How I’m Using My Spoons & Building My Spring Wardrobe

A while back I shared some adorable Hand-Stamped silverplate spoons that were the cutest ones I’d ever seen. If you missed that post, you’ll find it here: They Arrived and I Love Them! Plus, a Special Bird Sighting

I gave the “Drink Tea” spoon shown below to a special friend for Christmas,


…along with a cute reindeer drink cozy like the one you saw in my previous porch post. The reindeer cozies are all sold out I think, but it’s still available in a candle cozy here: Candle Cozy


Here’s how I’m currently using my spoons: I have them all gathered together in a cute sugar bowl I found a few years back while antiquing/thrifting. I love having them here on the counter because I use a lot of spoons during the day. I also just love seeing them here.


I’ve mixed in some of my regular silver spoons, as well. Update: Several folks have asked where I purchased the spoons, I had them made here: Silverplate Stamped Spoons


This is similar to how I plan to use/display them…


…whenever I set up my hot cocoa bar on the porch for a fall or winter party. In the meantime, I love seeing and using them here in the kitchen.


I took your suggestion and had one made that says, “between naps on the porch.” I asked for a bird and a tree since my favorite thing to do on the porch (other than reading) is bird watching.


Didn’t it turn out cute!


I ordered another spoon and asked for the phrase, “the secret garden bloomed and bloomed” taken from one of my favorite books, The Secret Garden. I had it made once before, but realized later I really wanted it with a bird on it because a robin plays such a special part in the story.

If you’ve read the book, do you think the bird is really Mrs. Craven? It’s as if she’s come back in bird form to help Mary and Dickson heal the heart of her grief-stricken husband and save her son from a forlorn life. The robin helps Mary heal, too.

I came to that conclusion because of how much the robin loves and stays inside Mrs. Craven’s favorite garden. Also, the robin is the one who reveals where the key to the garden door is hidden. He’s definitely one clever little robin to orchestrate so many wonderful discoveries in the garden.

If you’re interested in purchasing a spoon with a fun or inspirational saying, or having one made with your favorite quote or sentiment, I purchased mine here: Hand-Stamped Spoons. To have one made with your favorite quote, saying, or phrase, go here: Custom Silverware.


Thinking Ahead to Spring

I had so much fun putting together a mini-fall wardrobe while things were on sale during the holidays, I’ve started scoping out the new spring clothes that are starting to show up in my favorite stores. (See my previous winter wardrobe post here: Winter Wardrobe Updates)


There was one particular sweater that I knew without a doubt had to be in my springtime wardrobe. It features a woody car headed out on vacation and apparently the suitcase was a bit overstuffed. Sounds like one of mine when I’m traveling! The suitcase has come open and sunglasses, flipflops, pants, etc… are flying out everywhere! LOL I love it! Looks like they will have a good excuse to go shopping when they finally get to the beach. lol

I almost bought it the first time I saw it because I was worried it would sell out in my size before it went on sale. I barely resisted! Thankfully a sale popped up that let’s you buy 1 new spring item (that’s not currently on sale) for 30% off with the code: JAN30. You better believe I jumped on that immediately!


Here’s a close up of the sweater…absolutely LOVE it! Sooo cute! You’ll find it here: Beach Trip Woody Wagon


Another sweater I’m eyeing for spring is this one–love the design/stitching on the front!


Here’s a close-up of the front. I saw someone purchasing it in the store when I was there shopping, and immediately loved it. It has a touch of pink around the collar and on the sleeves. You’ll find it here: Sweater. Don’t forget to use the promo code JAN30, to get 30% off whatever full-price spring item you choose.

I love this time of year when the winter clothes are seriously on sale and the spring clothes are just appearing. I’m definitely getting a head start on my spring wardrobe this year!


I also purchased this adorable merino wool red sweater on sale, 40% off. The sizes are going fast now, unfortunately. You’ll find it here: Red Sweater Use the code, SHOPSALE, to get the extra 40% off the already reduced sale price. It’s available in three colors.

Update: My sweater arrived today and it’s a little too big, so this sweater is generously sized. I had ordered a medium since I usually wear a shirt and maybe another layer underneath my sweaters. I’m going to reorder and size down to a small since the medium is definitely too big. Love the sweater, though!


I bought this plaid shirt last night, too. I thought it would look cute under some of my winter sweaters. You’ll find it on sale 40% off the sale price here: Stewart Plaid Shirt


I have a few more things I want to share, but things are starting to sell out so I’m going to post this now. There were more sizes available last night than I’m seeing now. I guess I need to get these posts up much faster when I see the sales going on. You can see everything that’s on sale here: 40% off Sale


Just noticed this cute blue polka dot shirt I purchased a few weeks ago is still on sale here: Shirt


I also ended up buying the Snow Globe Sweater, too. It’s only $29.99 now. I paid about $20 more, but that was before Christmas. I love this sweater and wore for it on Christmas day. I love how it appears snow is falling all over the sweater. 🙂 My son noticed “the snow” when I was visiting during the holidays. He didn’t realize it was snow at first and thought I had some lint stuck to my shirt. lol  Can’t wait to wear it next year during the Christmas season again! You’ll find it here: Snow Globe Sweater


The plaid leggings I purchased are still available, reduced from $89.50 down to $39.99! I’m tempted to buy a second pair, they are fabulous…nice, heavy weight…very flattering!


You’ll find them here: Plaid Leggings


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  1. Susan, I really loved the spoons when you originally posted and now I have to order some! Love the woody sweater…so cute. You always have great style!

    • Thanks, Pam! I’m crazy about the spoons, too. I really love them for gifts since they can be customized for the recipients interests or personality. Happy New Year to you!

  2. Happy New Year! I love the sweater! It seems to be a spring/summer take on the Christmas red truck. Of course,I had to go to the website and see a really cute dolphin sweater, too. Living at the NJ shore, I might have to get that one, as I see dolphins quite often. You have great taste in clothing, as well as in home decor. Keep sending those posts! Paula in NJ

    • Paula, I thought the exact same thing when I saw it. I guess they know how much everyone loved the woody car for winter holidays, so they found a cute way to make it work for summer, too. I have a feeling it’s going to be one of my favorites for spring.
      I love that dolphin sweater! I don’t even live near the shore and I want one. lol
      Thanks, Paula! Happy New Year to you!!!

  3. Linda Page says

    You are just Little Miss Smarty Pants!!! How cute your spoons look on your counter. I love my spoon and cozy! Diane loved the spoon that I sent to her. Your spoon post got those people lots of sales!!! I love the Woody sweater! So cute! You got some good buys! It was in the high 60’s here today and is to drop into the 30’s tonight! It’s shorts one day and sweaters/sweats the next!

    • Awww, that was so nice of you to get her one. I’m so glad she loved it. 🙂
      I know, the weather is weird! I know the really cold stuff is coming though. Ugh, not looking forward to that!

  4. Chris Wells says

    Susan, I love the way you displayed the spoons. I bought 4 at Christmas and gave them as gifts, except one! Now I am envious of how cute that sugar bowl is with all those spoons! May need to look at those again!

    • Thanks, Chris! I can’t wait to have a party now so I can use them at my little coffee station I usually set up. I think I’m going to add a few more over this next year. Part of the fun is deciding what to put on them. 🙂

  5. OMG! The robin and Mrs. Craven! Never once thought about that and I swear I have every line in that story memorized from teaching it in 6th grade for years…..truly my favorite. Thistles and roses!

    • lol I love that book! What a joy it must be to share it with 6th graders. There were just so many things that really made me believe the robin was Mrs. Craven…like when he showed Mary where the key was hidden. Next time you read it, you’ll see it for sure. Once it enters your head that the Robin is Mrs. Craven, everything clicks and makes sense.:)

  6. Well Dear Personal shopper…just had to call Talbots..their online is a mess and kept tripling my woodie sweater order…blessing in disguise! Not only got 30% off, but extra 10% off for nuisance if the Internet and free shipping!
    Am now going to stop spending money before the authorities toss me into debtors prison!
    The quilt Marie has on her bed with the red velvet trip and holly pattern…went on a mission and a gorgeous quilt and shams popped up on ebay…lady had gotten 2 st Dillard’s years ago and only used one…fabulous deal and exactly what I wanted. But seriously have to stop looking at your email or be jailed! Lol
    HAppy New Year!

    • lol You are hysterical! Wasn’t Marie’s quilt gorgeous! Hey, can’t take the blame for that one since it wasn’t something I bought! 🙂 I’m obsessed with that woody sweater! I know it won’t last long. It’s so cute. I hope they made a lot of them!

  7. Thanks for the spoon reminder; I’m still pondering what I want to be stamped.
    Going to check out the clothes links right now.

  8. Cyndi Raines says

    Great clothes Susan, happy for you! I have enough for now, however, I’ve been resisting the spoons since your original post!! May not be able to hold out much longer -haha! I think all of us who follow you so closely should get at least 1 “Between naps on the porch” spoon. I LOVE it , especially with the little bird and the tree! Oh, so cute and when we use it, we’ll always think of You and the joy you bring!! Hugs!

  9. A favorite quote from a long-a-ago Victoria Day-by-Day desk calendar.

    “Books Are My Friends”

    Perfect for a bookworm like myself. I wish they still made those calendars.
    The quote would fit right in while drinking hot cocoa, coffee or tea and reading.

  10. Bunny Rogers says

    Susan, I always look forward to seeing what treasures you have found! The stamped spoons are adorable and so perfect for teacher gifts. How do you wash them? I’m assuming since they are silverplate they can’t go in the dishwasher but I could not find washing or care instructions on the Milk & Honey site.
    We are looking forward to spring here too. Today the high is predicted to be 60 but Thursday night it is expected to drop to 18! Crazy!

  11. The spoons?! So cute! The sweaters are nice also. Thanks for the great sale tips. May have to trek over to Talbots!

  12. Love the spoons…will have to order some and I love how you have them out and ready to use. I love hosting brunch at our home and I have a Blue Willow sugar bowl with out a lid…and now I know what to do with it ! Thank you ! Yes – Secret Garden is my favorite book ever, and I do think that Mrs. Craven, or Lily, is the robin. Kind of like cardinals are supposed to be a sign of someone who has passed visiting you…but a robin is SO English that it just makes sense. Am retiring in 11 days from being a school librarian and I loved sharing that book with students. Luckily I have my own special copy my dear husband purchased for me because “he would walk the world over to get me the blade of grass I wanted.” After a Retirement/40th Anniversary trip to celebrate I will be home, cozy, in February….the perfect time to read the book again, gaze out at the screen porch ( here…usually covered with snow that somehow gets in through the screens) and dream of gardens ! Thank you for all the great posts…hoping to start a blog when I retire so I can post to Tablescape Tuesdays !

  13. Jill from Southern New Hampshire says

    I definitely find myself using spoons more than any other utensil! Have you read Little Lord Fauntleroy, also by Frances Hodgson Burnett? I loved The Secret Garden so I thought I would give it a try. I’ve been listening to it using the text-to-speech function on my kindle – I found it available in the free kindle classics section of Amazon. A real feel-good book.

  14. Because of your post about the spoons, I ordered one as a gift for a friend. She loves tea & cooking so they engraved “drink tea, read cookbooks, enjoy.” I had planned on giving it as a gift along with a Tea Time magazine. The spoon did not arrive in time but I printed a picture of their spoons & included that with the magazine so that she could see what she would be getting. The spoon was sent by USPS & they were so slow plus their tracking information was almost next to none. Love the spoon though & maybe I should order one for myself. Thanks for letting us know about them.

  15. Linda C in seattle says

    You convinced me I need some of the cute Hand Stamped Spoons.
    Unfortunately, all the links are not working for me.
    I’ve tried going back to your original post those links are
    not working for me either. 🙁

  16. Thanks for the reminder on the Jan30 for Talbots. I thought their recent catalog was gorgeous, one of the best in years. I love the colors. I just bought the basket weave sweater.

  17. Love your spoon collection! Now, every time you go for a spoon you will smile. Your Spring clothes are really cute to, I just love classic pieces. Happy New Year!

  18. Susan, call me forgetful . Tell me again where I can order those darling spoons.

  19. shirley Potempa says

    Hello Susan, Just purchased the cute sweater from Talbot’s ‘Woody’ Wagon!
    Needed to call a store about 50 miles from my home. First the clerk said no they didn’t have it, but then she said, OH YES, WE DO 🙂 AND in my size.
    I just got a Talbot credit card last spring and she side yes I could use it and pick it up Saturday. The winter weather is not good here right now so I’m thinking Saturday should work for me. I’m so happy. Thank you.
    P.S. I also bought those black rain boots you showed a few months back. I’m crazy about them too. You’re a sweetie :).

  20. shirley Potempa says

    P.S.S. and I remember the code, received 30% off…..real pleased.

  21. bobbi duncan says

    Love the “woody” sweater and so perfect for our days at the Jersey shore and DE beaches! The spoons are adorable, too. Can’t believe the holidays are behind us; all that planning and, then, over so fast. Catalogs are already showing Easter décor. Hugs!

    • Bobbi, I know. I ran over to Home Depot today to buy some light bulbs and they were putting out all the patio and deck furniture! The holidays went by way too fast. I was not ready to take down the wreaths…miss them!

  22. Cass Myers says

    Thank you for sharing the Etsy shop where you had your spoons made. I ordered some before Christmas and love them.

  23. That sweater! Reminds me of coming home from the beach one year, and our car top carrier flew off, scattering our things across 4 lanes of an interstate! Luckily, no one was behind us, but quite the story to tell!

    • Yikes! I can’t imagine trying to get out and pick everything up, you would be run over in Atlanta. Bet that was an interesting story, Edith!

  24. I own a small business and generally give my team of 4 employees a financial gift/bonus, however I also like to give them something to ‘unwrap’. I was at a loss and your wonderful post about the spoons were so helpful! I live close to the couple who make the spoons so it was so nice to support local business. For my gift, I chose the tall plaid mugs from Williams Sonoma (that someone else mentioned in your comments), a can of the WS hot chocolate and put the spoon in the mug with ‘white shred’ to look like whipped cream. I thought it was a great gift that most anyone would enjoy! I get so many good tips from your blog and this was one of them! Happy New Year! Debra

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