up. Am i being censored? If so, why?

    • No, I haven’t blocked you. Whenever I’ve seen this happen in the past, which is pretty rare, this is the response I always get from Aweber (the company I pay to send out emails to my subscribers) whenever I contact them about the issue:

      “Thank you for contacting AWeber support, I would be happy to assist you with this! Thank you for providing that information for me. It appears that the email address is blocked within AWeber by Gmail. We would be happy to unblock this email address. We would need the subscriber to send us a message from that email address. They can send that to [email protected]. Once we receive an email, we can unblock their email address.”

      So basically, to get it unblocked from gmail, Aweber needs for you to email them at [email protected] (from the email you’re using to subscribe) and request that it be unblocked. They will then unblock it. They won’t let me do this, the request has to come from you. Once it’s unblocked, I can resubscribe you, or you can do it. I have no idea why this occasionally happens but fortunately, it seems to be pretty rare.

      • I never fully understand the reason Aweber gives me for why this happens…they blame it on the servers on your end, like whoever you use for routing your emails. I really have no idea what causes it. Just send them a quick email telling them to unblock you and that should fix it. Let me know when they reply that your email is no longer blocked and I can resubscribe you or you can do it. Sorry, Susan. I find this so frustrating when it happens. 🙁 I wish I knew why exactly it happens.

    • Susan, hope you got this comment. Let me know if you were able to reach someone at Aweber.

  17. I love the daisy glasses. We don’t have a Home Goods near us but we have a new Tuesday Morning! Must make a trip. Loved the bunny plates also.

  18. Virginia says

    The trifle bowl with the daisies: when not in use with a delicious ‘lemon trifle’ in the bowl, fill the bowl with some artificial lemons and greenery and tuck in a silk daisy here and there. Love the bowl….it is ‘fresh and happy looking’.

    Loved the shopping trip without having to get ready to go to the store.

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