Woodland Christmas Table Setting with Magnolia Centerpiece

Welcome to the 481st Tablescape Thursday!

Remember that crazy snow storm we had recently…

Christmas House in Snow


…the one that left an epic 8 inches of snow in my yard?

Snow Depth


The magnolia tree in my front yard lost more branches than I’ve ever seen it lose during a snow or ice storm. Once the storm was over, I found branches laying on the ground all the way around the tree. There were so many in the driveway on the other side of the tree, I couldn’t get down the driveway until I dragged them all out of the way. Most appear to have come from the top part of the tree.

Broken Magnolia Branches from Georgia Snow, December 2017


There are still broken branches that haven’t fallen yet. Do you see that one way up near the top where the arrows are pointing. It’s resting on other branches inside the tree.

Broken Branch in Magnolia Tree from Snow Storm


So, you can probably guess what my centerpiece is for this week. Just as last week, I’m using another Christmas tree-skirt as a tablecloth for this table, only this skirt is much bigger so it covers the whole top of the table. And this concludes our series, “Christmas Tree Skirts as Tablecloths” 😉 since I only have one tree skirt left and its currently employed holding presents under the Christmas tree.

Christmas Table Setting, Magnolia Centerpiece


You may remember these snowy, deer-themed jars purchased a couple of years ago.


They are actually luminaries and they came with a large faux candle inside a holder down inside the jar. The candle holder is attached to the top of the jar as part of a ring around the jar rim.



I removed the candle and its holder, and it worked great as the vase for the magnolia branches in this setting.

Magnolia Branches in Reindeer Jar for Christmas Table Setting


I never realized how much I would use these wood chargers when I first purchased them. They work so well in a woodland themed table setting and look great with plaid, especially red and green plaid. (Wood chargers are available here: Wood Chargers.)

Acorn Soup Tureens in Christmas Table Setting


I could have lightened all these photos to the point of no return, but I love sharing the table with you as it appeared when I was taking these photos, bathed in the sunlight coming through the window here in the breakfast room.

Acorn Tureens for Christmas Table


Removing the acorn soup tureen…

Christmas Table, Magnolia Centerpeice Deer Salad Plates, Plaid Dinner Plates


…you’ll find these whimsical deer and bird salad/dessert plates underneath. These are from Pier 1 a couple of years ago. They had them in stock for a couple of years, not sure if they brought them back again this year or not. You’ll find all their adorable Christmas dishware here: Christmas dishware.

Deer with Birds on Antlers Plate


I couldn’t decide which napkin rings to use, so I placed a different one at each place setting. These cute antlers are actually a Christmas ornament. Ornaments often work great as napkin rings. I just wrapped them around the napkin and once around each other, and they stay in place holding the napkin.

Flatware is twig flatware purchased several years ago from West Elm.

Antler Napkin Rings, Christmas Table Setting, Twig Flatware


These cute napkin rings from my friend, Linda, work great in this nature/woodland-themed table setting.

Deer Napkin Ring, Christmas Table Setting


This napkin ring is another antler ornament, doing double duty as a napkin ring.

Antler Ornament Napkin Rings, Twig Flatware, Christmas Table


Chose a pine cone napkin ring for the last place setting.

Pine Cone Napkin Rings, Christmas Table


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, dear Friends!

Christmas Table Setting, Magnolia Centerpiece


Looking forward to all the beautiful table settings for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. Way to take a lemon and make lemonade with your broken tree branch, the magnolia centerpiece looks wonderful! Of course I love all the plaids! Thanks for hosting another fabulous Tablescape Thursday!

  2. Your house looks so pretty in the snow! I am sorry about the loss of branches on your Magnolia tree. Our huge Magnolia lost several big branches and most of the top leaves were stripped off during Hurricane Harvey. I love those grand old Southern trees and feel so sad when they are injured.

    • Susan, that’s so painful to see, I hate that it happened. I hope it recovers. I know one of the times my Magnolia lost it’s top after an ice storm, it took 2-3 years to grow another, but it did eventually grow one back. I think it just lost it again with this snow storm.

  3. Oh, Susan, your Christmas house looks gorgeous in the snow. You should use that picture for a Christmas card next year. Love your tablescape. Those salad plates are so much fun, and you know I love the plaid tree skirt. What a perfect centerpiece for this table. The luminary holder is perfect, and great way to make use of the fallen Magnolia branches. Thank you for hosting.

  4. Pretty crazy when YOU down there get 8 inches of snow, and we get maybe 1.5 inches. The entire world’s weather has sure been wonkers.

    I’m so sorry about your poor Magnolia – they sure don’t like to get cold! I hope and pray it bounces back for you. At least you took those gorgeous branches and made them pretty for your woodland tablescape. It’s awesome.

    Thank you for hosting – it is nice to be sharing an amazing Christmas tea party I attended recently. ♥

    • I know, we even had more than some folks in Canada! The kids in the neighborhood had a blast going down the big hill at the end of our street…brought back memories of the times my son did that when it snowed here.

      • Susan, the following day and into the evening we had about the same amount of snow you did however I do live in a ‘snow-belt region’ … :). Do love your table scape and of course the magnolia leaves tucked inside the luminaries for its center. -Brenda-

  5. Mother Nature is full of surprises this year and I hope we never have crazy weather patterns like this again. Magnolia trees are one of the most beautiful trees ever and I wish we could have them up here. Your table is nice and cozy and I love that you didn’t edit the pictures. I still love all things plaid and I have those deer plates. I used them on a table this year and I linked it up again. I bought them early fall at Pier 1 and they were $1.98 each. Thanks for hosting!

    • Yup, she certainly is! We were supposed to get a “light dusting.” lol Weatherman got a big surprise!
      Whoa, you got a great price on those, Sandra! They are so cute!

  6. That was a crazy beautiful snow! We got 6 inches in Birmingham and in the woods behind our house you could hear poor branches falling and see snow bombs all over the place from the laden branches. Your house looks like a Christmas card! Love the magnolia centerpiece, so pretty with your woodland settings~

    • That’s the most disturbing sound, Jenna. When I was creating this table yesterday, I was in the breakfast room and I heard a huge SWOOOSH sound. I’m pretty sure it was one of the broken branches falling off the tree, but I couldn’t tell for sure. Scary sound, though!
      Thanks, Jenna!

  7. Merri Jo Schaubroeck says

    Susan, your beautiful, whimsical and creative tablescapes never cease to amaze me. This is just beautiful! Oh, how I would love to have Magnolia grandiflora trees in my northern yard(or beautiful leaves to decorate my home). But, I am so sorry to see the storm damage on your gorgeous specimen. At the rate your other plant material grows, hopefully after another growing season, it will be good as before.

    • Thanks so much Merri Jo! It will take it 2-3 years, but I do think it will be fine. Just hate that this always happens when we get a heavy snow or ice storm. I guess it’s Mother Nature’s way of trimming the trees.

  8. So pretty! Love the deer luminaries!

  9. Silk out of a sow’s ear!! Our winter winds will probably blow that snapped branch out of your tree…it is SO windy again!! Your magnolia leaves are perfect! franki

    • That’s a great way to put it, Franki. 🙂 I have a feeling it will be there a while, it resting across so many branches. There’s at least two up there that are broken.

  10. Love this table, Susan! I, too, have started using unusual items as table coverings. I find I often use a throw on my table, either over a tablecloth in the dining room or by itself in the sunroom. I love doing this. I have enjoyed seeing your tree skirts on your breakfast room table. I’ve also been warming to using different napkin rings, since I just happen to have a few. LOL! In my old age, I’m even matching different plaids. I don’t know if that’s progress or not! Eight inches of snow here in the south is a lot and our southern trees just aren’t prepared to handle that. Here in Memphis, we have a threat of wintry mix coming in Christmas Eve weekend. Snow is one thing, but ice is entirely different. We get far too much of that these days. I will be in OH where we’re hoping to have a white Christmas this year. Snow has been on the ground there this week, so maybe more will fall next weekend. I’m sorry you won’t be with your babies this year, but your trip sounds fabulous!

    • Oh, love the throw idea, Martha! And I love pairing plaids together. I never thought about doing that until I saw how Ralph Lauren does it with his bedding, and even with shirts. So we are in good company when we do that. 🙂
      Yeah, ice is very scary! My son, dil and grandchildren live in Ohio and they love it when it snows. Wish they had gotten the amount of snow I did, they would have loved every minute of it.
      Thanks! It should be a fun trip and I’ll see my family in January, so looking forward to that.
      Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  11. Oh that snow looks beautiful, wish we had some here in Missouri, however I know it can be hard on beautiful bushes and trees

    My table isn’t complete yet but so glad to join in today

  12. Nan, Odessa,, DE says

    Where, Oh where, did you find a tree skirt that would cover that would cover the table? Love the look. Please share!!!!!!!!! Gotta find one.
    Happy holidays!

    • Thanks, Nan! I’ve had it for several years. I believe I found it in either HomeGoods or Marshalls. They always have really cute tree skirts available each year.

  13. rattlebridge farm says

    Wow, what a snow! Your house looks so cozy and pretty. Thanks for hosting.

  14. I love the Magnolia leaves as a centerpiece. And those deer plates! You did a beautiful job.

  15. Dawn E Brown says

    Where could I find those adorable acorn soup bowls? I love your blog,just gorgeous.Thanks in advance,Dawn

    • I found those on sale in Williams Sonoma one year…not sure if they had them this year. Pier 1 had some really cute acorn tureens in last year, too. It looks the ones they have this year are in a tomato shape/design: http://bit.ly/2kwwbHs
      If you don’t find any you like this year, be sure and check next fall. I bet Williams Sonoma, Pottery Barn or Pier 1 will get more fall tureens in next year. They have them almost every year.

  16. Wow, your place looks very wintery! I’m hoping for that when we return to Maine for a few days. You made the most of your magnolia leaves which I like as part of holiday decor. I saw similar luminaries at Michael’s the other day and I would like to find them at the after Christmas sale.

  17. Of course I love your tablescape! I haven’t even done one yet. I remember those candle votives you got from before. I think you had them out on the front porch. Great idea to use one as a vase. The magnolia shed those branches just for you! The weakest branches fall off the easiest but it will grow new ones and you won’t miss them I’m pretty sure! We’re deep in snow up here and I don’t think it’s going away!
    Wishing you a Merry Christmas Susan!

    • I did…great memory, Liz!
      lol Well, it sure shed a bunch of ’em! I could share branches with everyone on the street, I think.
      Stay warm, Liz! We’ve warmed up nicely here the last couple of days…really pretty weather.
      Merry Christmas!

  18. Cyndi Raines says

    Very pretty Susan. I may have to go trim some leaves from my Tulip tree (a northern sister to your Magnolia tree) as your centerpiece is so pretty. I enjoy mixing napkin rings, adds a little variety and spice to the table. When are you leaving for your overseas Christmas trip? Godspeed and eager to see the pictures. Merry Christmas!

  19. Libby Bernard says

    Magnolia greenery is wonderful any time of year. So glad you were able to utilize your fallen branches. I love your decorating style and, being a former Southerner, I become a little homesick. (I’ve been transplanted to California, Yikes!) I do wonder, with all of your beautiful seasonal decor, how do you store everything. Maybe you should someday do a blog or part of one to show your skills. Like, where do you keep all those dishes! Love seeing everything.

  20. Way to go, Susan! I took a little walk outside to clip some magnolia for re-doing my Williamsburg table centerpiece, and found a lot of my magnolia branch tips had gotten knocked down in the winds last weekend. No cutting needed, lol! Your jars are super cute, and yes, those wooden chargers are very useful, and not just as chargers! Love all the plaids, can never use too much of either if you ask me!
    Have a safe and fun journey!

  21. I love this table, especially the deer plates and the wooden chargers. Great job, Susan!!

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