A Brilliant Invention & Correcting a Regrettable Decision

Welcome to the 535th Metamorphosis Monday!

Back around 2008-2010, I used to sit and create blog posts in the evenings after work at the little vanity desk located on the left side of this dressing room off the master bedroom. During that time I started having shooting pains down both arms, starting at my neck. That’s when I realized the vanity was a few inches too short to work as a desk and made the decision to turn my son’s old bedroom into a home office space.

Back in the day when I sat here and worked, there used to be a full-length mirror on the closet door just to the right. That mirror bugged the heck out of me as I sat and worked. It was a constant distraction since any movement I made was always reflected in the mirror and would immediately catch my attention out of the corner of my eye.

You would think after a while I would get used to it and not notice anymore, but I never did. It drove me crazy until the bitter end when I finally couldn’t take it anymore and removed it. I regret doing that now because the only other full-length mirror in my home is on the door of the original master closet where the lighting isn’t very good.

Peloton Bike in Dressing Area off Master Bedroom


At some point over the years, the closet door was pushed too hard against the door stop and the stop punched a hole through this 6-panel, hollow core door. I think when the hardwood floors were installed, the guys didn’t put the stop back on the way it had been because now it doesn’t line up with the hole. Maybe they did that on purpose since it wouldn’t function as a stop if it did line up.

I’ve really missed having a mirror here over the years and just recently decided to add another one back. I called up a local mirror company and they came out to measure. I asked if they could make the mirror a little wider so it would cover the hole…kill two birds with one stone. They said, yes–they could, only it wouldn’t quite be centered on the door. I don’t think it was perfectly centered before due to the door handle, so that was fine with me. I like the idea of a wider mirror, anyway.

The mirror is supposed to be ready sometime in the next couple of weeks. At that time, they will come back out and install it. I know I could have just purchased one of those mirrors that hangs over the top of the door, but I really wanted something professionally mounted to the door as the previous mirror had been.

Bad Door Stop Damages Door and Door Casing


I really disliked the appearance of the ugly door stop and I didn’t care for how it was denting the casing around the door. This type of stop is such a bad design. I decided to look for an alternative.

Bad Door Stop Damages Door and Door Casing


In my search, I found this interesting design below. Have you ever seen a doorstop like this? I had not, but I was really intrigued. The reviews looked pretty good so I decided to order it. You’ll find it available here: Doorstop. It comes in several colors/metals, including brass, but I wanted it to just blend in with the door so I ordered it in this satin nickel-plated design.

Hinge Pin Door Stop Doesn't Damage Door Frame Casing


To install it you simply remove the old door pin and replace it with this device. I used a really long nail to pop the old pin out from the bottom, then gently tapped the new pin/stop in with a hammer.  (Please ignore the black smudges and the dents in the casing left by the old doorstop. I need to try and clean those off or repaint the door.) I bet a Magic Eraser will take off the smudges.

Hinge Pin Door Stop Doesn't Damage Door Frame Casing


Once the new doorstop was in place, to adjust it I unscrewed the little flat lid thingy at the top, then moved the long clip hanging down over to the position that best worked for my door. The inner mechanism is graduated somehow, so you just find the position that works best for your needs. It’s so simple, it’s ridiculous! I love it! The instructions that came with this doorstop were very easy to follow. The whole process from start to finish took about 2 minutes, including removing the old pin.

Best Doorstop, Prevents Damage to Doors and Wall, Hinge Pin Doorstop


In this photo below, you can how far back the door opens with the setting/adjustment I chose. The opening is plenty wide enough, yet the door is still a nice distance away from the built-in vanity.

Improved Door Stop, Doesn't Damage Door Casing


I really like this doorstop and plan to buy a few more to use in other areas of my home. I like its unobtrusive, sleek design. You really don’t even notice it’s there which is exactly what I wanted! If you like this design, you’ll find this doorstop available here: Door Stop.

Once the new mirror has been installed, I’ll share a photo in a future post so you can see how it looks. I can’t wait to have a full-length mirror back in this space!

Have you ever used a doorstop like this one? Such a cool idea!

Hinge Pin Door Stop Doesn't Damage Door Frame Casing


Looking forward to all the awesome Before and Afters linked for this week’s Metamorphosis Monday!

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  1. Carolyn Graves says

    Don’t know if I have every commented on your posts before, but I follow and enjoy your blog and have for years. Just wanted to say that I have repaired the holes like the one on your door before. It really isn’t hard and involves stuffing paper towels into the hole and covering with thin layers of spackle with a putty knife. Since your new mirror will cover this, I guess it is not necessary, but if you ever would like to know how……
    Have a great day!

    • Thanks, Carolyn! Good to know you can do that with these type holes. Hopefully the mirror will cover it, but if not I will have to try that. Thanks for that suggestion!

  2. Susan,
    If you can have the mirror mounted on the inside of the door, you won’t see it. I had one mounted that way on my master closet door for 30+ years. We left it when we sold the house.

    • Umm, that’s a great idea, I hadn’t thought of that for this door. Unfortunately, I don’t think it will work in this situation because I would have to stand really close to the door when it was open since the console table and my Peloton bike are kinda in the way. Plus, the door would block the light coming in from the window so it would be kinda hard to see.
      I think it will be okay on the outside of the door now since I no longer sit/work at that desk and that room is only used for spin classes and for dressing. Thanks for that suggestion, Cindy!

  3. Thanks so much for hosting each week!!

  4. Rebecca Dexter says

    Why didn’t you put the mirror on the inside of the door?

    • That’s a great idea but it wouldn’t work very well because of the position of the furniture in that room, I’d have to stand right up against the door when it was open.

  5. Great find…who knew…a pretty dootstop!! franki

  6. Clever design–there must be somewhere I need one 🙂

  7. Susan, I had terrible results using Magic Eraser on my painted doors and cabinets. It took the paint off. I think it was the kind of paint I had because they had painted over enamel paint with latex. The painter came back and repainted but I will never use Magic Eraser on these surfaces again.

    • Maybe I better just use the cleaning product I love so much, the one I used on my office chair. It will clean anything! lol Thanks for the warning, Bonnie!

    • Carolyn Graves says

      Bonnie…Magic Eraser is the bomb! It will clean doors and trim in either enamel OR latex to be nice and shiny.
      However you mentioned someone painting latex paint over enamel, which is ALWAYS a no-no. Even with a coat of Kilz over the enamal layer, the latex paint isn’t stuck well! (Learned this the hard way!!! Not judging!) But for so many OTHER cleaning situations, that Magic Eraser is a good choice! Sorry you had that experience. (Look at me, Susan….never commented before and now twice on the same post!)

      • Thanks so much for your comment, Carolyn! That’s the very best part of blogging is how we all help each other and I know your comment will help everyone who sees it. BNOTP readers are the kindest dearhearts! We all try to help each other. 🙂 XXX

  8. Very cool! Thanks Susan

  9. The new doorstop looks like a ballpoint pen. Less obtrusive. Ingenious. Thanks!

  10. Susan, you did it again! lol
    You always find a simple yet sophisticated (or it’s the other way around? lol) way to solve any problem that gets in your way! How do you do that?!
    That doorstop is like… WHAAAAAT?! 🙂 Seriously, I love it, I just don’t get those prices, though… 1 costs $4.95; two pack is $49.95?!
    I must have missed something… 😉

    • Thanks, Cecilia! I love these door stops, not sure why we don’t see them being used everywhere. I know, I saw that crazy pricing when you buy more than one…makes no sense at all. lol I would just buy singles, much better deal that way.

  11. That’s a good-sized hole in the door. I’m not good at patching; it takes thin layers to get a good fill. I get impatient. lol Wow to the door stop. You would not even know the door stop was there unless you were the one who put it on. I started collecting iron door stops years ago in different designs. One is a lamb, then there’s a horse, a boat, a cat, basket of flowers, etc. I went crazy. Thanks for sharing a new gadget!

  12. The doorstop looks handy. I liked the purse holder for the car too!

  13. Cyndi Raines says

    What a great door stop! Thanks Susan!

  14. Michele M. says

    Susan, you really have a knack for finding and sharing the coolest stuff. I have never seen these in my life – sooooo cool – funny my grand daughter used to LOVE making the sounds on my baseboard-type door stops – she’d do it for hours (so it seemed.) Kids grow so fast, she hasn’t done it in ages. Kinda makes me want to do it when next she’s around, to remind her how much fun a sound it makes.

    Anyway – enjoying my purse sling you suggested too – My husband thinks we’re all weird….but there isn’t a girl I know who wouldn’t think it is genius.

    I am soooooooooooo ordering one for every gal for Christmas this year.

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