Tartan Chargers for the Holiday Table

We dish lovers watch out for each other, have you noticed that? Recently, a reader of BNOTP alerted me that chargers are now available for the tartan dishware pattern I love and use so much in table settings for Christmas.

What! How had I missed that? I immediately found them online and ordered eight. (Thanks Chloe for the heads up!)

Update: The chargers had sold out but it appears they have restocked them here: Tartan Chargers

Holiday Dishware


My chargers arrived a few days ago and I couldn’t wait to play around with them to see how they would look with some of my favorite Christmas patterns.

Williams-Sonoma Tartan Plaid Chargers for Christmas


Lenox Winter Greetings will probably always be my favorite pattern for Christmastime and the winter season. I just can’t resist those cute birds!

I didn’t expect the tartan pattern in the new chargers to work with Winter Greetings because the green in this pattern isn’t the typical Christmas green. Surprisingly, the chargers look great with this pattern!

BTW, I noticed recently, Lenox Winter Greetings is on sale right now here: Lenox Winter Greetings. Good time to add a few place settings or expand on my serving pieces.

Williams-Sonoma Tartan Plaid Charger & Lenox Winter Greetings Dinner Plate


Spode’s Christmas Tree Garland also works beautifully with the Williams-Sonoma tartan chargers. I’m sure Spode Christmas Tree would, as well.

Williams-Sonoma Tartan Plaid Charger & Spode Christmas Tree Dinner Plate


Valerie Hill Parr’s 12 Days of Christmas dishware looks great paired with tartan. Wish I could find days 9-12 in this pattern. I have days 1-8, found while out thrifting/antiquing.

Williams-Sonoma Tartan Plaid Charger & Valerie Parr Hill 12 Days of Christmas Plate


Even my vintage Spode Tower looks great with these chargers. In some ways the tartan pattern is almost a neutral when combined with other red/green patterns.

Williams-Sonoma Tartan Plaid Charger & Spode Tower Dinner Plate


I had to try them with the Better Homes and Gardens Christmas dishware that so many of us have collected over the last couple of years. You would never know this dishware goes for just a few dollars a plate, would you?

Williams-Sonoma Tartan Plaid Charger Better Homes & Garden Christmas Dishware


Recently, I heard from a BNOTP reader on Facebook that there are two new salad plate patterns available this year. Last year BH & G added a couple of new salad plate designs, so it looks like they are doing the same thing again this year.

I was just in my local Walmart a few days ago and I looked for it but they didn’t have it, yet. All the Walmart locations sseem to get them in at different times, so if you look for it in your local store and it’s not there, check back a week or so later.

Williams-Sonoma Tartan Plaid Charger & Better Homes & Garden Dishware


I just looked online at Wal-Mart and I think I found the two new patterns. Aren’t these cute, I love them both! I definitely need to add a few of these to my holiday collection. Looks like you can only order them in sets of six online so I’m going to wait until they are available in the stores.

Better Homes and Garden Christmas Dishware with Deer

Better Homes and Garden Christmas Dishware with Santa in His Sleigh


So, you know my penchant for using ornaments I find in Wally World in table settings?

Christmas Table Scape Table Setting with Sleigh Place Cards


It’s such an inexpensive way to make a Christmas table setting special.

Christmas Table Setting with Sleigh Place Cards


I noticed when I was in the store the other day, the sleighs I used one year as place card holders are back again this year. Also, they have the antler rings again…see them on the left. I use those sometimes as napkin rings. (Scroll back up two pictures to see the antler napkin rings.)

Christmas Ornaments in Table Settings


Remember the antlers I’ve used as place cards for Thanksgiving and Christmas table settings?

Antler Placecard Holder


They look so cute in a woodland setting.

Antler Placecard Holder for Table Setting


They have those in again this year, too. The antlers come in sets of two so you only need three sets to have enough place card holders for six place settings.

Antler Christmas Ornaments in Tablescapes


I’m pretty crazy about how these tartan chargers look with so many different patterns. If you’re interested in collecting them for your holiday tables, you’ll find them available here with free shipping: Tartan Chargers

I fully expect them to sell out this year, that seems to be the way it always goes the first year they introduce a new product. Hopefully if they do, they’ll bring them back again next year, although you can never be sure. I ordered 8 the first time around, but I think I’ll order 4 more since I have 12 place settings in most of my Christmas china patterns. Look for these to appear in table settings soon here at the blog! πŸ™‚

Williams-Sonoma Tartan Plaid Chargers for Christmas

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  1. Well, 2 pm (CT) Nov. 3 the link to Williams-Sonoma says “No Longer Available” on the tartan chargers. I just wasn’t fast enough!

  2. Look forward to your post each week. B/H & G pretty salad plates will be in Wally World on Nov. 16 th. your lovely home is my style. Just finished having Plantation shutters installed? Love them,

    • Oh, thanks for that update Debbie! I will look for them then. πŸ™‚ Congrats on your plantation shutters! I love them sooo much. If I ever move, I’ll be going with them again. They are as important to me as hardwood flooring.

    • Debbie, a reader just told me she saw some of the new plates in her Walmart, so some are getting them in early, I guess.

  3. Roberta Titchener says

    I LOVE all of your tablescapes and especially these with the tartan chargers. Where did you see the sleigh ornaments your used for decoration and also the wooden antler ones? Thanks so much. I am a great follower of your website and even just ordered a pair of boots like you wore to Italy for an upcoming trip to France I have. Loved your travel and packing comments as well.

    • Thanks so much, Roberta! I found the cute ornaments in the Christmas ornament section of Wal-mart. Congrats on your upcoming trip to France, that’s definitely on my bucket list! πŸ™‚

      • Roberta Titchener says

        I just ordered 8 of the chargers and they had them in (I hope). I had seen the plates, but after seeing your different place settings, I decided that the chargers would be much more versatile. I have the Spode Christmas tree which I can use and also am hoping that a set of china I purchased in France years ago (all green with a little gold) will work. Will try to post if I use them. I do not have a web site but do put out a different table each month and have photos. You have been an inspiration!!! So creative!!! Will check out my Wal-Mart (finally got the Wally-World connection) to see about those wonderful ornaments.

  4. 2:15 CT Update – the link in today’s blog takes one to a “No longer available” page, but if one goes directly to Williams-Sonoma’s site and types in Tartan Charger, it takes you to a page for the identical charger @ $29.95. Weird. But they are there! And it says “Today Only! Free Shipping On Your Entire Order”

    • You know what I think happened, I think a bunch of folks ordered, then the system showed they were out, then it updated. Glad it’s showing they have them at least for now! With only 126, they won’t last long.

  5. Renee Cook says

    Thank you, Susan, for all the good information! I love tartan plaid for Christmas, too. Thanks to you, I have the BH&G salad plates, but bought them all with the red barn pattern.

    I happened to check ebay for your Valerie plates and found the whole set: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Valerie-Cumberland-Twelve-Days-of-Christmas-Dinner-Plates-Complete-Set-of-12-/381451073567?hash=item58d041781f:g:wTIAAOSwT5tWME5C

    but, thrift shopping and antiquing is more fun! Have a blessed day!

    • Love the red barn pattern…so cute! Wow, I can’t believe someone actually has them. I only need 9-12 and I hope to find them with the salad plates, too. I have all the salad plates for 1-8. Thanks for that link. I’ve checked on eBay a number of times but never see them. One of these days I’ll find them.

  6. Jill from Southern New Hampshire says

    Gorgeous – every one of the settings is so pretty! Your sleigh ornaments turned placecard holders look like a million bucks too. I also love how tartan looks with my Portmeirion Botanic Garden mistletoe plates (another pattern combination!) They’re salad plates so I use them with white or red dinner plates and rattan chargers like you have, on a round tartan tablecloth in the kitchen. Pier One currently has affordable tartan placemats and napkins called Woven Plaid, which are 20% off now.

  7. You can probably email Valerie Parr Hill at QVC to see if those plates are available. She might be able to help you.

  8. Hi Susan, I just checked the Williams Sonoma web site, it’s saying that the chargers are “in stock and ready to ship”. I’m thinking about ordering some because at $30.00 per plate, that’s a bargain. My Lenox Christmas china is the Holiday Tartan pattern and I absolutely love it. The problem is, Lenox stopped making this pattern and it’s very difficult to find pieces without paying eBay Greedy Capitalist (LOL!) prices. The Lenox Tartan charger plates are gorgeous but cost anywhere between $42 to $105 per plate. Thanks for telling us about Williams Sonoma’s Tartan charger plates. Have a great day, Susan.

  9. bobbi duncan says

    Susan, I just adore tartan plates…tartan anything, really! Isn’t it wonderful that you can change out the topper plates for a completely different look? Unfortunately, I can’t do this with ours as much because the center circle on our dinner plates are a creamy color and not that many plates work with them. I’ve considered purchasing some new tartan china with the white but the truth is we have more china than we use anymore now that the kids live out of state and other family members nearby host quite a bit of the holidays now. At this point in time, I find myself giving more and more china sets to our kids, who will benefit from them far more than we will. However, I still love looking at all the gorgeous table settings bloggers come up with, even if it does keep tempting me to run out and acquire the same…LOL!

  10. Those antler placecard holders have been moved to the top of my list now. Can’t wait to use them with my BH&G Amaryllis plates.

  11. Just ordere 8 of the chargers so hope they are in stock and ready to ship like they say they are! I have the Winter Greetings as my main Holiday pattern and it will go wonderfully with that so thank you Susan for the heads up on the chargers. I have several other patterns that I think it will mix with just as well and especially my white plates and colorful holiday napkins.


  13. I just love how beautifully the Tartan Chargers compliment all the different place settings…gorgeous as usual…

  14. Wow…I’ll bet William Sonoma is HAPPY you posted!! The chargers are gorgeous!! franki

  15. Susan, I was in WS last week and was very tempted with all the wonderful tartan pieces. I came home with a spatula. Ha!
    All of my tartan is packed and in storage. I need to bring it home and reassess what I have. I started chargers in the Arita tartan pattern, so probably need to stay focused on that.
    You need to link this post to Alison’s Tartan Parade @ Polohouse.

  16. pam ~ crumpety cottage says

    I love them with the Winter Greetings, the best. That’s my very favorite Christmas pattern. I can’t imagine anything being any prettier. I have the Winter Greetings Every day, which I love just as much. I will be getting the Winter Greetings , as well.

    Oh gosh, I can just imagine you – like a kid in a candy store – playing with your dishes and trying out combos and various linens, napkins and so forth. πŸ˜€ Hee … I bet you had a ball.

  17. Well, the chargers are just beautiful but $30.00 EACH is way out of my budget:(:( They look beautiful with ANY style of dishes, I agree. Wish I could get them. I have to get to Walmart for a few more sleighs:)

  18. You were so lucky Susan and I’m so glad you ordered eight gorgeous tartan chargers that will enhance your beautiful Christmas dinnerware.
    See you when I get back, going to Miami for the birth of our new granddaughter.
    Happy Thanksgiving and many blessings.

  19. Linda Page says

    OK, Susan, are you sure we are not somehow sisters???? Your Spode Tower plate matches my large Spode teapot/kettle that is like the one you saw at the restaurant in Italy. Is this spooky or what!?!?! When I saw your plate on the plaid charger, I hurried to my living room and looked at my Spode teapot and OMG, it is the same pattern. How cool!!! I love your plaid chargers. They go with all of your holiday patterns. You did good, girl!!!

  20. Susan, I saw these online last week, too, and ordered 12. I didn’t think I would EVER get all those boxes unpacked and broken down! I have sunroom, dining room and breakfast room tables that seat 6 each, and if I had anywhere to store them, I would have ordered 6 more chargers. I agree with you; everything looks good with those chargers! I have 12 of the matching Tartan plates and salad plates from previous years, so I figure for a big party, I could use the 12 chargers, white plates and various Christmas salad plates and a different charger and the Tartan plates and salad plates at the 3rd table. They would all be tied together. I splurged and got salad plates from Williams-Sonoma this year in the ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas pattern. Love them, too! I am going to have to build on a room to my house to store all my dishes!

  21. Susan, I saw these online last week, too, and ordered 12. I didn’t think I would EVER get all those boxes unpacked and broken down! I have sunroom, dining room and breakfast room tables that seat 6 each, and if I had anywhere to store them, I would have ordered 6 more chargers. I agree with you; everything looks good with those chargers! I have 12 of the matching Tartan plates and salad plates from previous years, so I figure for a big party, I could use the 12 chargers, white plates and various Christmas salad plates and a different charger and the Tartan plates and salad plates at the 3rd table. They would all be tied together. I splurged and got salad plates from Williams-Sonoma this year in the ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas pattern. Love them, too! I am going to have to build on a room to my house to store all my dishes!
    I wish we had a Wally’s World here in Memphis. I have been looking everywhere for antler napkin rings, to no avail. I wish they had an online site for ordering. I’ll find them one day, probably on eBay for 3X the price!

  22. I love your beautiful holiday place settings!!!!! Each one is so special. Thanks for sharing.

  23. Susan, I’m so excited that you like your chargers. I loved seeing them with all of the different patterns you have. You are so right that the plaid seems to act as a neutral base for any pattern that contains red and green. I can’t wait to set the table for holiday dinners this year.

    BTW, now W-S is showing TARTAN NAPKIN RINGS! I like mixing things up so I won’t buy the napkin rings, but wanted to mention them for other folks out there who love tartan.

  24. Just got back from Wally World – picked up a few antlers and BHG plates in the new pattern but there is a trick to it. The salad plates are in styrofoam display trays and last years pattern of the trees and the deer are in front. The new patterns are about halfway back so you have to pull out these display trays to find them. It took me two stores to figure it out but now I have the 2 new patterns to add to my set. I got the small servers for 8.88 each also because they will be great to set some nuts and mints out in. Just love this set and there is also a matching tablecloth in square or round that is cream colored featuring the deer around the bottom. I didn’t think the quality was great – which is expected for the 12.00 price, but I would rather stick with my tartan tablecloth.

  25. I started to purchase the tartan chargers with the black heirloom plate to match the picture up top. And I have decided to get this charger instead of the silver. I don’t want to have to polish them all the time. LOL! Plus the chargers have matching napkin rings that look chocks on a boat. That way it all ties in with my nautical theme. Tie some rope around the napkin rings to make it really look like it.


  26. Oh I forgot. I’m so excited! I talked my manager into doing a Hanukkah tablescape for the store. I’ll be sure to send pics.

  27. Love, love , love the chargers! I’m going tartan on my Christmas tablescape this year and these would be perfect. I love the way they work with so many different patterns. Thanks for sharing,

  28. soooo. I got to WS too late to get the tartan chargers. But you motivated me enough to order this fabric instead https://www.fabric.com/buy/0343301/holiday-blitz-large-plaid-red-green?&cm_mmc=Google-_-Products-_-Products%20Listings-_-0343301&CAWELAID=172000510000268004&CAGPSPN=pla&catargetid=172000510000278050&cadevice=c&gclid=Cj0KEQiA4LCyBRCY0N7Oy-mSgNIBEiQAyg39tsru5nAtzqKCooTVRXgZTbN73ad1Z5NMFeXJg9J8BL8aAokY8P8HAQ
    and then got to work with some mod podge and dollar store chargers. Afterwards i sealed them with a polycrylic spray and I must say I am pretty pleased with the results for a dozen charger at less than $25 . My Spode Christmas Tree and Lenox Holiday dishes will have an updated look this season. Thanks for the inspiration.

  29. What is the name of the pattern with the barn and snow scene like Currier and Ives, please?
    It is from Better Homes and Gardens at Walmart. I can’t find its name.

  30. Rossi Graziella says

    The beautiful dishes serie Crismas Heritage salda plate. Tel me please querela can I buy therm?I write from Italy.Thanksoo

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