Goodbye Shoulder Bumps: Hangers Designed for Holding Cardigan Sweaters

Welcome to the 463rd Metamorphosis Monday!

This has been such a wacky morning. When I “woke-up” my computer today to complete my post for Met Monday, the “Caps Lock” button was stuck in the “on” position. The key itself wasn’t physically stuck down, but it was showing a little green light indicating the caps lock was on, and no matter what I did, it wouldn’t turn off. Can you imagine me typing out and publishing an entire blog post all in caps?! Ha!

I decided to reboot my computer in hopes that would fix it. While the computer was rebooting, I ran downstairs to pop some cinnamon rolls into the oven. I thought I’d get those baking while I was working. After I had all the cinnamon rolls out of the can and onto the cookie sheet, I noticed mold spots on the inside of the can. Ummm. I had just purchased the cinnamon rolls about a week ago. I looked at the end of the can and it showed the “best used by” date as November 2017. Okay, skip that idea…back to work for me.

Back at my compute the Caps Lock light was finally off, thank goodness! I started typing out my post and just as I began to load the photos into my post, everything froze. I discovered my internet connection was gone. After rebooting the computer and the modem, everything seems to be working for now. I WILL get this post done–hear that universe! You tried to poison me this morning, but I foiled your plan! Bwaaaaaaa

So let’s see, where was I before the crazy stuff started. Oh yeah, I have something kinda neat to share for Metamorphosis Monday that I hope you’ll find helpful. I love me some sweaters! When I was in Ireland earlier this year, I purchased two wool sweaters as seen in this post: Answering Your Questions and What I Brought Home From Ireland.

Carraigdonn Merino Wool Sweater, Violet


They aren’t the pullover type, but more of a cardigan style. I’ve been on a wardrobe and closet re-organization kick lately and I’ve been having trouble deciding just how to store these.

Blarney Mills Navy Sweater with Pockets


I like to fold my regular, pullover sweaters as seen in this photo below. By the way, I’ve been moving a few thing around since I last shared photos of this closet.

Closet Organization


I was storing handbags on the shelf in this closet but decided I’d rather keep sweaters in here since this closet holds all my winter clothing like flannel shirts, boots, etc… That way when I get dressed in the morning, I’ll have everything I need right at hand.

Boot and Shoe Storage


So the sweaters came to live here on this shelf, while the handbags are now on the top shelf of another closet where the sweaters had been. I can reach them much easier here, which makes more sense since I wear a different sweater every day but only change out my handbag occasionally.

Closet Organization


So back to the problem of how best to store my cardigans: my shirts hang on wooden hangers purchased from Ikea, and if you look there toward the end on the right side, you can see that’s how I was storing my Ireland sweaters and a few other cardigan sweaters that I’ve had for years. The problem with this was the wood hangers, though nice and wide unlike wire hangers, still had a tendency to leave bumps in the shoulders of the cardigan sweaters.

I tried folding them, but that was a pain since I typically wear and store them unbuttoned. I don’t want to have to button them from top to bottom after I wear them, just so I can fold and store them. So I went in search of a better hanger for my cardigan style sweaters.

Winter Clothes and Boot Storage


That led me to these. They are flexible hangers designed for holding sweaters without giving them bumps in the shoulders. They are available here: Flexible Hangers. Update: They are also available here: Hangers.

I ordered a set and liked them so much, I’ve ordered a second set. The second set will arrive today. I’ve got my snack bar out and ready. (If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, check out this post: Snack Bin/Bar.) Anyone who makes it across the 8 inches of snow in my front yard or down the snow/icy walkway will need the sustenance to make it back to their car! It’s definitely a challenge to deliver anything right now!Flexible Hangers for Sweaters

So here’s how they look supporting four cardigan sweaters. They are very easy to bend down to the shape you need. Because they are a dense foam (or whatever that stuff is) the sweaters stay in place and don’t slide off.

Sweaters on Flexible Hangers Designed for Hanging Sweaters


Here’s a closer view of the hangers and how I have them bent to hold my cardigans. This is such a genius idea! Wish I had thought of it!

Sweaters Hanging on Flexible Hangers Designed for Sweaters


If you’ve been looking for better hangers for your cardigans, ones that won’t cause bumps in the shoulders, you’ll find these here: Sweater Hangers.  Update: They are also available here: Hangers.

They would also make a great stocking stuffer or gift for anyone who wears sweaters. So far, I’m very pleased with how they’ve worked for my sweaters.Flexible Hangers for Sweaters

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  1. Your closet is my dream closet – love it. And your wardrobe looks like that of a Northern gal than a Southern gal. Happy holidays and as always thanks a bunch for hosting Metamorphosis Monday.

  2. Great sweater hanger Susan, it’s the little things in life. 🙂

  3. Cyndi Raines says

    REALLY neat idea! Love all your sweaters, especially those from Ireland!

  4. Your closet is amazing! Creating a more user-friendly more organized closet is on my bucket list for the new year. Also, the hangers seem like the perfect solution to avoid misshapen sweaters. Thanks for the ideas and for hosting Metamorphosis Monday.

  5. Susan, I am happy you got through the morning and didn’t let the universe win! I am having trouble with my computer as well. I couldn’t comment but it looks like I can through my phone. Wonderful hangers and such an organized closet. Have you ever seen The movie Thelma and Louise? One is super organized and the other character is a disaster. I would be the latter! At least I have been since blogging!

  6. I’m in. Those hangers look super. You are such a clever cookie, always helping me spend money. I’ll be getting several. Thanks.

  7. What a great tip Susan! I’ve never heard of these sweater hangers, but they sound and look like a great invention! Thanks, Liz 🙂

  8. Beautiful closet! Neat stacks. The hangers are cool. You have beautiful clothes Susan! Thanks for sharing. Happy you’re feeling better.

  9. Oh my gosh! Your closet images make me feel like a slob. There is no way I could post pictures of my closet. I’ve begun to wish there was a lock on the closet door, so when guests come, I can lock it in case the guests are inquisitive. Those hangers are such a great idea, and your closet may give me the spark I need to clean mine (after the holidays!). Thanks.

  10. Those hangers are fantastic, but Susan really, your closet is making us all feel inadequate! Too perfect!! I dream to be so organized! I will try harder not to have my shoes in a pile and my clothes helter skelter…

  11. Thank you for hosting Susan!

  12. I wonder why no one ever thought to design hangers this way before! Thanks for the tip and thank you so much for the party!

  13. I felt like you read my mind this morning when I was frantically trying to get the “bumps” off my shirt. I eagerly read your post and will definitely order some of the hangers you’re now using for your cardigans. Here’s my dilemma and maybe you have a solution for it. I hang my shirts to dry when I wash them. Rarely do I ever put one in the dryer. This is where “bumps” are created on my knit shirts. Do you ever line dry clothes and if so what hangers do you use to prevent this? Since your new hangers have foam, they would not be conducive to hanging wet clothes. Like your sweaters, I have some knit shirts I fold and some knit shirts I hang, but they all have “wings” if I am not diligent about how quickly I get them off of the hanger.

    • If they are really heavy knit type sweaters, after handwashing them I lay them flat to dry on this flat frame that I ordered a while back:

      If they are lighter to mid-weight sweaters, like the cardigans I wear in the spring, I just lay them across the top of my shower door frame…both my bathrooms have the shower doors that slide on a frame.

      Susan, I noticed in the description of these bendable, foam type hangers, it says that they “they are also are great for drip-drying your clothing because the foam not only breathes but also separates the front of your garment from the back.” So they do recommend these for drying clothes. I think I would only hang lighter sweaters on them for drying though and use a flat frame (like the one I linked to above) for drying heavy sweaters. Heavy sweaters really dry best while laying flat so the heavy knit doesn’t pull downward.

  14. Great hangers…and I LOVE that yellow fringe bag! Fabulous.

  15. Carillon Orban says

    I use those hangers for my knit t-shirts also. So much easier than folding.

  16. You are a girl after my own heart…organizing things by color! All of my clothes are done this way. Looks nice. Did you see the internet story of the fat squirrel (with photo) helping himself to the treats in the snack box on the porch? snicker, hee hee.

    • Lol that’s hilarious, I have to look for that. Fortunately I don’t have that many squirrels in my front yard, they all hang out and back trying to raid the bird feeders.

    • I found the article, that is too funny. I’m surprised he’s not sick from all the chocolate he’s been eating. If I run into that issue I’ll just have to put them in a deeper box with a lid, but so far I haven’t had that problem. I liked that she included little packages of Kleenex and hand warmers, such a thoughtful idea.

  17. On a couple of your hangers you have a small disk of some sort. Is that possibly cedar to protect your sweaters? Where did you find them?

  18. Winter/summer closets, OK. But what do you do during the transitional seasons? Thanks for another timely tip; I’ve long been haunted by the shoulder bump.

    • Since the original homeowner stole the next door bedroom for additional closet space and a dressing room, I just keep all my spring-summer clothes in the closets in that space. You can see that room/closet area in this post: The closet you see in that post that was the original close for the room, is where I now store all my coats, but the other two closets in that room that she had added, house my spring-summer clothes. I pretty much live in winter clothing until it’s in the upper 60’s/70’s since I’m so cold natured. Lighter sweaters are pretty much what I wear during the transitional time.

  19. Thanks so much for hosting!!

  20. What a great idea for hanging sweaters!! I’ll have to be on the lookout for these. 🙂

    Thank you for hosting the party, Susan, and have a great week!



  21. Truly a calamity of errors this morning….but looks like you got through them with the exception of the poor rolls….Love those hangers…thanks for the tip Susan…and thanks for hosting and I wish you a very Merry week!!!

  22. I have these & love them,no more steaming bumps out.I ran across some cute plates that made me think of you,try Country Door you might find some to add to your stock. Merry Christmas

  23. Great hangers, but my closet’s so stuffed, I need to do another major clean out first. Will remember these, thank you!
    POW!#@! Take that, universe!

  24. The reason for all the mess ups? Mercury is in retrograde! Started December 3rd and won’t be out of retrograde until December 22. The retrograde really causes problems and glitches with computers, iPhones, communications, travel etc. anything to do with technology. The planet Mercury is named after the messenger of the Greek and Roman gods. This happens every time Mercury is in retrograde, it’s hard to believe but it does! Mercury is in retrograde 4 times a year, each time for three weeks. We just have to be patient and ride it out!

  25. I love reading your posts. I always learn something new! The sweater hangers are brilliant! I have enjoyed reading about all the things that you do. You truly inspire me. And I am very happy that you are feeling better! Merry Christmas! Your house looks great and so does your Tree!

  26. Great hangers, thanks for sharing. Thanks too Susan for hosting today.

  27. Thank you, Susan. Those hangars look fantastic. How is your magnolia tree?

  28. Re the hangers, what a great idea! Have put them on my shopping list for when the Christmas rush is over … :). Yep, would hire you in a moment as a ‘personal shopper’. Thanks so much, Susan. -Brenda-
    P.S.: Hope you saw my comment re a source for additional kittie Christmas plates.

    • I did, thanks! I checked but I couldn’t find them. I saw another type Christmas Kitty design, but couldn’t find the plates. Maybe they sold already? 🙂

  29. Love the hangers and all your closet space but I always thought you shouldn’t hang sweaters because they will stretch.

  30. Love all your sweaters and your closet. Wish I had one like that. One important thing though, ALWAYS fold your sweaters, especially the wool Irish ones. Every time I bought one of mine, 6 total now, I was told to never hang them. The wool is heavier than regular yarn and will eventually stretch out. Also dry clean them only if really need to be cleaned.

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