No More Groceries Rolling Around in Back!

Have you ever had that, “Oh great, not again!” feeling driving home from the grocery store? As you turn a corner, you hear all the grocery bags in back turning over. That’s normally followed by the sounds of can goods and jars rolling around crashing into each other. You get home and find the bread squished and the bananas in the corner buried underneath a can of peas.


To solve this issue, this has been my high-tech solution for years: a long, shallow Amazon box. A few days ago I opened the back door of my SUV to let the nice guy from Wildbirds Unlimited load in a large bag of birdseed. They are super nice and always insist on helping you out with your seed. I wondered what he thought of my big Amazon box. lol

Suddenly it hit me, I could do better than an Amazon box. It was time!

Before adding Car Trunk Organizer


I searched online and read a ton of reviews and opted for this storage organizer. It had great reviews and it sounded like the sides would be sturdy enough to support a 2-litre bottle of Coke or a large bag of groceries.

Car, SUV Trunk Organizer Storage


Here’s how it looks folded out. It has pockets all the way around, including some on the side that close completely up with a flap closure. Forgot to take a photo of that but there are tons of pockets.

At first, I anchored it down with the little straps it came with, but later I unhooked the straps since it doesn’t feel like it will slide around. I went on an errand today (eye appointment) and it was still in the same spot when I returned home. It had not moved.

Organizer and Storage Holder for SUV or Car


The little divider visible on the left side of this organizer can be unhooked from one side. So that left side can be used as one large section when needed.

Trunk Organizer great for holding grocery bags and other storage needs


If you’re ready to upgrade your Amazon box 😉 and you need an organizer/grocery holder for your trunk or the back of your SUV, you’ll find this one here: Trunk Organizer.

I’m pretty excited about this little upgrade. Think the guys at the birding store will be impressed? 😉

Car Organizer for Groceries, bats, balls and other stuff

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  1. You do find the cleverest things! You make my Amazon bill surge like crazy. They must love you.

    • I don’t know how I survived before, I remember the days when if I needed something, like a new iron…I’d have to drive around in the insane Atlanta traffic (which is even worse now!) to different stores looking at all the various models, trying to pick the right one. Now I can go online, read reviews of several models in one place, click a button and it shows up at my door two days later. Best. Thing. EVER! I didn’t realize until I ordered this, my daughter-in-law has one in her SUV. She keeps things for the kids and her work in hers.

  2. Barbara Borowy says

    I use laundry baskets and bungie cords but your is prettier!

  3. Sandra D in Joliet says

    It looks nice but not as large or tall as mine. I would have to get a ruler, measure it and compare it though because photos can be misleading. Maybe I won’t cram it full if I get one. Mine has one center divider and it got squashed. One thing I don’t like about mine is the Velcro on the bottom-it’s hard to get it in the exact position I want it because it really hangs onto my carpet back there. I like the small pockets which my current one doesn’t have.

    • This one doesn’t have velcro on the bottom, but so far, it doesn’t slide. I didn’t want it to be too tall because I didn’t want to have trouble lifting and putting bags inside. I don’t carry anything really tall, just groceries mostly.

  4. Linda S. in NE says

    I agree that your new carrier does look a lot nicer than your Amazon box! In the back of my SUV, I keep two of those old fashioned, hard plastic storage boxes/crate things. I know there is an official name for them, but it escapes me. They are square in shape and a brightly coloured open design. I use gallons of distilled water in my coffee maker, and find that four gallon jugs fit perfectly in one of the crates. The plastic material seems to work down into the carpet, so sliding around never is a problem. I agree with you about how easy it is to shop on AZ, and I am loving that they are contracting with private carriers for their deliveries. I have even received packages on Sunday’s, including one on Easter Sunday!

    • lol I think anything would top that sad box.
      Amazing they even delivered on a holiday! Funny you mention that because the last couple of weeks my Amazon deliveries have been early morning, which is a huge change. They used to come really late in the day. I can see on my RING video, they often deliver it when it’s just barely daylight out. Hope they keep the same schedule, love them coming early in the day.

  5. Our house is rife with so many of the good things you have written about! Thank you (I think)

  6. I’ve used a 10 gallon Rubbermaid Roughneck tote, tub and lid for years in the trunk. Put the lid bottom down on the car trunk carpet. Then fit the tub, bottom down into the well of the lid top. The lid grabs the carpet but doesn’t damage it. It will not slide around. The tub part does not separate from the lid because the lid well is too tall. Best yet, if the tub gets dirty your trunk stays clean and the tub is super easy to clean. My kids got Rubbermaid Roughnecks when they got their cars and they love it. Their friends saw the tubs and they bought themselves Roughnecks too.

    • That sounds perfect for the trunk of a car…awesome idea! So smart how the lid holds it from sliding! I need something a bit shorter since the back area of my SUV sits up pretty high.

    • I have used Rubbermaid tubs for years; they are indestructible, inexpensive and easy to move if need be.

  7. Tammy S. says

    Susan, your description and Amazon reviews convinced me to purchase this organizer. We have odds and ends in our trunk and I’d like them neatly organized. If there’s room left over, I can use it for groceries. Thanks for always showing us all your neat purchases! It’s truly appreciated.

  8. That looks like a winner! We bought a square one very much like this for Dan to organize and have easy access to things he needs but for the front seat of his SUV. It’s proven to be a great investment!

  9. WANDA BRADEY says

    I love how you share! Yes, my Amazon bill has increased from your suggestions! LOL! Hey, wanted to tell you my AWAY bigger carry on arrived yesterday. I bought the pink one and love it. Thanks again for all of your suggestions.

  10. Bobbi Duncan says

    I hear ya. I’ve had a large plastic bin (with velcro on the bottom so it doesn’t slide around when empty) for probably 30 years now. Love it, too, because I don’t have to worry if anything leaks (like mulch that always seems to be on the bags), and it’s so easy to wash out if anything does. I’m with you on the online ordering. I, too, remember just how long it took to go from one end of town to the other and then come home empty-handed many times anyway. Hugs!

  11. I have been looking for something to hold all of my reusable grocery bags that I keep in my trunk. They are constantly sliding all around when not in use. Not sure this is big enough to hold all of my groceries but would certainly help. Thanks for sharing!

  12. I have one similar to this and it is a lifesaver…no, just a grocery saver! I have even put my potted orchids in it and they arrive home safe and standing tall!

  13. I am ordering this first ting in the morning! I need a new one. I got a cheap one at walmart a few years ago and it is shot. But I got a few years out of it so I’m not complaining. Thanks, Susan!

  14. My SUV trunk organizer has a removable insulated bag that keeps things cold. It isn’t a cooler but does the job to keep things cool while I make my stops before home.

  15. Barbara Warren says

    Our trunk organizer came from Sam’s, has three compartments, and a separate insulated bag for cold items. It also has handles such that sometimes hubby and I pick up each end and take all items in with one trip. It collapses and Velcros when not needed. I like it so much, I’ve purchased more as wedding gifts.

  16. Judy MacDonald says

    I purchased the trunk storage item you featured and I love it! I’d been wanting to buy one for ages but wasn’t sure which one to buy. Thanks so much!!!

    • I’m so glad you like it, Judy! I love it, too! Every time I go to the grocery store and use mine, I asked myself why I waited so long to get something other than that cardboard box I was using! Ha! This works and looks so much better!

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