3 Adorable Bee-Themed Wreaths for Spring

Welcome to the 438th Metamorphosis Monday!

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A couple of weeks ago I shared Debbie’s wonderful “Tiffany” themed party. (If you missed that event, you’ll find it here: Breakfast at Tiffany’s Brunch.) The Tiffany Brunch was Debbie’s third year of hosting her annual “My Favorite Things” party, a party she initially created to bring all her friends together for a bit of fun.

That first year Debbie hosted a “Favorite Things” party, she went with a “French Bee” theme. Debbie, loving all things French and playing off her French ancestry, already had a lot of bee-motif tableware, so the French Bee theme was a natural choice for her first “Favorite Things” party.

For this week’s Met Monday, I’m sharing some of the outdoor decorations and wreaths Debbie put together to transform her home for this fun event. The planters on either side of the front door were decorated with friendly, smiling bees.


Debbie found the cute bees at a store by the name of Pat Catan. We don’t have those stores here where I live, do you have them in your area? I’m wondering if they are a bit like a Hobby Lobby.


3 French Bee Wreaths

Debbie also made three wreaths for this festive gathering of friends. Debbie found all the supplies for her wreaths in Pat Catan, Hobby Lobby and Michael’s.

Wreath 1


“If you look closely you’ll notice honey dippers, bees, sunflowers and butterflies here and there.” Do you see the little honey dipper and bee on the left and the bee and butterfly across the top?


Wreath 2

I love the black and white striped ribbon Debbie added to this wreath. It really gives this wreath a French vibe, doesn’t it? For this “bee-themed” wreath, Debbie added yellow sunflowers, honeycomb ribbon, three honey dippers and lots of teeny little bees.


Of course, the star of this wreath is the Queen Bee in the center, a smaller version of the bees we saw decorating Debbie’s planters.


Wreath 3

There’s no way I could choose a favorite, but I really love this “Bee Skep” wreath Debbie created for one of her doors.


The little bee skep in the center with bees buzzing all about is sooo cute! I’m not sure if Debbie found it already made or if she made the skep for this wreath, but I’ll find out and add that to this post in case you’re interested in one of these for a summer wreath. Looking around this morning, I found some cute little bees HERE.

Update: Debbie made the little bee skep that she attached to the center of her wreath. Debbie said, “To create it I used an egg-shaped Styrofoam, twine-like cording, and patiently went around and around the egg attaching it with a glue gun. I used brown felt to create the “opening.” The bees came in a package.”


Thanks so much to Debbie for sharing all the delightful spring/summer wreaths she made for her very first “My Favorite Things” event! I’m looking forward to sharing more of how Debbie prepared for her party later in the week!

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  1. Jane Clark says

    Would love to follow Debbie on her blog! Don’t see the name of it. Can you post her blog name?

    • Thanks for asking, Jane, but Debbie doesn’t have a blog.

    • Debbie M says

      No I don’t have a blog, I may be the self proclaimed Queen Deb-Bee but l leave blogging to the pros like Susan. I do post a lot in Pinterest under Debra M http://pin.it/DE-z4aI

      • Debbie M, I just have share our names. My middle name begins with an M, my last name begins with a B and I go by Debbie Bee on one of my groups. My initials also are the same for Dave Mathews Band, which one of my nieces had all over her room. And I thought she was show love for me!

        • Debbie M says

          That’s so funny! When I’m at work they call me Debra. Only my grandmother ever called me that, or sometimes Debbie my mom – which meant I was in Trouble. But Debra stuck at work and I’m used to it. Everybody else calls me Debbie. The only people that call me Deb tend to be strangers, and I hate when the do. Don’t want to ever be drab Deb or Debbie downer!

  2. Thanks for the party, Susan!

  3. Oh, all these bees are sooo cute! I love those two standing by the door, and Debbie’s wreathes are lovely. Thank you for sharing this inspiration, and thank you for hosting.

  4. Those bee things are the cutest! I sure wish I was on her invite list for her Favorite things parties!

  5. Charlotte says

    Cute wreaths, I can’t pick a favorite either. She sure is talented!

  6. Fortunately I’m not one of the talented people who make these things. I only buy them from the talented people who make them. Any for sale?
    Not into this look per se, but they are charming and I know just the door.

    • Debbie M says

      The wreaths are all mesh style. I used two different methods that I found on Pinterest and online. They are really easy to construct with a little patience. I think the trick is to find the right supplies, like an awesome ribbon or decorative item. For me, part of the fun is the thrill of the hunt in finding the perfect supplies. Of course all the wreaths I do follow a theme.

      I’ve actually been thinking about selling my wreaths and other creations, but because of the time spent shopping and constructing, plus shipping costs, I’m not sure I could price them so that someone would want to buy them. I also love to make diaper cakes for baby showers! It’s become a another thing my friends know me for.

      • Debbie M,
        I’d be only too happy to pay your price. Including the time spent making them. Should you change your mind, the French wreath would be my choice. ???$$$??? Like Susan I have a black belt in shopping. Unlike Susan I don’t fix or make.

        • Debbie M says

          You mean the one with the iron bee in the center? I actually could part with one, as I only really have display space for two. It is three years old now. How about u send Susan your email and she can share it with me and we can work something out. I’m delighted u want it!

          I like your black belt in shopping!

          • YESSS…..That’s the one…..
            I’ll have Susan give you my email and I know we can work something out. Thank you Debbie.

            • Debbie M says

              Thank u for purchasing the wreath and providing it with a new home! I’ve also enjoyed our email “chats.” Looking forward to seeing a pix of it in its new space.

        • lol Yes, I guess I do qualify for a black belt in shopping, guilty as charged! 😉

  7. Fun to see Debbie’s bee themed wreaths, Susan. I’m a French bee fan, so would love to see her table from this party. Do you plan to share the table setting later this week? Hope so!

  8. Elizabeth Wall says

    Love your blogs and the bee wreaths gives such inspiration to start my own…love them all.

  9. How cute are those, all of them! Hoping your week’s off to a good start, Susan. Mine is – didn’t have to water annuals, as Mother Nature’s giving me the day off. 😉

  10. I’m so glad you are showing more of Debbie’s parties. She sure is talented; love how she created the bee skep. I bet her friends adore her parties!

  11. Iris McCloud says

    I live in Pittsburgh also. Pat Catan’s is a huge craft store – closer to a Michaels than a Hobby Lobby.

    • Debbie M says

      We’re sorta neighbors then, how about those two in a row, Stanley Cup Penguins?! I live in the South Hills.

      • Iris McCloud says

        I lived in Mt. Lebo before I moved to Ross. The only thing better than two years in a row for the Cup is three. (And the Lombardi Trophy) I never followed any sports until I moved to Pittsburgh a few years ago.

        • Debbie M says

          Iris, I live in Mt Lebo and I work in Ross! What a small world! Between my husband and raising our two sons here, it’s all about sports sometimes. When the Pens won their first cup my oldest was 5 and came into our house one evening to announce the cup was at our neighbors! We had numerous Pens, including L himself living near house. They also both marched in numerous Pens and Steeler parades.

  12. What fun! The popular bee looks fantastic as a wreath. Thanks, Susan, for your many posts for home, travel and table. Have a great week!

    • Debbie M says

      And if that wasn’t enough, I also decorated my kitchen chandelier in a bee theme using many of the same supplies as in the wreaths. I just can’t bee stopped!

  13. Thanks for cute article and photos…more ideas for a bee table, and the link was helpful. Amazon has cute bee cupcake papers and little bee toppers, too.Love that stripe ribbon.

    • Debbie M says

      I find all the best ribbons at Hobby Lobby. Just go when they r on sale or u have a 40 percent off coupon.

  14. Dawne Marie says

    I adore bees! Debbie’s wreaths are Adorable. Debbie has exceptional vision and talent. Thank you for posting the Chanel Audrey party and now the glorious bees! I look forward to your blogs, makes my day.

  15. Adorable! Nothing says summer like bees! 😉

  16. Now I need a bee wreath to go with my new bee tableware. You are a bad influence on me, Susan. Debbie is so clever; I wish I had half her creativity. Thanks for sharing.

    • Debbie M says

      Ohhhh, new bee tableware? Wonder what u found? Not that I need anymore, or have the place to store it! But, do tell

  17. Oh my goodness, they are all so cute! Perfect for summer!

  18. I like all of the bee wreaths. I would have trouble choosing. I am glad you mentioned that the skep had been hand made. I wouldn’t have known, otherwise.
    Thank you for hosting this great party. There are so many good posts to read.

  19. More Pittsburgh love! And I do love our Pat Catan’s . . . just there yesterday to pick up ONE thing. That never happened as I rolled my filled cart to my car! I love all the bee-inspired decor — so appropriate and so happy! Thanks for sharing another great party idea!

    • Debbie M says

      I have a similar problem at Home Goods, Tuesday Morning, Hobby Lobby, etc. one advantage of picking a theme ahead of time is helps me stick to a plan.

  20. Cynthia Raines says

    Hi Susan, Really cute wreaths! I’m reading a day late as I didn’t get my email yesterday (again) even after re-subscribing last week. 🙁 I checked spam and you’re not in that either. This really bums me out. I found you again through the Painted Apron’s Take-out Tuesday blog. Should I sign up again? I hate missing your posts. After following you for over 4 years, I’m pretty much addicted. ha

    • Cynthia, this is such a mystery. You’re the second person who mentioned having this issue this week. The other person had a Yahoo email address so I thought it was just Yahoo blocking out emails, but now I’m not sure what to think. I just checked at Aweber, the email service I use to send out my emails and it does show that you are subscribed. It also shows that yesterday’s email was sent out to your email. It sounds like your email provider is filtering them out so they aren’t reaching you.
      Cynthia, try this and see if it helps: Add this address to your “Contacts” list: [email protected]
      That’s the return address for my emails so if you add that to your contacts, hopefully that will help the emails get through.
      Also, send me a quick email to that same email address. I will get it and I will reply and hopefully that will signal your email service that my email address is a safe one and will allow emails to get through.
      Thanks so much for letting me know this is happening. So frustrating that it does happen.

  21. Good morning, Susan! Thanks so much for hosting today! I remember reading that you enjoy the glass blower, Chihuly. I was fortunate enough to win an original Chihuly vase a couple years ago, and it was my inspiration piece for our dining room transformation. Stop by if take a coffee break today! LOL Take care, Cynthia

  22. bobbi duncan says

    Is this not the most adorable summer wreath???? I love items with bees, even though I am highly allergic to two species Ha! Ha! Debbie is sooo creative–I love how she made that bee skep.

  23. Juanita in OH says

    Debbie is an artist for sure! TFS

    • Debbie M says

      Thank u but, I get a lot inspiration and ideas from Pinterest. There’s also a lot of links to good step by step instructions and videos there. Many of the wreath projects require careful shopping for the right supplies (the ribbon is key I think) and some patience to construct.

  24. Those are too cute. I’ve been trying my hand at wreath making to match the different tables capes. I’ll get the hang of it soon.

    • Debbie M says

      See my remark above on searching through Pinterest for many ideas plus tutorials on making wreaths. I never made a mesh wreath before these! The thing I think makes these mesh style wreaths special is using lots of ribbon. Here’s the Pinterest link to the technique and my main inspiration, it’s gorgeous http://pin.it/KRdr9V5

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