What Would You Do If Money Were No Object?

Over two years ago I created a post and asked the simple question, “What would you do if you knew you could not fail?”  The comments/answers were wonderful, insightful and inspiring.  I know we all use that word “inspiring” a lot these days, but the comments truly were inspiring.  If you didn’t get a chance to read that post and the comments, you’ll find it here:  What Would You Do If You Knew You Could Not Fail?

An Interview:
Recently, I was listening to an interview between Chris Brogan and the author, Steven Pressfield. Mr. Pressfield mentioned a site called, Brain Pickings.  What a great name for a website; with a name like that I had to check it out.

While visiting, a recent post there caught my eye.  It was titled, “What Would You Do If Money Were No Object?”  The title came from a quote by the philosopher and writer, Alan Watts.  There was also a very short 3-minute video asking the same question, encouraging us to seriously consider pursuing that “thing” we would do if money were no object.

Unfortunately, for most of us, money is an object…an object that has to be thought about, saved, spent, stretched, budgeted and sometimes even feared.  There are responsibilities, bills, wants, needs…lots of things that continually make money an object in our lives, be it small or large.

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Setting all that aside, I’ve been asking myself today, “What would I do if money were no object?”  Not counting the obvious answers like curing world hunger, poverty, homelessness, animal abuse, research to cure diseases/illness, etc…because we would ALL make those things priority number 1, I asked myself, “What would I do if money were no object?”


Three Things I Would Do:
Some answers came quickly, with travel being the very first one that popped into my head.  I’ve always wanted to travel–not continuously, I’m too much of a homebody for that.  But I’d love to travel to England, France, Italy, Greece–so many places.  If money were no object, I’d take a trip to some place I’ve never been at least 3 or 4 times a year, staying as long as I liked in each place.

2. This may sound silly, but I’d immediately start to work fixing and renovating all the things in my home that never get done for lack of money.  I’d probably even up and move once those things were done, but it would give me tremendous satisfaction to see the things I’ve dreamed of doing in my home and in my yard actually come to fruition.

3. Job/career wise, I’d write and blog.  I’ve never really dared to think about what I might write, but I’d definitely be blogging.  For two years while I worked each day from 7:30  to 5:00 in a difficult, often gut-wrenching job, no matter how tired I was, at the end of the day, I couldn’t wait to get home, fire up my computer and read, create, learn, share and write.  I’d often work until 1:00 in the morning, knowing I’d soon be dragging myself out of bed to start again.  So, yes, I would be blogging.  About that, there is no doubt.  I feel very blessed to be currently doing one of the three things I would do, if indeed money were no object.

That’s three things I would do if money were no object.  Not counting the obvious things we would all do (curing world hunger, poverty, homelessness, animal abuse, research to cure diseases/illness, etc…)  I want to know:

What would you do if money were no object?

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  1. AFTER the obvious worldwide afflictions, the first thing I would do would be to purchase a small retirement cottage in MI to fulfill a longtime dream of my husband. Second, I would set aside money for my grandsons’ college education. The third thing I would do is hire someone to finish our untouched 1980s master bath, our basement, and our house’s siding, and paint all of the interior trim and doors glossy white enamel.

  2. I’d quit my job in corporate America and design/craft/blog full time. I’d breathe a sigh of relief that I didn’t have to constantly worry about the price of things like college, and health care. I’d have time and money to tackle home renovation projects and OF COURSE, use my resources to help others.

  3. If i had all the money in the world i would build a large farmhouse from scratch. I know it sounds selfish, but Witt the house i can always be surrounded by family and friends, laughter and honesty. That’s what life is all about.

  4. Oh goodness, if money were no object, for me, I’d buy a beach apartment and go there as often as we like, as we now have time for almost everything. Now, for the important things in life..exactly what you mentioned, I’d do lots of phylantrophy, as you say. Great post, dear Susan and I’m so glad you won’t stop blogging, lol… Big hugs,

  5. First, I would pay back the student loan money my children had to pay to get through school. Second, I would quit my “real” job and quilt/craft/sell full time. I am happiest when my hands are busy and I love quilting. Third I would by a second home just outside of Seattle, Washington. I have to keep a house here on the East Coast because of my family but my heart lies in the Pacific Northwest and it is my favorite place in the world. Last, I would sell my house getting out from “under water” and buy the house I really wanted in the first place!

  6. Fun to think about…
    I would finish my workshop (a work in progress); buy a winter home in Utah, Arizona or Wyoming; and buy a couple of horses.

  7. Retire
    Build a home

  8. What a fun topic! First I would fill some of my husbands desires and buy his dream home at the lake and then get him a new boat to boot. Then I would do some traveling. There are lots of wonderful places right here in the states I would like to visit and a few abroad too. And the third thing I would do is pursue my passion to start a career in design and decor.

  9. Nancy Crane says

    I’m with you…retire (for sure), travel (but like you, not for too long periods of time) and help organizations that are dear to my heart; like helping single parents in provide safe places for kids to spend time, etc. I think about these things every time there is a huge lottery waiting for the very lucky one-in-a-trillion chance to win, but hey, someone has to!

  10. How fun! Well …I have my eye on a couple of local families that I would truly bless. I would pay for additional schooling for my daughter… I would bless the place I work for with an item we need to grow πŸ™‚ Then I would build a house ..retire…relax…travel… get my blog going…and always look for an opportunity to bless someone. OoOo and I would get a black Lab so I would have one of every color…lol…

  11. I would pay our mortgage off, would send a chunk to the MS clinic I go to in the City so they could find a cure and tell my husband to retire.


    • Finding a cure for MS would be grand. I often think about Annette Funicello(sp) and how vibrant she once was. I hope they find it soon enough to help you and everyone else as well.

  12. I would take all my children and grandchildren to Scotland and England for a month. πŸ™‚

  13. Right now, I would redo the roof entirely rather than “patching” as I can everytile there’s a leak… While I’m at it, I would create two dormer windows in the bedrooms… It would look so cottagey and I would be able to admire my garden: right now I have sky windows, but I’m too short so all I can see is the sky!

  14. Interesting topic for sure! Its wonderful to see most everyone would love to spend more time with family, and to help others out, but it shouldn’t take money to do that, just be there for others is worth more money can buy. But me too, I would love to just surprise people and help them out!

  15. I would love to get an RV and travel around the country for a year. I would hope to find a new city or small town I could find a great house in and just pack up and move. I want to live near water, have four seasons and just not live in such a big city. Hopefully somewhere cooler. TX is just too darn hot most of the year.

  16. I think it would be fun to find ways to help people in their lives, not huge things, well maybe huge things, such as pay off a student loan, pay off a car, pay of credit cards or set someone up in a business and do it anonymously. Then sit back and watch their joy.

    • Kim,
      The ideas you mentioned are wonderful and would bring peace to so many lives.
      I volunteer and give my time because I do not have the money to give. My daughter has been a diabetic since she was 19 months old. Her husband is verbally abusive to her about her medical expenses and that has zapped her self esteem. Her husband travels constantly in his job and is never home to help her care for her 8 year old son who is ADD. She has everything on her. She can not afford the supplies for her insulin pump and her husband fusses at her about it.
      Someday I hope that I can have the money to help her and give her some spending money so she can fix herself up.
      My heart breaks for her.

  17. Obviously, like everyone else, I would cure something (I’d choose cancer) and I would feed children and help single mothers and, and, and….I’d save more for my childrens college funds and my retirement fund and I’d go on vacation and build a house with the biggest family room I could, so that it could be full of family all the time. And I’d send my mom on the vacation of her dreams. She just spent a year and a half fighting the fight of her life (helping my father thru cancer and chemo and eventually hospice). She deserves so much more. It’s nice to have this post to take us somewhere else for the day! Thanks!

  18. Retire, travel, buy homes for my children and pay for grandkids college

  19. I would buy a large piece of land in an area of the country where you can garden year ’round and start a ‘farm’. I would plant fruit groves, a large herb and vegetable garden, have a pond with fish…a barn….cows, pigs, geese, ducks and chickens…even a few goats. The ‘farm’ would be able to produce its own meats, home cured bacon and other charcuterie as well as goat cheeses; fruit preserves and pickles. In the property I would build a big, rambling house with lots of rooms…homey looking but it would serve as a B&B…with a large cooking school kitchen and a small restaurant with indoor and porch eating areas, where people would make reservations to eat the food made in the cooking school with at least 90% of the produce grown and raised in the ‘farm’. Guests in the B&B can participate in working in the ‘farm’ for a few days, if they so wish, and also participate in cooking classes if they wish to book them… There would be a small gift shop where the products made in the ‘farm’ can be sold. That is my someday dream if money were no object.

    • Vicki Sullivan says

      Oh Sonia you sound like you have really thought this one out! With your passion and ideas I think you would be tremendously successful. I hope your dreams come true!

      • Thank you for your comment, Vicki…I have had this dream for about 15-17 years…unfortunately, at my age and with my resources, it would be very difficult to start something this huge …I would love to be able to guide someone else in achieving this dream, and would participate in it as much as my age would permit…

  20. 1. Travel
    2. Build a home with a huge yard
    3. start a dachshund rescue or adopt all the dachshunds in shelters and just drive myself crazier than I already am

  21. So much fun reading all your posts. For me, I would first pay off all my debt (since I’m a widow, it’s all mine), including my mortgage, and my children’s debts. I would travel more, but like many of you, not full time as I too enjoy my home. I have some widow friends that I would help and I too, love to surprise people with things they only dream of. I would hire a house keeper and finish decorating and painting my house. I might even buy a small home somewhere else that I can spend some of my time, maybe in the states, and maybe abroad.

  22. The first thought in my mind is of taking my wonderful husband to Italy. It’s the one amazing trip we’d really like to take someday. But I too would like to take some of the money and finish the house projects, however I really don’t think I would want to move. I love our house, and I’ve put so many personal touches into it that it’s our home. I would however pay off my childrens college loans, and save enough for our youngest to go too. However, I would hold that money out until they finished college – let them take out the loans, and work their way through college – because I know they would appreciate it more and grow in the process. And I too would love to be able to give more to local families, charities, and the Alzheimer’s Association for a cure. And blogging, I want to start blogging!

  23. Well, the first thing I would do is pay off my house and then Anonymously pay off several mortgages of people I know are having a tough time of it. I would take all my girlfriends on a shopping spree to NYC, London and paris! and buy as many pairs of shoes as we wanted. I would support the ASPCA so no animal would ever have to be put down. And being Christmas is my most favorite time of year I would throw the biggest Christmas party my town has ever seen and everyone would be required to ask Santa for something for someone else, and it would be granted! Oh, and somehow I would like to lose thirty pounds – in one week! …….well, you said if money were no object! πŸ™‚

  24. I would open a local youth theater. We are in sore need of a non school space for young artists here in Northern Nevada. It could be used for traditional theater, musicals, choir/band/orchestra concerts, the list is endless…

    That would be followed by getting an earlier start on the travel we have planned, but we could do it without DH continuing to work internationally πŸ™‚

  25. I would love to see the U.S.A. Forget about other countries.
    And, especially while I am still ambulatory.
    Spend my last days on a ranch where there are animals galore.
    And, lots of rooms for visitors to spend the night, day, week, months or however long.

  26. After the obvious donations to charity, and getting my children set up comfortably, the first thing I would do is fix up my house, and give it to a large family, and then buy myself a smaller, cozy home in North Carolina. And a decent car (not new, just good). And buy a really good camera, because I would definitely want to keep blogging, and the pictures I take now are horrible!

  27. Oh, Susan,
    I love this post!
    If money were no object I would:
    1. Buy a big beach house for me and hubby and one for wonderful son
    2. Travel through the U.S.A., coast to coast πŸ™‚
    3. Tell hubby to retire
    4. I would stop daydreaming… πŸ˜‰

  28. I would build a home with enough land for my children, their children and so forth to live on and hopefully be sustainable with crops to feed the masses. I would build cute chicken houses and fill it with beautiful chickens and give the eggs away. I’d pay of the horrendous amount of student loads that I have any my children have and I would travel the world. I would also have enough money that people would listen – then I’d ask the question as to why hasn’t cancer been cured yet. Susan G. Komen receives million upon millions of dollars, yet women still get breast cancer.

  29. Travel to Venice, Florence and Kenya; sell my cottage and buy another older home closer to the shore; retire and concentrate on the avocations that matter most to me; share the rest with my family members so they could do what *they* want to do.

  30. By the way… I highly recommend Alan Watts “Does it Matter?” (And thanks so much for posting this! It really got me thinking about what matters….)

  31. I would buy a home on the beach on the central coast of California, get a smallish RV and travel the US, and help others including my grandchildren and people adopting from EE.

  32. Oh what a great question…one I have been pondering a lot lately…
    I’d quit my job in a heartbeat, then I’d help out the Humane Society, then travel, do interior design, sew, blog, entertain, cook and enjoy life immensely. Then I’d breathe a sigh of relief that I didn’t have to constantly worry about the price of things or ask myself “do I WANT this or do I NEED this”.
    I’d especially breathe a sigh of relief at not having to worry about health care. Then I’d buy my hubs the bestest bicycle in the world…maybe even the planet (just sayin’) then I’d do all the home renovation projects and landscaping my heart desires because after all I’d have time and money to do all the above…other than that I’m real happy right now but thank you for asking such a great question ;o)

  33. We are hoping to begin work, soon, on our late grandma’s home located in the deep south. I hope to transform it from a single story ranch into a two story Italianate Style Home similar to those in New Orleans and develop the acreage into beautiful garden’s on the order of Bellingrath Estate. This dream would be achievable a lot sooner if money were no object. Smile!

  34. I would have homes in New England (mountains) and Hawaii (islands, ocean& the very friendliest people on earth). Each would be a compound of 2 homes (1 for us, 1 for our daughter) and enough land to build for more as the grandchildren wish or not. There would be a private plane and pilot on payroll. Tutors for the grandchildren so we could make travel and humanities the largest part of their education. Each child (teenagers at the present) would be free to choose their life’s work and be encouraged to help people. They would have to earn their educations but in return would receive a trust that would let them continue on with what they learned from their mom and grandparents. Eventually the inheritances would go to them and their familis. Scholarships would be given to deserving students so their energies could be concentrated on their educations. There would be endowments to food banks (private only, unaffiliated with governmental or religious concerns) where every cent went to the subject/people and only volunteers with nothing to gain would hold administrative positions. Special consideration would be given to families left behind of military, firefighting and law enforcement people who leave this earth on duty.
    And while all this was happening I would have staff to do any domestic work I chose to skip while I sew, play golf and enjoy my family.

  35. Travel, travel, travel! I pretty much agree 100% with all of your ideas! I’d love to travel and do all the house things that lack of money keeps me from doing!

  36. I’d get my husband to shut down our small business (after giving handsome severance packages to our employees), because he’s worked too long and too hard for too little reward. We would travel more internationally because we’ve both always loved it. I would build the house we’ve always wanted, with a garage for my husband’s new collection of sports cars (I know he’d buy some cars!), and a beautiful kitchen and hearth room. In the house, there’d also be a cozy library where I could sit to read and write, and a music room with a grand piano so my husband could take the lessons he’s always wanted. We’d have a staff to do housekeeping and yard work! As far as personal fulfillment, instead of working, I would finish writing my book (I’m currently working on chapter 14, but life keeps getting in the way and its been slow slogging) and find an agent and publisher. And I’d have a studio separate from the house where I could get back to my beloved oil painting that I had to give up 25 years ago when I started my “real” job.

  37. 1. Let my husband retire
    2. Travel as much as we wanted and stay as long as we like.
    3. Pay for grandkids college educations
    4. Figure out where we want to build our dream retirement house.

  38. Number 1 — walk away from this house I have never liked, and not look back. Number 2 — travel. Number 3 — build my dream house anywhere but Alabama.

  39. Nancy Carr says

    I would hire a chef and a housekeeper so I use my energy to do all the things I enjoy and be with all the people I love.

  40. How fun! Ok…I’m sure if it could be a reality, I’d do some wonderful things to help humanity, but since it is only a pipe dream and not even the Miss America pageant, I think I can be a bit selfish and whimsical:) First, and this is totally frivolous, but I was at Hobby Lobby today and thought, wow…if money were no object (seriously, I said that!), I’d replace ALL of my Christmas decorations and start over. Second, I’d buy property and get out of a subdivision and build my dream farmhouse(maybe that’s two?). Third, I’d buy up every bit of land for sale in Cobb Co. and make it all parkland – no development! And of course, if money were no object, the list would be endless! LOL
    PS…I’d take that check register balance, too!

  41. After the obvious –
    take care of my boys – buying them houses for example
    retirement for hubby
    take the boys to europe via the QEII (one cannot fly) and ship over our RV so we can take our time in our own space.

    fun thoughts and dreams…..


  42. merle turner says

    Everyone has grand plans to tell the truth I don’t know what I would do I have most things I need and a few I want maybe I would have some fun and try and help out some people

  43. My wish is not as “grand” as traveling the world, although I would absolutely LOVE to do that. For me, I’d love to be able to stay at home with my kids. I would love to be room-mom, volunteer at school, do fun crafts/activities after school, and let them enroll in after-school programs/sports/activities. Instead work gets in the way of all of those. I work, pick them up, immediately engage in the homework battle, cook supper, do laundry, get kids bathed and to bed, and then fall into bed exhausted.
    It would be great to be able to do the ‘extra’ things that I can’t do now.
    I’ve been home for a month recuperating from surgery and go back to work Monday. Having a month at home has made me realize how much I am missing by working. πŸ™

  44. If money was absolutely no object I would (aside from tithing, charities, taking care of my whole family, etc):
    1. Retire immediately
    2. Travel anywhere and as often as we want to
    3. Build the home of our dreams with an enormous kitchen, butler’s pantry, library and huge great room
    4. Give money away anonymously whenever the mood strikes and watch the reactions from afar
    So many other things to count……

  45. My wish is not as “grand” as traveling the world, although I would absolutely LOVE to do that. For me, I’d love to be able to stay at home with my kids. I would love to be room-mom, volunteer at school, do fun crafts/activities after school, and let them enroll in after-school programs/sports/activities. Instead work gets in the way of all of those. I work, pick them up, immediately engage in the homework battle, cook supper, do laundry, get kids bathed and to bed, and then fall into bed exhausted.
    It would be great to be able to do the ‘extra’ things that I can’t do now.
    I’ve been home for a month recuperating from surgery and go back to work Monday. Having a month at home has made me realize how much I am missing by working. πŸ™ (and truth told, it makes me envious of those who do get to stay home.)

  46. I would love to have a HUGE ranch where folks who can’t or don’t want their animals any more could come live or lost pets can be sent without being fined. I would have a full time vet on site at all times and I could spend my time trying to find proper homes for these animals. I haven’t worked out all the logistics (obviously) but I would love to spend my days playing with four legged animals. The two legged ones are starting to lose their appeal ;).

  47. 1. Let my husband retire
    2. Move to the ocean
    3. Spoil my family
    4. Collect art

  48. Susan, you pretty much covered my answers, all three. I guess I would sell my current home though and by or build my dream farmhouse in a beautiful undecided rural area with a trout stream behind us (hubby’s dream), not too far from great shops, restaurants, and hospitals, but with natural beauty, farm markets, a great church and wonderful, accepting community. Is that too much to ask? Oh, and 4 seasons…..

  49. After getting the house to perfection, I’d probably move and find an old farmhouse with some acreage. I’d have bee hives, and I would start a Cat Rescue and provide veterinary care. Plus, build a huge animal hospital, state of the art, with specialists in many fields and provide care to all who needed it. (that’s the veterinarian in me speaking). I would put my DD thru vet school debt free and she would love working there too.

  50. If I had no money concerns at all and had a great deal of it I would set up smart and good trust funds for every young person I love so they have hope for their future.

    I would buy both my daughters a house. Well my eldest has one, but it isn’t her dream home.

    I would invest in both of my daughters businesses so they wouldn’t be worrying all day every day about how it is going to happen for them – smart financial backing.

    For me/us – I would finally get that porch I keep putting off and also fix things and update – but to be honest I travel as much as I care to and I love my house and stuff…….so for ME I wouldn’t do much else different, just to help others, and I mean it sincerely – I about died of worry when I was young, when raising two children on my own and working 80 hours a week……….it really takes its toll. I would love to be the catalyst who takes that kind of deep worry away from my loved ones.

    And once that all was done, if I had lots left I would have a 1029s build tiny little beach cottage somewhere tucked away as a get-away spot all my own with a gazebo for all my girlie tea parties!

  51. I too don’t have a lot of personal wants, but I would pay off our house and get all our kids and grandkids set up so they don’t have to worry in the future. It’s a struggle these days even with both people work. We’re already retired and very fortunate…but there’s not a lot left over, so my wishes would be traveling when and where we want. We’ve done quite a bit, but there are still SO many places I want to see! We love our home, so I don’t see moving.
    We have always talked about setting up a philanthropic organization. This organization would take the homeless and train them in skilled jobs and would also match them up with companies that need those skills. Their salary wouldn’t be much during training, but we would have another partner that would assist with housing on a temporary basis. There are a lot of details to this, but when money is no object, so many obstacles can be overcome!
    This has been a totally awesome post today!!!

  52. Helping others is number one on my list……
    Of course I would pay off my house, clear all debts, and finally be able to afford health insurance…..then repair and paint everything I let go because of poor finances!!! Then I would travel and take my friends with me!!! And my friends and family will never go without…..

  53. Interesting timing on this question. I don’t usually comment, but here goes. I’ve been praying that God would give me new dreams. With an empty nest and grandchildren and who do not live close by, my sweet husband and I have become involved with adults with special needs. Hearing their parents’ hearts for their concern for their children’s future – that must be considered long after they are gone – I would love to build homes in a farm setting for these adults to live in community with one another. There’s a model for this close by us and another in Houston – and I’ve seen the peace and joy on the faces of these residents. This is not an institution. This is a home. They invite the community in. They are involved in the community. They become family. They contribute in ways that make them feel productive. It is a safe, warm and caring home environment for them.

  54. I am so impressed with you women out there and your generousity for your loved ones and others. I must be really old because I find it hard to dream or want for much. I love my home, my husband and children wait………..in different order, my husband, children, grandchildren, home and friends. If I could change an unhappy life for someone I would.

  55. Dannyelle @ www.lifeisaparty.ca says

    Susan, your question really made me think, and as I read through lots of the responses, it made me feel so blessed. I’m not rich by any means, but I am at home full-time, able to blog, able to grocery shop without thinking about if we have the $. I get to travel some, with usually one family vacation a year. I live in Canada so I don’t even have to think about health care costs. I have my student loans all paid off. You make me appreciate all that I have. I have lived with little before, but you know when Christmas is coming and you don’t have a list of things you need, and actually have to think is there anything I want, that you’re doing pretty good. Thanks for the perspective check!

  56. Travel and take lots of pictures and build us a homey ranch house on our land that my father-in-law left us. During my travels I would furnish it with things that we love.

  57. Linda Bettinger says

    When she came up from Florida to visit us in Michigan, my late mother-in-law used to ask each of us what we’d do if we suddenly inherited a million dollars. It tells a lot about a person.

    1. I would first of all MAKE my husband retire! And give him a new job——my to-do list! And I’d hire a handyman to do the things I think hubby isn’t finishing fast enough.

    2. Then I’d pay off my daughter’s mortgage and buy my other daughter and her daughter a new house (they live with us now)……close to ours! And I’d pay the tuition to put my grandchildren in the best schools around! And while I’m at it, I’d build a new house for us after I scour through a dozen or so house plan magazines. That would be so fun!

    Then, I’d build a restaurant/old fashioned supper club, and I’d be the chef, with a cracker jack staff who would do everything exactly as I say and do most of the hard work,…. and we’d have the best food around! And the decor would be lovely—-relaxing and comfortable, but very elegant…….with CLEAN FLOORS (that’s what I notice first when I enter a restaurant)…….with cozy cubicles where families could have a little privacy while they dine and won’t have to worry about their little children bothering other diners. And……(okay, I know I’ve seen too many 1940’s movies but…) it would have an orchestra and a girl singer……..ME…….. and we’d do those old Cole Porter and Irving Berlin broadway songs. And there would be dancing! And a dress code. And families welcome! People would line up to get in and it would be the place to be on Saturday night! The place would be packed all the time, in spite of my singing! It would be great!

  58. “If money were absolutely no object” —
    Talk to my financial advisor to distribute it accordingly to make more of it with intention to spread-the-wealth among family and friends for starters and various organizations. (With the exception of donations to Hospitals, said organizations would definitely not come under any Government funded umbrella. They would have to be strictly self-supporting and worthy in cause.)
    Secondly, though I am a December child I detest Winter (I live in Canada) so I would move to some place below the Equator and soak up the sunshine and warmth twelve months of the year. -Brenda-

  59. Sylvia Faye says

    Be thankful and grateful
    Help Our Lady, Blessed Mother
    We would each go on an Ignatius Retreat and thank the Good Lord
    Help the Missions in the Phillipines, Africa, and India
    Get our teeth fixed
    Take my husband back to the places he play pro-ball
    Visit the many shrines of Our Lady worldwide; especially in Equador
    Visit with cousins I have met and several I have never met
    See old school friends and stay awhile with each of them
    See our son and family in Australia
    Bless our children where their need is the greatest
    Help grandchildren and great-grandchildren
    Help friends who are struggling
    Find a lovely ranchstyle home on several acres of land close to our church

  60. I would buy an old barn which I would restore. It would have to be on a lake with many acres of land. I would invite my children and their families to live in it with my husband and me. Then I’d rescue and take care of homeless and abandoned animals of every kind. Just the idea of it makes me smile.

  61. Money would always be an object. When I only made $20K a year I wanted to all teh things that I could buy if I made $40K … then I made $40K wanted the $80K … etc. Funny how we find new things we can’t live without as we make more and more. Sad too. Anyhoo, I would love you to review/giveaway my book on your site – or maybe a guest post? Stop by when you get the chance and let me know what you think.

  62. Since we are already retired, I’d buy houses for my daughters, pay off my son’s house and fix this one up as it should have been done before we bought it. Travel all over the states in an RV and buy a condo at Gulf Shores and Williamsburg. Since we are saving money to build a new church, give a chunk to buy the furnishings when the building is done.

  63. I would do a lot more of the only three things you can do with any amount of money: spend it, save it and give it away. End hunger and disease around the world. Then let my mom retire and travel. Pay for a new high school to be built in our community with a state of the art fine arts performance center. New uniforms and instruments for our world class high school band program that current has 20 year old uniforms and some instruments even older. I would travel to Europe, England, Paris, and all the places I haven’t seen here in the US. Provide money so my children could do the work that inspires them without worrying about the pay rate. Plant an English cottage garden in my backyard. Buy my husband a new vehicle to replace his truck that has 300,000 miles, no heat and a broken seat.

  64. While I don’t have all the money in the world, I have been lucky to do so many things. I’m living a dream by spending half the year in Maine…what a gift. With the extra I have , the best thing to do is try to support those things that make life better for others.

  65. What a thought provoking post & comments! I think the one thing that I would love to be able to do is build some type of a business that would employ a lot of people. The community, where I live , has been hard hit by the economy & unemployment.

  66. I would pay off mortgage and all other debt including daughter’s student loans and car. She can pay off her own Victoria Secret Credit Card.
    I would get repairs and projects done around the house and yard. I would do the ones that I enjoy and hire the ones I can’t or don’t want to do. Honey Do list done, Priceless!
    I would love to help out family, friends and others pay off a bill or loan without letting them know where it came from. A thousand dollars for most people is a major blessing. It buys simple needs and calms many worries.
    I would start a fund for the vets in town for people who don’t have enough money to properly care for their furry friends.

  67. Hi Susan,
    The first thing I’d do is pay off all our mortgages, fix our homes up (my daughter’s, mother’s and mine). Set up accounts for my grandchildren’s education, pay off my daughter’s student loan debt. Once that’s all squared away, then I’d donate money to lots of charities that help children. I guess I’ll just keep on dreaming. Maybe I’ll win the lottery or Publisher’s Clearing House sweepstakes! Hahaha.

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