3 Fabulous Table Settings: 2 Spooky for Halloween and 1 Elegant for Autumn

Welcome to the 629th Tablescape Thursday, a blog party sharing beautiful table settings for all occasions.

Earlier this past spring, I shared this beautiful table setting created by Jackie. If you missed that post, you’ll find it here: Incredible Auction Finds & Dining with Faenza Garofano Carnation.

Faenza Garofano in a beautiful table setting 01


Recently Jackie wrote to say she would soon be hosting a Halloween gathering in her home. Each year Jackie chooses a different theme for her annual Halloween gathering. This year’s party will be very different, a much smaller gathering.

Jackie said, “October is our favorite time of year!  Not only because the Texas heat finally cools, and the smell of pumpkin and apple spice is in the air, but also because October 31st brings Halloween and our annual Halloween bash.  This year will be a little different, we won’t have 100 people come dance the night away.  Instead, we are setting up 2 small intimate dinners, eating and drinking around a piano bar in my living room.”

Here’s how Jackie has decorated her front entry area for the fall season. Guests are in for a big surprise once they enter through those double doors!


Jackie continued saying, “My fondness of Halloween started when I was a child growing up on Long Island, N.Y.  School was in full gear, days were getting shorter, the nights cooler, and the leaves turned the most beautiful colors. All of the television stations ran special Halloween episodes of your favorite sitcom and you always anticipated watching the It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! 
Growing up, we would go to the local five-and-dime store to pick out that year’s costume, the kind that came in a cardboard box made up of a plastic mask with an elastic strap and vinyl smock. When Halloween arrived, the neighborhood would celebrate together with trick-or-treating, costume parties, and fun and games like carving pumpkins and bobbing for apples.  We munched on cinnamon donuts and sipped warm apple cider as we divvied up our candy. When I had kids of my own I continued the traditions. As they grew into adults I knew I had to continue it and the tradition developed into our Annual Halloween Bash.”

Oh, it appears two guests have already started celebrating with a cozy “Dinner for Two” here in the entrance!


Watch out above!


Jackie said, “Each year I come up with a theme in early March and then bring it to life.  Some of the themes of Halloween’s past included; Wizard of Oz, Hollywood and Movies (we were the Adam’s Family of course), and Asylum and The Greatest Showman.  This year with the pandemic, I decided to just make the house creepy.”


“I have collected many props over the years.  My best go-to stores are Thrift stores, Salvation Army, Goodwill, etc.  Even if it is the month of May, I will always have that thought in the back of my mind, looking for some oddity to create something for Halloween. My other go-to stores are Michaels, Home Goods, Walmart, Home Depot (has great lifelike moveable figures), and Dollar Tree.
I own 5 different sets of Halloween/Autumn dishes that I bring out for use on September 1.   I purchased these through the years from Pier One and Home Goods, even found a black crystal set at the Salvation Army.”


A knight stands guard here in the entrance.


Of course, no party or gathering this year would be complete without this warning.


Moving into the dining room, Jackie has set a beautiful autumn table for the night’s festivities. The chandelier is decorated very differently from when we last saw it. Sooo pretty!

Elegant Halloween Table Setting


Jackie found this beautiful pattern, Faenza Garofano Carnation, in an online estate auction and managed to win it for an incredible price! Read more about that in this previous post: Incredible Auction Finds & Dining with Faenza Garofano Carnation.

Fall Autumn Tablescape, Fall Table Setting


Such a beautiful pattern!

Beautiful Table Setting with Faenza Garofano Carnation


Autumn Fall Decorations


Ohhh, what is this we see in Jackie’s kitchen?


That chandelier is amazing! Wow! Jackie is so creative!


A closer view…


I told Jackie if I was ever in her area the night of this party, I would definitely try to crash it. lol What a fun night it’s going to be!


Ummm, I wonder if some of these “delicacies” will be on the menu? 😉


I can’t wait to share the rest of the decorations Jackie has created throughout her home. Part II of this spooky Halloween gathering will be coming up on our next Metamorphosis Monday! Thanks so much to Jackie for letting me share these three fabulous, spooky Autumn-Halloween table settings!

Looking forward to all the wonderful table settings linked for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. WOW! Jackie has outdone herself – what an amazing Halloween party! Her auction china is gorgeous, and I love the gold pumpkins on black plates! Wonders at every turn!

    Thanks for sharing, Susan, I can’t wait for part II. And if you end up crashing that party, give me a call and I’ll join you! 🙂 Happy Thursday!

    • Jackie Allen says

      Thank you Barbara. I just recently became a follower of your blog – I have been enjoying all your posts! You and Susan are both invited!

  2. Wow, what an amazing halloween house. Jackie you do a wonderful job. I love that you have 5 different sets of Halloween/Autumn dishes!!

    • Jackie Allen says

      Hi Debbie, Yes I love this time of year! Every time I am in a home store I have to tell myself – no more dishes 🙂 I had a set in my cart the other day at Home Goods and I restrained myself and put them back. I think 5 is probably enough for one holiday season 🙂

  3. Brenda s. Lawrence says

    Wow, Jackie has a love of Halloween! I love how she has decorated this season and her house is decorated amazingly spooky! lol She has beautiful dishes and accessories. But it is her decorations that really grab a person in, along with the table settings of course. She sure goes all out and I really love it! I always loved Halloween too, but Jackie has everyone beat I think with her love of it. lol Beautiful job Jackie! Can’t wait for part 2! Hugs, Brenda

    • Jackie Allen says

      Hi Brenda, I can’t wait to share part II also. I love sitting in my house and looking all around – come November 1st it all comes down and Christmas begins 🙂

  4. Oh-oh, we’ve got another Marie on our hands. :D:D:D

    • Jackie Allen says

      Thank you Pam – I have seen some of Marie’s masterpieces!

      • Well, Jackie, you fit right in with her! I wish you could impart some of the energy that it takes to do so much!! Even making the catacombs. While they are relatively ‘easy’ to construct, as you showed us, it still takes a lot of time to gather the items needed, and then put them together! And where in the world do you store all these things during their off season? Your house must be huge! (Or at least your storage facility) 😀 Seriously though, that whole tour was so much fun, I wish you’d do a whole house tour (including grounds) for us one day. Or do you have a blog? Also, if I’m not mistaken, you are the Jackie who found some of your favorite china at an estate sale? I remember remarking on that and you (if it was you) mentioned estatesales.net . I so appreciated that because it was new to me and I love the chance to find something I haven’t been able to find, otherwise. Thanks again for sharing all your fun creativity with us. 🙂

        • D’oh! I answered my own question. You are that Jackie, lol. Normally I don’t miss one word of Susan’s posts. I even (usually) read all of the comments. It’s so much fun, it’s like hanging out with girlfriends. But this time I skipped right down to the nitty gritty Halloween stuff. 😀 ~ Thanks, Jackie for answering my question about storage. That makes sense! And I promise, I won’t open any closet doors if I come to visit. 😉

  5. Linda Nixon says

    Again I need your help. I ordered the woodwick candles, I thought. The one with the fragrance cinnamon spice had the funny wick but no sound and no fragrance. The other blackberry spice had a good almost wine fragrance which i really like but had to burn one’s ear nearly to hear it. If you could get me to your post with the wood wick candles I would appreciate it. Thank you. Linda

    • That doesn’t sound like Woodwick Candles, they are usually very fragrant and crackly like a fireplace. lol They are still my favorite candle…Fireside being my favorite scent. The large ellipse-shaped candles are the loudest because the wick is so much larger/longer. The hour-glass shaped candles also crackle, just not as loud since the wick is much smaller.

      I usually order them on Amazon. You can see a bunch of different scents here: https://amzn.to/30MDfpr .

      It looks like some of the scents are on sale here: https://bit.ly/3dhJoza .

      I’ve also bought them for both my daughter in law and myself here: https://bit.ly/3nrTXnL

      If you love a woodsy, fireside smell, Fireside is def my fave, but I really love them all.

  6. warren giering says

    Wow. I love the settings.

  7. Thank you Susan and Jackie for so much Halloween inspiration! Jackie really goes all out and I know her guests must eagerly anticipate her invitation every year! Looking forward to part 2

    • Jackie Allen says

      Even though my Halloween Gala won’t be taking place this year – I am getting super excited to do a small intimate dinner with some super creepy food!

  8. I hope they send you pictures of the guest in costume. A delightful party.

  9. Thanks to Jackie and Susan for sharing these great scenes–fantastic! That description of her Halloween sounded exactly like my childhood–Jackie, girl, you are a Halloween maven. Loved the “Beware” sign–very creative. Don’t be surprised if some of us gals here in Georgia, make that “ghouls” here in Georgia, appear at the next Halloween that permits visitors.

    • Jackie Allen says

      Hi Shelia,
      Yes many fond memories of my childhood – I think that is why I enjoy this holiday so much – you can dress up and relive it all. And if the Gals in Georgia want to come next year – the invite is open. Can’t wait to have lots of visitors again!

  10. Be still my heart. I love the china. Thanks for sharing Jackie and Susan.

    • Jackie Allen says

      Thank you Myrna,
      I think this is the longest I have displayed a set on my table – I am constantly switching the dishes out. I am so fond of this pattern, it is hard to undress it. Christmas is around the corner and I know my Christmas dishes will be out soon.

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