A Fall Door Arrangement You Can Make in 5 Minutes (or less)

Earlier in the fall I made this arrangement for my front door.  It can be viewed in more detail in this post:  An Autumn Basket for the Front Door

Decorate Front Door with an Autumn Fall Floral Basket


For Halloween, there’s some strange things happening on the front porch.  The earlier fall arrangement just wasn’t working anymore.  It was a bit too dressy/formal for Halloween.


I decided to create  something a little more casual with some of the fall flowers left over from last year’s fall door arrangement.  I found some Indian Corn at the farmer’s market recently…don’t you love that stuff!  It just fascinates me.  I came home and googled about it and was amazed to find it grows that way.  I don’t know what I expected but it just blows me away that this stuff grows in the field like this!


The arrangement took about 5 minutes to make, if that long.  The only other items I used was a little wire and some ribbon.


I just placed the corn atop the wire stems of the flowers and wrapped some of the florist wire around it to hold it in place.  I covered the wire with the ribbon, which you can just barely see in this pic.

Easy-Fall-Door-Decoration with Sunflowers and Indian corn


I may change that out for some wider ribbon later…not sure.   The dried leafy part of the corn hid the stems of the flowers and looked pretty underneath the flowers.

Easy Fall Floral Door Decoration with Indian Corn


This is a super fast and easy door arrangement.  I promise to share the rest of my porch soon.  Happy Fall, Y’all!

Front Door Decorated with Indian Corn and Sunflowers for Autumn


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  1. How adorably cute and it looks so easy. I have yet to adorn my door with anything. The house is new and I just can’t bring myself to hammer a nail into my fresh front door. 😉

  2. Susan,
    This looks fantastic, as usual! I love it. You inspire me so many times.

  3. Love it, Susan! 🙂
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  4. That’s a great idea! I like the idea of mixing the silk plants with the natural corn. Best of both worlds!
    I think you are right about water getting up under the door and literally rotting it out. Funny how one little oversight can cause a problem! Because of the intense weather changes we have here in northern Michigan we mostly go with metal doors that look like wood. The natural wood is too hard to keep up with. I hope your new door will work out for you! You are such a good DIY kind of person! (I hope you get to that doctor!! 🙂 )

  5. I would love it if you’d link this up to The Pinspiration Project!

  6. envoy-ette @ Goose Grove says

    Oh- Susan- you take care of yourself! Can’t have you bedridden- what would WE readers do without you? Your door is lovely- AS ALWAYS. Love it and after I post this comment- I’ll be asking my guy to get me the materials so I can copy-cat you! You know that’s a form of flattery…..

    • envoy-ette says

      Well- we did it! It took us more than 5 minutes though! About 20 and my husband wouldn’t make a move without consulting your picture….LOL. I’ll post the pic in a few days on my Facebook page called Goose Grove. I just hope the “corn-coons” don’t try to eat it! LOL

      • Yay! lol that’s too cute about your hubby! So far, my corn hasn’t gotten eaten, although I did see a chipmunk running away from the door today. 🙂 I don’t think he was too interested in the Indian corn, though.

  7. Hi Susan,
    That is so very cute! I had to giggle, the picture you show the items you used the wire and the ribbon, and one little acorn I see there, that is cute.
    I need to go to the farmers market to get my fall decor!
    I am looking forward to all your Christmas decorating !! can’t wait! I bet you make wonderful cookies!
    Have a super day!

    • Paula, the huge oak tree in the front yard has been dropping acorns everywhere. I saw that one on the porch when I started to take the pic and just left it. It is kind of cute. 🙂

  8. Ellen in Oregon says

    Just wanted to let Patti know that she doesn’t have to put any nails in her new front door on order to hang a decorative arrangement. I live in a condo and cannot use nails in my front door either. My first soultion is to use an over the door hanger (the kind that is used to hold Christmas wreaths) and the second option is a Command stick-on hanger made for different weights that can be remmoved with no damage. You can find both of these items at Michael’s for a couple of dollars each. I love a project where I already have everything I need on hand, it only takes a couple of minutes to complete & the results are beautiful – Thank you again Susan.

  9. I love them, even I can make them, lol… They’re so pretty and easy. Thank you Susan, you are so great and thoughful with us. Happy week.

  10. That’s a fabulous door decoration, and a great idea! Can’t wait to see your porch!

  11. Hi Susan, I may be late, I’m one of your newest followers and I have been spending time looking at your earlier posts – and your Porch. I’ve never seen a more lovely porch and I just have to tell you how much I love it. I love the Halloween decor and the way you change it up with the seasons. Just had to tell you – not stalking, but loving this blog!

  12. Very pretty, Susan. Hope the doc can give you something to clear up the problem. Holidays coming, you need to be well!

  13. Linda Bettinger says

    Susan, you are SO clever! Love the natural dried corn and the silk flower combo. And I love the simplicity of this project! Thanks!

  14. What a creative idea for your fall decor on the door. I have everything handy so will give it a try. Right now
    , I have a vine wreath on the door with globs of cotton (from the plants in August) on the door. I have a burlap ribbon on it. I got the idea from Pinterest. I stuck some fall leaves in it and would like to add feathers.

    I hope you feel better soon. I am fighting the same thing. I really enjoy your posts.

  15. Hi, Susan!
    After seeing your latest decorating idea, I could kick myself!
    One year ago I found a corn garland (made of 12 yellow corns) on clearance for only 1 euro ($1.30) and…
    I didn’t buy it! The normal price was 26.90 euros! Can you believe that? I, myself, cannot!!! 🙁
    I knew, one day I’d regret it! And today is that day!!! Sigh…
    ~Hugs to you and get well soon~

  16. Susan, you door decoration may have taken just minutes to put together but it looks fabulous. I could see more corn stalks in the reflection in the windows so I’m looking forward to your reveal of your other porch decorations. Our screen door on the front of the house needs replacing, too. It sticks on humid days and the dog has pushed out the screen. Not sure what we’re going to go with, but if we get a wooden one, I’ll remember your tip about painting the bottom!

    • Jane, if I ever do buy another wood one, I think I may prime it and paint it on the bottom. I know my door was hung before it was painted, or I’m pretty sure it was, so I don’t think it was ever painted or sealed on the bottom. Sorry you’re having the same problem. You may need to get one of the doors that has the solid panel across the lower section, although then you’re sweet doggy wouldn’t be able to see out.

  17. This is so simple, and it looks so great! 🙂

  18. Katherines Corner says

    I really like the combination of flowers and the corn cobs!!! Thank you for sharing I hope you will link it to my party on Thursday xo

  19. Lovely, just the right touch. I love Indian Corn, too, and it is so pretty with the flowers.

  20. Hi Susan,
    I’m a new follower of your blog (in fact I just found the blogging world since my boys got me a laptop for Christmas last year-wow! what fun!). I can’t tell you how much I love your porch and all your creative ideas. You inspire me! Your wreath looks wonderful. Just a note on the Indian corn. I’ve grown it myself and have dried some that has lasted more than 10 years. I decorate with it every year. One caution, you need to grow indian corn far away from your regular eating corn or it will cross pollunate and the eating corn will not be very good. Thanks again for all your inspiration.

    • Betsy, that’s awesome! I’ve never bought it before so I’m thrilled to know it will last. I’ll definitely use it again. I found it for just $2.99 a bunch so I bought four bunches thinking I might use it on my Thanksgiving table. Thanks for the info. I wish I my backyard was sunny enough for a vegetable garden. One of these days I’m going to move and live where I can have a vegetable garden again…would love that. You’ll have fun visiting all the blogs!

  21. Very charming arrangement. A must try!

  22. Super cute and very clever!

  23. Susan, this is SUCH a pretty door adornment, and I love how easy it is to put together! Thanks for sharing.

  24. Very clever idea, Susan! Love it! ~Zuni

  25. That does look beautiful against your red door, Susan. And a wider tartan ribbon might look very pretty. (I love Buchanan Tartan at this time of year.) I used to hang corn on my door in the autumn but the squirrels found out and would JUMP onto it and hang on by their back feet and nibble on the kernels. In fact one Saturday morning I thought I heard someone knocking at the door — as I opened it, a squirrel leapt from the corn into the air in terror, and I screamed. I don’t know which one of us was the more frightened!

    • Oh my gosh! I had wondered about that. The stalks I have out there have so much corn on them, I was wondering if anything might go for it. lol I’ll have to keep a watch out because we have a lot of squirrels around here. That would have scared me, too! 🙂 Too funny!

  26. Love the front door decoration, Susan!! I may try it except I’ll have to do it 2 x as we have 2 front doors!
    You are such a handy woman – don’t think I could do 1/4 of the projects you tackle! Wanted to say that I read somewhere about wooden doors that sometimes they “forget” to paint the bottoms & they are plain wood & when wet, it just wicks up the water until the door eventually rots away. Wonder if your old door was like that? I think you’ll grow to like the vinyl door & it will last a VERY long time (unless you dent it – but then those were the days when I had small boys who couldn’t wait to use the handle on the door to open it & used their BIG FEET on the bottom to start the process – !!!!!!). I am also really glad you kept the red front door – it just works with everything you’re doing! Take care!

    • That would be pretty on two! It’s so easy to make…I’ll definitely make it again sometime, too. I had to have the vinyl door removed, it was so heavy, it was sagging. So I had to get another wood one, which still isn’t painted, I might add. I need to do that. Yep, I remember those days…boys with big feet. lol Then they grow up and move out. 🙁 I miss those big feet now. Thanks, Faith!

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