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Hotmail Blocking Emails

Occasionally I hear from someone who has subscribed to receive email updates so they’ll know when a new post is up here at Between Naps On The Porch, but unfortunately, the updates are never arriving. Today I learned something very surprising. Apparently, there’s a big problem with Hotmail. Often, emails that are sent to Hotmail email addresses end up being rejected and never get through. If you Google the topic, you’ll find a lot more information about that.

So when subscribing for email updates from Between Naps On The Porch, if at all possible, please use another email address other than a Hotmail email address. I can recommend Gmail. Gmail is a Google product so it’s pretty sophisticated and it’s free. It’s also fast, not clunky like some email services tend to be. I love how easy it is to “search” for an email that you’ve misplaced or deleted. And I use their “file” system all the time to keep track of emails that I would like to refer back to at a later date.

If you would like to subscribe for email updates from Between Naps On The Porch so you’ll know when a new post is up, you can do that here: Subscribe. As always, it’s completely free and you never have to worry about your email address ever being shared.


McAfee Blocking Emails

One other thing to check is your virus protection if you are currently subscribed for blog updates but they aren’t getting through to your Inbox. A while back a BNOTP subscriber emailed me because she wasn’t getting BNOTP email updates. I checked and she was definitely subscribed.

A few days later she emailed to say she found all her BNOTP emails. They were all stuck in her McAfee “spam” folder. She didn’t realize that McAfee had its own Spam file and was stopping emails she wanted from getting through to her Inbox.

So if you run McAfee on your computer and are having problems receiving some emails, go into McAfee and look for the Spam folder. If you see an email in there that you want to always receive in your Inbox, mark it as being “not spam” (or whatever the system is) to indicate that email shouldn’t be blocked.

Hope this info helps if you haven’t been receiving emails!


The Best Hair Styling Tool I’ve Ever Used

A while back I shared an awesome hair styling tool I had purchased that transformed how I style my hair. I wish I had known about it many years ago because it has changed my life! lol

Best Hair Tool for Smoothing Frizzies and Creating Beautiful Curls

My daughter-in-law felt the same way after she received the one I had ordered for her…see her text below.

One tip I wanted to share about this awesome little tool in case you have one or order one in the future is this: whenever you turn on this styler, you’ll need to hold the “On” button down for about 5-6 seconds before it will come on. I think the instructions say 3 seconds, but I’ve found that it takes about 5 seconds for mine to come on. I’m sure that’s a safety feature, but it can be a bit confusing.

If you missed the post where I shared about mine, you’ll find it here: The Best Hair Styling Tool I’ve Ever Used. It was out of stock for a while, but I noticed it back in stock now and available here in two sizes for short and long hair: Hair Styler.


Knock-Out Roses

The Knock-Out Roses on my deck are blooming their little hearts out! They have been growing in these pots for around 3 years now and have done surprisingly well during our hot Georgia summers.

Pink Knock-out Rose Growing in Urn


Just wanted to share these with you since they have worked out so well here on the deck with very little care other than watering them regularly during the summer and the occasional liquid fertilizer. They have also survived our winters in these urns with no problem. And just in case you think it doesn’t get that cold here…

Knock-Out Rose in Bloom in Urn


…remember this photo from this past winter? 🙂

Christmas House with Wreaths in Snow


Shoes Arrived

The Sperry Topsiders I ordered recently arrived today, and I haven’t taken them off since I unboxed them. Love ’em! You may remember when I shared them in THIS post.

I usually order a new pair of topsiders each summer. I have several styles now and wear them all regularly during the year. They are great travel shoes, especially when flying since they are easy to kick off if your feet start to swell. They also have good arch support. I’ve spent many a day walking in these while traveling.

The lighting wasn’t the greatest when I took this photo, they are a beautiful blue color, not as dark as they look here.

Sperry Topsides, Great for Travel


Here’s a better photo from the website. They are currently on sale here: Sperry Topsiders.

This also came today! 🙂 I’m crazy about my “Milton” stapler. Ha! This thing is built like a tank! It’s metal construction, not plastic, and it feels like it will last forever. I love its retro look and it makes me smile every time I spot it on my desk. If you’re a fan of the movie, Office Space, you’ll find Milton’s infamous red stapler available here: Swingline Red Stapler, a la “Office Space.”

Be sure to read some of the reviews/questions…they had me laughing out loud!

Office Space, Milton's Red Swingline Stapler


For the Hermes Scarf Fan

If you’re a fan of Hermes scarves, you’ll want to take a look at this book. I’ve had it on my wishlist for a couple of years since it’s a bit pricey. I finally purchased it a couple of weeks ago and I’m so glad I did. It’s a thick, heavy book and as you read it, you feel like you’re enjoying a beautiful Art book. It goes into great detail about the history of the Hermes Scarf…

The Hermes Scarf Book


…and it’s filled with beautiful photos of some of their most iconic designs, many I’ve never seen before like this scarf on the left featuring beautiful canes. The photos of the scarves completely fill each page, so it’s a feast for the Hermes Scarf fan. If you love Hermes Scarves, you’ll find this book here: The Hermes Scarf: History & Mystique.

Hermes Scarf Book


Our 500th Tablescape Thursday!

I completely forgot to mention this yesterday, but next week is our 500th Tablescape Thursday! Can you believe that?!!! I don’t normally make suggestions for Tablescape Thursday because I never want those who join in to feel restricted in any way. I always want you to feel free to create whatever table you would like to create.

For our 500th Tablescape Thursday, I had an idea. For this special anniversary Tablescape Thursday, I thought it would be fun if we chose 5-10 of our most favorite tables that we’ve created over the years, and shared 2-3 photos from each table, of course linking back to each table so those reading could revisit the table if they wished to see more photos. If you’ve just started joining in Tablescape Thursday and haven’t created 5 -10 tables yet, just share 2-3 photos from the tables you have created.

It would be wonderful if you shared a little about the source of your inspiration for each table and why you chose each table to include in your “favorites” post. I don’t know if you feel this way, but some tables stay in my heart forever and I never forget them. ♥ What do you think about that for our 500th Tablescape Thursday?

Thank you so much for allowing me to share my love of the table for 499 weeks! Most of all, Thank You to all who have joined in and shared your amazing creativity and love for setting unforgettable, beautiful tables! You have no idea how much inspiration you provide to others! I can’t wait to see which tables you choose as your favorites for next week’s Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. 500!!!!! that’s amazing. Congratulations.

  2. Mary MacKenzie says

    Your updates have been arriving in my junk folder for quite a few months now, in Hotmail. There doesn’t seem to be any way change that, so I always have to go in mark it not junk. Darn it. Will look into getting a gmail account, however.

    • I wonder why they do that, thanks for letting me know, Mary. I would definitely switch to another email service. I love Gmail. If they started charging for Gmail, I would gladly pay it, it’s just a really good email service.

    • Mary, I just remembered something. I’ve read that if you add an email address to your “contacts” folder, that will sometimes stop an email from going into spam Try adding this email adress below to your contacts: admin@[email protected].

      If there’s not a way to do that, go into Hotmail and email me at that address, then I’ll reply back. Hopefully, that will stop future emails from going into spam if Hotmail sees that we have communicated with each other in the past. Hope that will work!

  3. Congratulations on 500 Tablescape Thursdays! I’ve seen most of them and for the ones I missed, I went back and looked and pinned most. Your tables are always so creative and lovely, Susan! I have two knockout roses planted in the ground and boy, they do get big! They bloom nearly constantly all summer and I love, love them. I always have pink and red roses to cut to bring inside. Now to find a pot to plant at least one limelight hydrangea! I went to the nursery today and bought a car full of beautiful perennials and some annuals. How I love spring! Can’t wait for next Thursday’s table, Susan!

    • Thanks so much, Martha!
      I bet mine would get bigger if they had more space. The urns they are in taper inward inside, so there’s not that much room. I may end up transplanting them eventually, but I love how they look on the deck and love that they bloom all summer. Because the urns are kinda small, I have to water them daily during the summer. Do you trim yours back each year? I trimmed these back pretty drastically this past winter since they had gotten super leggy looking. I’m glad I did since they filled out nicely this spring.
      I have my Limelights planted in planters I purchased from Lowes. They usually carry some big planters in stock each summer. Home Depot does, too.

  4. lynn hummer says

    i am for sure going to order a pair of the shoes sperry shoes 🙂 Do they run true to size or go up a size. I usually wear and 8

    • I have found that they do run true to size. I usually wear a size 7 and the 7 fits me perfectly right out of the box. They also loosen up a little since they are leather, but not so much that you need to size up, or at least that’s what I’ve found. I’m totally addicted to them! lol

  5. Mina Flor Teatime & Garten says

    Dear Susan, congratulations! I love your blog, specially your tablescapes. I am following you for a good time and stil enjoy every post. It is the best way for me to start my day seeing beautiful things and forgetting the troubles and concerns around. Thank you so much! As we say in german: You are a fountain of Inspiration!

  6. José-Luiz G. de Montenegro-Magalhães says

    Bonjour, Madame ! Juste un mot pour vous dire combien elles sont belles vos roses ! Merci pour les photos !

  7. Shirley Ore says

    I ordered two pairs of sneakers and the Everton driving Mocs . I can’t wait to get them. I think you are a bad influence on me , I want everything you post….getting ready to buy knockout roses for my deck..”the deer eat them so I’m excited to know I can grow them on my deck…thank you….

    • Ha! Sorry about that, Shirley! At least you know you’ll be well dressed while planting those beautiful Knockout Roses. 😉 I need to make a trip to the nursery to buy flowers for my larger perennial bed that needs a total overhaul. Not looking forward to pulling all the weeds! Ugh.

  8. Susan, Congratulations on it being your 500th TT next week! That is truly amazing to me! You are the reason I starting tablescaping and were the first blog I read nine years ago.
    I am disappointed I will be out of the country and unable to participate. I would stop everything and participate if I could. I will look forward to catching up and viewing everyone’s posts when I get back home. There is not enough hours in the day!!!!

    • Wow, so appreciate you reading all these years, Bonnie! Ohhh, a trip! I need to plan one for this year… this year is going by so quickly!

  9. I love the Sperry shoes! I do have a couple of questions, though. How is the toe box? Is it roomy or narrow? Also, are they comfy without socks? I would love to have a pair for a trip I’m planning in the early fall, but it will still be too warm to wear socks. Thanks, Susan! I look forward to your blog every day!

    • The toe box area seems quite roomy to me. When the shoes first arrive, they are a little more form fitting…not tight though. Then they stretch out a bit more as you wear them, as leather often does. I don’t find them snug around the toes at all, though.
      I wear mine both ways. In the fall/winter when I’m wearing jeans/pants, I wear them with socks. In the summer I have occasionally worn them with the little footie socks that you can’t see, but they are definitely comfortable enough to wear without socks. I think they look best that way (without socks) for spring/summer and that’s actually the preferred way to wear boat shoes during the summer months, and the way you would normally see them styled in magazines.

  10. Dear Susan, Congratulations on your upcoming 500th! When I started reading your blog, you were like a breath of fresh air and continue to be all these years. Thank you for being an inspiration to so many. I always look forward to reading your posts as it brightens my day. I can’t wait to see all the beautiful tables next week!

  11. 500th TS already! Extending a big CONGRATS and thanking you, since its been such a pleasurable journey. -Brenda-

  12. Susan years ago the AJC had a column called the Peddlers Path. I loved it because it told of every new shop and restaurant in town and it was fun to go and explore. Between Naps on the Porch remind me of this and I appreciate you and the articles published. I even order many of the items. Keep up the good works….c

    • Thanks so much, Carol! Oh, I wish I had seen that column. When I used to take the AJC a million years ago, I always read Lewis Grizzard and Celestine Sibley. Love them both!

  13. Bonnie Johnson says

    What is the best way to share my tablescape photos with you? I look forward to Tablescape Thursday every week. It’s my favorite blog.

    • Do you mean for the Tablescape Thursday Blog party? The only way to really share a table setting is by linking up a blog post where you have posted photos of your table.
      You may want to consider setting up a Blog on Blogger where you can post photos, then you can link up the post to the party each week. That’s how so many of the folks who participate today in Tablescape Thursday first started sharing their tablescape posts.
      Blogger is completely free and makes it super easy to set up a blog. It has been 10 years since I first created a blog there (before I moved over to WordPress) but I remember it guides you step by step through the process of setting up a blog. Just Google “Blogger” and you should find it, then just follow the steps to set up your blog.
      I sometimes share readers photos here at BNOTP, but the photos have to be taken full-size, without using a flash and in good lighting (not dark.) They also have to be sharp, not blurry. If you’ve never photographed a table setting inside your home, it can be a bit tricky to get good photos. It always good to take some distance photos and some up close. Hope this info helps. Definitely, consider creating a blog on Blogger where you can post photos and join the party each week! I should do a post about this, I’m sure others are interested in knowing about this too.

  14. The containers you have the roses planted in on the deck, what material are they? This is a great idea and they are beautiful. They actually look like cement.

    • They are that light-weight stuff they make planters out of these days. Not sure if it’s fiberglass or what exactly it is. Mine look a bit rough since they’ve been on the deck for many years. I’ve been thinking about painting them, but I sorta like their weathered look. I purchased these from Lowes, I believe. Home Depot carries similar pots. The lighter pots are great because you can actually lift them to carry them to where you need them, well, until you put dirt in them, then they are a lot heavier. lol

      • Jan Lonsbury says

        Your roses are so beautiful in the planter! What size is the planter? I think we will try this.

        • Thanks! I’m not exactly sure, but it is pretty shallow. I wish it were deeper, I wouldn’t have to water so much during the summer months. I have to water daily during the summer since they are so shallow.

  15. Hi Susan! I never thought to put my knock out roses in a pot! I am going to try that! Congrats on 500!!!! OMGoodness, time FLIES!!! Hard to believe, and I have been around for almost all of them. Wow! Have a beautiful weekend!

  16. congrats! I have been inspired by your tablescapes over the years. Thank you!

  17. I love your posts! I just want to share that here in north Texas our Knockout roses have been infected with a disease called rosette, which eventually kills them, is spread from one bush to another, and for which there is no cure. I love them, but unfortunately have lost about a third of my probably 50+ bushes. I hope this problem has not occurred in other parts of the country.

    • Oh no…I haven’t heard anything about that. Wonder if it has made its way to GA, yet. I only have these two bushes. So sorry you have lost so many, Lynette. That must be the most helpless feeling watching it spread that way!

  18. Wish I could say I’d been there for all 499 but you can count me in for Number 500.

  19. Rhonda Storey says

    FYI Susan, if anyone out there is looking for the hair styler, and it’s sold out at Amazon, QVC sells it also. I’ve never tried it, but they sure sell a LOT of them on QVC! You can also watch a demonstration on their site too. It’s on sale too for $69.98! Item number is A268590.

  20. Susan, on your knockout roses: do you have the bush on a pot w/ drainage or directly in the large pot we see? I have a similar pot & would love to do as you did. Currently the pot needs drain holes drilled if I plant directly into it. Thanks!

    • I have them planted directly into the urns. The urns have drainage holes in the bottom, I can hear the water run out and drip though the deck boards whenever I water them. I can’t remember if they came with drainage holes or if I drilled them in. They probably came that way, but if you buy some and they don’t have drainage holes, I would definitely add some.
      When I purchased the large pots that I planted the two Green Mountain Boxwood topiaries in, in my front yard, I drilled holes in those. Those topiaries have grown so much and have done really well in the pots. I’m afraid they are going to outgrow the pots, though. They are huge now!
      You can see that post where I first added the holes to the planters out front here:

      And you can see how big they have grown here:

      They are even bigger now! Yikes!

      • Thank you for the reply. We are just finally enjoying warm weather this past weekend! Alleluia! My pot needs drainage holes & and then a trip to the nursery for the roses. I hope the knockouts do as well on my deck as yours!

  21. Mary Anne says

    Susan, I bought that hair styling tool upon your recommendation and i couldn’t agree more about how great it is! I had a temporary problem – the first one I received did not heat up at all, so I bought a second and returned the first. But the second is perfect. I love it!!! Thank you for telling us about it.

  22. Hi, Susan. I think your idea of revisiting our favorite tablescapes is terrific, and I’ll be joining your 500th Tablescape Thursday for sure!!! Without my good fortune in discovering your blog so many years ago, I could never have found the joy of blogging and tablescaping!! You’ve been my mentor since the beginning and I’ll be proud to be a part of your 500th TT celebration!
    P.S. I also bought the styling tool you recommended. It’s terrific. I can style my hair so much easier than with a curling iron, and my hair feels so much healthier than when I was “cooking” it with a curling iron!! Thanks.

  23. Cyndi Raines says

    Love the boat shoes! However I think the stitching on the side would bother my bunion. I have been wearing Sketchers Go walk and they are wonderful for these poor old tired feet, ha. They are so light-weight, it’s like you are walking on air. Congrats on 500! Will be eager to see all the lovely posts.

  24. Thanks for a post for me to read this morning….you always make me smile because I always imagine you laughing when you write your posts!! I’ve been sitting in hospital room with my son for past 9 days. With heart surgery scheduled for Monday…believe me, I need to chuckle today.
    And I did pot some knockouts in pots for my boathouse deck after your suggestion!!!!! And they are perfect there!!!!! Never would have thought to put them in pots without you!!!

  25. Thank you for your blog! Your creativity provides a lot of inspiration. That porch is amazing!! Where did you find your lovely planters?? Congratulations on reaching this milestone! Cheers and blessings!

  26. Bobbi Duncan says

    Susan, I am so excited for you–the 500th.! Just WOW! I only came on board a few years ago, but I’ve looked at your previous postings to catch up. Your blog spot is the first I ever looked at, and I’m still in awe of all the beauty and amazing number of varied posts you’ve done. And, on top of it all, you are sooooo creative. I’m always learning new things from you, like this post for setting up your own blog and how to share photos. But, the thing I love the most about you is that you really care about your readers–that always comes across in your posts. I sure hope that rosette blight doesn’t head our way because I just planted three double knock-outs fall of 2016 and our neighborhood has lots of them. They stay in bloom here until late fall, which I love. Can’t wait to see Thursday’s tablescapes! I see you were able to follow my Pinterest boards. Thanks for following–that means a lot coming from someone I admire (my mentor LOL!) Hugs!

    • Thanks so much, Bobbi! Appreciate those kind words so much!
      I hope that blight doesn’t hit your roses. I remember a few years ago everyone in my area was saying to not plane Leyland Cypress, there was some disease going around that was killing those. I had quite a few in my yard and they never got it, thankfully!

      I love that about the Knockouts, how they bloom all summer! Wish they had a scent, would love that!

  27. Susan, Your suggestions are great! The styling tool is my best friend, however I don’t take it on trips as I am afraid it will break from travel stress. I also wear the Sperry boat shoes, often find them at Nordstrom Rack.

  28. Congrats on your upcoming 500th TT Susan! You were one of the first blogs I followed 8 years ago and TT was one of the first linky parties I joined. I also have you to thank for contributing to my overflowing dish pantry. 😉 I love the idea of a round up of favorite tables in celebration of number 500. Thank you for all the inspiration you provide. ♥

  29. Susan, you are the first blog I ever followed. You have inspired me with your creativity. I will be back on Thursday with my favorite 10. Love your idea!

  30. 500! Congratulations! I don’t have a blog to link but I surely do enjoy all your Tablescape Thursday posts and those who link to them. Now I’m looking forward to seeing all the favorites!
    PS. Hotmail routinely puts your emails in spam, although I’ve repeatedly told it not to. Now I just check often, especially on Mondays and Thursdays.

  31. Dorothy Lloyd says

    Would you please tell us the name and type of the rose Bush in your urn. It is so pretty and a great idea. Thank you.

    • Dorothy, it’s a knockout rose and I don’t think it had a particular variety name on the tag when I purchased it. I probably bought it at Home Depot or Lowe’s, but don’t remember which now. If you’re going to put one in a container, you may want to just check and see if they have some that don’t get too, too big because some knockout roses can get really large, although I think growing them in a container restricts them somewhat.

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