A Fabulous “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” Brunch Event

Welcome to the 455th Tablescape Thursday!

Recently in a post I mentioned loving the color, “Tiffany Blue.” Debbie, a reader of BNOTP, e-mailed to say that she also loves that color and would soon be hosting her 3rd Annual “My Favorite Things” party brunch at her home. Debbie wrote, “My friends and family call me the “Queen of Theme” and got a huge kick out of my French Queen Bee (with honey and lemon treats) the first year, and last year’s, Birds of a Feather Gather Together, peacock theme.

This year Debbie went with a “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” theme, carrying that throughout all her preparations including the invite, the dress, the food and the activities.


Such a cute invite!


Debbie included some additional information in her invite.


Since the guests would be bringing lovely gifts to share, Debbie prepared an area for those in advance.


Look as all those beautifully decorated gifts!


Debbie said, “My dinning room table held the main brunch items of mini-quiches, blueberry French toast, and frozen champagne salad, as well as two desserts.”


For starters Debbie served Shrimp Cocktail Shooters and Greek Yogurt & Granola Parfaits.

Debbie said, “One of my friends made beautifully decorated chocolate dipped strawberries.”


“I made, with the help of my sister, Beth, all the other food and beverages, including the mini champagne cheesecakes topped with edible sugar pearls and decorative tiaras.”


Adorable cheesecakes! Love the pearls and tiaras! You’ll find the recipes for many of the dishes Debbie served on her Pinterest page here: Debra M.


Debbie placed little signs around her home displaying some of the most famous lines/quotes from the movie, Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Debbie said, “Everyone got a giggle out of the one on calories placed right next to the sweets.”


Debbie set up a wonderful champagne and juice bar. She said, “The round, kitchen table was for the Mimosa and Bellini bar, juices, etc, using my large silver punch bowl to hold ice and the champagne. We also passed around the champagne for refreshers at each table.”


Debbie hand-painted a small champagne flute for each guest to use during the party and as a party favor. Debbie said, “With 18 to paint, I started in February. The glasses came just $10 for a case of 12 from Macy’s. The special glass paints and pens I used coupons for at Michael’s. If you give them 3 weeks to air-cure, they are supposed to be top-rack, dishwasher safe.”

Wow, these look absolutely amazing! I couldn’t paint Holly Golightly onto paper, much less a glass! What a lovely remembrance to take home from this wonderful gathering!


Debbie said, “I used the far end of the kitchen island primarily to hold the appetizers–two different flavors of Greek yogurt parfaits and individual shrimp shooters. The counter behind it held clear pitchers of infused water, Tiffany blue clear plastic cups, an ice bucket, napkins, etc for easy access.”


Debbie put together a coffee bar in her kitchen saying, “I made invisible labels, using a Tiffany font to personalize each coffee cup and the individual gift bags. The sign on the coffee bar says, “Stay Calm and Wear Pearls.”


Debbie provided name tags for her guests since her parties always bring together a diverse group of friends and family. Some of the attendees are neighbors while other are friends from her book club, gym, etc…  Debbie said, “After the games and gift exchange (and lots of champagne!) they are all best buddies.”

She had several fun activities planned for this year’s party. Debbie said, “As part of the meet and greet, guests were each given a string of pearls. The Pearl Game is a great mixer game and causes a lot of laughter. Basically, you pick several words (see sign) that are forbidden. If you slip and are caught, you must forfeit your pearls.

Once someone loses their pearls it’s funny watching them out to catch someone else. As it turned out, it was my name, Debbie, that cost ladies the most strings of pearls. They tried calling me, Holly, she, her, etc. but kept slipping. I have three different games each year. They are never the same.”


Debbie always includes a gift exchange in her parties and the invitation she sends out each year gives her guests all the information they need to participate. Debbie said, “The gift exchange is what makes it a My Favorite Things party. We do this last. ”


Debbie explained, “At each place setting you may have noticed a mini, blue, paper purse with a pearl handle. These hold three, numbered cards and each person draws each of three rounds.


The little blue boxes each hold either a silver, pink or red Hersey kiss. These are wild cards to steal a deal, grab a bargain or exchange. By the third round there’s a lot of back and forth, but everyone goes home with three gifts. The gifts and packaging are all varied and enticing. Everyone explains why it’s a favorite and where they bought it.”


I was so glad Debbie explained all the activities she had for her guests because sometimes that’s the toughest part of a gathering–coming up with fun ideas and activities that gets everyone laughing and having a good time.

Debbie said, “We also played a Tiffany Trivia game (I had the movie playing in the great room but with no sound) about the movie, the actors, the music, the costumes, etc. The winner got the game. Another game was The Price is Right, Health and Beauty Edition. It had items like control top pantyhose, Caltrate, Crest  Whitener, Regenerist fine line reducer, etc… You get the idea!

My sister got a lovely, large dispenser of Tiffany Blue hand soap. I made these up myself. Boy, are the ladies competitive! Between games I have people change tables so that they always start and eat with someone they know well. Then I keep mixing it up, providing necessary bathroom breaks, beverage refills, etc.

See that big bowl on the round table? It was full of runner-up prizes that second place winners chose from. The ladies love them some prizes, even though they only averaged $1-$3 each.”


Debbie said, “One of the new things at this year’s party was the so-called photo booth. I used rolls of wrapping paper over my front door and another door in the kitchen as photo spots.

In the entry hall I had my antique travel bag propped open with props inside that included one of my real hats, long black gloves, a Tiffany box and bag, sunglasses, diamonds and I spray painted a frame. In between games, shopping and champagne, the ladies took pictures of each other on my cell. They are a riot!”

Debbie plans to send each of the ladies the photos they took with her cell phone. They will be displayed in the form of a film strip–such a cute idea! They are going to love those, another wonderful remembrance from this great party!


Debbie shared photos of her guests all dressed in their LBD (little black dress) as Holly Golightly. That’s Debbie (the amazing hostess of this great soirée) on the left in her Holly Golightly tiara pictured with her sister, Beth.


Remember the famous images/posters of Holly peeking out from under her sunglasses!


During the party, the ladies all dined under Debbie’s covered porch and pergola. To keep things simple for outdoor dining, Debbie used disposable plates and flatware. Debbie said, “I used plastic table coverings, and paper/plastic table wear. It was all the perfect color that I found along with the balloons, gift bags and wrapping paper at Wal-Mart, so it was also reasonable. Faux Diamonds and strings of pearls dressed things up, along with the lovely ladies and champagne in real glasses.

Look closely at the paper plates on the tables. I got this clever idea from Pinterest. It was for July 4th picnics and I applied it to the party to prevent breezes blowing everything a stray. I hole-punched a hole in the rim of each plate. Then, with a piece of ribbon, fastened a rolled napkin and the three utensils to the plate by tying a bow. Voila!”


Such a great idea! These are such great tips for dining outside where the breezes can sometimes creates issues.


Debbie said, “Each of the two long tables had a black satin shoe on a mirror as a centerpiece. They were a hit! I got the shoes at Goodwill–too high a heal for me! Saw this idea on Pinterest. The gal with the size 8 foot took them home–it was like Cinderella, if the show fits! They only cost me $3!”

What a great idea for an inexpensive centerpiece!


Debbie said, “All this went on with music from my Tiffany Playlist (Moon River, Nat King Cole, Sinatra, etc) playing throughout the first floor and porch. It was funny when spontaneous singing would break out, like to New York, New York . Champagne effect?!”


Debbie set up her living room as the “Debbie & Co.” store.  Each of  the ladies found a personalized bag either on the grand piano or on her staircase.


Debbie said, “They got to go “shopping” and fill the bag with 5 favors: Cracker Jacks, a bath poof, an eye mask (put in freezer), a bunny tail pen, and little blue tablet.

Earlier they found black sunglasses at their seat. The little blue flower I embellished them with, made them a huge hit. I went a bit overboard on favors this year, kept finding things that went with the theme! Every year they always get a unique pen a paper pad to use during the games. All these came from different dollar stores.

They also get a bag with which to take home all their loot at the end. This year’s was perfect, I found them at Burlington.”


Love this quote! It’s true, you know!


Debbie always has a parting gift for her guests near the door. This year it was beautiful nail polish in a gorgeous Tiffany Blue shade. Debbie was also wearing a Tiffany Blue, French-tip manicure for the party. I love this color polish and looked to see if it was available online. It is! You’ll find it here: Nail Polish-Tiffany Blue.


Thanks so much to Debbie and all these delightful “Holly Golightly” ladies for sharing this wonderful “Breakfast at Tiffany’s–Holly Golightly” themed party! What a fun, fun event and makes me love the idea of a themed party even more!

Have you ever hosted a “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” themed party?

Update: Debbie has started her own blog! You’ll find her blogging here: Debbee’s Buzz.


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  1. Susan, thank you for sharing this lovely and fun friend party with the Breakfast at Tiffany’s theme. She thought of everything…lots of inspiration! Thanks for hosting!

  2. What a gorgeous event! Thank you, Debbie, for allowing Susan to share this with us. Thanks for hosting Susan and have a great day!

  3. Oh Wow…I’m blown away by Debbie’s attention to detail! What an awesome Breakfast at Tiffany’s Brunch, thanks for sharing!

  4. omg Susan, cutest party EVER! I can’t believe all the incredible details, she thought of absolutely everything and more! Wow, wow, wow, I wish I was on Debbie’s guest list!!!

    • Debbie M says

      I can’t tell you all how much I am enjoying my 15 minutes of fame! Thank u all for such lovely and generous remarks. I wish we could all have a meet and greet party in person!

      • I vote for a BNOTP three day cruise for BNOTP tablescaping fans. How cool and fun would that be? What a fabulous party, so pretty and fun. :0)

      • Debbie, I’m a bit confused on how you handed out all of the gifts that everyone brought. Can you detail that a little?

        • Debbie M says

          First, no other reference I’ve found to a Favorite Things party creates a party theme or has the gifts wrapped. U determine the dollar amount and number of identical gifts u want exchanged – I’ve seen 2, 3, 4 and even five gifts, with price per item everywhere from $5 to $20. I’ve also never seen anyone add the “Wild” card factor, that allows someone (in lieu of their turn) to steal someone else gift (and so they get your turn that round), or to jump the line to grab a desired gift from the pile. All do seem to have rounds where everyone draws a number or name for who goes when.

  5. Can I be Debbie’s new friend?

  6. That is a perfect party theme and had to have been such a blast. All those tiffany blue details, so many ideas–what creativity. Love the pearl necklace game; I think I’d really enjoy that one. No argument about Queen of Theme title here.

    • Debbie M says

      Well it’s a heavy crown to wear! Actually is more of an addiction really, I’m currently looking for a support group! LOL

  7. Eileen Jalet says

    One word for this!


  8. Dawne Marie says

    Fabulous! I keep reading and reading, can’t put this party down. My fave Susan blog Ever. Debbie is a true talented party planner. Thanks Susan for sharing this great treat. So many ideas. I felt like I was there. Pearls, Diamonds, LBT. Doesn’t get much better!

    • Debbie M says

      It’s wonderful to hear so many r enjoying the party after the fact, even if I didn’t paint u a champagne flute!

  9. Carol Gillespie says

    OMG! This seems like the best party ever. I would LOVE to be invited. Debbie put so much thought and work into this party. What fun.

  10. What a great party – and Debbie thought of everything to make it so. Lucky are her friends to get an invitation.

  11. Debbie Holman says

    I LOVED this post of the party! Could you see if she will share her recipes? I was a little confused on the games but I know this will be my next gal pal gathering! So very cute! Id love to hear what her other parties themes have been!

  12. How fun was that?! Breakfast at Tiffany’s is such a fun theme to carry out. I just hosted (and posted) a Breakfast at Tiffany’s themed bridal shower for my niece this past March. Even though she was able to cut costs with many of her ideas, I can definitely appreciate all the effort Debbie went to for her party. It’s especially fun when the guests get into the theme.

  13. Mary Conway says

    Fabulous idea and very well executed. My turn to have our ladies club afternoon party and this gives me so many great ideas. I’m always stumped on the games and her creative and fun games are giving me options. Thank you so much for sharing.

  14. Elizabeth Wall says

    The best party I never attended!! Debbie put so much thought and work into this party…amazing!!

  15. Oh how fun! Love all the tiffany blue colors! Everybody looks so glamorous…Christine

    • Debbie M says

      Well u know, I’ve decided sunglasses are a girls best friend (as we age anyway). They hide dark circle, wrinkles and add an air of mystery!

  16. I so love themes–kudos to Debbie for the best ever! I once held a party with an Academy Award theme (on the night of the awards) and friends could come as any actor or character in a movie. I was Joan Crawford–my husband drove a black Lincoln at the time and everyone called him the “Godfather,” so that was his costume. But my daughter loved the Holly G. L. idea and came in her black dress, pearls, sunglasses and hair coiffed as Audrey had her twist done. Found plates, etc. with the theme–it was so fun. But I bow to Debbie and her creativity in all the aspects of her soiree–truly the Queen of Theme!

    • Debbie M says

      Sounds like we r kindred spirits! I’ll bet your daughter was stunning. If I don’t burn out, I’m thinking down the road of having a Hollywood related theme like Great Gadsby.

  17. Wow…what a party!!! The planning and work must have taken a year!!! Such detail……love every part of it!!!

    • Debbie M says

      It sorta did! I chose the theme over a year in advance! That Pinterest is a dangerous thing for those with the Queen of Theme addiction! I started shopping last fall as I saw the perfect thing, made the invites in late January, and started painting the flutes on cold February evenings.

  18. What a wonderful party Debbie hosted. There is such attention to detail and the planned events were great. Who wouldn’t want to be invited to this party?

  19. Darling party ideas! I’m happy to have these game ideas. Love the pearls!
    Thanks for sharing this clever and lovely party.

  20. Such FUN! and so many details that are super cute!

    Now, how to snag an invite to the next party?!

    • Debbie M says

      Well….I’ve already chosen next year’s theme, but it’s a heavily guarded secret. But, I think I’ve peaked – there will never b a better theme (champagne, diamonds, pearls, lovely clothes and blessedly perfect weather).

  21. Wow!! What a party. I’m so impressed with Debbie’s attention to detail. She is a party planner “par excellence’! Everyone must have had soooo much fun. Thank you for sharing this event: many great ideas that can be adjusted to fit other party themes as well.

    • Debbie M says

      Well, they r good sports! They did look a little shell shocked as I greeted them in my full Holly persona, “Dahhhhling!” There’s something that happens to u once u put on those long black gloves, tiara and sunglasses….

  22. claudette flanigan says

    Wow! What an imaginative, fun party. It is one those ladies will never, ever forget! Debbie is incredible!

    • Debbie M says

      That’s sweet of u to say, thank u!

    • All true! It was my first time attending my sister’s fav things party ( I was a party virgin, lol) and it was def unforgettable. She did think of every detail. Hats off to my amazing Queen of Theme sister Debbie! So glad you are all savoring the details.

      • Debbie M says

        Hoping that means you’ll bring Mark to entertain Bob and be back for next year’s party? Pretty please? (You and Elaine REALLY like that “party virgin” joke)

  23. Many thanks to you and Debbie for sharing such a fun event! It’s always fun to get new ideas to incorporate into my own parties. Now I want to be Debbie’s friend as well as yours.

    • Debbie M says

      Don’t we all want to be Susan’s friend?!

      • Definitely! Creative folks like Susan and you don’t just have ideas, you follow through on them. I’m always inspired by Susan’s decorating, parties, and adventures to go down my own path and to create my own style.

  24. Laura T. says

    Oh my gosh! I want to go! How fun! I love how well everything went together for the theme! It looks like a really fun time! I too would like to know about her other themed parties! The internet, it’s the next best thing to being there! Thanks for sharing that! I’m laying low after breaking ribs & getting a little banged up after falling on a concrete floor helping my mother-in-law move into a new place. It got my mind off of the pain for a little while! :0)

    • Debbie M says

      Once I regroup (and give Susan’s email a breather), I’ll share photos and details on the first party, it had a Royal French bee theme. I was Queen Deb Bee. It would serve well for both a baby, “what will it bee” theme, or bridal shower (they were meant to Bee).

    • Debbie M says

      Oh dear, hope u recover quickly! I threw out my lower back last fall downsizing my parents.

      • Laura Tieri says

        Thanks! I’m trying to take it easy so I will heal faster! Who knew moving could be so dangerous! :0)

  25. Antoinette says

    There’s no question, Debbie is the “Queen of Themes”! All the planning and creativity that must have gone into creating this unforgettable party down to the smallest detail is truly amazing! And it must have been a fun party to boot!

  26. What a wonderfully fun idea! It looked great! I noticed one lady had quite a few of the pearls!

    • Debbie M says

      That’s Carlie, she always wins one of the games! Previously she won What’s in your purse, and last year What’s on your cell phone

  27. Oh my goodness what an absolutely lovely party. That’s the kind of party every lady would love to be invited to attend. The theme is perfect and her decorations are beautiful. I’m so glad you shared this party with us. You mentioned your sister, which lady you was your sister?

    • Debbie M says

      That’s my sister Beth standing next to me in the first ‘people’ shot. I can’t thank her enough for coming in two days early and working most of Friday in the kitchen. She’s so like our mom too, every time I put down a spoon or measuring cup she had it washed and put away! Both she and my college bestie Elaine were in my wedding so they’ve known each other a long time. We had a lot off fun before, during and after.

  28. That’s a party in which I’d love to have been included!

  29. Hello dear Susan,

    At last, I am back to attend your parties. I really missed playing with your guests.

    What an awesome party. I too, so love to have an event like this 🙂

    Have a great day to you and to all your Lovely guests, in here.

    Greetings from Stockholm,

    • Debbie M says

      One of my guests is from your part of the world -Kirsti still has a home in her native Finland.

  30. Barbara Sawyer says

    I did a similar theme for a friends BD except a month before the party I sent a very legal document that said I had changed my name to Tiffany. I did not answer my phone until every one had called me back telling me Good for you or Tiffany is the name of an airhead….I then sent invitations that said You are invited to Breakfast at Tiffanys……One last humorous thing was I then asked a local Tiffanys if I could buy some bags from them and they said NO they were used for wrap only….Well $1 store has plenty of that color so I went from there….Crossiants were the theme food of the morning I gave every one a long string of pearls and sunglasses and a long cigarette holder…..Told them all to wear black….and the party went from there.

    • Debbie M says

      That legal doc is a riot. We must b kindred Hollys? Denise, who refers to herself as the Greek side of my family (we aren’t related!), went to Tiffany’s in NYC (where both our sons live) and bought silver jewelry polish cloths as part of her gift just to get those bags! She won Most Favorite Holly, because she dressed the part. She’s the lovely blond in long black gloves. She gets me! Maybe that’s why our sons r best friends since high school.

  31. Some many wonderful ideas! Thank you both for sharing.

  32. Delores Clark says

    It must have taken a year to plan this exceptional party. Sure wish I was one of Debbie’s friends!

  33. Wow, what a fabulous party! I love every detail, the crafting, the colors, the food, the games, the gifts. There was no pretty nor clever detail overlooked. Sheer perfection!

    How fun to have women friends with whom you can share these kinds of occasions. It looks like everyone there had the best time.

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful, pretty party, what a great contribution to Tablescape Thursday.

    • Debbie M says

      Thank u ever so much! I started this party as a way of counting my blessing during a health ordeal. My most favorite thing is my friends who r like family, and family who r also dear friends. It’s my way of thanking them.

      • So…..question: when the party is over, where do you store all your cool/pretty things? And is your husband on board if you’re like me and collect/hoard beautiful dishes and party stuff. My hubby doesn’t mind so much on what I spend on tablescaping, it’s the storage issues that drive him bonkers LOL.

        • Debbie M says

          Aww well that’s a problem because Queen of Theme originated because of my over the top holiday decorating – ALL holidays. When my husband said no more Xmas trees I began using chandeliers to hang ornaments. I blame Susan for the tableware problem! I put things under beds, in bedroom closets, etc on all three floors. To remember what goes where or even what I have by keeping Pinterest boards that I post pix of what I have by season and/or holiday. I’m officially stuffed to the max.

  34. Charlotte says

    What a fun party! She has great ideas! I was laughing reading all about it, sounds like so much fun and a great way for friends to get to know each other better. Perfect for a Girls Night Out!

    • Debbie M says

      Except when it’s over you have to take off the tiara! My sister, college roomie and husband went out for dinner afterwards – and when I sadly removed the tiara and hair pins my hair stood straight up! Had to wash it three times to get all the hairspray out. My hairdresser can’t wait to cut my hair after I let it grow so long just so I could wear it up for the party!

  35. I have had the best time just reading this post–and I’ve done so at least three times. So many details and I love it all. Thank you Susan and Debbie for a great day. I honestly feel like I was there.

    • Debbie M says

      Seeing Susan’s post and reading all your comments has given me the opportunity to enjoy it all over again.

  36. BOBBI DUNCAN says

    Wow! So much thought went into this party. I had fun just reading about it–so I know Debbie’s guests had a BALL! I’m filing all these great ideas. Thanks for sharing this, Susan. Hugs!

  37. Kathleen Lazarski says

    What a fun idea and to find so many things in Tiffany Blue…even nail polish. Theme parties sound like fun to me! Thanks for sharing.

  38. So lovely and what a great idea to get a group of friends together and enjoy each others company! I am feeling the urge to do something like this with my friends. Seems like the “what ifs” get in the way… what if I can’t pull it off or if I just get overwhelmed and don’t follow through…

  39. Linda D. says

    OMG!! What fun, but what a lot of WORK went into this party!! I want MORE – recipes, where you got all the “Tiffany Blue” things – little purses, little boxes, etc., and I want to know what the ladies brought as there “favorite things”!!!

    Thanks for sharing – I spent a looooong time going back over the photos again and again!

    Linda D.

    • Debbie M says

      It was time consuming, but mostly fun. I posted a couple of Pinterest links for recipes in response to another comment above. I made the little purses with my friends crafting machine to dye cut them. The boxes r in bridal dpt of Michael’s. Paper, plastic tableware and balloons Walmart. Many of the prizes and favors Dollar Tree and other similar stores. Other prizes at my fav trio, Home Goods, TJ Maxx and Marshall’s. I get a lot of supplies at Michaels, Hobby Lobby and Pat Catan. Within the week I’ll have a lot of pix, recipe inspiration, gifts etc. posted on my Pinterest board, Breakfast at Tiffany’s under Debra M.

  40. Such a fun looking brunch party. A friend of mine just had a 50th birthday brunch. I love all the silver she had, especially the punch bowl. Just found one at another store I worked at today. Why did entertaining get away from using the “good silver”? I love mine and want more!! LOL

    • Debbie M says

      I think because no one wants to clean it! That punch bowl and the trays the strawberries were on were wedding gifts and some of my favorite things.

  41. Tammy in Albuquerque says

    Wow!! What a LOVELY party! The Tiffany theme was truly stunning. Thanks for sharing Susan and Debbie!

  42. Wow, what an amazing Party theme, I’m going to do the same for Woman’s day. Any chance of you sharing your printables with us Debbie. Thank you so much for sharing with us. Can’t wait for you to share your other 2 parties with us. Take care

    • Debbie M says

      I made the so called printable myself and I’d b happy to share but they r in a software program I don’t think most would have. eBay and Etsy offer a lot but I needed something non wedding. The font is a free downloadable and usable in Microsoft Word. There’s a link on my Pinterest board. I do have the price game and trivia games I made in Word I could share is Susan could figure out how to post a PDF file? I will try to snap photos of them and also post in Debra M, Breakfast at Tiffany’s board. http://pin.it/ZQ-CbdD

    • Debbie M says

      I took pix of the two games and posted on Pinterest today, hope u can read them? The Tiffany game is two sheets. I just read them off and had the girls use those blue pads and bunny tail pens to put down their answers. Then they scored themselves.

  43. Wow what a fun party and I love the theme! She did a fantastic job with all the details. I would adore attending a party like this!

  44. Yvonne Schultz says

    I would love to see what her nails with the blue polish – bet that was gorgeous!

  45. Suzanne Melson says

    I thought this was the most interesting read…..I think I’d like to have a Steel Magnolia’s party with fried chicken prepared by good Christian women and Blush and Bashful shades of nail polish for gifts! Really a great read!

    • Debbie M says

      Ohhhhhhh, I love a Steel Magnolia theme idea! You’ll have to share it with Susan after u hold it. I’m adding to my theme idea list, although in Pittsburgh it might b a hard one for me to pull off.

  46. Fantastic! Clever, detailed, thoughtful…how exciting to be a part of your annual soire’! I garnered a lot of inspiration from your well thought out ideas. Everyone loves surprises and your guests must have been “tickled pink”. Very kind to share. Thank you!

    • Debbie M says

      Wow, your generous compliments make my day! You are so right about surprises. That’s why I keep the theme a secret until they get the invite. It’s also why I have everyone wrap their gifts – who doesn’t like to open an enticing package? And, although they may know after three years they will get a shopping bag and final parting favor, they all seemed surprised and delighted.

  47. Sandy K Park says

    WOW what an awesome party!

    • Thanks! It was lovely of Susan to feature the party before I started my own blog. Check it out for this year’s party and details on the bee and peacock themed events.

  48. Susan, I know this is an older post but just had to add this: Bentley Continental GTC V8 “Tiffany Blue” Beverly Hills edition — perfect to drive to the next Tiffany brunch! I couldn’t leave a pic but you can Google it. We’d have to sell the house and live in the car. 😉 Actually, even that might not cover it…

    • Wow, it is stunning! I want it! Maybe we could sell our home and just live in it! Ha!
      I love that color so much!
      So Tiffany and Bently must have conspired together to create that car? I’m going to read up about it. Can you imagine having one, you would cry if someone scratched it!
      Just looking at the photos online, stunning car! Marlene, we need to rob a bank or something. lol

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