A 4-Course Meal With 2 Desserts!

Welcome to the 370th Tablescape Thursday!

On Monday, October 19th, after spending the day in Positano, we had dinner in a beautiful restaurant on the way back to our hotel in Sorrento. We’ve been traveling all day today, en route from Sorrento to Rome (that’s why my post is late going up) so the info I have about the restaurant we dined in is buried somewhere in my suitcase. When I get home, I’ll share additional pictures of this lovely place. I would love to go back there one day!

In the meantime, I wanted to share the table where we dined. Hope you can help me identify the dishware that was used for each course. They were all beautiful and some of my favorite patterns, though right now I’m not sure of the names of the patterns.

The centerpiece was a bouquet of roses and baby’s breath.

Dining In Italy 1


As each course was removed to make way for the next, a lacy doily decorated the plate. Such a great idea instead of staring at an empty charger between courses.

Dining In Italy 2


I loved seeing all the dishware used for each course. I’m sharing these pictures in the order each was served.

I’ve seen this pattern before but I’m not sure of the name. I’ll try to find the names of the different patterns and will add them to the post. I wish I could tell you the names of what we had for dinner, but I don’t really remember now. I do remember it was delicious, though! The pastry toward the bottom had a cheesy type filling, or at least that’s what it seemed like to me.

Dining In Italy 3


A yummy pasta! If you recognize a dishware pattern, leave a comment with the name and I’ll add it to this post.

Dining In Italy 4


I cut the end of this so you can see it was filled withe a cheesy filling. I’ve eaten soooo much pasta and cheese the last 2 weeks! It will be time to diet when I get back home!

Dining In Italy 5


They gave us not one, but two desserts! Mama Mia, as they say here in Italy! I thought that was just a saying that we hear in movies or on TV. Nope, they really do say that here when exclaiming over something extraordinary or shocking!

Dining In Italy 6


Did you recognize any of the dishware patterns?

Looking forward to the wonderful tables posted for this Tablescape Thursday!

Tablescape Thursday


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  1. Wow the food looks so delicious! That’s amazing how many different china patterns are used. I’m no help on the patterns but I’m sure you’ll figure it out. Savor it all and worry about the diet when your’e home! XX, Liz

  2. I believe they all look like Johnson bros china. They should be marked on the backside. Happy Thursday with love Janice

  3. Everything looks delizioso Susan! Glad you’re having a wonderful trip 🙂

  4. Now that’s a dining experience. Beautiful food served on beautiful dishes at a beautiful table. Yes, I recognize the last blue and white pattern as Myott Finlandia. All of the patterns are so charming. I enjoyed this post, and I’m enjoying living vicariously through your trip. Thanks for hosting, especially in the middle of your adventure.

  5. Linda Miller says

    Are you on a tour? If so, can you share the tour company and which tour you are on? Thanks.

  6. Your trip is exactly what I want on my trip to Italy!
    The last blue and white is called Royal Copenhagen. Would love to know the 1st brown one.

  7. What a treat, thank you for sharing it with us!

  8. Now that is a meal for me. What wonderful trip.

  9. Oh Susan, I’m so excited! The last pic you showed with the two desserts is my everyday china pattern — I’ve had it for 20 years now. I’ve used pieces of it in several of my tablescape posts. It’s “Finlandia Blue” by Churchill potteries, made in England. How neat that they’re using it in Italy. I love the other patterns, too! They’re so pretty, but I can’t identify them. They look a lot like Johnson Brothers patterns to me. Your food looks beyond yummy; I know you’re having a great time! So glad you finally got to visit Italy! 🙂

    Safe travels!



    • That is a beautiful pattern, Denise! I love, love, love blue and white and would love collect some of that pattern. I should start buying bits and pieces of old patterns. It would be so much fun to put together a table with lots of lovely old pieces, wouldn’t it? 🙂

  10. Nikki Hartline says

    The dessert plate looks like Finland’s by Churchill. I think there is another similar pattern, but I don’t know the name.

  11. Linda Page says

    What beautiful dishes! How fun to have different china for each course. The food looks yummy! Surely you didn’t eat both desserts and saved some to Fed Ex to me!!!!! LOL I’m so glad that you are not starving on this trip.

    • 🙂 Definitely not starving! I thought I was gaining but my clothes still fit for the most part. I think we’ve been walking it all off.

  12. Yolanda W. says

    Beautiful patterns! I recognize the last one, as I own a set of it and it’s called Myott Finlandia Staffordshire.

  13. What an absolutely charming restaurant! I think I recognize Johnson Brothers for sure, and not sure, maybe Royal Copenhagen? Thank you for sharing your voyage and for hosting!

  14. Oh, so pretty!

  15. Peggy Thal says

    Beautiful meal and dinnerware. Love the different plates. I would never think of doing that. You can eat all you want in Europe because of all the walking.

    • Peggy, you are so right. If I ate normally the way we’ve eaten on this trip, I’d gain 10 lbs a week! I really should “move” more at home because you don’t have to worry so much about what you eat when you’re walking and climbing a good bit.

  16. Looks like my diiner parties where I serve each guest with a different transfer ware plate. I seems like the third blue and white plate is like one I own, but I’m not sure. What beautiful fun to enjoy great food in lovely dinner ware dear Susa. I’m very happy for you.
    Thank you for the great party.

  17. Your trip is nearly over? Went by fast for me; can’t imagine what warp speed it felt to you. It was lovely and well documented. Thanks.

  18. Susan , I am so glad you are enjoying your trip to Italy! It remains one of my favorite countries! Just enjoy the food and worry about dieting when you return home! The transfer ware is beautiful! Thanks for hosting during your trip! Safe travels! Pam @ everydayliving.me

  19. I don’t know the China patterns of those dishes but I do know that the food looks delicious!! How lucky are you to eat all of that yummy food!

  20. I’m sure the third one is Johnson Brothers. I’m not sure about the other two, but they remind me of Johnson Brothers as well. Sure would love to find the brown toile to add to my collection. What a fun post!


  21. Susan, it looks great! Especially the two desserts!

  22. I love the first three plates! I love transferware. I guessing you all have eaten really well this week. Being in Italy and all. 🙂 I am so wishing I were in your pocket for this trip! It has been many years since I toured around Italy by by train. I once did a long stretch from Rome to Aix en Provence, France. It was hours and hours on that rumbling train. ha. Sheila

  23. I too thought the patterns looked like some Johnson Brothers, but I think lots of companies make their own interpretation from the “originals!” I love that they totally changed up the dish patterns between courses–note to self, hmmmm!
    The food looks delish–you can worry about the calories when the trip is over!
    Safe travels home-

  24. I love the blue plates. We have some similar to the blue in black, blue and red. I like the design of the black plate. Wonder what the town people on the plate are doing that day?

    We are getting new Star of David plates in. I talked my manager into doing a hanukah tablescape for a display. I can’t wait. I will definitely send you some pics.

  25. Ok, now, Susan, after looking at this post, I’m headed for a nighttime snack! How lovely each serving of the meal is. I LOVE that they use different china for each part of the menu. I would love to retrace your steps on a future tour. I’m going to have to light a fire under my husband!

  26. I am always so glad when I have a chance to join this beautiful party. It is one of my very favorites! Such a beautiful time of year to celebrate and set gorgeous tables! I am such a fan of brown transferware…but all of it is gorgeous! have a nice vacation! kim

  27. pam ~ crumpety cottage says

    Mama Mia! That all looks so good. 🙂

  28. Food looks delish! I would love to visit Sorrento. Lucky you. I joined the Thursday Tablescape today. I hope you are able to view my pictures. Thanks

  29. NOW..that is MY kind of meal…TWO desserts!!!! franki

  30. Every dish looks delicious. I love how you mentioned and showed the doily. It makes sense to use one. Also, it is the prettiest doily I have ever seen. Hope you have a wonderful time. Valerie

  31. We have gone to Positano three times and loved each visit. It is such a pretty, laid-back little town. The food and dishes look marvelous. Thanks for sharing, Susan.

  32. Rose Ann Bacher-Giallombardo says

    How lovely the table looked. Did you bring home a menu from that last restaurant so that you could have it framed for your kitchen wall?
    When I went to Italy in 2001, the farewell dinner was celebrated at a restaurant called: “Da Meo Patacca!!” (In Zesi Roma)
    They gave me a rolled up HUGE MENU that I brought home & had it framed for my Kitchen wall & I still love it even after 14 years 🙂

    • Unfortunately, they didn’t give us a menu. Since it was part of the tour, the menu was already set/planned. I wonder if they would have given me one if I asked…not sure they had them to take home. That would be a fun souvenir!

  33. I think the first plate may be Johnson Brothers Friendly Village pattern and the third plate (the darker blue) I’m guessing as I can’t see the center of the plate is either Johnson Brothers Coaching Scenes or their pattern with the tall ships which I can’t remember the proper name for at this moment … It looked like a wonderful dinner in a fabulous setting.

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