The Last Halloween Table of the Season

Welcome to the 423rd Tablescape Thursday!

I’m squeezing in one more Halloween table setting before Halloween is gone for another year. I thought I’d be putting this week’s table inside until I realized it was going to be 78° outside today. So we’re back out on the porch for this week’s Tablescape Thursday.



I had a black and white table setting in mind, but somewhere along the way I completely changed course. This table started out with an orange pumpkin in the centerpiece.



I changed my mind on that, too. lol



Which pumpkin do you like best in the center: orange or white?



Pumpkin soup tureens are from Pier 1 several years ago.



I noticed when I was in Pier 1 a few weeks ago, they have pumpkin tureens available in two colors this year:

Orange, available HERE. Love those!



And white with a gilded lid available, HERE.



Oh, I just had an awesome idea! I wonder how the white, gilded tureens from Pier 1 would look with these gorgeous deer plates I saw while in Pottery Barn recently! Would love to see that combination in a table setting!



Okay, let me get my head out of the tablescaping clouds and back to the table at hand. 😉

I found these cute leaf napkins in Marshall’s a few weeks ago. They only had one set of four so I decided to use a mixture of napkins for this week’s table.



I alternated using two different patterns around the table, well actually three if you count the plaid napkins layered underneath.

Which do you like best with this setting: the leaf napkin in the photo above or the napkin in the photo below?



I found these cute pumpkin and leaf salad plates in Wal-mart several years ago, but never got around to using them in a table setting until now.

The yellow rimmed dinner plates are by Noritake and are part of their Colorwave collection. You’ll find the full collection, including this sunny yellow color called Colorwave Mustard, here: Colorwave Collection



I used the Better Homes and Garden “Turkey” version of this plate in a table setting back in November 2011: Thanksgiving Tablescape for the Kids



And I used the “Leaf and Acorn” version of this dishware in another  table setting back in September 2012: Russet Shades of Autumn: A Table For Two on the Deck.

But this is the first time I’ve used the “Pumpkin and Leaf” plates, I believe. Only took me 5 years!

Autumn Tablescape (Between Naps on the Porch)


I’ve heard the pumpkin plates are back in Wally World again this year. They were super inexpensive when I purchased them years ago, just a few dollars each.

The twig flatware I’m using in this table is from West Elm several years ago. You can see it HERE but unfortunately, I don’t think it’s still available. However, it is available in the two different colors (silver and gold) here: Twig Flatware in Silver and in Gold



In this photo, you can see how I alternated the two different napkins around the table. So if you don’t have enough of a particular napkin, don’t be afraid to mix it up! Sometimes I think tables look better that way–definitely more interesting.



Happy Fall, dear Friends!



Looking forward to the beautiful table settings shared for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

Tablescape Thursday

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  1. Against the white table, I like the orange pumpkin tureen in the center for contrast. If you had used a colored tablecloth, then I would use the white pumpkin. The smaller soup bowls look so pretty layered on your plates.

  2. Susan,
    You saved the best for last. Love both the orange and white pumpkin tureens, and am a big fan of the mix and match napkins. The table is perfect!

    Happy Fall!!

  3. Linda Page says

    Awww, this table is so lovely. I really like the two styles of napkins that you used around the table. Can’t decide which one I like the best. Sunny and I spent three days in Waco, Tx and found several amazing antique malls. Wish you had been with us. Forgot to take my camera so no pictures to share.

    • Oh, I would have been in so much trouble! Sounds like you guys had a great time! Is that near where Chip and Joanna Gaines have their Magnolia Market?

      • Linda Page says

        The LaSalle Antique store is actually just down the street from Baylor and across I-35 freeway from Magnolia Market. Sunny and I went direct to Magnolia Market when we got there. It is really nice but I was honestly disappointed as it is smaller than I expected and there isn’t any furniture, just decor items (candles, silk flowers, throws, stuff to hang on walls, paint, dining/kitchen, books and tee shirts) and popcorn. They had lots of items in multiple spots so it looked like a lot of inventory but then you realize you are seeing the same stuff you saw in the other area. The prices are really expensive. We drove by the Magnolia House B&B. It looks really nice and they added a double garage. I found out that it is almost $700 a night to rent the house and it is booked into 2018. You can’t just book a room. It has to be the entire house. I did find out that Chip and Joanna bought the old Elite Cafe which is a landmark restaurant in Waco that recently closed. No word on when it will be re-opened but I am glad they are looking at doing something with it. When you went to Waco, you always had to eat at The Elite!! You would have loved Waco. Oh, mailed you something today!!!

  4. Love the alternating napkins Susan with your pumpkins! Those deer plates are swoon-worthy and would look wonderful with the white and gold tureens!

    • Oh, I can just see them together! I’m trying to resist buying the plates, but I love the colors in those! If they go on sale, I may have to cave. lol Happy Halloween, Mary!

  5. Well, that was fun. I love how your mind flits from one idea to the next. I love them all! I can also totally relate to how your intentions start out one way and morph into quite another. 🙂

  6. The scarecrow (and that flatware!) has me looking for the Tin Woodman and Cowardly Lion! Love it. Bring on your November. Can’t wait.

    • lol So true! That flatware would be great for a Wizard of Oz table wouldn’t it. It reminds me of those scary trees Dorothy encounters in the movie. lol Thanks, Nancy!

  7. I just love your fat white pumpkin tureens Susan, and I had to laugh when you started thinking of how to mix and match the ones from Pier 1, a dedicated tablescaping mind! It’s going to be sad to pack away our witchy things next week 🙁 Thanks for the party and Happy Halloween!

    • lol I know, can’t help myself!
      Didn’t we just get out Halloween goodies? How can it almost be time to pack them away! Scary how fast this month slipped by!

  8. I was laughing as I read. This sounds so much like me. When I’m tablescaping, I make a huge mess, getting one thing out and then changing my mind and getting another. I like either pumpkin in the center of the table, but I like that the tureen makes it look like you’re using it to serve soup in the matching individual tureens. I love the napkin mix, and I love that the plaid napkins tie the mix together. Oh how I need more china storage. I’d be at Wal Mart to get those plates.

    • Laurie, you must be able to see my breakfast table and porch hutch. lol They are covered with all the things I almost used. You know what I’ll be doing today, putting it all back up. 🙂
      Those plates are an amazing bargain. Hope Wally World keep offering cute holiday dishware like they’ve been doing in the past.

  9. Your table is absolutely beautiful! Both pumpkins look pretty, but I’m partial to the orange one. I always look forward to your gorgeous tablescapes and wonderful ideas! Thanks for hosting the party, and I hope that you have a happy and blessed day!!!

  10. Lisa polinsky says

    Where are the goblets from Susan? Beautiful!

  11. I like the orange against the white background. I have the same pumpkin and leaf plates that I got THIS year at Walmart and have them on both tables that I shared today. Have a great day! It is cold and rainy here today:(

  12. I’m a newly admirer of your blog and have fallen in love with it! Your posts are such inspirations. In this tablescape, I like the white soup tureen in the center complementing the individual ones. I think the scarecrow and napkins provide enough bright color. I especially like the glasses as well.

  13. I love the orange one for Halloween, and the white for the rest of Fall. My mother in law once “made”me an orange jack-o-lantern, with removable lid at one of those “paint the greenware” ceramic studios. I use the jack-o-lantern with a candle in it for Halloween, and turn it around with the pumpkin side facing out, take the lid off, and fill it with and autumn bouquet for the rest of the season. Love it both ways.

    • Love that, Bernie! I used to keep the orange one in my kitchen throughout the fall season and just turned it around after Halloween. I don’t know why I quit doing that. I just placed it back in there after reading your comment. 🙂

  14. Beautiful as usual, Susan! Either tureen works, both very pretty….Christine

  15. Beautiful as usual, Susan! Either tureen works, both very pretty.

  16. I like the orange jack-o-lantern in the center through Halloween, then the white pumpkin could take this through Thanksgiving! Love the mix of napkins. I’m overdue for a trip to Home Goods. 🙂 Happy Halloween!

  17. I like the white pumpkin in the center because of the color of the stemware. Both napkins work well, but I like the darker rusty ones because they also pull on the color of the scarecrow! I love it when I think I have a starting plan for a table but it goes off course because of perhaps only one thing! Usually I end up with something much better because of it! Thank you for the party- have a Happy Halloween!

    • I think I kinda like the solid rust colored napkins too, after looking at the pics again today. They contrast well with the salad plates, don’t compete as much as the leaf napkins do. I know what you mean, you really can’t tell which way to go until you starting putting it all together.

  18. I have so enjoyed your website, I ordered the halloween plates by David Carter Brown this morning and I am excited about looking for some orange dinner plates to use with those smaller plates. Thank you for such wonderful ideas and pictures.

    • Those plates are sooo cute! I just love them! You may want to check Dollar Tree, sometimes they get in solid colored plates.
      Thanks, Kathy!

  19. I prefer the white pumpkin tureen and soup bowls. I also love the leaf napkins. You have a beautiful tablescape as usual.

  20. rattlebridge farm says

    Susan, what a festive tablescape! Love those dishes and pumpkins. Your scarecrow is perfect!

  21. Pretty table! I’m always mixing things up on my table. It may be the glassware, silverware, napkins. Sometimes it is the place settings. I may alternate the salad plate, because for some reason, there are several that I only have four. I only have service for six of my crystal, so when I am using it (which would be difficult to find, or totally out of my price range since it is old), I tend to mix patterns. It is fun to see what you can come up with. I’m looking forward to my sister and my table decorated for our annual fall luncheon. We’ve been telling each other what we have for the table and will bring it all together in a couple of weeks!

    • That sounds wonderful, Kelly! So smart to do that, combine your things. Love that idea!
      Yeah, I know what you mean about just having four of some plates. I run into that a lot when I can only find a set of four. It’s fun to mix it up. 🙂

  22. Querida Susan,
    Todas tus propuestas me parecen maravillosas! Son coloristas y divertidas; y sobre todo , todas ellas encierran el mismo espiritu,todas suman,ninguna se aparta del concepto.La posibilidad de diferentes opciones para un mismo tema nos ayuda a agilizar la mente e intentar buscar nuevas combinaciones.

  23. Congratulations, dear Susan, for another beautiful tablescape! I love it! You have probably a giant collection of dishware, napkin, napkin rings, etc.! I admire your creativity. I would like to know, how you organize every decoration item. Many greetings

    • Thanks! I wish I had a good system but I really don’t. I have all the napkin rings in baggies in a couple of drawers in my dining room, the napkins are in a chest of drawers that used to be in my son’s old bedroom and the dishware is stored in cabinets in my kitchen and laundry room, a couple of china cabinets and the hutch on the porch. I would love to have it all together in one place, would make creating tables for parties and for Tablescape Thursday each week much easier. 🙂

  24. I like the orange pumpkin in the middle best, gives an extra pop of color. I bought the Acorn and Pumpkin tureens from Pier 1 this year, I love them! I am glad to see your Scarecrow back, he is too cute! Happy Halloween!

  25. Your tables are always so stunning! I love how you layer and put everything together.

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  26. I love, love, love your posts. My question is when you purchase fun plates and things for a tablescape how many do you usually buy of that pattern.


  27. Both pumpkins work, but I lean towards the white one for the subtlety and coordination with the individual ones. Love the mix/match napkins. That fall combo with the deer plate and white gilded pumpkin sounds so elegant. (Maybe, if not a full tablescape, you could do one place setting?)

  28. Very cute, I like both tureens. So…being new around here, you may already have talked about this, but where do you store all of your tabletop items? A big walk in pantry? other? thanks!

  29. Beautiful as always! I love those deer plates. I may need to take a drive to PB and see them in person. Happy Halloween!

  30. I have the white pumpkin tureens and also the dishes and turkey salt and pepper shakers. However you do it, you make it pretty,

    I found some Christmas melamine plates at Target yesterday that I think I will use to put homemade candy on for some of my friends. I thought they were very pretty for the price and can be transported safely a long distance.

    The bug going around our area is an allergy/cold and sneezing is really going around. Don’t feel bad just don’t like sneezing.

    We are having beautiful weather and should have it thru the Nell Hills and Pier One open houses.

    • I think that’s what I had a few weeks ago. I was so sure it was another sinus infection, but it went away eventually. All I wanted to do was sleep when it was going on.
      Have fun at the open houses…what fun! Would love to visit Nell Hill’s one day!

  31. Another great table! My votes go to the Pier 1 white tureen and the leaves napkins. I too have the large & (4) individuals to match. 🙂
    I love Pier 1 (too much)! Last year found very similar leaves napkins. Used a plaid fall throw instead of a tablecloth. You continue to inspire! Thanks for all you do.

  32. So very beautiful. I love the color combinations.

  33. Very pretty and fun table without overdoing it !
    Thank you dear Susan for the inspiration.
    Have a lovely rest of the week.

  34. I love almost all your posts and tablescapes. As for this latest one, I love the white pumpkins and white tureen. Makes it more elegant. Keep it the wonderful postings. You are so creative! Thank you for all the inspiration.

  35. I love the white one! You ended the Halloween beautifully and I look forward to Thanksgiving. Thanks for hosting.


    I think the orange pumpkin punches up the center of the table a bit and the white, although elegant leaves the middle needing something a little something more. I wish I had room in our retirement home to have room for a collection of dishes to create some tablescapes like you….

  37. Fabulous tablescape! I love the mixed up napkins a lot!Beautiful tureens and plates are just gorgeous! The twig flatware is just fantastic. I live in Scotland so can’t use any of your shops.I love the table,but I would love to see a table runner there too…I’m so jealous of your porch. So spacious yet cozy!

    • Thanks, Anna! A table runner would have been really pretty. I don’t have any of those, I should buy a few, that’s a great idea! Scotland…that’s on my list of places I long to visit. One day! 🙂

  38. Always love your tablescapes, Susan! Thanks for hosting and have a wonderful weekend! Pam @ Everyday Living

  39. For being indecisive Susan, I think once again you out did yourself …. …. as both tablescapes IMO are so pretty. HAPPY HALLOWEEN btw! -Brenda-
    P.S.: As our temps are in the low thirties, I am envying your 78 °.

  40. All of your Halloween tables have been wonderful! Thanks for your inspiration. sheila

  41. bobbi duncan says

    Okay, lady, make this difficult Ha! Ha! It’s hard to choose when I love all your table settings, but I think the orange pumpkin with the white table as it pops more. Love the leaf napkins matching your pretty plates! Both settings are so pretty.

  42. Gorgeous post! Thanks for the info for the tureen’s and those stunning deer plates from Pottery Barn. Your Scarecrow is adorable by the way.

  43. Wonderful table…I have those same fall plates and love them! Your pumpkin tureens are great…

  44. Darn! I was trying to submit my tablescape and it was taking too long
    as my computer is slow. Now I do not see the link. It is 11:31 pm here in N. Texas so not sure what time it is where you are. I don’t see the link anymore.

    • Oh, I usually have it open for around 3 days since the Metamorphosis Monday link party always starts on Monday. Maybe I should start keeping the Tablescape Thursday party link open a bit longer.
      I just reopened it, Lisa…so you can add your link now.

  45. Susan, I finally found the link. So Sorry, I was getting frustrated earlier. Hope you have a great Halloween. I am tired now and hope to peruse all the wonderful blogs with the Halloween and Fall Tablescapes later this week.

    • No problem at all. 🙂 I’ll start leaving it open for the whole week until the next Tablescape Thursday rolls around. Glad you let me know you were trying to link up.

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