Wow, If You Ever Wanted A Peloton Bike, This Is The Best Price I’ve Ever Seen

If you’ve ever thought about getting a Peloton Bike so you can take spin classes right in the comfort of your own home, now is the time! Peloton Bikes are currently on sale for $1,250, or $250 a month for 5 months. I’ve never seen Peloton Bikes for that price before. To give you an idea how much they normally cost, I paid $2,000 for mine. I would love to have gotten a bike for that incredible price! You’ll find the Peloton Bike on sale here: Peloton Cycle Big Sale.

Peloton Bike in Dressing Area off Master Bedroom


You’re going to need a floor mat for your bike. They protect the floor/carpet from sweat and such, so they are a good idea. You’ll find a large selection of mats that are affordably priced here: Floor Mat for Peloton Cycle.

Peloton Cycle Mat


If you want to create a “studio” experience in your own home for your rides, check out these fun party/disco lights. The colors change and create a festive atmosphere that you’ll often see in Peloton spin classes. You’ll find a great selection of lights—including those that operate via remote control, here: Party-Disco Light.


My first Peloton cycling shoes were a bit stiff and only came in a bright orange and white color. Thankfully, Peloton came out with a new design that’s not as stiff and a lot more comfortable. These are the ones my daughter-in-law and I upgraded to a year or two ago from our original Peloton shoes. They are easy to put on and very comfortable. Plus, they are the true Peloton brand shoes, so you know they will fit the Peloton bike perfectly. You’ll find these available here:



Some of the Peloton classes will incorporate weights that you use at some point during the class for an upper body/arm workout. If you end up taking one of those classes from the thousands of classes available, you’ll want a light pair of weights. These are true Peloton weights, so they should fit in the little holders that are located on the back of the bike for easy access during class. You’ll find these Peloton branded weights available here: Peloton Weights. The ones I have are 2 lbs each. I think it’s time I upgraded those to the 3lb.



You’ll definitely want a water bottle because you’ll get thirsty during your rides. I love the design of this one, and it will for sure fit in the drink holder on the bike. It’s currently on sale here: Peloton Water Bottle.



I love that this sale is going on now, just in time to get in shape for summer! Happy Cycling!

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  1. I seen your email yesterday on the bike. So I immediately clicked on it. I couldn’t believe the price either. Been wanting one also. So I made the decision to go for it. Thks for the spring deal. Will be here on Friday. Can’t wait

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