Bears in Sweaters and A Winter Sweater Wardrobe Metamorphosis!

Welcome to the 459th Metamorphosis Monday!

I’ve been on a major flannel shirt and sweater kick this fall. Actually it started last fall when I went through all my sweaters and donated those that were too big or just not my taste anymore. I hadn’t realized it until lately, but in the past I’ve had a tendency to buy sweaters that were really about a size or two, too big for me, thinking that was necessary for them to fit over the shirts I wore underneath. All that did was make me look extra fluffy, not a look I’m going for! lol

After donating so many sweaters, I’ve been working on beefing my sweater wardrobe back up. I only purchased a couple last fall, but this year I’ve been on the hunt. I picked up two sweaters while in Ireland a couple of months ago. One was actually a cardigan, but what I’ve really needed were more pullovers.

I also discovered L.L. Bean flannels this year. I have one of their flannel shirts purchased many years ago, I think from a vintage clothing shop. L.L. Bean has had several sales already this season, and they have another one going right now: 25% off everything! The sale ends tomorrow, check it out here: L.L. Bean 25% off Sale.


Today, I thought I’d share some of the updates I’ve made to my fall wardrobe, kind of a winter wardrobe metamorphosis. I’ve been really focused on adding in classic, quality styles, sweaters and shirts that I know I’ll enjoy wearing for many years.

Unfortunately, the first one I’m sharing is an L.L. Bean sweater that has sold out, I think it sold out during the sale they have going on right now.

L.L. Bean Fair Isle Sweater with Sundance Legends Ribbed Turtleneck


However, if you love this Fair Isle sweater, they have this same pattern in a beautiful cardigan style available here: Fair Isle Cardigan.

Fair Isle Sweater, L.L. Bean with Sundance Legends Ribbed Turtleneck


I purchased a Legends turtleneck from Sundance to go under it. I loved the look of their ribbed turtlenecks and thought it would be really pretty poking out the top of a sweater. These turtlenecks are perfect for wearing under a sweater because, though warm, they are not bulky. They cling to the body in a form-fitting way, so they don’t add any bulk/weight under a sweater. Love that! You’ll find them available in a lot of different colors here: Ribbed Turtleneck.

Sundance Ribbed Turtleneck


I never buy sweaters in a beige/neutral color like this one below since they don’t normally look great with my pale complexion. But I loved how this Fisherman knitted sweater looked on the model at the L.L. Bean site, so decided to give it a try with some of their flannel shirts underneath, thinking that would add some great color.

L.L. Bean Fisherman Sweater


I can wear it with any of the L.L. Bean flannel shirts that I’ve purchased, but I like it best with the darker colors like this Black Watch plaid flannel.

L.L. Bean Fisherman Sweater with Black Watch Flannel Shirt


It was this picture that made me think I could pull it off, as long as I paired it with a darker flannel shirt. Such a great look!

Fisherman Sweater


I purchased the exact same flannel shirt as seen on the model. I forgot to untuck the collar for the picture. They look great though, worn either way. You’ll find all the L.L. Bean Flannel shirts available here: Relaxed Fit Flannel Shirts and Slightly Fitted Flannel Shirts.

I find they run generously sized, so you may need to size down one size. L.L. Bean is also great with exchanges.

L.L. Bean Sweater with Navy Tartan Flannel Shirt


Another flannel shirt I purchased this fall was in the color called, Princess Mary.

Talbots Patchwork Sweater, L.L. Bean Flannel Shirt, Princess Mary


It looks great with either the L.L. Bean Fisherman sweater or this Talbots patchwork sweater purchased last fall. The camera did not pick up the pretty colors in this shirt…

Talbots Patchwork Sweater with L.L. Bean Flannel Shirt in Color, Princess Mary


…but here’s a better photo from a previous post showing the true colors in this shirt. I’m obsessed with L.L. Bean flannel shirts! I’m going to wear them all winter long and you’ll have to force me to give them up this spring! lol This one is available at the same links above for flannel shirts.

Frye Boots, Jeans, L.L. Bean Plaid Shirt, L.L. Fisherman Sweater


I added this J. Crew sweater last fall during one of their awesome sales. Here I’ve paired it with another beautiful L.L. Bean flannel shirt.

J. Crew Red Wool Sweater, L.L. Bean Flannel Tartan Shirt, Stewart Victoria


Love how these look together…very Christmasy! This plaid/tartan pattern is called Stewart Victoria at the L.L. Bean site. Again, you’ll find all the L.L. Flannel Shirts available here:Relaxed Fit Flannel Shirts and Slightly Fitted Flannel Shirts.

J. Crew Red Wool Sweater, L.L. Bean Stewart Victoria Flannel Shirt


A sweater I added recently and I’m over the moon about is this Barbour Fair Isle sweater. I love Barbour jackets/coats, so was super excited to see they had come out with a gorgeous Fair Isle sweater. This sweater is very generously cut, so it falls easily down over the hips and covers the tush. Love that!

I bought it in my normal size, but it’s so generously sized, I may have to exchange it for a size smaller. So keep that in mind, if you order it. Seems like all the better brands are sizing their clothing up a bit these days.

Barbour Harriet Fair Isle Sweater & Sundance Legends Ribbed Turtleneck


Here’s how it looks on the model.

Barbour Fair Isle Sweater, Harriet Chunky Crew


I love how it looks with my Sundance ribbed turtleneck sweater! You’ll find this Fair Isle sweater available here:  Barbour Sweater.

Try the code tnucknew and it may give you 10% off. This is another sweater that I know isn’t going to last for long. Fair Isle sweaters are so popular again now, even though they are a classic, forever style.

Barbour Fair Isle Sweater, Harriet


Another sweater that I just purchased this winter is this cutie! I have always wanted one of Ralph Lauren’s Polo Bear sweaters, but normally they are so expensive. The prices the older ones go for on eBay are insane!

I’ve discovered that I can wear a boy’s size “Large” in Ralph Lauren. Here’s how I figured it out: I ordered the sweater below in a Boy’s size Large and X-Large. When they arrived, the large was perfect.

Per Ralph Lauren’s customer service, an X-Large Boys will fit anyone the height 64 inches to 68.5 inches and weighing 116 lbs to 138 lbs. Actually, I fit within that parameter and I found the size Large sweater fit me. So if you wear a size 4-6 top, you should easily be able to wear a Boy’s size Large. I think a XL would probably fit someone who wears a size 8-10 top. Sneaky, huh? And a good way to save a little, if you wear those sizes.

Ralph Lauren Polo Bear Sweater, Prince Charles Edward Tartan Flannel Shirt


I’m obsessed with this adorable sweater and love pairing it with this red L.L. Bean flannel that’s in the color, Prince Charles Edward. The shirt is available here: Red Plaid Flannel Shirt. Again, the flannel shirts are a bit over-sized, so you may need a size smaller than you normally wear.

The sweater is available here: Polo Bear Sweater. Ralph Lauren is currently having a 25% off sale, but I’m not sure if it includes this sweater or not. It wasn’t on sale when I purchased it, but I did get free shipping.

Ralph Lauren Polo Bear Sweater & Prince Charles Edward Tartan Flannel Shirt


I also love this one. Sooo darn cute. A bear wearing a reindeer sweater is almost more than I can resist. lol It’s available here: Polo Bear Wearing Sweater. I think the pricing is great for the quality, Ralph Lauren does quality like no one else.

Polo Bear with Sweater


Since discovering I can wear a Boy’s Large in Ralph Lauren, I’ve purchased two more sweaters. This one is currently on sale, 25% off, is part wool and cashmere, and is only $101. For a wool/cashmere blend, that’s an awesome price! It’s available here: Aran Wool-Cashmere Sweater.

I’ll probably give it the L.L. Bean flannel shirt treatment, too…or buy another one of the Sundance Legends ribbed turtlenecks to go underneath.

Update: This sweater arrived today and I LOVE it! Unfortunately, it’s a bit small so I’ve reordered it in a Boy’s XL. I guess the sizing for the bear sweater is a bit different for this sweater. The Boy’s Large almost fit, so I think the Boy’s XL will be perfect. Just wanted to mention this in case you order it.Ralph Lauren Aran Wool Sweater in Cream


The other Ralph Lauren sweater I purchased is this adorable reindeer sweater, again in a Boy’s Large. It’s part wool and is only $71! You’ll find it in two colors here: Reindeer Sweater.

I think shopping in the Ralph Lauren’s Boy’s department if you wear a woman’s size 4, 6, or 8 top is the biggest shopping secret I can share this winter! It also works for Vineyard Vines. I wear an XL in their boy’s Shep Sweaters.

Ralph Lauren Reindeer Sweater

Happy Sweater shopping, Friends! Stay warm!

Looking forward to all the great Before and Afters for this week’s Met Monday!

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  1. Ha- I just wrote you a note about the extra posts in my news feed. I love Sweaters and these are all winters. I especially love the dark blue fair isle sweater- that’s a keeper!

  2. You are going to be the cutest one this winter. I have been searching for clothes, but I am between sizes which is frustrating, that and I need lighter clothing for California weather. Sweaters are welcome at night, but too hot for daytime.

    BTW, I did receive 2 older emails, but I thought it was a problem on my end. My site kept falling off-line and then slowed and then it was back up and zippy. I called, but had trouble getting through so it must have been all hands on deck to fix the problem.

  3. Your sweaters are cute Susan, but I can’t wear sweaters, too hot natured! Thanks for the party today~

  4. Envious of your sweater/flannel collection, especially how you combine them. Very nice.

  5. I always like the look of winter sweaters, but way too hot for me these days. I just cleaned them all out. I still drool over fisherman knit sweater, I did keep one. Just a note to others LL bean does make great flannel. I have a couple but Land’s end makes women tall much better fit and so soft. Just a note .

  6. Haha… no ‘fluffy’ isn’t a look I go for either… although my body naturally does. 😉 Thanks Susan! Liz

  7. Cute sweaters and shirts. I’m definitely an Eddie Bauer, LLBean girl. I am into my winter wardrobe – turtlenecks, l/s tees and mostly vests and scarves. I like pockets too much to trade for sweaters without, but I still like sweaters too.
    I did get the two emails on posts about the trees – I thought you were on another rant before I realized they were repeat mailings, lol.
    Thanks for the party and always sharing good deals you find!

    • lol Don’t tempt me! I was pretty upset that a tree that cost that much would look like that, especially after all the hype over the last few years. Argggg!

      I have shopped Eddie Bauer in ages, I need to check out their sweater supply! lol

  8. I’m exactly where you are, Susan…donating sweaters from past seasons and in need of all new. Cute choices. I used to have a ton of Fair Isle sweaters. We would get them in Bermuda. Softest sweaters in the prettiest colors, I miss them. May be time to bring a few back into my wardrobe!

  9. I love your new collection of sweaters and you certainly make it easy for us for doing the research!! My fav is the Fisherman’s sweater….just love the versatility of it!….have a great week Susan!

  10. Soooo cute (and cuddly!!!) I have the LL Bean Fisherman knit in gray and wear it lots and lots…it is WARM!! frani

  11. I bought an off white fisherman knit sweater on our trip to Ireland in September. I can’t wait to wear it. Even though we live in Colorado, I need a cold day that we will be outside. It’s very heavy.

  12. Cute sweaters & shirt combos! I wish it got cold enough down here to wear them. We really have not had a cold enough Winter to even get rid of the mosquitoes for the last 2 years! I am dreaming of a White Christmas! I hate when we are buying the Christmas tree wearing shorts.

  13. Hi Susan, I LOVE your Sweaters!! But, I’m especially fond of the flannel shirts. Popping over to LL Bean to see if they have my size! Thanks so much for the MM party! I hope you are well. Happy Monday!

  14. FRANCES TROY says

    Check out the Lands End flannel shirts too. Those are actually my choice over LL Bean.

    • Frances, I was just going to order a couple since they are on sale, but some of the reviews I read say they are kind of thin. The L.L. Bean are really heavy weight and I love that! I don’t think I’d like them if they are thinner than the L.L. Bean, although some folks may like that under shirts. I love the weight of the heavy flannel, though. Have you bought any of the L.L. Bean? Do you think they are thinner than the L.L. Bean flannel shirts? Check out the reviews at Lands’ End. I clicked on the “Most Helpful” drop down under the reviews and that’s where I saw a few folks saying they were on the thinner side. It does have good reviews, though.

      • FRANCES TROY says

        They are a thinner/finer weave than LL Bean but that is what I love about them. Less bulky. My body needs less bulky and in TX I don’t need the extra warmth. I actually cannot imagine wearing even the LE under a wool sweater. LOL.

        • Gotcha! Yeah, if you don’t want that bulk, I can see how that would be better. Plus, probably don’t need it in TX. I’m so cold natured, I luxuriate in the bulk. lol I love the heavy weight of it.

  15. Thanks so much for the party each week!!

  16. Juanita in OH says

    Hi Susan, it’ been a while. The sweaters and shirts are beautiful! I have never seen the RL Teddy shirt…it is divine! You are truly ready for the Winter.
    Regarding the Christmas tree situation, I bought a tree last year, after the holiday, from Balsam. We took it out of the box to make sure the lights worked. After reading your article I am overly anxious about what it will look like after being put together. I tried to have my grandson get it from the garage yesterday but he was not having it, lol. I will let you know after Thanksgiving how it turns out.

    • Juanita, hopefully your tree won’t have the issue my tree did. Maybe mine is just defective. I literally could not spread out the branches enough due to how tightly the lighting was attached, to fill in the tree, and I’m an experienced branch-spreader-outer from way back!

  17. How are the sleeve lengths on those boy’s sized Ralph Lauren sweaters? I think I was an ape in a previous life so need sleeves long enough. I love all those sweaters.

    • The large is great on me, but I sometimes have issues with sleeves being too long. Ginger, I just measured the sleeve/arm on the bear sweater shown in the post, and from where the sweater attaches at the top of the shoulder to the very end of the sleeve is 22 1/2 inches. You may want to compare that to one of your sweaters for fit. I just laid the sweater out and measured from the seam at the top of the shoulder to the end of the sleeve/sweater arm. If that’s too short, you may want to try the Boy’s X-large. I bet the sleeves are a bit longer and that sweater wasn’t a huge amount bigger than the Large one that I kept.

  18. Thanks so much for the party this morning! It appears the Christmas season is upon us! 😀 Hope you have a lovely week!

  19. I just returned 2 Land’s End flannel shirts. I have bought items from them before, but I was really disappointed in the plaid flannel shirts. None of the plaids matched. On a quality item, the plaid matches front and back. Obviously, fabric is saved if not matching pattern.

    Do LLBean’s flannel shirts plaid match?

    Love your blog!

    • Elaine, they lined up the pocket on the front perfectly, but they don’t line up on the side. Normally, something like that would both me on a rugby type shirt or a more color-block type design, but in this case, it doesn’t bother me because the tartan/plaid design is so busy, you don’t really notice. I’m usually really picky about stuff like that but again, the pattern is so busy, it doesn’t bother me that it’s not lined up, I don’t even notice it. I wonder if anyone makes flannel shirts that do line up the sides, I think it would be really hard because of all the pattern. Even if they started in a lined-up position, I don’t think they would stay that way very long, especially on the L.L. Bean shirts that are designed in the “slightly fitted” style where the side curve inward a bit.

  20. rebecca dexter says

    Clicked on the RL deer sweater in navy and the only sizes listed were for boys up to age 7…sooo sad. I have a RL red and black one and love the navy. Maybe some of the stores like Macy’s will have it…

  21. Very cute sweaters! I’m not sure I could go with the Polo Bears one though….it looks like the bear heads would fall right over your boobs….Not quite sure how that would look from a distance…you know, like headlights? Hope I didnt ruing this sweater for you……

  22. The sweaters and flannel shirts are great. Such a nice look. Thank you for hosting.

  23. Many, many years ago when Izod was the “most in thing”, I would shop for their shirts in the boys department! Great fit and saved some money! Thanks for the forgotten tip on clothing!!!

  24. Hi Susan, I just sent 4 bags of sweaters and turtlenecks to Goodwill and now I am replenishing too. I decided on the Lands End blackwatch flannel because I like the lighter weight for layering under sweaters and I hate front chest pockets ( big boob issues LOL). Nordstrom has some great cashmere options on sale right now. And I am loving the LL Bean flannel lined corduroy shirt/jackets- perfect for North Carolina. Shopping in the boys department is a great shopping tip. I always check the mens department too especially if they carry slims or extra slim.

  25. I just got my Talbot’s catalogue. It’s great. I think I asked you once before, but I don’t remember what you said. Have you ever had your season colors done? Talbot’s has mostly winter and spring colors and you seem to buy a lot of winter colored clothes, even though your picture doesn’t look like you’re a winter. Anyway, I like your choices.

    • No, haven’t had that done. Many years ago, I tried to figure it out based on some article I had read, but I don’t remember what I came out now. I know some colors I look terrible in and some I look much better in. For example, I don’t look good in pastels ever! No pale pink, pale blue or pale yellow. I usually look okay in black, deep plums/purples, grass greens/kelly green. Every single time I wear a kelly green Talbots sweater over the polka dot shirt that I love, I get compliments. Every. Single. Time. Total strangers comment, it’s the craziest thing! Unfortunately, I’m often drawn to colors that probably aren’t the greatest, but then I try to pair them with a brighter shirt or something that makes it work.

  26. My daughter is a petite, normally wearing size 7 1/2 or 8 shoes. Years ago, she discovered that she could wear the large child’s size in Ugg boots, which were less costly than adult sizes. Neat idea to check boys’ sizing for sweaters!

  27. I tend to buy sweater a size larger than I should. I bought bought dickies to where with then . I do feel fluffy in them. Winter is upon us our wood trailer was loaded today.

  28. I love looking at your shopping blogs, it is my way to shop since I am on a very strict budget. Hopefully one day this will no longer be. I love the tip of shopping the boys sweaters, never would of thought of that.

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