Incredible Auction Finds & Dining with Faenza Garofano Carnation

Welcome to the 609th Tablescape Thursday!

I wish I lived near Jackie so she could teach me her ways. During this lockdown we’ve all been experiencing, Jackie scored some amazing deals on both furniture and dinnerware via some of the auction houses in her area. She had been hoping to update her dining room table and chairs. Jackies was able to acquire the beautiful table you’ll see in today’s table setting for just $200! To top that off, she found her chairs, 10 in all, for just $300. Wow! I would love to replace my dining room furniture so this truly inspires me to check out the online auctions more often.

Jackie shared the story of how she first fell in love with the dishware she used in today’s table setting, Faenza Garofano Carnation. Jackie said, “My Mother had a plate of this pattern displayed when I was a young girl in the house and I always loved it.”


“I found the ashtray at a thrift store for $1.69. Later, I picked up another dish, then I was on the hunt for it.”


Jackie said, “After telling my mom how much I loved her plate, she gave it to me. I just had 3 pieces that I displayed in my china cabinet. Then when the pandemic hit, I found shopping estate online auctions was very addicting.”

Ha! I know that feeling…the thrill when you win an online auction for something you really, really want!


Jackie continued, “I could not believe my eyes when I saw the lot of the Garofano Carnation! It was a dream come true! I had to win it. And I did!


Jackie said, “My old dining room set was not worthy so I began looking for more furniture and it was really easy to find!”

So acquiring the beautiful Faenza Garofano dishware actually inspired Jackie to buy new dining room furniture…love that!


I love this view of Jackie’s beautiful table!

Faenza Garofano in a beautiful table setting 01


Jackie also got an amazing deal on her beautiful Garofano dishware. Jackie said, “This is the pattern I have been searching for, it’s typically $350 a place setting. I won it on an auction for $400. It was a steal. I have bowls too-service for 13.”


I was reading about the Garotano Carnation pattern online this morning and this beautiful pattern has a rich history. Marco Polo brought back pieces of the Garofano pattern from the Orient in 1279. Apparently, the Garofano design was initially developed in the Italian region of Lombardia. It later became a world-famous signature pattern from the Majolica town of Faenza.


I love the richness of the pattern and color. It reminds me very much of the Imari pieces I used to occasionally buy while antiquing. Jackie also got an amazing deal on her beautiful crystal at auction, paying only $30 for all of it!


I don’t know which I like best…the beautiful Garofano Carnation pattern or the gorgeous inlay on Jackie’s new table!


Jackie’s dog, Willa, helped out with her table setting, offering moral support as needed. I see a sweet kitty baby in this photo, too.


The Faenza Garofano Carnation pattern sets a stunning table! You can really see the lovely shape of Jackie’s new table in this photo. I love how each place setting is accented by the beautiful inlay in the table!


Thanks so much to Jackie for sharing her amazing auction finds and this stunning table setting for this week’s Tablescape Thursday! This was such a treat: we got to go antiquing today AND enjoyed a beautiful table setting!

Faenza Garofano in a beautiful table setting 01


Looking forward to all the beautiful tables linked for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. Carolyn Robinson says

    You need to publish the names of the online auction sites, please.

    • Jackie said she found her dishware at JLA Treasures online. I’m not sure where she found the table, it may have been a local auction place. I’ll see if I can find out more about that.

  2. Wow! Congrats to Jackie! How wonderful to find the very pattern she loves so well, and to get an amazing deal on it, to boot! Love that she shared this. And how funny she felt her former dining table was, ‘not worthy,’ lol. She got a great deal on her beautiful new set, as well. Jackie could probably teach us all about shopping.

    I surmise these online estate auctions are local? I was just wondering / assuming Jackie actually picked up her items, rather than having them shipped (which would have been precarious and incredibly expensive.) What a great tip to share. Thanks, Jackie and Susan for sharing with us your good fortune and great finds. So glad you got some things you really love!

    • Jackie Allen says

      Hi Pam,
      one of my favorite sites is
      You put in your zip code and then they list the estate sales within a 50 mile radius. Some are in person sales but lately they are all online. If you choose to pick up, most do curbside pickup and everyone is in masks and gloves. It really is fun and addicting! Stay safe, Jackie

  3. Oh that’s gorgeous! I wish I lived near Jackie too! 😉 That really does inspire me to try online auctions – what a great post! Thanks to you both!

  4. Wow! Wow! Very good deals! I wonder if Jackie shipped or was able to pick up the items? I know shipping costs can be expensive.

    • She said they picked up the furniture, so that’s why I think it was local to her. Okay, she just replied that she found the table and chairs on Offer Up which is apparently similar to Craig’s List. The dishes were from JLA Treasures online.

  5. Was wondering the same thing….were the items shipped to her or were they local and she picked them up herself?

  6. franki parde says

    Oh, kiddo…JACKPOT!! It is MOST lovely & what a bargain!! EnJOY! franki

  7. Stunning tablescape! I am thrilled for Jackie.

  8. Biodynamic Barb says

    I have bought many things from online auction houses, and always worried about shipping, especially china and glass. Some houses make you arrange for shipping yourself, which is a pain. It’s MUCH better if you can attend the auction and then pack and transport them yourself. The china set would have cost more to ship than she paid for it; but, when you get such a screaming good deal, you’re willing to pay the shipping!

    I’ve sold things via OfferUp. It’s an app for your phone, and you can get some good deals that way. I love Jackie’s chairs! Would have scooped them up in an instant!

    Susan, thank you again for sharing other reader’s tablescapes. You are such a generous person!

  9. WOW, I love her beautiful table….The china……….another WOW…just my kind of pattern!

  10. Biodynamic Barb says

    Susan, last spring you gave me some advice on creating a tablescape that has been INVALUABLE! Someday, I’ll have the courage to share my creations with you; but, in the meantime, all I can share is my appreciation for all the things you do for your readers. You’re a very special person!

  11. Oh my, we all know how the hunt can take us down paths we might not typically travel. Good for Jackie! Our antique mall reopened May 11, so with 18,000 square feet to spread out, it’s always been a great place to self-distance and get lost in treasures at the same time. We’re hoping for some sense of normalcy as the month ends and the state continues opening up. Stay well!

  12. Love little Willa…sitting in her new chair 🙂

  13. Everything is gorgeous and what amazing history behind the exquisite dishes. Congratulations Jackie! Enjoy!

  14. How lucky for Jackie to hit the Jackpot finding the china she always wanted at an amazing price. Congrats to her!
    Her table for 10 is amazing too. I bet she had butterflies in her stomach as she was creating such a gorgeous tablescape with her sort after china!
    Thank you so much for hosting this week for us.
    Stay and safe and happy Susan.

    • Jackie Allen says

      Hi Fabby,
      I did have butterflies – and every time I walk into my dinning room it makes me smile. I still can’t believe its mine. 🙂

      Happy Memorial Day – Stay safe, Jackie

  15. Thank you so much for hosting! This week I am excited to share Week two of the one room challenge which includes window treatments and the new bed frame! I hope you are having a great day and are staying healthy and safe!

  16. What beautiful china and to think she obtained so many pieces. Jackie, inquiring hoarders, I mean minds, want to see all of that lovely glassware in the hutch. Thanks for sharing your find with us.

  17. The thrill of the hunt! Great scores! I have four soup bowls that are a close match to that ashtray I think! Such fun!

  18. Unbelievable! The dinnerware is so gorgeous, and the furniture … I’m speechless … the wood inlaid table and those lovely chairs, all for $500?!
    I don’t think I’ll set foot in a retail furniture store ever again.
    Congratulations, Jackie, on an over-the-moon score!

  19. Cyndi Raines says

    What a blessing! To find her favorite china at such a bargain price and then the table, chairs and crystal too! Wowza! She really did hit the jackpot! Thanks for sharing. Wishing you a very happy and safe Memorial Day!

  20. Michele M / Finch Rest says

    Wow- Jackie did so well – what great finds! That table looks ready for entertaining royals – stunning!

  21. Katherine says

    Hi Susan! I’ve followed you for several years. I love your blog and always make sure I have a few minutes to savor it before I open the email ☺️ I order many of the clothes for travel from your you posts. I happened on to a site I thought might interest you, if you’ve not seen it. I just ordered one of their dresses. They are made to order, as I understand, but VERY affordable. The website is You’ve given me so much, thought I’d share. Keep the wonderful posts coming. Much love from California❤️

  22. Charlotte Marie Bruce says

    I’m not often jealous of anything or anyone, but THIS table and these chairs…omg, I am so envious!! Because of the price and how beautiful it all looks together. Wow wow wow. Thank you for sharing this.

    • Jackie Allen says

      Thank you Charlotte! It was such a find and the amazing thing was all of it was found within 2 weeks of each other. My husband says that when I am in the dining room – I am playing house 🙂 I really enjoy it.

      Happy Memorial Day!

  23. Joy Grzena says

    I love yr new china
    That sure was a steal.
    Yr table was beautiful

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