My January Favorites + A Couple of Extras That Couldn’t Wait!

Happy Weekend! Okay, I’m cheating a little. This is supposed to be a January Favorites post but I want to share this with you now because I expect it will sell out pretty quickly. A few days ago I purchased this adorable Spring/Easter-themed LEGO set for my grandsons, and I thought it was so cute (and reasonably priced) that I ended up buying one for myself. I love that LEGO keeps coming out with these sets that celebrate the various holidays that occur throughout the year. Mine should arrive today and once I put it together, I’m going to keep it here on my desk to enjoy as I await the arrival of spring. You’ll find this adorable spring bunny set here: LEGO Spring/Easter Bunnies.


LEGO Bunnies for Spring and Easter


Oh my gosh, I just discovered these Royal Dansk Danish cookie tins this past month and I couldn’t believe how inexpensive they were for the amount of cookies inside each tin! It’s an entire tin of cookies for $3.97. I don’t know how they offer them for that price, but I’m here for it! You’ll find them here: Royal Dansk Danish Cookies.


A previous owner of my home converted a bedroom (that’s located right next to my bedroom) into a dressing room, adding additional built-in drawer space and closets in the process. You can see that room in the photo below.

View of Worn Velvet Green Drapes During the Daytime


When they completed that renovation, they added raised, shoe platforms across the bottom of the two additional closets that were added to the room. I love the raised shoe storage but it’s not quite enough storage for the shoes that I rarely wear or only wear for special occasions. I also have a few backup pairs of some of my favorite sandals. All those extra shoes ended up on the floor of each closet. Tired of always having to vaccum around them and dust them off when needed, I wanted to find a better way to store them. Last month I purchased these shoe boxes that are stackable and can be interlocked together, if needed. These are working great! I just noticed one shoe is turned over. Too funny! They are stored up high on shelving that’s over my head, so I didn’t notice that until now.

Shoe Storage Boxes


In this photo from the website, you can see the little door on the front that give easy access to the shoes. I ended up using all twelve storage boxes in two different closets. I’m so happy to have those rarely-worn shoes off the floor where they were always getting dusty. You can see additional photos of how this storage system can be configured and used here: Stackable/Interlocking Shoe Storage Boxes,-12 Pack.



I’ve been enjoying the Walking Pad I added to my office last month. FYI, I have it on good authority (thanks Nancy!) that this walking pad easily stores under beds. If you’ve thought about getting a walking pad for getting in your steps, you’ll find the one I purchased here: Walking Pad. The raised desktop I purchased is available here: Adjustable Deck Surface. I shared more about this walking pad in this previous post: New Addition to the Office.

Best Walking Pad Treadmill for Home Office


Last month I purchased this cute little lamp that’s also a candle warmer. The lamp has an adjustable dimming feature that I really like. I’m currently using this lamp in my bathroom where I often turn it on for soft lighting while showering. I am not a fan of overhead lighting so this works great for my bathroom. If turned up higher, the light is designed to slightly melt any candle that’s placed under it, releasing its fragrance without having to actually light it. To read more about how it works, you’ll find it available in two colors here: Light/Candle Warmer.


If you find taking a daily probiotic is helpful, this is the one I’ve been taking and I have noticed a big improvement in how I feel after eating. You can check out the reviews and read more about it here: Digestive Advantage Daily Probiotics.



I purchased these toothpaste dispenser thingies (they come in a set of two) last month and love how they work. So much easier than fighting the toothpaste tube to get that last bit of toothpaste out! lol You’ll find these available here: Toothpaste Squeezer/Roller.



I’m happy to report the mat I purchased for the garage last month has been working great. It’s only rained twice since I purchased it and I wasn’t wearing duck boots those times, which are the only boots so far I’ve had issues with on this epoxy floor, but I do like having it here for those rainy days when I will be wearing duck boots. If you need a non-slip mat for either inside or outside, check this one out here: Indoor/Outdoor Rubber Mat.

Garage Floor Mat, Non-slip


I’ve already made some awesome purchases this month that I can’t wait to share with you in next month’s favorites post—like THIS BRUSH that my daughter-in-law and I both love! It was recommended by a stylist for detangling wet hair and we love it! Hope you have a relaxing and fun weekend! Stay warm and safe, dear friends!

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  1. I LOVE that brush. I have several of them including a smaller one for my travel bag. I had some product build up on the back of one of them and have not been able to get it off. Cleaning it just made it sticky. I have fine, thin hair and I use hairspray and a product or two to make my hair manageable. I wrote to the company but they just sent me a stock email answer. I need to replace that one.

  2. SharonFromMichigan says

    In case you want to up the ante on those butter cookies, try dipping them in melted chocolate and add sprinkles & then let set on wax paper. These would be adorable dipped in chocolate with Valentine’s Day sprinkles! (holidays have no calories, right?) 🙂 (I’ve used this cheat for Christmas cookies)

  3. Susan, you are our own consumer guide. I buy a lot of those same cookies to give out, but you have to be careful of copycat ones from wherever. I am not a fan of cookies and cake, so there are only a few I like. I just discovered Tate’s Lemon Cookies. The only reason I bought the first package was because they were in a clearance cart. Very good. An 11 year old girl started the company with her love of baking.
    I switched from Publix seasonal White Christmas ice cream to Nuts About Pistachio.
    Maybe I need to check out that walking pad.

  4. Patty Brenner says

    I love seeing you ‘favorites’ posts, it’s fun getting introduced to new things I can’t live without, lol. We’ve eaten those Dansk cookies for years – Walmart often has them at Christmas (and sometimes in cute smaller sizes). The empty tins have been used for decades for sewing supplies. The sewing sites I follow have a running joke about how disappointed family members are when they open the tin (expecting cookies) and find a sewing kit. There’s even a semi-viral picture around Halloween of a woman dressed as a cookie tin sewing kit, lol. I hope February is going well for everyone – we are on the downhill to spring, yay!!

  5. You are just the best personal shopper!!! I always order something you recommend, and am always happy with it. My nieces and nephews are the same ages as your grandchildren so I really love anything you recommend for them….so I just ordered the Easter Legos! Thank you! They will love them….

  6. Legos are getting SO pricy…. Our 10 year old grandson asked for the Porsche for his birthday ($182.) with Tax, after getting the Van Gogh, Starry Night (also $182.) This grandma should go back to work!!

  7. Terri Santiago says

    Is that a pink Yeti cup I see on your desk ?
    Do you like it ?
    Does it keep cold longer and hot longer ?

    • It is–it’s the Power Pink color that they came out in the fall. I love my Yeti tumblers. I have an embarrassing number of their tumblers now because I keep buying them in different colors. In my defense, I use them constantly. I drink from them all day long and always take one with me in the car. They are awesome! I didn’t jump on the Stanley Cup/tumbler train because people seem to always use a straw with those, and I really don’t like drinking from a straw, although it is possible to use a straw with a Yeti. This is the Power Pink that you see on my desk:

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