Carnivale Blue & a $500 Shopping Spree Giveaway!

Welcome to the 456th Tablescape Thursday!

We’re out on the porch for this week’s party! It’s been pretty humid here lately, lots of afternoon rain storms, but I don’t mind. I love the hot weather, even those really humid days.

I’m super excited about this week’s Tablescape Thursday because it includes a wonderful shopping spree, a chance for you to put some new dishes in your cupboard! As you know, I rarely do Giveaways here at BNOTP, but when Noritake contacted me and offered a $500 shopping spree to a BNOTP reader, that was way too awesome to pass up!

Screened Porch Dining, Blue & White Table


Do you follow BNOTP on Instagram? If so, you got a sneak peek at today’s table when I shared what I was working on in a short video at Instagram. (Follow BNOTP on Instagram here: BetweenNapsOnThePorch.)


Blue and white is one of my most favorite color combinations, especially for a light-hearted spring or summer table setting!


For this week’s centerpiece, I wanted to use something from the garden. I filled a vase with Gardenias, adding in a few stems of hydrangea from the Dharuma Hydrangea blooming near my mailbox


My Dharuma is almost through blooming, its remaining white flowers have turned a rosy pink now.


Noritake recently sent me beautiful blue and white plates from their Carnivale dinnerware pattern. They are very different from anything else that I have and I absolutely love them!


One look and you can see why they are called, Carnivale. They really do have that “Under-the-Big-Top” feel! Wouldn’t these be perfect for a birthday celebration! Noritake actually refers to these as “cake plates.” Easy to see why since they have such a party/festive design! They are the perfect size for salads or desserts.

Carnivale Blue by Noritake


In addition to this gorgeous blue, they come in several other colors.

Update: Noritake Carnivale is currently on sale 1/2 off here: Carnivale


They are available in this beautiful green design.


And they come in pink! How sweet would these be for a Mother’s Day celebration, birthday party, tea party or a baby/bridal shower! You’ll also find them available in yellow, lavender and another pretty shade of blue, all perfect for a spring/summer table setting.


Cups and saucers, as well as mugs, are available in this pattern, too. I’m envisioning a wonderful tea party. I can see little Madeleines on each plate now.  You’ll find this whimsical Carnivale pattern available in many colors (including lavender and yellow) here: Carnivale Dinnerware.


I pulled out a favorite blue flatware for this blue and white tablescape. (Flatware is available here: Flatware.)


The water/tea glass is from Noritake’s Breeze collection. I love the size because it holds a generous amount. The wine glasses were a dollar store find a few years back.


A view from above…


Noritake is sponsoring a wonderfully generous giveaway: a $500 Shopping Spree in their online store! To make this giveaway as easy as possible to enter, log in below using either your Facebook login or your email, whichever works best for you. Once you log in, you’ll be able to enter the giveaway several different ways. Pick one way or feel free to try them all for even more opportunities to win!

Screened Porch Dining, Blue & White Table


Thanks so much to Noritake for sponsoring such an amazing giveaway for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

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Looking forward to all the tables linked for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

Tablescape Thursday

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  1. You have done some gorgeous tablescapes over the years, and I have to say that this is one of my top favorites! I absolutely love those stripes, and the blue and white combo. Where did the flatware come from?

    • Thanks so much, Robin, I love this pattern!
      I think I originally found it on Amazon, but I just looked and couldn’t find it there in blue. I did find it in some other colors here:

      It looks like it’s available here in blue:
      Ignore how it just shows 3 pieces because each place setting actually has five pieces: knife, tablespoon, teaspoon, dinner fork and salad fork. Not sure why they show 3 in that photo because it says it’s a 20 piece set, so I’m sure each place setting has 5 pieces. That’s the way it’s always packaged.
      I have this flatware in three or four colors and it’s one of my faves. Very substantial–not cheap feeling at all.

      • Susan, this is a funny to tell you. Last night after I saw your reply, I went to the link to consider ordering the flatware. At that time, the store said that there was limited Supply only about 70 something left. I didn’t order right then, I wanted to think about it. A couple hours later I went back to look, and it said that there were only six left! Needless to say I ordered while I could still get some!

  2. That is gorgeous! I love blue and white…so crisp and clean..Your tables capes are always so beautiful. Love your flatware.Can you share where you purchased it?

  3. One of my favorite tables so far. I love, love blue and white and it looks so peaceful on your porch with the green trees in the background.

  4. Patricia says

    Loving Noritake’s Carnivale pattern. So versatile! The blue and white of course is classic. I prefer white or ivory dinner plates, but love to accent my dinner plates with colorful luncheon plates and these would be perfect!

  5. Susan, I love these plates! They definitely have a wonderful fun vibe! You made some great choices. I can see many future tables with these pretty pastel colors, and the blue and white has lots of possibilities mixed with other pieces in your cupboards. What a generous give away. I’m in!

  6. Good Morning! I am working on my nautical tablescape now. I can’t find my salad plates so I am “dead stopped” in the water until I can find them. By the time I do it might be time for 4th of July tablescape. I want to get some salad plates I say on and Amazon. They are navy blue and have different knots displayed all over the plates in white with the name of each knot underneath. And of course the sailboat flatware is on my wishlist. You’ve helped create a monster.

    I love the pink and blue Carivale because I think it would work with the spring and damask bunny plates.

    • lol about creating a monster! That made me laugh out loud. 🙂

      Yes, I was thinking how pretty it would be in an Easter tablescape. I love the soft, pretty colors!

  7. This medium blue makes me think “June” (navy seems July-ish) and I love it in this striped pattern. I want so many things in this color! Love the overhead shot especially. And so, so, so, bummed I can’t smell those gardenias 😉

  8. Susan Stone says

    Oh that green dinnerware…be still my heart! Your blue and white tablescape is just gorgeous. Your dharumas remind me of my beautiful white magnolia blossoms. I LOVE your blog. You are certainly talented and fun!!

    • Susan Stone says

      Well…I actually meant your gardenias. I got all caught up in the word “dharuma” – it’s such a funny word! Anyway, the GARDENIAS remind me of my magnolias and your “dharumas” are beautiful as well. lol

      • Thanks so much, Susan! They do look a little like miniature magnolia blossoms! I wish you could smell them, Susan…they are delicious!

  9. Susan, I saw your video on IG and couldn’t wait to see your finished table. It is stunning…blue/white is always perfect. I do love the Noritake “carnivale”! THis is a very generous give-away!

    • Thanks so much, Pam! I’m still trying to figure that video thing out. It would only let me film for like 30 seconds, if that long…then it took forever to actually upload. I need to read online how to better use that feature. lol

  10. I love your page! I also love these blue dishes. I have a friend who loves lavender, and wouldn’t it be great if I could get us both dishes! Also, where did you find your “gauzy” napkins?

    • Thanks, Cindy! Those little overlay sheers came from a local shop called The Magnolia Room. Someone recently told me they had closed. My friend, Marie, buys her’s online. I just emailed her this morning to see if she has the link to where she finds them online. I’ll let you know, Cindy. I’d like to purchase some more in other colors, so I’m going to look online to see if I can find them somewhere.

  11. I love your blue and white tablescape! Please tell me the pattern of the white dishes and of the blue chargers.

    • Thanks, Joellen! I can’t remember the name of the white dishes. They came in a big boxed set from Big Lots about 6-7 years ago. They were super inexpensive, something like $30 for the box and I think they were on sale for $19.99, if I remember correctly. You can’t beat a basic white set for creating lots of different tables, such a good base from which to start.
      The blue chargers came from Marshalls a few years back. I think they were supposed to be a platter, but I purchased them to use as chargers. They were only a couple dollars each. You can see them (and all my other chargers) in this recent post:

      • Another beautiful table, Susan! Blue and white is so classic and always pleasing. I have the white dishes, too, and they are Gibson Claremont. I have these plates and some Pottery Barn white dishes. I also have Mikasa Italian Countryside dishes, which are a creamier white. Add to them, hundreds of patterned salad plates! That gives endless possibilities. Your tablescapes are so pleasing and inspiring. I love, love Thursdays when you have your creations. Have a great humid, rainy weekend in the south!

        • That’s right…thanks for that name, Martha! I was drawing a blank but that’s exactly it. So true, just need white and a cream white dinner plates and you’re ready for almost any pretty salad plate you come across.

    • Joellen, Martha left a comment and she remembered the name of the white plates…she has them, too. They are by Gibson and are called Claremont.

  12. looking at those cups reminded me of those crazy tier cakes, (you know the ones that look like they are going to fall off of each tier because of the slanted way they are positioned) they would go perfect with them.


    • lol That’s true! Those cakes always makes me think of Alice in Wonderland for some reason. Maybe it’s the stacks of topsy, turvy cups in AIW, that make me think of those cakes.


    Delightful and inviting! As for me, you can never go wrong with blue and white. As you’ve illustrated before, splashing green, rose or lemon tones absolutely magnetize the gaze to your table!

  14. Oh, I love this table! Blue and white is probably my “top” favorite color combination, and those cake plates are lovely. The rest of the tablescape sets them off so perfectly. I entered Noritake’s generous giveaway and would love to be the winner. My “wedding china” and stemware are Noritake and even though I’m no longer married, I love and enjoy them often. 🙂

    • Thanks, Joy! My wedding china was Noritake, too…the Colburn pattern. I still have it and still think it’s beautiful after all these years. What pattern did you choose?

  15. Your website is so wonderful, can’t wait to open and read because I know it’s going to be something good. Your table decor are over the top and I again love the blue. I must say you also mess with my budget because I check and see what I shouldn’t buy. You have very good taste. Love all of the colors that are offered by Noritake.

  16. Elizabeth Roderick says

    I love the two shades of blue in your glasses. The napkins add a crisp summer touch to your blue and white setting. I have to ask, did you notice your blue bottle tree in the background? Just kidding, you never miss a detail. As always everything is lovely!

  17. Kim Jefferson says

    Oh, Susan, you knocked it out of the park with this one. Beautiful. I love the crispness of the blue and white. Every week I am inspired and Homegoods is getting richer for it.

  18. Oh what fun! I love all three colors, but that blue really pops! Another gorgeous table, thank you so much for sharing, and thanks to both you and Noritake for the generous giveaway.

  19. Charlotte says

    I love the blue & white table with the yellow vase pop of color! All my favorite colors on one table! The Carnivale dishes would be so cute for Easter too.

  20. Those dishes are gorgeous, and your added items make them even moreso. What an opportunity – thanks Noritake and Susan!

  21. Your tablescape is absolutely ethereal!! From you garden too yet!! franki

  22. Crisp and clean setting. Nautical feel-sail on.
    Love the hydrangea’s rosy pink! I may have to get 1 of those hydrangeas.

    • Terri, they are amazing because they can take full sun! The white blossoms are so pretty in the spring. I also love that it stays small so it’s perfect for an area where you don’t want a tall hydrangea. I have mine behind my mailbox so it needed to stay small so it wouldn’t block the view leaving the driveway.

  23. Beautiful setting Susan! Big thanks to you and Noritake for the giveaway and thanks for hosting.

  24. What a pretty, pretty table! I love the Noritake Carnival cake plates. I don ‘t own any Noritake, I should go to their web site. Also, living in Phoenix means it’s virtually impossible to grow lovely summer flowers from the garden–I’m envious. It’s going to be 120 degrees in Phoenix this weekend mehhh. Thanks for another great Tablescape Thursday. :0)

    • Wow! 120 is crazy hot! Does every just stay inside when the temps reach that high? Seems like you fall over from heat stroke just walking out to the mailbox to check the mail! Stay safe, Elena!

      • The heat is very dangerous, especially for people who work outside. it’s really to hot to even go to the pool, you have to stay inside in the AC.

  25. Wow thank you and Noritake for this giveaway! I really love those white and blue stripe plates. Did you get the cup or mug? I adore their stemware too. Your blue themed table is just beautiful and so summery!

  26. Mary Jane Havens says

    I purchased the little straw purse you featured on your blog. I hesitated since it was rather costly and I’m also reluctant to order with out touch and checking the weight of purses. I wanted to tell you how pleased I am with the lovely purse. Thanks for sharing your shopping adventures.
    Love your blog, Mary Jane

    • Thanks, Mary Jane, I’m so glad to hear you love it! I’m crazy about mine, too. I’ve been using it non-stop since it came. I’m going to be sad when fall gets here and I have to put it up for the fall/winter season. I’ve gotten so many compliments on it. Everywhere I go, it someone always notices it and wants to know where they can get one. I attended a fashion show/event at my local Talbots yesterday and one of the sales ladies there stopped me just as I walked in the door to tell me how much she loved my bag. She asked if it was from Talbots. It does look like something they would carry. 🙂

      • Diane westbrook says

        I read your comment on your straw purse and was thinking…what if you tied a small fall looking scarf to one of the handles? I think that would look great! I have a smaller straw purse that I purchased about 15 years ago..similar to yours, but as I said much smaller. I tie a cute scarf on the handle and I love it that way…a scarf about 16 by 16 or so to match an outfit!

  27. Debra Bartels says

    The blue is so fresh and pretty. I would be hard pressed to pick my favorite though.

  28. Such a gorgeous table in blue and white Susan. I love it !
    Thank you for hosting.
    Happy Father’s Day ahead.

  29. Susan ,
    Another lovely tablescape on the porch !The blue and white theme is so refreshing and makes me imagine dining seaside ⛵️.
    The drawing sounds like a wonderful way to kick off Summer !
    Hopefully , the humidity will lessen for awhile .

  30. Love the blue and white china!! Enjoy your blog so much, especially your gardening posts.

  31. Nancy Elizabeth says

    Susan, another beautiful table for your porch! The blue and white plates are very different and are lots of fun too! I will mix these with my collection of white plates. This is only one of my favorite table designs that you share with us. I do get very excited when you do a new style on this table! Can’t wait for the next design. LOVE your blog.

  32. I love all of the colors. I especially like the little border at the outside edge. Very cute. I think they might be fun in alternating colors around the table.

  33. Susan, your table is fabulous! My fine china is Randolph by Noritake with a medium blue edge. I love Noritake! I’m going to search the site for the Carnivale plates. Thank you for offering the $500 contest too!

    Smashing Plates Tablescapes

  34. Diane westbrook says

    Another beautiful table, Susan!! Love blue and white and have quite a bit of toile inspired dishes…thank you and Noritake for the great contest!!

  35. Lovely! The china looks thin and light, which I really like. So many patterned or fun china is thick and clunky, which to me, doesn’t have a nice “feel” and actually seems to chip easily. Would love to have summer lunch on the porch with this setting!

  36. Susan,,
    Love the plates in pink. My wife and I have a Woodard Chantilly Rose table, chairs and tea cart on our deck that would really shine with the pink dishes. China on the deck may be “over the top” but pink wrought iron furniture is unexpected already 🙂

    • I love using real china outdoors, just feels so luxurious and special! Your deck sounds lovely, Rick! I can envision it all surrounded by the beautiful green of summer.

  37. Kathy P. says

    I LOVE the blue. Those blue chargers are perfect for this beautiful table.

  38. Susan,
    You always set such gorgeous tables, but I think this one is right up there at the top! The blue and white is beautiful. I love Noritake. Back in the early 90’s I purchased the Noritake “Royal Orchard” as my everyday dishes with all the serving pieces. Bought the Noritake amethyst swirl goblets to go with it. It made such a lovely table. Haven’t used them in a long while. I need to get them out again.
    The blue and white “Carnivale” plates are delightful. So nautical.
    I should purchase them and serve Italian creme cake. 😉 I have a set of the Noritake blue swirl stemware, too, which would go perfect.
    Your flower arrangement was lovely.

  39. Deborah Johansen says

    Very lovely setting. Love the beautiful blue and white charger and plates.

  40. ~Susan~
    I love the blue tablesetting dishes, what a joy that would be to win!! and your flower center piece is beautiful!

    p.s.the stocking over the hand really works for slipping on a bangle !!

  41. Susan, Thank you so very much for your response to me on your lovely blue flatware. Will have to go on a quest to find it! I have seen it available in the other colors but not blue….Much appreciated your timely response and so enjoy your blog!

  42. Susan, I have a question for you. I’ve been searching for a new set of every day flatware for over a year. All of the new stuff is either too lightweight to feel good, or it’s the new European style of flatware thats too big for my taste. What brand would you recommend these days that is quality, heavy enough, and classic?

    • The flatware that I’ve been using for many years and is heavy but not too big, is a Mikasa pattern. It’s say 18/8 on the back. I’ve read that you want stainless flatware to be either 18/8 or 18/10…that’s the chromium to nickel ratio. I can’t remember now where I purchased the set I have, it’s been so long ago. You may want to go look at flatware in person, as opposed to buying it online, that way you can touch/hold it and see the size. Really good quality flatware, the kind that you will use daily and can take being washed in a dishwasher frequently, can be a bit expensive, but I think it’s worth it in the end. The flatware I had before this set was cheaper and it rusted at the drop of hat. Drove me crazy getting rust spots after being washed in the dishwasher. So buy the best you can afford and you’ll use it for many, many years.
      I would stick with a good name brand. Noritake carries flatware, but I don’t have any of their’s, so can’t speak from personal use. I wish I knew the pattern of the Mikasa flatware that I have because I’ve enjoyed it and it’s held up well. It’s the perfect size, too. I remember it came in a large set that included the serving pieces, but don’t remember the pattern, now. You may want to visit a Williams-Sonoma or a department store like Macy’s and see what they have that’s 18/8 or 18/10, then watch for a good sale.

      • Susan, I’ve literally been everywhere and Austin and looked at everything that I can in person. Macy’s, Pottery Barn, Williams Sonoma, boutiques, Neiman Marcus. There just wasn’t anything, the styles are all so very modern right now. So I ended up ordering this one online, I’ll just have to see how it feels when I get it. It could be going back because I’m so big about how things feel.

        • Wow, that’s gorgeous! Let me know how it is, I may have to order a set of that! 🙂

          • Update for you. I received the set I ordered, and plan to return it. To me it looks a little bit cheap in person. It is also not heavy enough for my preferences, I like my utensils to have good heft to them, at least for everyday use. These might be useful for you to use in an occasional festive tablescape.

            • I wonder if that’s the same flatware I ordered from either Neiman Marcus or Horchow (forget which) around 2-3 years ago. I remember it was one of those sets with lots of different patterns and when it arrive, the pieces felt very cheap and lightweight. I remember the patterns had all looked so pretty online at the website, but in person, they were not deeply engraved/embossed and it just overall looked cheap. I returned the set I bought, too. I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the same set or similar. I don’t blame you, I would definitely return it if it doesn’t look/feel right.

  43. Susan, I never received this email. I love the clean crisp look of the blue and white. Really beautiful tablescape.
    BTW A while back you showed us your frog bookends. I bought some in GW. Usually my local store doesn’t have much, so it was a lucky find. Sure they aren’t yours ? LOL

    • Thanks! Myrna, have you been getting the other posts okay? Reason I ask is I’ve heard from a couple of readers lately who have gotten posts, but it’s been sporadic. I hope you’ve gotten the other email post updates.
      lol No, mine are still right here on my desk. I found them in Pier 1. I still love them! They make me think of the Frogs & Princesses in storybooks. I love his silly crown, the key around his neck and how he’s holding a book. 🙂 There’s a story there, I’m sure!

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