A Very Special Mother’s Day Gift

Last year for Christmas, my sweet, thoughtful daughter-in-love, Nancy, gave me a beautiful painting of my home that she had commissioned from a local artist. At the time, neither of us knew I would possibly be moving to Ohio the following year.

Beautiful Home Portrait, Architectural Painting


Though I haven’t yet chosen a frame for it, the painting has been hanging on the wall in my living room, and I love seeing it there whenever I’m in that room or walking through on my way upstairs. I’m not at home right now, so can’t take a photo of it there, but it’s hanging on the left section of the paneled wall below.

Minwax Polycrylic Finish in Matte Finish


Shortly after I arrived in Ohio a couple of weeks ago, my DIL and son both surprised me with a Mother’s Day gift they had been saving for my visit. Oh my gosh, I was so surprised when I opened the gift! Nancy said that when she commissioned the first painting, she had shared with the artist several photos, asking her to hold onto them for a possible painting in the future.

Commissioned Painting of Home, Wintertime


This was the photo, taken by my neighbor, Michelle, that the artist, Jeanie Noble, used as inspiration for this follow-up painting. Amazing to think how many dearhearts had a hand in making this beautiful gift come into existence, either directly or indirectly!

House in Snow with Wreaths


When I opened it, my heart exploded and I said, “That’s it! I’m never moving!” lol I don’t need two houses, but it’s really hard to think of moving and leaving behind my “Home Alone” house. If you’ve been reading BNOTP for a while, you may remember that I fell in love with the home in the movie, Home Alone, just before finding this home that I’ve now lived in for 34 years.

Commissioned Painting of Home, Wintertime


I will cherish both of these special paintings forever. I’ll have to find a special place to hang them in the new house once I have them framed. If you would like to commission a painting of your own home or would like to see other paintings by the artist, Jeanie Noble, you’ll find her online shop here: Jea Noble Art.

Beautiful Home Portrait, Architectural Painting

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  1. what lovely and thoughtful gifts from lovely and thoughtful people…

  2. CityMommy says

    So special!

  3. What beautiful remembrances for you to hang in your new home. She’s an excellent artist and did a magnificent job. It’s a beautiful gift from your daughter in law and I would definitely hang them.

  4. Absolutely beautiful and great memento of your former home. My daughter gifted me. and husband a watercolor of our former home that we lived in for 42 years. I had it framed and it hangs we I enter from the garage into our hallway in our townhouse.I love it ! You will love yours too .

  5. SharonFromMichigan says

    They remind me of Christopher Gershin’s art. They’re beautiful! Before you sell your house you need two more. That way you’d have all four seasons 😉 What precious gifts!

  6. Franceil Parde says

    JUST ❤️ THEM!!!! franki

  7. OMG! Both paintings are so beautiful! What thoughtful and lovely gifts.

  8. Susan, what a lovely surprise. Most of us feel attached to your home because you have shared your life with ups and downs, projects, appliances and tools with us. When you move, we will get homesick even though we are excited for you and projects to come in the cottage. We look forward to seeing your new helpers, I mean grandsons, grow up learning how to turn a house into a home.
    As a southerner, I so love the house in GA. You should have no problem selling it. Is there a blogger out there wanting to move to GA ? LOL

  9. Great and thoughtful gift – a treasure! Friends gifted us with a Cat’s Meow like wooden cut out of one of our homes and we love it. On our bookshelf in our downsized home and always brings back wonderful memories!

  10. Bettina Esser says

    I will miss your house. It is perfect and the dining room was the most elegant, versatile room on the internet. Your tablescapes in the dining room and on the porch are almost legendary and I have memorized some of your combos. I hope all the wonderful things you have shown in your beautiful home can be relocated to the new place.

  11. Oh, my, I cried when I saw that Christmas painting! What a special gift to have that beautiful memory as you make more memories in your new home.

  12. Michele M./ Finch Rest says

    Love love love them. Wonder how much prints of them would be – to be a part of the house closing – you could have them at your showings. Seems like a sweet thing to celebrate that talent and say “thank you.” (Reminds me of that Home Alone poster in the Home Alone house that is up for sale right now. The media room has the movie poster in it.) Here is the realtor’s link:


    • Oh my goodness!!! Did they ever ruin that house. They took every ounce or personality out of it. Now it’s like every other cold, white and gray monstrosity out there. 🙁 Such a shame.

  13. Daphne Thomas says

    The paintings of your home are fabulous and such a great gift to you…and to your grandchildren. They will always get to see your home you left to be near them in your new home.
    What a keepsake wrapped up in all the memories that go with that beautiful home that you get to carry on with you.
    They gave you the most timely gift…everything happens in God’s timing.

  14. I know you cried when you received this one, knowing you’re moving. Trust me, you will still be so glad you’re making this move. Cherish the paintings and hang them in a place of pride.
    I had a laser cut wooden serving tray with handles made with our home on it, also not knowing we’d be moving. It’s a treasure.

  15. Mary from Virginia says

    Oh my goodness! The perfect gifts! They are beautiful paintings. What a lovely thing to take with you to Ohio!

  16. Kathleen says

    Did your wonderful kids know the dream home was coming back on the market? What a special gift idea. What a special surprise.

  17. Cyndy Cook says

    We have 3 sons, praying that they will find such lovely ladies to add to the family!

  18. What a thoughtful gift from your family. I bet they are so excited to have you living so close to them. I know it will be hard to say good-bye ( I will miss your home, too!), but you are going to love your new home. I’m very excited to see the beautiful ways you make it yours. I agree with Pam!

  19. I would hang the winter one during the winter season and change it up with the summer one during spring and summer. I always change up my dining room and several in my living room twice a year. I love the change.

  20. What wonderful and thoughtful gifts!

    This has nothing to do with this post but I knew you would be the right person to ask this question as I know you have some linen garments. Do you use a spray starch when ironing these? Also how do you keep these looking like they were slept in after driving somewhere? Any advice is appreciated! Thank you!

  21. Susan, I absolutely love your new painting! What a wonderful gift from your wonderful “daughter-in-love”. I think the reader who mentioned having one painting for each season was right. Maybe if you can just take pictures or gather previously taken ones and then be ready to have them made when you get to the new house. I also think you would love to have backyard shots or “view” from the back porch shots. It would be great to have a photo wall somewhere in your new home with these photos from the porch – and you take such wonderful photographs!! When I think of your coming move I think of the Dr. Seuss book – “Oh the Places You Will Go” or in the case of the new home, maybe your new home adventure should be entitled “Oh the Memories You Will Make” I can picture your new home with new tablescapes, new decorations, visits from old friends and new ones, and most of all – time with your wonderful family – the grandsons stopping by as they one day – come home from the first day of a new school year, leave for a Halloween costume party, the prom, graduations, weddings, etc. You and your family will be so blessed to live close to each other!! God Bless you as you start your new adventure. Can’t wait to read more about it! – Patty

  22. After I retired, we moved to SW Florida, but we kept our small cottage in Pennsylvania to escape to in the summers. We won’t always have two houses. Eventually we will still the cottage in PA and live full-time in Florida. With that in mind, I commissioned a watercolor of our cottage. The artist did a great job and I have it framed in our Florida home. Your daughter in law was very thoughtful in those gifts. Now they will serve as a perfect reminder of you time in Georgia. I look forward to your new adventures in the Doll House.

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