When Hope Is Not Enough & My September Favorites

A few weeks back when I was visiting with family, I mentioned to my daughter-in-law that I was super annoyed that as I have gotten older, the pores on my face seem to be more visible. I had heard women complain of having big pores or visible pores all my life, but I had never really understood what that meant. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve noticed that I have pores on my face, too! lol I know that sounds crazy, but they were never really visible until the last couple of years.

My daughter-in-law, Nancy, is really into makeup and loves experimenting with different brands. I’ve never been that much into it, preferring to wear as little as necessary. She immediately recommended Philosophy’s When Hope is Not Enough. I ordered it right away and after using it for around 2 weeks, I could definitely see a difference. My face was looking much more like it had in the past where I didn’t even notice I had pores. Anyone else use Philosophy products?

If you’re starting to notice the pores on your face appearing bigger or more noticeable, you may want to give it a try. I’m very pleased with the improvement I’ve seen. You’ll find it available here: When Hope Is Not Enough.


Today and tomorrow are Amazon “Prime” Days. If you’re a Prime member, they are having some huge discounts right now.

For example, a lot of the Philosophy products I’ve been wanting to try are 30% off today and tomorrow. That’s a huge savings on a lot of their most popular products. Here are some of the ones I’m considering trying If you’ve tried any of the products below and like them, please leave a comment letting me know. There are so many good ones on sale right now, I’m trying to decide which one or ones to order. Nancy, my daughter-in-law loves their moisturizers!

Renewed Hope in a Jar is available 30% off here: Renewed Hope in a Jar.

If you prefer that your moisturizer contain SPF, you’ll find the moisturizer above with SPF 30% off here:  Renewed Hope in a Jar with SPF.

This sounds like a great one for nighttime. It’s also 30% off here: Renewed Hope in a Jar.


This is the one that’s most tempting me. It’s normally very expensive but at 30% off, it’s much more affordable. You’ll find it 30% off here: Ultimate Miracle Worker.


One more I would love to try that’s also on sale is this one. It’s 30% off here: Anti-wrinkle Worker Overnight.

I never got around to doing a September favorites post, but thought I’d add a couple of my faves from last month to this post.


Love this soft tunic I purchased last month! It’s available in several colors here: Tunic.


Soft, Cozy Tunic



I bought this when I was still in Ohio because one of the reviews said it was as soft/nice as a Barefoot Dreams throw. I’ve been wanting to try the Barefoot Dreams throws, but they are super pricey…this one isn’t! I loved this pretty leopard design so that’s the one I chose in a Queen size.


I also love it in this blue size, would be perfect for my upstairs family room!


I think I’m going to buy one for my son/dil for Christmas because they loved it when it arrived while I was in Ohio. It comes in several fun prints, including a zebra print. You can see all the fun prints it comes in here: Brown Leopard & Zebra Throws.


Update: As I’ve been shopping the Prime deals today, I came across this deal. I don’t watch TV, but if I did, this would be super tempting. It’s down from $179 to $119 and is on sale here: 32-in Smart HD TV.


I’ve been thiking about trying Levi Jeans…heard such good things about them. These black skinny jeans are currently on sale here: Levi Skinny Jeans.  All the Levi jeans for both men and women are on sale here: Levi Jeans for Men and Women.


Very soon, I want to do a post about a new Fragrance house I’ve been trying. It’s something very, very different. Are you a perfume lover, too?

A perfume I’ve worn off and on over the years and love is Vera Wang. I always get compliments on this fragrance! It’s currently 30% today and tomorrow here: Vera Wang Perfume.


I’ve always wanted to try Elizabeth Arden’s iconic Red Door fragrance. It’s also 30% off today here: Elizabeth Arden Red Door. Any Red Door fans out there. I typically love floral woody so I think I would like it.


Let me know what awesome Prime Day deals you find and I’ll add them to this post. Also, if you wear any of the Philosophy skin products, please share in the comments because I want to try more of them after my success with their serum, When Hope Is Not Enough!

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  1. cleo headley says

    Yes, I use philosophy products. Also a big fan of Paula’s Choice…..

  2. I am a “Philosophy girl” and just got my When Hope Is Not Enough from QVC. They had a great deal a few weeks ago…love all the products. Purity face wash, Micro delivery scrub, and the shower gels are wonderful! I can’t believe you put the link to Red Door. That is my go to everyday winter scent (Green Tea in Summer) and I need a new bottle. Enjoy all the Philosophy products…besides the products I just love the writing on the labels!

    • Oh, that doesn’t, I def need to try it if it’s a great winter scent. Thanks, Ann! That’s so cool that you like the writing/typography…now I need to go back and look more closely at it.

  3. The throws look like sheer comfort. My daughter sells Younique products so that’s my current regime, although I was a Clinique girl for years. Levi’s are my go to brand for jeans. Believe it or not, Sam’s club had their skinny mid-rise 711 for just under $30 so I grabbed a pair. I started wearing the high-rise skinny jeggings from Talbots last year on your recommendation and love those too (black, midnight blue and white, all 3). Lol, I guess what I’m saying is I haven’t gotten one deal on Amazon yet but I did just buy myself a new cordless Shark ION F80 today! I waited to see if they’d put it on prime deals and they didn’t. My sister has one and LOVES it. I’m ready to ditch the canister and cords. I want something light. Consumer Reports rates it highly too. Love your favorites lists, Susan. Keep ’em coming.

    • Thanks, Rita! I love Clinique products. I love their moisturizer. Rita, have you ever purchased a Clinique perfume that apparently comes out only at Christmas called, Wrappings? I don’t know if they still bring it out around Christmastime, but I heard a YouTuber who reviews perfumes mention it and I would love to smell it. It’s called Wrapping (like gift wrapping) since it only comes out at Christmastime.
      Congrats on your Shark! It sounds amazing! I’m going to look it up. Yea, I do not like canisters, I only use vacuum with bags because I do not want to see the yucky stuff that gets vacummed up. Also, I prefer my vacuums have a retractable cord because I hate winding up a cord. lol Cordless sounds amazing especially if it’s powerful.

  4. I am a big fan of Philosophy products. I use the bath liquid, olive oil scrub, body lotion, hand lotion, and several of their Purity products – face cleanser, wipes, masque, moisturizer. I also love the Amazing Grace fragrance.
    I have used Red Door. Nice scent.

  5. Thanks for the reminder on Prime Day, Susan — I have a coupon for 3rd-party sellers and almost missed it!
    If you like orientals, Carven’s l’Absolu is a beautiful light winter scent. Crisp and green at first and then dries down to a soft woodsiness. Available on Amazon, but not on sale …

  6. Philosophy products are awesome – have used them for years . Also love their shower gels . QVC has great deals on their products also . They make some products and bundles of products just for QVC shoppers . Especially great when they are the Today’s Special Value.

    • I don’t think I’ve ever purchased anything from QVC, but I should try them out. My sister used to shop with them all the time and really liked it. Thanks, Susie!

  7. Carol Lupiani says

    Susan, I have been using Philosophy for several years. My can’t live without items are Purity cleanser and Hope is Not Enough moisturizer. The cleanser takes everything off but is gentle. I even use it to clean makeup brushes. I love their Hope moisturizer because it is lightly fragranced, not greasy or heavy, and makes my skin smooth.

  8. Carol A Norton says

    Philosophy goodies sound lovely–I’m still with Clinique, and my old standby Ivoire scent. I personally don’t care for Levi’s jeans. I’m little in the middle and they don’t taper in enough. They have that pouchy stick out part in the back. I still have enough Gap’s to last for awhile!

    • A friend of mine who likes the Talbots curvy jeans like I do (we both have bigger hips and smaller waists) said that she loves the highwaisted Levis. I need to figure out which ones she buys since she says they fit like the “curvy” style at Talbots. I hate when pants/jean gapped out in the back. Is that the same problem you have, Carol? Do they gap around the waist if they fit in the hips?

  9. I’ve been using Philosophy for years. I like the Purity Made Simple cleanser; their shower gels (especially Summer Grace and Candy Cane); and a moisturizer called Take a Deep Breath. Personally I like that better than Hope in a Jar.

  10. Hi Susan,
    Great post. I have used a Philosophy Purity cleanser but I definitely will be checking out the first item you mentioned because I have noticed the same thing about my skin, and makeup (foundation) just doesn’t look the same on me as it used to.
    My daughters both wear Levi’s 311 jeans. Yesterday we were at the outlet stores in Dawsonville and my daughter tried on the Levi’s jeans that were advertised as high-waisted (I can’t remember the number). She then tried on the 311 style and we both noticed that the 311 style actually has a higher waist. All of their jeans were 40 percent off yesterday.

  11. I’ve been using the Philosophy facial cleanser and the day/night moisturizers for about three years now. It’s a great product line! I love the light, fresh scents and have been very pleased with how my face stays moisturized. You can also purchase directly through the Philosophy website and they offer 25-30% off sales about quarterly. Ulta also includes the moisturizers in their skin care event once a year when you can purchase at 50% off–a great way to stock up! One word of caution, I usually buy the day moisturizer with SPF, and I have noticed that it can go rancid after a few months.

    • Thanks, Kristin! That’s good to know about the moisturizer with SPF. I usually avoid wearing any moisturizer with SPF because sometimes they have a sheen to them that I don’t like. Also, they tend to be really thick, or at least the ones I’ve tried have been. If I’m going to be out in the sun for more than a few minutes, I prefer to just wear a hat to shield my face.

  12. Sue Matthews says

    My night time face cleanser is Purity. Favorite shower fell is vanilla and fig.

  13. Cyndi Raines says

    Susan, I just purchased a really cute pair of Skechers boots on QVC, they looked really comfy and am excited to try them out. Hope they are as comfy as their sandals. I have purchased various products on QVC and have always been pleased with their products. My parents loved shopping QVC when they were alive. My sister-in-law wears Red Door and it smells lovely on her. I have to always try a fragrance on before I purchase it as I have found it can smell different on me then what it does on another person, or what it does in the store. Must be the difference in my body’s chemistry. Have you ever noticed that for yourself?

  14. I’d never heard of Philosophy, but obviously everybody loves it! I’ll have to give it a try! Thanks for the heads up, and see you later for Tablescape Thursday! 🙂

  15. I used them exclusively for years. Eventually found the Cerave cleanser was excellent, MUCH cheaper. I do miss the wonderful Philosphy cleanser smell! Found the It Cosmetics moisturizer to be even better than Philosphy’s. The Hope serum though, is still a keeper! I watch for sales on the website or on QVC. The body washes are fun, and the Microdelivery 2 part scrub is excellent. I have not been using that as I started on Retin A which has been a game changer. My understanding is you don’t want to do much else in the way of exfoliating when using Retin A.

  16. I should add that the Philosophy cleanser did an excellent job of removing makeup!

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