3 Fun, Unique Gift Ideas, Including One for the Person Who Already Has Everything

I’m always trying to think of fun gifts for my friends and family. I usually try to give them something from their wish list, but I also like to sneak in something they weren’t expecting–a little surprise, or maybe even a BIG one. Ha!

Explosion Gift Boxes: If you have someone on your gift list who is impossible to buy for, one idea is an Explosion Gift Box. I purchased two of their Halloween Explosion Gift Boxes for my grandsons this past Halloween and OH. MY. GOSH! Their reactions were awesome! I videotaped them opening their boxes and here are two screen captures from the moment. When opened, the boxes play music and are packed full of all kinds of goodies, including things that fly up into the air. The blurry things that look like they have legs (Ha) are the flying things…kinda hard to see since they were flying!


Their reactions were so different and really reflected their personalities. The oldest grandson jumped up and stood back to watch everything as it happened, then picked up one of the flying “bugs” and started analyzing how it worked, while the younger one screamed in delight and started throwing one of the “eyeballs” he found in the box. Ha, ha, ha!


In the center of each gift box is a yummy cake decorated for the occasion. They make a great gift for childen or adults. You can see and read about the many kinds of gift boxes they have available (including the one they’ve designed for Christmas) on their website here: Explosion Gift Boxes. By the way, this isn’t a sponsored post and I didn’t receive a discount on my gift boxes–just sharing because I think this is such a fun, unique gift for kids and adults.


Money Machine: Have you ever wished you had a money machine? I definitely have during the time I’ve been working on renovations here around the house! Ha! What if you could give one as a gift?! If you have someone on your holiday list who is really hard to buy, for but you dislike the idea of just giving them a gift card or a check, I love this idea! When I was reading the reviews for these, I liked what one gift-giver did. When they filled it, they started with a lot of $1 bills and then the dollar amount increased as they pulled. I’ve ordered two of these, they should arrive on Friday. This should be a lot of fun to put together for the two people I have in mind. You’ll find this Money Machine here: Money Machine.


Money Tree: They say money doesn’t grow on trees, but I don’t know. This definitely looks like a money tree to me. 😉 I just discovered this option today and now I’m tempted to do this one instead of the money machine. It would be fun to fill it with a combination of bills and gift cards to the recipient’s favorite haunts–like their favorite coffee house or bookstore. I ordered two of these because even if I don’t use them this year, I’ll have them for another year. I like that the tree can be repurposed to hold greeting cards, photos, or whatever strikes your fancy. You’ll find this tree available here: Money Tree.



Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! See you tomorrow for Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. Bobbi Duncan says

    Explosion gift boxes look like fun and will make a great surprise for our grandchildren. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Cynthia Cook says

    I just ordered 4 of the Christmas Explosion boxes for our kids! They really should give you a discount! Thanks for another great idea!!!
    Merry Christmas!

  3. Oh my gosh – those are both fabulous! I’m adding them to my list of wonderful presents right now! THANKS!

  4. Those explosion boxes sound so awesome. Need one for adults–unless the adult is in touch with their inner child

    • They are super popular with adults, too. I’ve seen some unboxing videos online and in the reviews, people are ordering them for adult family members. Some are filled with candies, butterflies and of course, the little cake on the inside. I think I’m going to send the Harry Potter one to my son for his birthday next year. Hopefully, they will still have it available by then.

  5. Tamara Nelson says

    you are the best!!!!love your ideas

  6. These are all fun ideas Susan! I have made exploding boxes before, but never put a little tiny cake in one…love that idea! I’ve seen the “flying” things made before, but have never made any of those, always wanted to try my hand at them though. The money ones are so fun, a different way to gift money. I made a wreath out of money and hung it on the tree for my son one year. He loved it and thought it was so cool. So that was a big hit too. He found it when he went to hang his new Penn State ornament on the tree. lol Fun ideas and I love these! Hugs, Brenda

  7. well that money tree would be easy to make yourself…just looks like clothespins or you could use those clips that people put to hold papers with and spray paint them a color you like and glue a branch (which you could spray paint) onto a piece of wood…oh well, just a thought. I really like the boxes though. To Brenda’s post when my kids were younger we made money sandwiches and wrapped them in tin foil and also we froze coins in a milk plastic bottle that was a lot of fun. rls

  8. Susan-Thank you so much for the “ Exploding Gift Box” suggestion. I sent the Christmas box to my elderly aunt and uncle and they LOVED it! It arrived today and I immediately received a call of thanks. My uncle, a former engineer, said he “had never seen anything like it.” ( and that is saying a lot since he is almost 97!) He and my aunt, until recently, made their own Christmas cards each year. So happy to give them this little bit of pleasure. They were planning to enjoy the cake right away.

    • Thanks so much for letting me know they loved it, Lynn! Don’t you wish we could have been a bug on the wall and seen their faces when they opened it. 🙂

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