What I’m Packing for Ireland, Almost Everything Is On Sale!

Whenever I create a post sharing how I’m packing for a trip, the comments vary greatly from positive ones to folks who seem to think I’ve lost my mind for taking so many clothes. lol Some folks relish the idea of packing light for vacation with only a couple of pairs of pants and a few shirts, all tucked inside a small carry on bag. They will often take time to wash clothes during a trip. That’s awesome, if that’s your thing. I totally get it and respect your choice to travel as light as possible.

I’m not positive, but I’m guessing a lot of those folks who pack with just one small carry-on bag for a 10-15 day trip, are probably traveling alone or with a few family members where everyone is responsible for carrying their own bag. The kind of travel I’ve been doing is very different. I’m always traveling as part of a tour, small group tours have become my fave.

Part of the benefit of traveling as part of a tour is the tour company takes care of everything. About the only time I touch my suitcase after it’s packed is when I carry it down the front staircase in my home to the garage, then back up the stairs, once I’m back home. That’s it! That’s pretty much the only time I move it during the entire trip.

The driver who always picks me up and takes me to the airport, takes my suitcase and places it in the car. Once we arrive at the Atlanta airport, he takes it out and sets it on the curb. I wheel it 10 feet over to the curbside check-in (when it’s available) or just inside the door of the airport over to the Delta counter a few feet away. I don’t have to pay anything for checking it since I have a Delta SkyMiles card. (T-shirt is available here: Vaca T-Shirt.)

When I arrive at my destination, I locate my suitcase in baggage claim and the tour company takes it from there. The next thing I know, my suitcase magically appears outside my hotel door. When it’s time to move to a new location during the trip, I wheel my suitcase back out into the hallway outside my room, and the next time I see it will be when it magically appears outside my room door at the next place we’re staying.

So the point I’m trying to make is this: if I were traveling alone, with family (or on a Rick Steve’s tour) where I would be responsible for lugging around my own suitcase, I would probably pack lighter–although knowing me, probably not. lol Since the heavy lifting of suitcases is done by the tour company as part of the trip, it gives me more freedom to pack what I wish–and I wish to pack a lot! I mean, a girl needs options! 😉

So what are those options going to be this time?  This is the 10-day weather forecast for Dublin, Ireland. When the high is going to be in the 60’s and there could be rain, I’m thinking pants, long sleeves that roll up, sweaters, light jackets/coats with hoods, waterproof shoes and plenty of layers.


Pretty much a staple now for any trip where the temps could be a bit cool are my lightweight, cashmere sweaters. I have four of these in various colors, purchased many, many years ago. My two favorites are this lavender and dark pink color.

Tip: When traveling, pack 3-4 pairs of pants in basic colors like black, navy, white or khaki. Where you really want variety is in the tops you’ll be wearing. With just a few pairs of basic/neutral colored pants or shorts, by wearing a different top each day, you’ll feel as if you’re wearing a whole new outfit every day.

For this trip I’ll be carrying three pairs of jeans in dark blue, white, and black and a pair of black, somewhat dressy slacks. This is only a 10-day trip so those should work well for a trip of this length.


I purchased this madras shirt this past spring and it’s definitely making the trip. It will look great with jeans. When it’s chilly, I can roll down the sleeves and layer it with one of my sweaters. (Top is available here: Madras Top.)

Packing for Travel to Ireland in Late Sumemr


Of course, you know I have to take along my favorite polka-dot shirt. I purchased the cardigan in both green and navy…great sweater! I don’t think the shirt is still available, but the cardigan is available for just $20 here: Green Cardigan. The denim jeggings are available here: Denim Jeggings.

Packing for Travel to Ireland in August Late Summer


Here’s how I like to wear these cardigans…with the shirt underneath turned up and showing.


Since I’m so cold-natured, I’m taking along a couple of cotton sweaters. The navy sweater and wool, J. Crew shirt-jacket are no longer available, but you’ll find the Fisherman Sweater here: Fisherman Sweater.

Tips for Packing for Travel to Ireland in August Late Summer



Don’t know if I’ll have an opportunity to wear this dress, but I’m taking it along just in case. It’s available here: Shift Dress in Coastal Plaid. I purchased it in Petite because the length was better suited for my height. I’m 5’4″ for reference.

This is the other cardigan I purchased this year. As mentioned, I have it in both navy and green. It’s on sale for just $20 here: Cardigan. I really like these cardigans for cooler days.

Tips for Packing for Travel to Ireland in August


Tip: When preparing for a trip, while trying on clothes/outfits you’re thinking of taking, snap a quick photo of yourself with your phone. Then when you’re on your trip and getting dressed in the morning, you can quickly scroll through your photos on your phone to remember what you’ve packed and how you paired up various pieces. This especially comes in handy if you stayed up a bit too late the night before and the brain isn’t firing on all cylinders the next day…not that this has ever happened to me! 😉

Another top that I plan to take is this beautiful blue and white mosaic tile top. It’s available on sale here: Blue & White Top. I caught it on sale earlier in the spring and have been saving it for this trip.

The white jeans are available here: White Denim Jeans. I prefer the “curvy” fit because they fit my hips but aren’t too large in the waist. Those are available here: Curvy Fit.

Pack for Travel to Ireland in August Late Summer


I think this shirt will look nice layered with the navy cardigan.


I wear a lot of linen in the summertime. I loved this linen shirt so much, I purchased it in three colors this spring: White, Oatmeal and blue/white striped. Linen wrinkles but I don’t care…that’s the linen way!

Both of these tops will make the trip. They are thin and light-weight, so won’t take up much room in the suitcase. I’ll most likely layer them with a sweater on chillier days. You’ll find the striped linen top on sale here: Linen Shirt.  (Not sure if the blue is still available.) The solid color linen shirts are on sale here: Linen Shirt.

Packing for Travel to Ireland in Late Summer


I’ll probably toss this shirt in for good measure. I purchased it last fall and it’s super comfortable. It’s that stretchy, doesn’t-wrinkle-fabric like the blue and white top a few pictures up in this post.

Packing for Travel in August Late Summer


Since I’m so cold-natured, I always take along a pair of flannel pajamas on every trip, even during the summer. You’ll find the brand I always buy available here in a lot different patterns: Flannel PJs.

Pack for Travel to Ireland in August


I’m eyeing these for Christmas…they are a hoot! I love the red car with the reindeer bringing home the Christmas tree. They are available here: Christmas PJs.

If you don’t see the size you want, check eBay. They have tons of the P.J. Salvage pajamas here: PJs.

P. J. Salvage Christmas Pajamas


Does it remind you of anything? lol (See tablescape here: Christmas Tablescape)



Or, maybe this? hee, hee (View tablescape here: Christmas Table Setting)

Christmas Doll House & Truck with Christmas Tree


Shoe wise, I’ll be taking my favorite waterproof boots. They are incredibly comfortable and great for walking in all day. They kept my feet dry during the monsoons we had in Italy. I have this boot in several colors and love it. It’s available here: Waterproof Boots.

Tip: These boots run about 1/2 size small, especially when wearing socks. I usually order them 1/2 size up.

I’m probably going to take the Sperry Duck boots on the left in the photo below. I’ve taken them on several trips and love them! They are warm when worn with thick socks and really cute with jeans. They are also incredibly comfortable, comfortable enough to wear all day long while touring/traveling.


I wore them a lot in Italy during the 15 days I was there, including the day we visited the beach in Positano in the rain. (See that video here: Positano.)


If I don’t take those, I’ll probably take this pair purchased last fall. They are still available here: Plaid duck boots and here: Plaid Duck Boots. They are also super comfortable for travel, as well.



I’m taking two rain coats with me on this trip as shown in a previous post.


This coat is no longer available, but you’ll find three very similar coats linked below. (Click any photo below to access that coat.)

This is the other coat I’m taking with me.

Barbour Mist Gustnado Jacket





Have any last-minute summer trips planned? How about for fall?

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  1. Linda Diane Townsend says

    Please take a light winter coat. I almost froze to death in Scotland in June.

    • Wow, really! Yikes! When I went to Italy in October, it was super cold some days…and wet. I did okay because I was layered with a long sleeve t-shirt, a regular long sleeve shirt, a sweater and my rain coat with hood. After reading your comment, Linda…I’m going to packing some of those t-shirts in my suitcase. I was thinking I would be okay with just layering a shirt/light cotton sweater and coat, but maybe i should take one of my woolly winter sweaters, too.

  2. Susan, I ordered the black waterproof short boots last year based on your recommendation and love them! They keep my always=cold feet warm and toasty in the winter and they are very comfortable.

    I can’t wait to see your photos of your trip to Ireland. My daughter and SIL might take a 20 year anniversary trip there this fall but I think they’ve decided to go to a warm destination.

    I love reading about your packing/clothing choices and always enjoy your trip recaps! Have a wonderful trip!

    • Thanks, Judy! You sound like me with the always cold feet. Those boots really do keep feet warm, amazing since they aren’t super heavy or thick.
      Awww, I don’t blame them for wanting to go somewhere warm for a 20 year anniversary.

  3. Susan,
    I’m so thrilled for you and your next adventure. Hubby and I have a trip to Ireland/Scotland next August so I will be really interested to hear all about your vacation. Good thing you and I are not traveling together – I have many of the same outfits you are packing LOL.
    Safe travels…Sla’inte! (Irish drinking toast meaning “good health”)

    • We would have to coordinate and plan to avoid that, or just be twins some days. lol Too funny! Thanks, Susan!

      • …..or if both of you were the same size, you could borrow one another’s clothing and each of you would only have to pack half as much … . Just kidding of course. Hugs -Brenda-

  4. Margaret Robinson says

    I’ve taken “group tours”, travelled with close friends (5 other women), gone on a golf trip with 3 other couples and travelled with just my husband. I’ve never, ever packed as many clothes as you have (and staying in certain places does require you dress for dinner). However, this is your trip and you should take whatever you want.

    People in Ireland will know you’re a traveller, no matter what you’re wearing, so no need to try and fit in – just be yourself and wear what you want. The important thing is to learn all you can about the country you’re going to and to enjoy it’s people. It’s just nice you take the time to wear what you want!

    • I agree. I read so many articles about travel before my first trip out of the country and they always gave LOTS of tips on how to not look like a tourist. I kept wondering, what’s wrong with looking like you’re not from there? Maybe they thought of it as a safety thing, but I thought it was pretty silly…like folks aren’t going to actually know you’re not from there when they see you pulling out a camera every five minutes. In most of the countries I’ve traveled to, tourism is the #1 industry, so there are travelers EVERYWHERE! There’s absolutely no shame in being a traveler. Yeah, I love, love, love taking lots of clothes when I travel, and after so many trips, I still pack the same way.

      • I have no problems looking like a tourist however, depending on where you are going, it can be a big safety issue. Pickpockets target tourists.

        I was pretty happy on my last trip to the Netherlands I had several people ask me if I was from England rather than the USA.

  5. Everything looks wonderful and comfortable. You’ll be the prettiest dressed lass on the tour.
    Have a wonderful time!!

  6. We went to Ireland late May and early June. We had cooler weather but not much rain ar all. And I found Ireland super casual. I never wore a dress, since we were golfing many of the 17 days and pants and nice tops were nice enough for most places. We went on to one pretty nice place in Dublin, where you could wear a dress probably as we saw lots of nicely dressed business people there. You are going to love your trip. I think Irish people are the nicest people anywhere. Always a smile and such a happy attitude. We are already planning another trip back next fall. Have fun!

  7. I also bought the Tervis waterproof boots after reading your comments previously! I wore them all winter. Love these boots. I will be taking my first overseas trip in March, London & Scotland. These boots are so lightweight they will pack easily for lighter luggage weight. I also like the suggestion for basic color pants. Enjoy Ireland

    • Teresa, is your trip to London & Scotland a tour ? Really want to visit Scotland for the first time but couldn’t be that close to London without visiting!

      • Sabrina,
        Yes it is a tour through a travel agency. We are using Globus. I forget exact name of tour, but if you search their web site for London/Scotland it will come up. It is a 12 day trip. Really looking forward to it.

  8. Susan, what is the name of your travel company? I know you mentioned it before, but I poked around your travel tab, but did not find it.

    • I’ve traveled with several companies but my favorite so far is Overseas Adventure Travel because it’s all small group travel. https://www.oattravel.com/

      When you’re looking at trips on their website, make sure the trip doesn’t say that it’s via Grand Circle Travel, their parent company. I like GCT a lot, too…that’s who I went to Italy with, but GCT isn’t small groups…and I much prefer small group travel after having been on that type tour.

      You can see the last minute travel deals for OAT here: https://www.oattravel.com/ways-to-save/last-minute-travel-deals?icid=footer
      The Morocco trip that I went on in the springtime is listed there right now.

      The company I’m using for this trip is My Ireland Tour. You can read about this trip and find links to their site in this post: https://betweennapsontheporch.net/luxury-travel-to-ireland-minus-the-luxury-price/

      Vantage is who I used for Holland and Belgium and it was great, too. It was a small river boat trip and I found it under their “last minute travel” specials.

      Both Vantage and OAT have had several last minute trips recently that I would have been interested in if I wasn’t already booked for Ireland.

      When I went to Kenya for safari, I used a private company whose name escapes me. I can look that up if you like. It wasn’t cheap, but they planned every single detail. Still one of the best trips ever!

  9. Susan! You aren’t thinking! If you just happen to not pack something then you can go shopping! Always leave room for treasures found on your trip! Have tons of fun!!! Kelli

    • lol I like the way you think, Kelli! I just may need to buy a sweater or two while there. I’m sure I’ll be REALLY cold at least one day there. 🙂

  10. Nice selection and so well coordinated! In my next life, I’d like to hire you as my fashion advisor (I image well paid); it would be just part time, so you could follow your own pursuits.

  11. When I went to Ireland in September I was cold a lot of times too. It was in the 90s and 100s here in the states and it was in the 50s and 60s in Ireland. Talk about a shock to the system. I hope you can visit the Blarney Woolen Mill store when you are there. They have terrific sweaters and such. I love the socks I bought there too. I can’t wait to see your pictures.

    • Wow, what a difference in temps! Kathy, that is one of the places we are scheduled to go, can’t wait to shop there! I will look for the socks, hadn’t thought about that but would love some good quality wool socks. Thanks!

  12. I have been looking forward to your packing list since we will be heading to Ireland on September 1. I don’t think you are overpacking and when you’re on a tour that takes such good care of you, why not? I am not really cold natured but am planning on jeans or leggings with light sweaters for the day time. I just ordered some Cuddle Duds to wear under the sweaters for added warmth. I have a light weight hooded rain jacket and a trench coat. I am bringing at least two dressier outfits for the welcome dinner and farewell dinner. I can’t wait to follow your trip (and the weather!) on Instagram. Have a fabulous time.

  13. martha murphy says

    I love your wardrobe Susan. Everything is so beautiful and looks so comfortable (the most important thing in my opinion!) Have a great time. I can’t wait to see your pictures.
    Martha Murphy

  14. I am one of those very light travelers;, everything in a carry on, regardless of whether I’m with a tour group or on my own! I feel bad making someone else schlepp something I wouldn’t want to myself, and I also like knowing that if something catastrophic were to happen, be it terrorism or a natural disaster, I have everything right at hand and can carry it myself.

    BUT, I am a grab-and-go kinda girl! That carry-on is always packed and ready to go, as is my travel purse. I store my iPad, passport and all the other travel necessities in that travel purse, just so I know they won’t be forgotten should I get invited somewhere at the last minute. I can, and have, gone across the world with a few hours’ notice! And I am a very casual dresser even when I’m not traveling.

    You are always impeccably dressed, and I feel like you would not enjoy yourself near as much without options and lots of lovely clothes. It’s important that you do as YOU please; you are, after all, paying for a specific level of comfort and service!

    You will have a wonderful time and I know I am not alone in looking forward to seeing all your fantastic outfits in your pictures!

    • Thanks, Tammy! Yes, I never feel bad about receiving a service that’s included and for which I’ve paid.

      Tammy, if you’re ever traveling somewhere and are in danger of terrorism or natural disaster, forget the suitcase, no matter how small it is. Grab your handbag with your passport and ID and leave the suitcase. All that stuff is insured anyway.

      I consider myself a pretty spontaneous traveler. I booked the Holland/Belgium trip one Friday and left the next Friday. What I didn’t expect but was delighted about, a spontaneous BNOTP reader went with me! lol She’ll be on this trip, too…so this will be our second one together.

      • Oh my goodness, no worries, I would never risk my life over my luggage! I use one of those underseat bags, a backpack style with my handbag in it, so that’s what I’d be grabbing!

        I think the time will come when we must plan a BNOTP jaunt, yes? Can’t you just imagine us loose in the streets and marché aux puces of Paris? :o)

  15. We went to Ireland and Scotland three years ago in August and were so cold. I took a couple capris but never wore them. Instead I was buying wool socks! It looks like you packed all of the right things…..lots of rain, but it was off and on all the time.

    • Ummm, maybe I should just leave the plaid dress and sandals behind. If it fits when it arrives this Thursday, I may still take the maxi dress since I only plan to wear it inside. Amazing that it’s still so cold that time of year. I’m definitely going to pack a warm winter sweater after hearing about your experience, Delphine! Thanks for telling me about that!

  16. Can you tell me what size you ordered in the Barbour rain jacket? I think I need the red one, but it’s a final sale, so I’ve got to get it right. I’m usually a size 8 in most things, but we would want to layer underneath the rain jacket. Thank you!

    • I bought a size 8. Normally in shirts, at least in Talbots sizes, I wear a 6. But in coats, I always buy an 8 so I can layer underneath with a sweater.
      I just put on one of my cashmere sweaters, over the top of the linen shirt I’m wearing right now, and tried the coat on and it was fine. I think it would be a little tight if I tried to wear it over the top of a really thick wool sweater, though. I could do it, but it wouldn’t be as comfortable. I couldn’t go up in size though, because the arms would be way too long. So the 8 definitely worked best for me.

  17. Jean Clark says

    I went to Ireland in the Spring of 2016 and packed light. We rented a cottage and self toured. I usually wore pants, however one evening we went to a dinner show in a castle and I saw some women wearing dresses, The weather for that trip was quite mild and often sunny. Lots of hiking. In a couple of weeks we leave for a 10 day trip to Scotland arriving in London and taking a train to Edinburgh and then to Inverness. We have booked several day tours, but mostly do self guided tours. Being from Maine, the British Isles tend to be a lot like home as far as Spring and Fall temps. We went to the Canadian Maritimes this summer. Lots of similarities except for the castles. Enjoy your trip!

  18. Have a nice and safe trip, Susan. i tend to pack a lot when I travel too because I like to take pictures and I don’t want to see myself always in the same outfit, lol….Christine

  19. I’ve been to the United Kingdom many, many times. It is doubtful that you will have a heatwave in Ireland. Altho the temps are in the 60s it feels much colder because of the damp. It might not rain on a specific day but it will be damp from the day before. You’re wise to bring your boots as cold feet are no fun.
    I suggest you also throw in a pair of gloves. I like the inexpensive stretchy knit ones. Easy to stick in a pocket or purse. I ALWAYS travel with silk long under wear. They weigh nothing. Cuddleduds just don’t cut it in Ireland and they get bunchy under clothing. If you have to wash them Cuddleduds won’t dry over night, but silk will. I also pack a pair of panty hose. Not for dresses. I wear them under my pants and it is amazing how much they help as a barrier from the cold.
    If you have a down vest that will be a welcome addition. It can mash up in your purse and be available if you need it during the day. I find wool coats too bulky and prefer stylish down coats that are light weight and can be compressed into their own little packing sack.
    My last suggestion is to bring an extra pair of black or dark blue pants, and leave the white ones at home. By the end of the day the bottoms of your white pants will show dirt from wet grass, pavement, and puddles. White pants can easily get smudgy from benches, if you lean up against a wall, or have a pub lunch.
    Have a wonderful time and enjoy all of the beauty and magic of Ireland.

    • Rachel, I was thinking about packing a down visit that I have, but thought that would be silly for August. lol I think I’ll take it! I wonder if there’s ever a time that’s really warm in Ireland. I picked August since that looked like the warmest month. Thanks for those tips…I need to buy another pair of gloves and I like the silk underwear idea. I can’t believe I might need to wear silk underwear in August!

    • Rachel, Thanks for posting. I hadn’t thought of the silk underwear. I’m searching amazon right now. I think I’ll borrow your idea about pantyhose as well. Haven’t worn them in many years but great idea for added warmth. I always pack gloves for my mother and myself. Cold hands or feet can make you miserable.

  20. Lol, I like how Kelli is thinking! Leave room in your luggage for gorgeous Irish sweaters you may buy there. All of your outfits are lovely. But if those are the predicted high temperatures, you may want to leave the sleeveless dress and linen tops behind. You’ll be COLD. You may even want to pack some light gloves and wool socks. What a wonderful way to travel, having someone tote luggage along the way. Have a great time!

  21. carolyn bailie says

    Will you show everything going into bags all in one place, please?

    • Sure! I’ll take a pick of it packed. I’m actually packing a lot less than I did when I went to Italy, so it should be pretty easy fitting it into my large suitcase.

  22. Do not forget to pack a small umbrella.

  23. Looks like you’ll be nice and prepared for the weather! You have some gorgeous outfits picked out! We were just there in June and our temps were about the same as your forecast. I was cold and the winds were strong. We had rain every day too! My suggestion to you would be to plan for the wind with your hair. I don’t have one picture where my hair looks normal, it was always blown and sticking up in places it doesn’t normally. My favorite picture was with my raincoat hood on covering my hair! Have fun and slainte!

    • Thanks for tip about the wind, Kelly! I’m starting to wonder after reading all the comments, how do people live in Ireland?! It sounds like the weather is never sunny or calm. lol That is wild about the wind! Pardon me while I go put more wool sweaters in my suitcase! Ha! I’m sure my hair will look a wreck in all the pics, it frizzes like crazy in humid weather.

  24. Everything fits in one luggage bag? That’s all you need to worry about. Do your cardigans have plenty of room for your top’s sleeves to fit comfortably? It all looks so nice paired up. Love the shift dress w/cardigan. I bought the Teva boots on your suggestion and they are so comfortable…I love them! Don’t forget slippers for walking around your hotel rooms. Thanks for the peek at Christmas!

    • So glad you love the boots. I love mine, too! I have three pair now…two black and one brown. Yes, the cardigans are very stretchy, so they fit well over shirt sleeves. They look especially cute with the cardigan sleeves pushed up a little and the shirt underneath turned up over the end of the cardigan sleeves. I wear them them that way a lot.
      Good tip on the slippers! Right now I have these packed to wear in my room. I purchased them last winter and they are super cozy and soft. http://amzn.to/2vZPTU3

      • Those are slipper socks, lol! Cute. I love cardigans. I have several in different colors. I just found some slip on shoes that are multicolored that the cardigans match so now to find plain tops. I am not out and about much so there’s lots of unused clothing. Your pull over sweaters look good too worn the way you mention for the cardigans. You are getting everyone excited for you and themselves (me included). Fun!

  25. Have a wonderful trip. I guess the weather there is a nice change from the heat and humidity in Italy and Greece. Since I have more Mediterranean blood than Scottish, I prefer places that have more sun. I really need to see the sun even if the weather isn’t very warm.

    Ciao and Buona ventura!

  26. Just out of curiosity…. do u perform open heart surgery on your garage floor? It looks spotlessly clean enuf to do so! There must not be any pollen in ROSWELL like there is where I am in Kiawah. Your cabinet project is inspiring and looks very professionally installed. Pat yourself on the back 4 a job well done!
    And my second ? Is ….. r u an inconspicuous spokesman 4 Talbot’s? If not u should be! U inspire your followers to buy what u tout as the best or the greatest garment ever sewn tog.
    Have a wonderful journey 2 Ireland and save room and $ for those exquisite Waterford stems in the duty free shop in the Shannon airport. They’ll look soooo beautiful in your Monday tablescapes and left in their boxes in your storage cupboards. Lots of Lizmore goblets and wine glasses and flutes! Enjoy!

    • Thanks! I still can’t believe it’s actually finished. I have to go out in the garage and look sometime to see if it’s really there. lol
      Ha! Trust me, it’s not clean. I would love to have my garage floor done over by one of those companies that comes in and transforms it. I may never do that now, though…be a lot of work to unload all the cabinets to move them.
      No, not a spokesman, but I should be as much as I shop there! It and J. Crew are only about 10 minutes from my home, so they are both super convenient. I love pretty much everything Talbot’s has been stocking the last couple of years. I hope they continue in the direction they are going now.
      Susan, do you remember the store Petite Sophisticate. I was wearing a white cotton summer skirt from there recently…I have it for a gazillion years. It’s been washed a million times and still looks great. I was so disappointed when they closed here in the Atlanta area. I’m not sure if they only closed here or if they closed everywhere, but I love the clothes they carried and they were super reasonable.

  27. Cyndi Raines says

    So many darling clothes, it would be hard to decide and I agree if you are still within the weight limit, take them all. Hehe I think the gloves and the silk undeware are great ideas and since you get cold easy, there smart things to pack. In MI, when it’s in the 60’s and rainy, it can feel damp and cold, so the sweaters are a great add. Eager to see the pics of the castles. I know this will be my 2nd favorite trip of yours with Africa being my favorite!

  28. Hi Susan, That was fun seeing and hearing about your wardrobe and packing for Ireland! Hum .. I don’t see any kitties in your packing like we always had in ours! My mom and I used to get grief for bringing our closets on vacations. (She came on many trips with us!) My husband was our “travel company” carrying our suitcases so we didn’t have to, making it so much easier to bring everything .. and even more on the way back home! Besides, who knows what we will feel like wearing each day? I never know until I wake up and choice is always a good thing. I can’t imagine only a couple of things for a whole trip .. boring! I had a chuckle when I got to the picture of your pj’s with the trucks and reindeer .. I thought, oh how cute they look like MY trucks, reindeer, and the most adorable yellow house (that I covet greatly) that live at your house 🙂 And then on to the next pictures .. the trucks, reindeer, and my yellow house! Ta Da 🙂 Your trip is causing lots of excitement in the reader world .. including me! I am looking forward to pictures of your travels and hope that includes lots of shopping! By the way .. who wants to look like a local? As soon as you open your mouth I’m pretty sure they will know you’re not from those parts! What does one do when traveling and wanting to blend in with the locals? Play mute? Hum… All the best to you 🙂

  29. You are going to be quite fashionable on the trip!

  30. Susan, I, too, have a Barbour Gustnado coat and love it. I, too, am vertically challenged (5’4″). How are you handling the too long sleeves? I usually shop petites to avoid the alterations, but didn’t have that option in this case. Have a wonderful time and share all!

    • I don’t mind too much if the sleeves on a coat are slightly longer since I’ve found it helps me stay warmer and can help keep the rain out, etc… I do have one coat from Joules that the sleeves feel too long on…really need to have it altered. I just tried on my Gustnado coat again and the sleeves are a tad long when I put my arms down by my side, but it’s not too bad. You definitely don’t want the sleeves to come up too far when you bend your arms. I don’t like wearing petites in some tops because they sometimes cut into my arms near the arm pit area. Laura, do you find you sometimes have to go up one size when wearing petites? I do shop the Petite section of Talbots occasionally if the sleeves are running too long on a shirt that I’m trying on. One funny thing I’ve found at Talbots…their ankle “curvy style” pants in the regular Misses section, hit me exactly right as regular pants. So they aren’t ankle pants on me, but are the perfect length so I don’t have to hem them. 🙂

  31. Jane Hankins says

    I also bought the Teva short black boots. I have never been able to wear boots because of my very high arch and shape of my feet. These boots are wonderful and fit perfect! Thank you, Susan, for sharing.


  32. I can’t wait to see pictures!! I, like many others I’m sure, live vicariously through your adventures! All your clothing choices are great! You have such an eye for practicality and comfort…adding quite a bit of style and a little splash of color!! I have the Sperry rain “shoes” like your boots (can’t remember the name). I love them. I had knee replacement surgery during a rainy winter and those shoes were so comfortable AND they kept me from feeling like I would slip on rainy sidewalks. I just now followed your link to order the Barbour coat in red. Sadly, the only size available is 2 and I am definitely not a 2. Enjoy your trip!!

  33. Marlene Stephenson says

    I think you will be just fine with what you have chosen. I wore shirt, sweater,and raincoat most days,and was cozy. The only time i got a little chilly was when we went to the Cliffs of Moher and i walked for a long ways from the look out point. I went from 8/13 to 8/25.

  34. Have a wonderful trip! Can’t wait to see all the pictures.

  35. Is that ALL you’re taking….tsk, tsk….I’m way on the over packing scale. I had to take things out of my luggage to put in my friends because I was…over…eek. It’s just the way I roll. I’m ALWAYS cold even when it’s hot and humid…anxious to learn how you handled it!! Save travels!! franki

  36. Margaret Robinson says

    I’ll add another 2 cents in here, as I’ve read most of the comments — you’d be ill-advised to take an umbrella (of any size). Along with the rain, comes the wind – almost every time, but especially if there are storms and there might be that time of year.

    We leave the end of September for the whole month of October in Scotland, so while I won’t pack half as much as you do (lucky you with all the great clothes), we’ll all have a blast. Enjoy your trip, especially when traveling with friends.

  37. I once did Europe with a 22″ suitcase for 6 weeks. By the time I got home I was so sick of the clothes I think I got rid of most of them….which wasn’t very many! I’m like you most other trips….I like “options” and almost always take more than I end up wearing. Maybe one day I’ll get it just right! Have a great trip…..can’t wait to follow you along as we are planning a 45th anniversary trip to Ireland, Scotland, Wales, next year!

  38. Hi Susan,
    As some of your readers have mentioned, it is windy in Ireland. When I went a few years ago in June, I was glad I had hoodies with me because they do keep the heat in, especially for your head. If you are going to the Rock of Cashel, it is quite windy there and you will be walking outside so definitely keep your head warm. Also, the ice cream in Ireland is freshly made and, with all the farms there, it is delicious!
    Enjoy and have a wonderful time!

  39. Hi Susan, we are so excited about your trip and happy for you. Remember silk keeps you warm. It’s been awhile since I checked, but places like LLBean have silk turtlenecks and long johns. When I get cold I can’t get warm. Do you have a knit hat just in case ? Can’t wait to see your photos.
    We are sounding like den mothers. LOL

  40. Kathy Powers says

    Oh, my! So many clothes. As they say, lay them out on the bed and then remove half. I am one of those minimalist packers which stems from my days as a flight attendant. I would definitely not take the white pants or the maxi dress. I also wonder why you are taking 2 coats. I would leave the yellow one behind. I had someone comment (can’t remember what country I was in) that Americans tend to wear brighter clothes and so are easier to spot. Kudos for taking the cashmere sweaters. One of the best pieces of advice I got was from a very senior flight attendant who told me to always have a cashmere sweater in your bag because nothing keeps you warmer. I think I would also just take one pair of boots. Nothing takes up more space than shoes. With that said, have a wonderful time! You will love Ireland. ☘️☘️☘️

  41. Sabrina Holmes says

    Thank you, thank you to everyone who recommended An Irish Country Doctor by Patrick Taylor. I’ve read it & will read them all! It only took a comparison to Doc Martin to get me interested, lol. Love,love everything you’re wearing on the trip❤️

  42. Carol Cottrell says

    We are going the end of Sept, so I will be anxious to get a weather perspective from you. I started following you on Instagram to keep up with your trip.

  43. Tna Carpenter says

    Susan, we’re kindred spirits! I’m always cold, and everyone says I over pack, but it always works for me. If I buy new clothes while I’m on a trip, I can’t wear them anyway until I wash them first, unless it’s an emergency & I’ve ran out of clothes. That happened to me in Hawaii. Ice cream disasters, slipped & fell in a big mud puddle from head to toe, ha! Stay warm, stay safe, and have a ball!

  44. Susan, better to pack more than less as luggage also has been known to go astray so do hope you use more than one suitcase. That said; I know my biggest challenge when packing is deciding on what footwear to take as if doing a lot of site-seeing I actually take an extra pair with me on the excursion itself to switch out. Reason; it was a tip I learned many years ago when I worked for three Orthopaedic Surgeons as regardless how comfortable a shoe may be, they are not equal in design when it comes to the complexity of arch support, shock resistance etc. which can affect other body parts. (i.e.: Ankles, knees, legs and back.) In closing, have fun and stay safe! Wish I were going too. -Brenda-

  45. My suggestion would be to take some clothes, underwear that are at the end of their life and pitch or donate at the end of trip making room for the purchases you are going to make.
    Wool socks would be a great thing to take… cold feet are no fun.
    Two pair of boots seems like overkill and they take up a lot of room in your suitcase. You may not mind the space on the way over but you may really begrudge the space on the way home particularly if you buy some great but bulky sweaters :). ditto for the two coats.
    Love the sweater but depending on when you are going to the Blarney Woolen Mill store perhaps leave it at home (only if you think you’ll be buying a sweater or two when you are there!)
    I just bought the boots you recommended via amazon. Can’t wait to get them and see how they fit. How did we ever live without amazon? 🙂 Bon Voyage!

  46. Jill from Southern NH says

    Susan, I love seeing what you pack for your trips and know you’re looking chic in Ireland! This might sound a bit crazy, but I keep my photos of my clothes in private facebook albums only I can see to help me plan and organize. I have facebook albums for my summer dresses, spring & summer blazers, fall shoes, fall/winter handbags, scarves, necklaces – you name it. It helps me not only to remember what I have when I’m not at home or anywhere near my closet (like in the office) but to also plan for last-minute occasions that come up. After I buy something on the web or in store, I find the photo of it online and either save it down or take a screenshot-style photo of the item itself, and upload it to the album I want. If it’s not online or I’ve had it forever, I hang the item on my steamer pole and photograph it. Since facebook’s desktop app lets you see the photos in an album all at once and easily edit the album, you can move the photos to the desired sequence (I arrange them by color), or delete something once you’ve donated it. It’s especially good for trips, since you can take an item from an existing album with the Move to Other Album option and move it to your special trip clothing album, then move it back to the original album category when it’s over. It’s nice to have a record of my things, and also handy to check on the color or pattern of an item while I’m out looking for something to buy to go with it:)

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