Shopping the Spring & Summer Sales Including a Handbag I’ve Wanted Forever

The days are longer and the temps are warmer, spring is really here now! This gorgeous spring weather has me in the mood for some new summer clothes. As I’ve been checking out all my favorite shops online this weekend, I’ve been taking note of some of the best sales, including a bag I’ve been wanting for ages.

There are too many awesome to share them all but I’ve linked to several of them below. For example, this adorable dress is currently 30% off.


I love the little cut out on the back, so feminine and perfect for summer. You’ll find it on sale 30% off here: 30% Off Sale. In fact, everything at that site is on sale 30% off, so this is a great time to pick up some pieces for summer and the travel you have planned. Use the code, FRIEND30 at check out for 30% off all purchases.


I’ve been eyeing this beautiful Ralph Lauren handbag for many years, but I’ve never caught it on sale. It’s an iconic style that comes in several colors and at last, it’s on sale! It’s a good sale that will take around $100 off the price.

If you love this bag too, you’ll find it and everything else on sale here: Ralph Lauren Handbag. Use TAKE30 at check out to get 30% off everything at the website when your purchases are $150 or more.

Note: This bag comes in two sizes, I like the regular size but it also comes in a mini size. You’ll find them linked below in addition to some other fun patterns/materials that it’s available in. Beautiful bag and an iconic RL piece! Love it!


Below you’ll find items linked in all prices ranges. If I liked it, I included it below. Happy spring shopping!

(Psst: If you’re unable to see the links below, please make sure you’re using the latest version of your browser. If you still can’t see the links, download the Chrome browser and give it a try. That’s the browser and use and it’s super fast.)


Spring-Summer Sale

Fave Bags (All Price Ranges)


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  1. Uh-oh. You might just have to buy that lighted cabinet for your hallway if you keep buying these beautiful purses. Wink-wink, nudge-nudge.

  2. The bag is too cute. Love Ralph Lauren classic designs. The dress reminds me of a mini dress I had in the 60’s. It was yellow with orange trim and had a circle cutout similar to the dress in your picture except it was a circle and had large buttons down the back with a shorter skirt. It was very “Mod” and we called the straight dresses “shifts”.
    Thanks for sharing your 2009 post with me about the clay saucers and pots. That was before I started reading your blog. Loved the cute flower pot desserts. I saw the dessert idea years ago, but I doubt if my Great Grandgirls have ever seen them. Now that’s on my list to serve them. They’ll love the flower and gummy worm touch. Thanks for all your fashion and decorating ideas.

    • That dessert was really so much fun to make, Mary. I’m glad you mentioned the clay pots because I had forgotten about the dessert. I think my grandsons would get a kick of it. I need to make it for them sometime. Let me know your grandgirls like it. 🙂

  3. BamaCarol says

    So glad I bought that Amazon bamboo purse with the lemon insert the first time you linked it! Who knew lemons were going to be so popular this summer? I’ve seen them everywhere in the last week or two and I already have this cute purse to use with the new tops I bought! Thanks for all of your posts enabling me to shop!

    • It is amazing how many “lemon” things are popping up this summer. I bought the bag that had the red/green insert since I have a lot of clothes with those colors, but I noticed in the questions/answers on Amazon, they said they were going to make the inserts available to purchase by themselves. If they make the lemon insert available, I would love to get that one, too. I think it’s adorable! Happy spring, Carol!

  4. SO MANY “pretties!!!” Not your “Mother’s rainboots!!” Cute! franki

  5. It’s good that you and I are really different color seasons (I’m an autumn.) or I’d be buying almost all your suggestions. As it is, I did buy the off-white eyelet Keds. They are so cute!

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