An Away Bigger Carry-on Unboxing: What Color Did I Choose?

As mentioned in a previous post, I decided after much deliberation to go with another Away bag as my carry-on bag for future trips, only this time I went with the non-aluminum version since it’s lighter and not prone to dings and dents. It arrived this past week and I couldn’t wait to unbox it!

Away Bag Arrival & Unboxing


Here’s what I found inside. The Away bag comes in a really nice storage bag that will come in handy for storing it when it’s not in use. Out of the 10 colors Away makes this bag, what color do you think I chose? If you want to see all 10 colors before guessing, you can see them all here: Away Bigger Carry On Bag.

Away Luggage Unboxing


Did you guess, White? Okay, I know what you’re thinking! You’re thinking it’s going to look a mess in no time. Right? LOL

The reason I chose white is two-fold: 1. It will always look great with whatever color tote I’m pushing along on top of it AND 2. I’ve read several reviews where folks have said it’s easy to remove scuffs with a Magic Eraser sponge.

The Amazing Away Warranty

Away has an an awesome warranty so I know I can try this color out, risk-free. Away’s warranty states:

The first hundred days with your Away suitcase is a get-to-know-you period. Go ahead and test it out–live with it, travel with it, roll it down to the grocery store, whatever. If at any time in the first hundred days you feel like it’s just not working out, you can return the suitcase for a full refund–no questions asked. No ifs, ands, or asterisks.

That amazing warranty definitely takes the worry out of buying one of their bags!

Away Bigger Carry-on


The built-in/removal battery for charging phones, iPads, computers, etc… was another big factor in my decision to go with another Away Carry-on bag. I used the charging feature (as did my travel companions) when I took my previous aluminum bag on a trip to Egypt. I loved how it worked and would miss not having a charging station built into my suitcase.

Away Bag with Built in Charger


I also love that it will charge a phone 5 times before the battery has to be charged back up. Since it’s removal, I’ll never have any issue with security/TSA because I can easily pop it out by the push of a button, if needed. I was never asked to do that going or returning from Egypt, but it’s good to have that function available, if necessary.

Away Luggage with Built-in Charger


Inside the suitcase, I found a little goody bag. It contained a charging cable (not visible in the photo below) for charging the built-in battery and several outlet adapters to use when traveling outside the U.S.

Away also included a sponge for removing marks that may occur during travel. I haven’t opened it yet, but I’m guessing it’s something similar to the Magic Eraser trick I’ve read about so many times.

Away Luggage Accessory Package with Electrical Outlet Adapters & Cleaning Sponge


I like the TSA friendly locking mechanism. If someone ever attempts to get into my bag with the pencil trick through the zipper, they won’t be able to hide their attempt since they won’t be able to rezip the suitcase as they can on a regular suitcase.

Away Luggage TSA Approved Lock


This is the tote I used recently when I traveled to see family in Ohio. I didn’t have my Away suitcase then, so I’m happy to see the handles of the tote fit easily over the handle of the Away Bigger Carry-on Bag. So if I don’t want to wear my personal item (tote) over my shoulder, I can let the Away suitcase carry it for me. The wheels on an Away bag glide with very little effort, definitely a great feature of this bag.

Away Suitcase with Tiffany & Co. Tote


For Metamorphosis Monday, I’ll be sharing what fits inside. I packed it today as if I were heading out on a week-long trip to the beach just to see what would fit. Spoiler alert: I was amazed! It actually has me toying with the idea of traveling with only a carry-on bag and not checking a bag on trips that are 10 days or less, although I worry about not having room for larger souvenirs. I guess I could always ship those back. Ummm…

You can see all the colors this bag comes in, as well as the other bags Away makes here: Away Suitcase. That link will also give you $20 off any purchase. I used their $20 off link to get a discount when I purchased my bag.

Away Suitcase with Tiffany & Co. Tote


While you’re checking out the luggage, take a look at Away’s “The Everywhere Bag.” It comes in 6 colors and I would love to buy one in pink. I think it would look so pretty sitting atop this white bag! That’s one thing I love about white…looks great with any personal item/tote you take along.The Everywhere Bag

See you on Monday for Metamorphosis Monday and a “What fits in this bag” reveal. 🙂

Away Suitcase with Tiffany & Co. Tote

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  1. Ahhhh…I looks beautiful. We LOVE our Away suitcases. (We have navy and pink!)

  2. Now I AM surprised. I would have thought you would have chosen pink but the white is very handsome. Will you put your monogram on it (available through Etsy)? Looking forward to Monday!

    • I almost did…that was the color I had planned to buy. But I changed my mind when I started envisioning how my aqua blue and white bag would look with it, or one of the other totes I currently own. I like how white will go with anything and if I end up getting Away’s pink Everywhere Bag one day, it will be pretty with a white suitcase.

  3. Did you buy the carry on bag or the bigger carry on bag?

    • I bought the Bigger Carry-on. That’s the same size I purchased in the aluminum version and took to Egypt and it worked great, size wise. It was just too heavy (being metal) for me to put in the overhead bin by myself and I couldn’t bear watching it get dinged up. It got one minor ding on that trip.

  4. Cyndi Raines says

    If a suitcase / luggage can look classy, this fits the bill. Really looks awesome and the pink bag would go perfect with it, although I really like the colors of your newest turquoise and white bag. Really sharp! Happy for you!

    • Thanks, Cyndi! I was hoping that tote would look okay with it since I may be setting it on top when I’m pushing the suitcase along like they show with totes at the Away website. The tote isn’t new, I bought it either last summer or the summer before…can’t remember which now. You know you are getting old when your years are all running together. lol

  5. Susan, you could take a collapsible fabric tote with you for larger souvenirs and check the Away bag on the return trip, if you went the route of only taking carry-on. It’s not quite as disconcerting to have your luggage misplaced coming home! Happy Easter.

  6. That blush pink leather Everywhere Bag is the prettiest! Maybe my Mother’s Day gift to myself? Happy Easter, Susan!

  7. Dawne Marie says

    I love the white! Fresh! Can’t wait to see how it packs.

  8. WAY!! franki

  9. I have that very bag in powder blue and love it!!!! I packed 10 days worth of clothes in that suitcase. I also bought their packing cubes. It’s the best!

  10. Plz give us deets on your turquoise tote too!
    I must have miss d that post

  11. MaryEllen says

    Beautiful! Thought for sure you would go with pink. The pink is calling my name… Are you going to use the luggage cover you bought last year?

    • Thanks, MaryEllen! I don’t think I will because the Away is supposed to clean up really nicely. So I think I’ll see how it does. Hopefully, the sponge will remove any marks.

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