Would you go to Maui, Hawaii Alone?

A friend called me last week to say he had a week in Maui planned, but couldn’t go. He offered it to me at no charge. So all I’d be paying for is the flight, a rental car once there, and of course the usual expenses like meals, etc…

I called two different friends to see if either would like to go. The room will sleep two since it also has a sofa sleeper. Neither could go due to prior commitments they have scheduled next week. Another friend had just returned from vaca, so couldn’t leave again so soon. ~~~sigh~~~

Would you go alone if someone gave you a free room for a week in a beautiful beach resort in Maui? Have you ever been? I’m not into snorkeling or surfing, but would definitely love to take some of the guided hikes I’ve read about.

What else is there to do in Maui when you’re not hiking, shopping or enjoying the beach? I’m not really the beach type, I enjoy walking along a beach or hiding out under an umbrella reading, but not so much swimming or sunbathing…just not my thing.

I’m still tempted to do it. I looked tonight and it appears the flight over is still the same as when I looked a few days ago. Sooo tempting!

Should I do it?

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  1. Julie in NC says

    Yes, do it! Sounds like opportunity knocking… and what are the odds of ever getting a chance like this again?!? I say ‘go for it’. You enjoy traveling and it is an absolutely beautiful locale. I’m not much of a beach person, either, but I do enjoy gorgeous scenery …and a resort location?? Perfect.

  2. In a heartbeat!!!

  3. Yes, go! If you don’t, you will kick yourself later!
    God provides! Don’t turn down an opportunity like that!

    Go, have fun! Take pictures to share!


  4. Darlene Gardner says

    Go – I live vicariously through your trips! Take lots of pics and let me see Hawaii. I am afraid it is the only way I will ever get there!

  5. Definitely! It’s been many years since I was in Hawaii…but I would definitely go again – even alone! The gardens, the fish, the beauty!

  6. Joyce Ethington says

    Yes! GO! Been there a few times. I’m not a beach person either – but just walking/jogging the beach each morning, eating a breakfast of fresh pineapple boats with other fruit, driving the coastline, shopping, with your personality – you’ll meet great people. GO! You’ll love it!

  7. Yes, do it! Alone means you can do whatever you want, whenever you want. I took my family to Oahu two years ago and although it is the most populous and over-built of the islands, its still a paradise. Maui is next on our list but flights from Boston are long and expensive. You are used to long flights, based on some of your other trips.

  8. Most definitely you should go!! Enjoy!! Sounds like an adventure waiting to happen!!!

  9. Yes, Haleakala is definitely worth putting on the to see list. I would, however, check and see how the air quality has been affected by the volcano.

    • As long as you’re going that far (you ARE going, arent you?) add a few days more and fly to Kauai, my favorite island. After all you’ll be “in the neighborhood”. I wouldnt worry about the volcanic ash. The volcano eruption on the Big Island is over 120 miles away, and the ash hasnt blown that way, toware Maui (yet)

  10. I vote Yes! Hawaii is not a cheap trip, and you would have much of yours paid for. I would think the hotel would be able to provide you with guided tours that you could take daily to see different things. Wow! That’s quite an opportunity.

  11. Margaret says

    Yes, go, enjoy!. There will be bus tours, the resort will have many activities you will enjoy. No reason not to go. You will meet others that will enjoy the same things that you do. Bring a nice remembrance back for the friend.

  12. Absolutely, go! this is a chance of a lifetime. I was there many years ago, and it is gorgeous. We even bought the t-shirts that say “I survived the road to Hana”- terrible road, beautiful flowers and waterfalls. Getting in the water isn’t my thing, but the beach is.

  13. Jane McClain says

    Absolutely, go! If you have a car you can drive around the island, go to Haleakala Crater, see the sunrise, visit the up country farmland, drive the road to Hana, there is soooo much to do on Maui!
    We have been twice & I would go again today!

  14. Patty Hawkins says

    Def go, ..it will be an adventure.

  15. Yes! It’s lovely! You can totally relax there! Yes yes yes!

  16. Regality (aka The Quing) says

    Personally, I wouldn’t do it. Like you, I’m not into the ocean sports. I can lollygag at home anytime I want. I find any place without good museums a total bore. And I’m thoroughly against spending good money to be totally bored.

    My SO, on the other hand, a swimmer and windsurfer, would and has.

    Opposites definitely attract. *L*

  17. Well, looks like it’s official. Go.

  18. Mary Lynn says

    Absolutely go!!! I have been to Hawaii several times and one of my favorite places. Weather is wonderful, many good tours and friendly people. Not to mention the beaches and beautiful water.

  19. That “terrible road” to Hana is worth the ride for the beauty alone..and it is
    also the location for Charles Lindberg’s grave. Besides it is not that bad.
    I would check for air quality ( current volcano ) but if it seems ok…then
    make your reservations. Otherwise, it will be a missed opportunity you will
    regret the rest of your life. ( you can still go another time but not at this
    price!) Aloha!!

  20. Michelle Baker says

    Absolutely! Maui is beautiful. There’s lots to do and plenty of shops to browse. Haleakala is gorgeous. You don’t have to hike it. You can drive. Gorgeous views. The road to Hana is challenging but breathtaking. Just sitting under an umbrella watching the sunset is worth the trip. I have been there and Honolulu. Would go back to Maui in a second. Life is short. Take the trip 🙂

  21. Mary Conway says

    Yes, go. I went to Key West by myself because no one else was available at the time and I never regretted one second. Enjoy yourself.

  22. Ruth E. Rupp says

    Definitely!! Been there, done that (more than once), and loved every minute. Lovely place, lovely people! You know the old saying – – “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.” And who knows what exciting adventures might pop up!! And the ride to the top of Haleakala crater is interesting. When do you ever get to go see a volcano? I say, GO FOR IT!!

  23. Mary Rose Borden says

    You definitely need to Go. We go every year (we’re from California) and just got back a couple of weeks ago. We never get tired of it. It’s truly paradise. So many outstanding restaurants too.

  24. Definitely go! Hawaii is so much more than palm trees and boat drinks. Of course that is pretty great but there’s a ton to see and do that doesn’t involve laying on the beach in a bathing suit.

  25. Jane Franks says

    I’m not much into Hawaii or the tropics. I’m a UK/Europe kind of person, but I would think it would be okay. You might look into any local tour groups you could join for day trips or check any organizations you might have an affinity with; i.e. religious groups, or gardening, cooking class — something like that where you might find mutual friends, like you did on your safari. Just a few ideas. Will be interested to see what you decided!

  26. Becky L Christiansen says

    Why not? Sunshine, ocean breezes, the sweet scent of flowers in the air, amazing sights to see. I’ve been twice and would go again in a heartbeat. There is no place like it! The seven sacred pools are a must see.

  27. Maureen Brinkmann says

    I’m cryin’ I’m so jealous. Are you kidding. Maui is incredible and I’d go by myself in a Hawaiian second….. A L O H A

  28. Yes! I am a beach person and love snorkeling but there are other things to do. Have you ever heard of the Road to Hana? There are side roads off the Hana road that will take you into tiny villages and beautiful state parks. Approaching Hana from the other side of the island is frowned upon by car rental companies but is an interesting and slightly scary drive. LOL

  29. Jane Franks says

    Maui isn’t near enough to where that volcano is spewing fire all over the place is it? If it were me, I’d check on the ash, etc. blowing around. As you can tell I’m not a huge Hawaii fan! 🙂 But you might love it.

  30. Cheryl Page says

    Yes, definitely go and have a wonderful time!

  31. Yes! yes! Absolutely go! I have been to Maui three times, cause my daughter lived on Maui for four years. Besides all the beach stuff, there is a beautiful lavender gardens with other tropical flowers and plants and they have a lovely gift shop with lavender items like lotions, shampoo, shower gel, candles, tea etc. there is also Chinese gardens near to the lavender gardens. Going to the top of Haleakala crater, the road to Hana with all the beautiful waterfalls, there is a winery (near the gardens also) that used to be a pineapple plantation, and the wine is made from pineapples, they have pineapple champagne! Paia is a cute toen with all kind of shops and restaurants and Makawo, going up country is another cute town and there is the Maui Aquarium which is really nice and Lanai is another really cool town with tons of shops and restaurants and places to stay. You have to go and eat at Mama’s Fish House, the best seafood restaurant I have ever dined at, the food is sublime and it is right on the beach! You are so lucky! Don’t pass up this opportunity! Hope you go!

    • Gloria has mentioned most of the things I was going to recommend. Don’t miss Mama’s! And I loved the lavender farm. One more thing we did – I believe it’s still available – riding bicycles down the mountain from the Haleakala Crater. Companies will pick you up at your hotel and transport you to the top of the mountain where you can see a gazillion stars before sunrise, a spectacular sunrise, and then coast down the mountain. We did that and it was a lifetime memory making event. The bicycles are specially built coasters and there is very little peddling to do. But OH! the scenery! Go with all of us in your back pocket.

  32. U betcha! U have experience in overseas traveling and know the procedures. If u don’t Accept his offer and never have another chance u’ll Always wonder what u missed in not taking advantage of his generosity! Life is too short to bypass opportunities. If I weren’t my husband’s sole caregiver i’d Accompany u in a NY minute, no ? Asked!

  33. Linda Roller says

    Maui has a wonderful aquarium, you could do a Polynesian luau,I think we did a tour of a plantation that grew all kinds of fruit. You should go. I loved Maui.

  34. I could go with you. Oh, but wait, there’s my hubby, my rotten knee, I simply won’t board a plane anymore, soooooo fat I don’t have one single thing to wear, I literally toss and turn ALL night long, and I can be a bit crabby at times. But other then that, I would love to be your roomie! Ha!

    Seriously, you go everywhere else on the planet alone. Why is this any different? Maybe you just really don’t have an interest in Hawaii. That’s fine. And there is the consideration of the effects of the volcano. But I think you need to ask yourself, rather then us, why is it you don’t seem to want to go?

  35. Nope….I wouldn’t go! Actually I wouldn’t want to go even if someone offered to go along. Sorry but I have been to Maui as well as two other trips to Hawaii…..have NO desire to go again.

  36. Barbara H says

    Go. I went many years while working on a suntan lotion commercial. I have dreamt of going back someday. You’re resourceful-you’ll find something to do. Just being in a different culture, climate and scenery is enough. Take an island-hopper to Kuaii and see the lush Falls. Enjoy walking on the beach, eating the best pineapple you have ever tasted, the incredibly fragrant air, water temperature that soothes your senses…Go.

  37. I have found when I’m unsure about a decision that has to be made “immediately” the best choice is a no. I call it a “check” inside.

    Every time I pursue something that I was hesitant about from the get-go, I have regretted it.

  38. Maria A Trunzo says

    Yes. I would go. Great opportunity. Enjoy

  39. Yes. I went with my sister. Sunrise at the crater is unforgettable. Early morning outrigger boat ride beautiful. We did snorkel in a volcano it was great. We ate ate every “best” restaurant best seafood best Italian best taco. It was wonderful.

  40. Hawaii is so beautiful. I haven’t been to Maui, but I’m sure it is as beautiful as the other islands. You could also take a short flight to Oahu to see Pearl Harbor.

  41. Susan – I would do it in a heartbeat. Check out Donna’s experiences travelling to Maui (with family and by herself) at Funky Junk Interiors. She will give you lots of ideas. I would start listing ideas but she has described and photographed them so well. I think you would have a marvellous time – and there are always tours if you don’t want to do things on your own. Looking forward to hearing about your trip

  42. Life is short, and travel adventures are seldom wasted time. Go!

  43. Joining in with all the other “Go!” comments. Lots of people don’t go in the water much and instead enjoy the gorgeous views and people watching from a lounge chair in the shade. And the intoxicating air smelling of tropical flowers… Go!!!!

  44. Mary Jo Bulawa says

    Definitely go!! Maui can be as busy as you like or relaxing!! You can make it what you want it to be.

  45. Marty Oravetz says

    Absolutely. We have been and there are tons of things to see and do. You will be busy for the whole week. Go.

  46. Yes!!!
    I’m not a beach person either-hate it!
    Went to Maui and never went to the beach
    We stayed at the ritz did had wonderful lunches and dinners and made it a very relaxing trip!!!

  47. Absolutely! So relaxing, great weather, yummy food. You won’t regret it. One of my favorite places!

  48. Elizabeth Roderick says

    Well, I don’t think you really need another comment or YES, but that’s my answer. I have always wanted to go there. My main goals would probably be seeing the flowers, going to a luau, shopping and at least one evening stroll on the beach.

  49. Jon Anne says

    Go! I’d have no problem going alone!

  50. I’ve learned from experience to err on the side of caution and only look for safe groups. While Hawaii may sound adventurous and lovely, I hope it meets your expectations.

  51. If you can afford it and want to go, go. Your decision. 🙂

  52. Absolutely especially if you’ve never been before! Funky Junk blog has lots of info on Maui and hikes. She went alone too. Have fun!!! Go. Just be sure you aren’t near the volcano activity.

  53. Oh, we luv’d Maui…whale watching, banyan trees, we did the zip line…half mile…4 stations, down a mountainside..it was thrilling ( the bus ride up was not a paved road…just sayin. If you’ve never been it is paradise. franki

  54. Denise S Rice says

    WOW – what an opportunity! I’d go – heck, I don’t know you but I’ll go with you. I bet that will be an awesome trip and what fabulous pictures you can get. I know you’ll find tons of enjoyable things to do.

  55. Go for it! Step out your comfort zone!

  56. Tamara Kemp says

    You will love it! Maui is wonderful…

  57. Umm, are you going to wait until the next time someone offers you a free vacation stay? Go in search of your own adventure not someone else’s. And share those gorgeous pictures! Aloha.

  58. I can’t imagine going on such a trip (any trip really) alone, but since you’ve said before that you like to travel alone I would say DEFINITELY GO. I mean how often do you get offered a “free” trip to HAWAII…well, sort of free. If you do go, though I hope you won’t have to contend with any of the volcano fallout!

  59. My daughter and I just returned from Wailea 5/25! You must go. The air is fine, several days of a little “vog” but really was not an issue. The sunsets are phenomenal and as several have recommended, Haleakala is a must do- ride your bike down the volcano. Pineapple tour is fun. We had a day snorkeling on a catamaran operated by a company called Trilogy. I can’t tell you how fabulous it was and how professional the team was that took us out–We took a day and went into Lahaina an old whaling town. You could spend a day just in and out of outstanding art galleries. Enjoy!

  60. Terri Gonzalez says

    I would go. My mom was 80, and my aunt was 75 when they went to Hawaii for a week. My aunt was sick most of the trip, so Mom went sightseeing alone. Best vacation she ever had!

  61. Do it! I loved Maui. Aren’t you used to traveling alone? There is so much to see there. Take lots of tours. I really went out of my comfort zone and took a surfing lesson…..I was really bad, but happy I tried it. (The waves were all of a foot high)

  62. Well, I bet by now you have a bag packed and a ticket for a plane ride…if not…you should see a Dr. as there is something wrong with you. lol

  63. I have been to Maui twice. In addition to activities you mentioned there are whale watching excursions, helicopter tours, hula dancing lessons, luaus, Hana, etc. GO. You will not regret it. The island is beautiful. Take lots of pics and share with us.

  64. Yes, go !!! I’ve been to 4 of the islands & love them all. Haleakala sunrise amazingly mind blowing, you feel like you are on top of the world! Go the 1st morning you are there if you can arrange it because your body is still on your home time & it makes getting up at 4 in the morning (or however long it will take you to drive up) easier. Oh, & it is freezing up there, take a blanket fr. Your room. The drive to Hana is beautiful, so many waterfalls. I went to a local recreation center & got to listen to local’s ukele music for free. I snorkel even though I am 65 & a totally baby about it. I take or buy a pool kick board, float about on that & just peer under the water when I feel like it with my face mask on. So worth it, especially if you get to see a sea turtle. I stopped by a quilt shop ‘cause I love Hawaiian quilting. Great food, love Hawaiian shave ice, the fresh fruits, & seafood. Gorgeous sunsets. Beautiful gardens, I went to orchid growers to check out the fabulous blooms. Go, go, go.

  65. No, I wouldn’t go alone because that wouldn’t be fun for me. However, I am sure it would be hard to pass up a free trip like this. If you go, have a wonderful time.

  66. lynn hummer says

    yes go for sure you will love it!!! I am in CA and we go the big island and maui almost ever year.

  67. Hi Susan,
    I love Maui. A favorite was Swan Court Breakfast in the Hyatt Regency Maui Resort and Spa and shopping in Lahaina, and the best reason to go to Hawaii is you can scratch the Hawaiian Island off your travel map. LOL.

  68. I’ll join the majority here and recommend that you take advantage of the opportunity. We have a second home on Hawaii island (where the volcano is erupting) & have been visiting there for over 30 years. Go, and enjoy the Hawaiian culture, customs, food, and the spirit of Aloha. I’ve never been to Maui, but your followers here have made very good suggestions. It’s a unique state (the only one with a history of a monarchy), and a unique environment. You seem to be up for new adventures :: here is a good invitation to one!! Go – with aloha!

  69. Do it! Its beautiful. Spend time in Upcountry area- good food, wine….

  70. I have been four times with my husband to Maui. But would go alone absolutely. The sights are amazing but also the sense of peace and relaxation are like nothing else. It truly feels like the world has slowed down on “island time.” The sunsets are the most beautiful I have ever seen. Haleakala is amazing at sunrise but every bit as beautiful during the day. You won’t regret it. The town of Lahaina is so much fun too.

  71. Oh! Maui is our favorite island! I say go. I alway feel very safe in Maui. You didn’t mention where you would be staying. The photo you posted looks like it was taken from the Sheraton Black Rock at the end of Kaanapali beach. There is a beachwalk you can walk that goes the entire length of the resort area, from Black Rock past all the big hotel properties and ends at the Hyatt. There are lots of snorkeling cruises you can catch right on the beach. (Book thru your hotel). Even if you don’t want to go in the water, I would highly recommend a cruise for the gorgeous views, dolphins, provided lunch and professional crew. Or, go on a sunset sail where they provide drinks and dinner. There are also guided tours to Hana, you may not want to tackle that road alone. Lahaina is a darling old whaling town with museums, the original jail, shops galore and check out the Pioneer Inn and Banyan tree. Great restaurants. Biking down Haleakala sounds scary, but it’s not. Anytime you want to hop off your bike, you just hop into a van that follows you. You would have no trouble finding things to do. It’s an island, so you really can’t get too lost! Pick up the sight seeing books in the kiosks at your baggage claim when you land. I could go on and on, but GO! When the weather is nice, it’s like walking through a postcard, the colors are unreal. Read James Michener’s “Hawaii” before you go for the history of the islands. I want to see your pictures when you return!!

  72. Lorrie S says

    Oh! Maui is our favorite island! I say go. I alway feel very safe in Maui. You didn’t mention where you would be staying. The photo you posted looks like it was taken from the Sheraton Black Rock at the end of Kaanapali beach. There is a beachwalk you can walk that goes the entire length of the resort area, from Black Rock past all the big hotel properties and ends at the Hyatt. There are lots of snorkeling cruises you can catch right on the beach. (Book thru your hotel). Even if you don’t want to go in the water, I would highly recommend a cruise for the gorgeous views, dolphins, provided lunch and professional crew. Or, go on a sunset sail where they provide drinks and dinner. There are also guided tours to Hana, you may not want to tackle that road alone. Lahaina is a darling old whaling town with museums, the original jail, shops galore and check out the Pioneer Inn and Banyan tree. Great restaurants. Biking down Haleakala sounds scary, but it’s not. Anytime you want to hop off your bike, you just hop into a van that follows you. You would have no trouble finding things to do. It’s an island, so you really can’t get too lost! Pick up the sight seeing booklets in the kiosks at your baggage claim when you land. I could go on and on, but GO! When the weather is nice, it’s like walking through a postcard, the colors are unreal. Read James Michener’s “Hawaii” before you go for the history of the islands. I want to see your pictures when you return!!

  73. Michele (Finch Rest) says


    I have quite a few friends who always travel alone- I have always admired their courage and “life is too short to worry so much” attitudes.

    Hope you go. Carpe diem, Susan!

  74. Cynthia Moore says

    Absolutely. The real question is why wouldn’t you go????? Island hopping is a thing. Do it. Lots of history and exciting things to see. And remember: IT IS A Beach.

  75. Gloria was soooo right! Mama’s Fish House was divine, the road to Hana, the Haleakala excursion was surreal (bring a warm coat-it’s cold up there before sunrise), The Lavender farm with all kinds of exotic plants and everything lavender, Paia and an amazing Luau there, Lahaina and Mick Fleetwood’s “Fleetwood on Front Street” (they say he stops in sometimes, though I didn’t meet him), and I could go on and on. And whether you are a beach goer or not the beaches are more beautiful than anywhere I’ve ever been. Hiking the bamboo forests is amazing. Don’t pass this up.

  76. Jennifer says

    I would go. I’d rather say well that wasn’t the best vacation ever instead of always wondering about what might have been. Be sides, it might be the best the vacation ever, only one way to find out!! Jennifer

  77. You must go,,,you will regret not going. I have traveled by myself on many occasions and loved it. A great time to be introspective. Please go.

  78. You must go,,,you will regret it if you don’t. A great time to be introspective and enjoy solitude.

  79. Gail Bell says

    Definitely go!! Where else can you learn how to hula;–)

  80. Yes, I think you should! As I write that, I have just arrived in Nice France by myself. I’m sitting at an outside restaurant at a cute little cafe. I might get a little lonely at times traveling by myself but if the choice is between having an adventure by myself vs having no adventure, I’d pick having an adventure by myself! My vote is YES!!!
    Love your blog! Can’t wait to read all about your visit to Egypt!!

  81. I vote to go. I’m not a beach person either, but love reading by the pool under an umbrella. We have twice taken a sunrise bike ride down Haleakala. Beautiful.

  82. mary williams says

    Oh my gosh!! That would be a dream…..I’ve been to Maui 4 or 5 times. And would go by myself in a heartbeat. Be sure and check out the lavender garden on the island. It’s one of the things to do that brings me back to Maui. And the onion rings at Cheeseburger in Paradise are amazing. I finished the Maui marathon once and the half twice using them as my “thought carrot” to finish strong. I’ve traveled there with girlfriends and with my husband and have ventured out on my own while there. Very safe and the people are super friendly. GO!!! You won’t regret it.

  83. Lisa Trahan says

    I’m not a sunbather either but I think it’s great to explore the culture wherever I get to go. How fun to just immerse yourself in a completely different vibe for a while; i
    t can really give you a new perspective. There is always something to learn!

  84. Well, that volcano on the big island of Hawaii is sending stuff into the air that probably effects all the islands at this time. Not a good time to go to Hawaii. There is a reason for the sudden opening of a room and no one is available to go. Very expensive there and you won’t be saving much on the free room. Don’t go. I have been to the Hawaii island of Oahu which is where Diamond Head is and Honolulu. Beautiful paradise and a must visit for any of the islands but not at a time when the ash of a volcano is being breathed in thousands of miles away even I have read.

  85. We went to Hawaii for our 25th anniversary ten years ago. We visited three islands, Maui being one of them (Oahu and Kauai also). We liked Maui, but it was our least favorite of the three. We took the road to Hana, and in fact stayed in Hana for a couple of nights. I would think twice about driving to Hana alone. It’s a very long drive, the roads are narrow, and you need to keep your eyes on the road, but if you can arrange a tour then go for it. Another possibility is maybe don’t drive ALL the way to Hana, just part of it. That will give you the gist of it without tiring yourself out. Remember, you still have to drive BACK, and there’s very little to see in Hana. Lindbergh’s grave is definitely a let down.

    Since your trip is just a week, you’ll find stuff to do and it will go super fast. Take a couple of tours during the day based on your interests (you’ve gotten some good suggestions), go to a luau or two at night and just relax, because you’ll find there’s not much to do at night anyway.

    I’m sure flights are the cheapest they’ve been in a while and it sounds like your accommodations will be quite nice. Why can’t I have any friends who offer me something like this?! 😉

  86. YES!! I have never been, but my brother, who is NOT impressed by anything, absolutely LOVED it and wants to go back….that is all I needed to hear to put that trip on MY bucket list! 🙂 Have a blast!

  87. I’ve been to Maui four times with family but I wouldn’t go alone. I have travelled alone to Europe in group tours and had a great time. Even though I was among strangers, there was some camaraderie and someone to speak to over breakfast, on bus rides, etc. Maui, however, is different. There is no way I would have enjoyed myself wandering around for a week in Maui by myself. Sorry, but just my opinion.

  88. Just knowing how you attract friends on your blog, I would bet you would meet interesting people and would not be alone most of the time. Don’t be like me and deliberate too long. Just go for it and share with us.

  89. GO! Enough said..

  90. Go for it. Great opportunity.

  91. Terri Santiago says

    A BIG YES !!!!!!!!!!!
    Maui is so beautiful !!!!
    I have been there 3 times.
    Take a ride to Hana, beautiful drive, waterfalls.
    The road there is narrow, I believe they have tours there.
    Blue waters etc.
    Take it!!!!!!!!!!
    You will love it.

  92. Wow! So many great comments from your sweet readers/friends! You must know that we feel like you are a good friend! I can’t wait to hear your decision!

  93. Karen Winkler says

    I might be the odd one out here, but I say, listen to your instincts. When in doubt, DON’T. Been there. It’s VERY $$$$, even with free lodging. Just keeping yourself nourished will cost a kings ransom. It’s pretty, yes, but it’s for the outdoorsy type, and not for going solo. Good luck$

  94. Linda Diane Townsend says


  95. We lived in So Cal and called The Hawaiian Islands our back yard…we went over 7 times and loved it!! The tropical smell and balmy breezes…the best fresh seafood and never had better cocktails made only with the freshest fruit…Kimos a favorite… Antheriums flowers to bring home from each trip… Great memories! Plenty group excursions… You’ll love it!

  96. LINDA PAGE says

    Absolutely go!! There is so much to see and do there besides the beach. It is too beautiful to pass up!!!

  97. Cyndi Raines says

    Oh Susan! What a great gift from a wonderful friend! GO, for all the reasons mentioned above. Wish I could go with you. To be able to see all that others have mentioned sounds awesome and so many sites besides laying on a beach, (although I would have to go in the water at least once because I love water), but I would enjoy all those lovely sites and the food. Would have to go see the Arizona also. What an opportunity!

  98. Absolutely , start packing. We were there a week on land and a week on a cruise ship. Not once did I have time for the beach but a brief walk. Wonderful tours that picked us up at the hotel. We didnt bother with a rental car. Check last minute cruises too. Go your week..then grab a last minute cruise at a reduced rate..brings you back to Maui and then book a hotel for a night to fly home. We cruised at night and each morning were in a different island. Was a great way to travel. You have a dear friend!

  99. Hi, Susan. I absolutely agree with what others are saying, “GO!”. Maui is wonderful: the minute you get off the plane you can smell the flowers, and stress slips away. I, too, would take a tour to Hana: you’d be watching the road the whole time and not seeing what beauty surrounds you. Definitely, take the bike ride down Haleakala. And see Paia. And McKenna Beach! Lahaina, however, has become quite “touristy”, in my opinion. The best thing about Hawaii is that by the end of your time there you’re accessorizing with an exquisite hibiscus behind your ear as you head to the store and it feels totally normal! Continue to spread your wings as you have been doing these past couple of years and GO! Aloha!

  100. I would go without hesitation, i can entertain myself easily.

    All I can say is “run, Forrest, run!

  101. Bonnie Bee says

    GO GO GO… my brother who doesn’t like to travel, took his wife a few years ago.. and he said he would go back in a heart beat… so GO GO GO..: 🙂

  102. Patricia says

    I would definitely go. So much to do there – The Road to Hana, Haleakala at sunrise, Iao Needle, Bike riding, boat trips, plus just relaxing and reading a good book ! People are friendly, its safe, its beautiful , excellent food and perfect weather ! Dont miss a great opportunity !!!

  103. Goooooo. I can’t add to the suggestions above, but maybe take your DIL for a
    girls vacation together. Girl time together is such a valuable event.
    I lost my DIL two months ago to cancer. I would give anything to have time in Hawaii with her. Have fun with a companion.

  104. Patricia says

    Almost forgot – vist the old whaling town of Lahaina and dont drive the Road to Hana by yourself. Take a tour for that one but take a small bus tour that will stop along the way atvall the waterfalls and amazing sights.
    I’ve been to Maui 3 times and would go back in a minute. And it is a place you could go alone – very safe and friendly people. Do it !!!

  105. Peggy Gordon says

    Absolutely! Maui is beautiful. Been there twice and loved it both times!

  106. You bet I would go in a hot minute. The first time I went to Hawaii, it was to Maui. I never regretted it. Go, turn off life and enjoy every minute of it.
    My 13 year old great nephew just came back ( his grandparents took the whole family) and he loved every second of it,
    My nephew ( the father of my great nephew) help build the resort over there!!!

  107. I have gone twice, alone, and do not regret it one bit. I enjoy surfing and snorkling however. I also really love exploring which Maui has plenty of. The hikes are incredible. I doubt it would be very difficult to make some friends to do things with while you’re there as well.

  108. Without hesitation…YES! Haven’t even finished reading post yet. But had to reply to your title!!!
    Just decided about 20 min ago to make another 4-6 week trip back to Italy SOLO!!!!! Love traveling alone!

  109. The BEST experiences are those that are spontaneous. That happen FOR us, not TO us!!!

  110. Jay Timely says

    No other place like it on earth. Best beach variety anywhere… quiet, bustling, bay, ocean, surfing, snorkeling, soaking, watching, reading, solitary, beach bar, hotel resort… enjoy… you will return.

  111. Diane Garman says

    GO. Maui is beautiful….there is shopping, sightseeing…and the weather is unbeatable. (My in laws used to hop a city bus and simply ride around town…but that was in Honolulu). Maui is much less commercial and less crowded than Honolulu. The tropical relaxed atmosphere is hassle free…and a good book or two just sweetens the mix.

  112. I’m not the kind of person to take off on my own by my self, but if you feel confident and comfortable then by all means “go girl” and have a wonderful time, take lots of pictures. ❤️kathy

  113. I’ve been and not a beach person either. Go as an island person. You have so, so many beautiful recommendations in the comments. It would be rather disappointed if you turned it down. I’m checking IG to see if you are blogging from the airport!

  114. Yes…in a heartbeat!
    There are some fabulous restaurants in Maui…there is a lavender farm you should tour… You’re very good at doing your homework before you go anywhere, do the same with Maui.

  115. Cynthia Blaylock says

    Go!! If you have a rental car, there are plenty of places to go and Maui is pretty easy to get around. I’m not a lay on the beach person either, but I do love to sit in the shade with a good book, a nice drink, and enjoy the beautiful views of the water. The photo you included looks like Ka’anapali – if that’s where the room is, there is a very nice boardwalk to walk and watch people and a nice shopping center (Whaler’s Village). Tons of great places to eat in the area, whether you walk or drive. Up-country (about a 45 minute easy drive) is the Lavender Farm, Sufin’ Goat Dairy, and Ocean Vodka Organic Farm & Distillery – the first has awesome lavender scones and the latter two have interesting tours. I wouldn’t do the entire Hana Highway on my own (cuz I’m a big chicken), but you could drive part of it and get some fabulous photos at some of the pull-outs. If you decide to go, feel free to email me and I can send you details and addresses. We have a condo we go to every year, so we’ve covered pretty much every inch of the island.

  116. How could you not go? It’s being offered to you on a silver platter!
    You seem to be a plucky sort of person – not easily overwhelmed and definitely independent. Go on this adventure and see where life takes you.
    Then report back to the rest of us armchair travelers.

  117. Delrainne Lanzon says

    I have gone to Maui 4 times and Kauai once in the last 2 years ALONE. I have developed amazing friendships with many locals. All previous trips there included family or coworkers, while fun means compromising and no time to savor the people of the island. Go! You will be safe and satiated.

  118. Linda S in NE says

    I am sure by now you have made your decision and are going on this trip. Something no one has mentioned is that it will be the perfect opportunity to enjoy all those new clothes and accessories you have been gathering this Spring. It’s like you were packing before you even knew you were packing. Truly Susan, life is too short to not take advantage of this opportunity!!

  119. Rebecca Anderson says

    Yes. Do it. Maui hawaii is beautiful.. And i stayed at that great hotel that is pictured.. Amazing.

  120. Linda Johns says

    I have been, and l would go! We were hosting on a company trip…dinner at a pineapple plantation was lovely, sightseeing was amazing, but….just to feel and experience the trade winds was unforgettable for me!! We were there the month of July. Great opportunity for you! Lots of enchanting evenings!!

  121. Please see your email. I have sent some information regarding Maui.
    Thank you.

  122. Go! Hope that by this time you have reserved your flight and are packing.

  123. I’ve been to all of the islands and Kau’ai is my favorite. Maui is definitely the tourist island and if you’re interested in doing the tourist stuff that’s the place to be. You’ve been given some good ideas by other people but if you’re interested in the Hawaiian culture your can check it out by asking at your hotel. Since I was a Hula dancer for many years I always go for that. Have a great trip!

  124. I live on Maui and I would encourage you to take the opportunity if you can afford to do so. Maui is incredibly beautiful and there are some great hikes and other stuff you can do. These are just a few things you can look into if you decide to visit but there is so much more.

    Makawao Forrest Reserve hike
    Windmill hike
    Waihee Ridge Trail hike
    Nakaleili blow hole
    Bamboo Forrest hike in Hana
    Haleakala summit

  125. Go, of course.

  126. Yes, I’ve done it (over 20 times) with family and alone. Had a great time doing both. There is plenty to do. Run, dont walk!!!

  127. Victoria Williamson says

    Ill take the room. Lol. Yes go
    I live here. There is plenty to do

  128. Marlene Stephenson says

    It’s been a long time but, i did go by my self. I rented a car and went somewhere different every day. It isn’t a big Island so you can go spend time and get back home at the end of the day. There are beaches where hardly anyone goes to explore. I found it better once i got away from tourist stuff. Go have a good time.

  129. Dorinda Selke says

    Definitely!!! What a wonderful opportunity!! Don’t let it go to waste!! I’ve never been but it’s on my husband and my bucket list – possibly in 2 years for our 40th Wedding Anniversary. Can’t wait to hear if you’re going to take the plunge. Aloha Susan.

  130. Aloha! Go…. I have been to Honolulu on my own and recently went to Hana, Maui on my own and it was an amazing and spiritual experience you never know what’s in store for you!! The road to Hana is magical and I highly recommend it. The day I went the entire island except Hana had major power outages due to an island wide storm. Amazingly Hana was protected from the worst part of this storm!! I almost felt like I had Supernaturals guidance around me that day in October 2017 and I was meant to be there for healing! Maui is a very special and unique island when it comes to energy and vortexes. Good. Luck and Aloha always!!

  131. Daniel malone says

    You should absolutely go.
    Maui has to be seen to be understood.
    Make sure you go into the jungle and up the Volcano!

  132. Maui is beautiful, tropical and best of all–it’s in AMERICA! You will feel safe and relaxed everywhere. The Aloha spirit is alive and well. It’s a great opportunity for you–go for it!

  133. Ginger Kilby says

    I can go!!! For sure, you should go (and take me)!

  134. I loved Maui…and we lived on Oahu for 4 years. I would go, but a cautionary note be careful of some beach parks on the western, leeward side…robberies… and the guidebook we used a few years ago said the bike trip down Haleakala can be very dangerous… and the tour companies don’t tell you that. Knowing your preparation ethic I am sure you already heard that. You can still see Haleakala on an early AM tour. My 60 year old mother did it by herself on a tour and loved it. Have fun!

  135. Yes! You have traveled enough to be a savvy tourist on your own. Too good to pass up.

  136. Due to a friend cancelling her trip, I went to Oahu alone for a week when I was twenty. Could not rent a car but that did not slow me down. On Maui, you could zip line. Did the zip line at 63 years. Drive on the road to Hana that takes you through a rain forest and walk down to waterfalls and lava flow tubes. Go!

  137. Karen Sheets says

    Yes. I’ve been pondering the same thing as my friends keep cancelling our trip last minute. I just like to share meals and a fun day with a friend but I will alone if necessary. I go every year and I love it there. Truly my happy place.

  138. Susan, you are a southerner. Didn’t you ever hear “Never look a gift horse in the mouth”? It would make up for the last trip and getting so sick.
    Looks like the majority voted “yes” Go. Have a great time. We are not getting any younger.

  139. Katherine says


  140. Absolutely go!! Go to Kauai, like another person mentioned. My favorite too!
    Haven’t been there in years but always thought I could go there alone, no problem.
    Have fun…you know you’re going!

  141. Pegge Loven says

    Do it! So much beauty to experience just walking/hiking or driving. It is such a relaxing place to be. I am not into snorkeling or sunbathing and swimming but sitting on the beach or walking in the warm surf is wonderful. I highly recommend .

  142. Absolutely go!! I don’t go swimming anymore, but I love the beach! I would go in a heartbeat. You encourage me to get out of my comfort zone by all the places you visit and all the projects you accomplish. Can’t wait to see pictures.

  143. If you have always wanted to go to Hawaii, then yes, go! But if it’s just because it’s being offered, I say save the money you’d have spent on the rental, airfare, etc, and put it towards another trip.

  144. Margaret Kearns says

    YES!!! Go for it!

  145. Betty Mcjunkins says

    I think for sure you should go. It is a beautiful place and the people are so nice. Lots of tours, excursions,hikes, sight seeing of all kind. I am not a beach person either, except walking along when the sun is setting. You will not be sorry!!

  146. Definitely go!!! I’ve gone by myself when my husband couldn’t make it after we had booked it. Maui is small enough & safe enough & I’ve never had any issues by myself. Funny….I never had a desire to go to Maui for years—always thought it was too “touristy”. And then once I went….I was hooked. We go at least twice a year now. We stop at Costco after picking up the rental car for food & wine. There are great shrimp trucks & BBQ trucks to buy food (easy to take away if you don’t want to eat at a restaurant by yourself). There’s a great weekend swap meet in Kahului (near the airport) and also great craft fairs both in Lahaina near the post office & one under the banyan tree. Fabric Mart in Kahului has great Hawaiian print fabrics for good prices so I usually make a stop there too. Every talks about the road to Hana but I only think it’s worth it if you spend a nite or two there. Pack very light, very casual & you’ll only need 1 pair of flip flops. I travel there with only a rolling backpack so it’s easy to maneuver—both on the plane & once you arrive. The volcano on the big island isn’t affecting Maui so no worries there. Maui is a beautiful place to recharge your battery.

    • Absolutely! It’s a wonderfully friendly island. I would NOT drive the road to Hana alone – too dangerous and you can get easily distracted if you are the only one driving. I am going in August for my 12th time so I KNOW Maui (we have a timeshare there!). I would be happy to make suggestions, etc. Although I always went with family or alone with my husband, I do travel solo some and this would be an excellent place…for adventure, catch up on writing or reading, etc. Please email me and I’ll be glad to help you! I owe you one anyway! Because of your Ireland blog my BFF and I are going on a My Ireland Tour SATURDAY!!! Your packing, etc. was so helpful, too!M

  147. Susan I totally busted out laughing from this post. This if from a woman that travels all the way around the world all on her own…..I know it is organized tours…..but yes you should go. It is one of the most beautiful places in the world. GO. Enjoy. Relax. Put a pin on your map!!!!!

  148. Yes! Yes! Don’t think twice!

  149. When we went to Maui a number of years ago, the Hyatt had an astronomy show — with a large telescope that allowed us to see several planets. We had to make reservations as it was very popular. If they still offer this, it is well worth your time. We thought it was the highlight of our trip.

    • Thanks, Judy for sharing about the astronomy show. I would loved to have seen that. I emailed them today to get more info and unfortunately, they replied back that their astronomer is on vacation, so the next “Tours of the Stars” will not be until June 22nd. I love shows like that so sorry to miss it.

  150. Yes, Yes, Yes!! Definitely Go!! I visited the islands many years ago & it is definitely PARADISE. Don’t miss this opportunity. I’ll be waiting to see your wonderful pictures & read your great blogs.

  151. Susan H Whetstine says

    Most definately I would go!!!

  152. Absolutely! It’s a wonderfully friendly island. I would NOT drive the road to Hana alone – too dangerous and you can get easily distracted if you are the only one driving. I am going in August for my 12th time so I KNOW Maui (we have a timeshare there!). I would be happy to make suggestions, etc. Although I always went with family or alone with my husband, I do travel solo some and this would be an excellent place…for adventure, catch up on writing or reading, etc. Please email me and I’ll be glad to help you! I owe you one anyway! Because of your Ireland blog my BFF and I are going on a My Ireland Tour SATURDAY!!! Your packing, etc. was so helpful, too!M

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