A Family Christmas Mantel & The Best Cyber Monday Shopping Finds

Welcome to the 513th Metamorphosis Monday!

My sweet daughter-in-law, Nancy, has been sick the past few days with a yucky cold, but this weekend she was feeling much better and started pulling out the Christmas decorations. It was so much fun seeing my grandson’s reactions to the trees, lights and pretty decorations. There were a lot of Ooohhs and Ahhhs and WOWs!

One of the areas that saw a makeover for Christmas was the fireplace mantel. This is how it has looked for autumn.

Decorate mantel for Autumn


I love the “lit” candles in the “AUTUMN” sign. They dance and twinkle the way real candles do, so much so, you would swear they were real candles at night. Nancy found the Autumn sign in a local gift shop. The “HOME” banner came from here: Home Banner.

Autumn Fall Mantle


A Christmas Mantel

It was time to put away the fall decor and add a bit of Christmas cheer. I’ll be flying out for home tomorrow, but I’m looking forward to coming back in a few short weeks for Christmas. I’ll be driving up instead of flying since the sleigh will be loaded with presents. I wonder how folks handle flying in for Christmas? Maybe they mail the presents in advance or give smaller gifts and gift certificates…items that will fit inside a suitcase.

Decorate a Mantel for Christmas


I bought two L.L. Bean sledding discs this year for my grandsons since they love sledding each year with their dad.


They arrived a few days ago and the boxes are HUGE. They definitely won’t fit in a suitcase. Looking forward to seeing my grandson’s faces when I arrive for Christmas with those GIANT boxes all wrapped up. These sledding discs are available here: Sledding Discs.

I was super tempted to buy one of these this year, too…they looked awesome and have great reviews. You’ll find all the sledding gear here: L.L. Bean Sledding Gear. Check out the “Snowman Family Kit.” It’s super cute!

There are some awesome sales going on today for Cyber Monday. I was thrilled to see L.L. Bean’s “Wicked-Good” slippers are all on sale 25% off because I rarely ever see them go on sale. I immediately purchased a pair for my son for Christmas.

The sale on the slippers is only good for two days: today and tomorrow. Like their iconic bean boots, they are hugely popular, so I’m sure the sizes will go fast. You’ll find all their slippers on sale here: 25% off L.L. Bean Slippers. Don’t forget to use the code Wicked25 at checkout for the 25% discount.


Here are a few more goodies that caught my eye as I’ve been shopping online this morning.

Williams Sonoma has their classic striped dish towels on sale. I’ve been buying them for years and they are the best dish towel I’ve ever used. They are super absorbent, unlike so many dish towels.

You’ll find them in a lot of different colors on sale here: WS Striped Towel. (Note: that price is for a set, not individual.)

I couldn’t resist buying some of the holiday striped ones while they are on sale. They are available here: Holiday Towels.


Love the Merry Christmas Banner from the shop where Nancy found her “HOME” banner. Christmas banner is available here: Christmas Banner.


Pendleton Wool coat is 33% off here: Coat. Love the colors, remind me of Blackwatch.


Here’s a great gift for the men in your family…this cashmere Sweater comes in several colors and is currently on sale 40% off here: Cashmere Sweater. Cashmere is such a special gift to give and receive!


Love the soft colors in this sweater. It’s currently on sale for 50% off here: Sweater. (Use the code CYBER for the discount.) Everything is 50% off for Cyber Monday!


Talbots brought back their “50% off one item, 40% off everything else” sale for today!. So if there’s something in their New Arrivals section HERE, that you’ve been wanting, but were waiting for a good sale, this is it!

I bought my daughter-in-law the beautiful red winter coat below with the faux-fur edged hood when they had that same sale going for Black Friday and saved 50%. I’m glad they’ve brought it back for Cyber Monday because there were a few more items I was eyeing.


Pottery Barn has all their mercury glass trees on sale similar to the ones I purchased there several years ago.


You’ll find the sale here: Mercury Glass Trees.


Happy Christmas Shopping to you this Cyber Monday!

Looking forward to all the fabulous Before and Afters linked for this week’s Metamorphosis Monday!

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  1. Thanks for the sales roundup. OK, scrolling back up to the links now–bye 🙂

    • Hope it helps, there are so many good sales out there today. I think I’ve about finished my Christmas shopping…just need to get it all wrapped once I get the tree up.

  2. Is there any chance you know the source for the “HOME” banner across the mirror?
    I’ve been searching for one like that with no luck!
    Thank you!

  3. Pretty mantels, pretty house, pretty family! Our son flies in for Christmas and we usually have to mail his gifts after he leaves. Love your shopping posts. I’m glad you have links open in a new window so that I don’t lose your post. Williams Sonoma has the best dish towels for drying. America’s Test Kitchen rated them the best. I try to catch them on sale with free shipping. http://bit.ly/2PUY3rn
    Comes in different colors. They really dry dishes well and don’t shrink or get misshaped. I would have missed the sale today except for reading your blog.

  4. Nan, Odessa,, DE says

    where can we buy the LET IT SNOW banner?
    Thank you and Nancy!

    • I’m pretty sure she got is from the same place where she bought the Home banner, which was here: http://bit.ly/2PU8ifR. I noticed they will make a “personalized” banner so they will banner to say whatever you like. I’ll text Nancy to verify that, though…will let you know what she says.

    • She said she isn’t sure since she bought it 3-4 years ago. She thinks it was either on Etsy or possibly from TJ Max. I bet you could share a photo of the banner with the shop owner of the shop where Nancy got here “Home” banner and they could make one very similar since they do personalized banners.

  5. We often travel at Christmas. What do we do about gifts? Amazon Prime…free delivery anywhere! I ship to myself c/o whomever we are visiting. We are driving this year to my daughter’s for Christmas, but I had a play kitchen shipped to her (again free) for my twin granddaughters from Kohls. I’ll have a wrapping, assembling marathon when I get there! I used to ship stuff ahead UPS, but with so many retailers offering free delivery, its what I use.

    • That’s true! Never thought of that. You wouldn’t have the presents around your tree at home, but at least you could fly there. The only problem for me is I’m constantly buying stuff for Christmas presents, starting back around the end of summer…and I do love wrapping them and seeing them all around the tree. But I will keep that in mind if I ever do decide to fly to see family.

  6. Sorry to hear your daughter wasn’t feeling well Susan. Hope she gets well soon. Unfortunately I am battling the yearly bronchitis . Yuk. It has kinda put a hamper on decking the halls. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    • She’s feeling better each day, I think. Today was her first day back at work so hopefully, she isn’t overdoing it. There are so many cold viruses going around right now. Pamela, I hope you feel better soon!

  7. Sorry to hear Nancy has been ill, Susan. It’s hard to get in the spirit while you’re sick. I hope she doesn’t have what I’ve had. Nearly 4 weeks of coughing and feeling yucky. Who needs it!

    The boys are so adorable. I remember when you got them that little table and chair set. I bet they get a lot of use out of that. And I’m glad Chip enjoys the snow so much! (Unlike his mama, lol.) Those sledding discs look like fun. I have used a snow tire before and I went flying off it when I hit a mogul, lol. (Fortunately, I was young and flexible at the time.)

    Thanks for all the great sale info. I hope you get some great things.

    • Pam, that sounds like me after the cold/virus I caught in Egypt at the end of October. The cough part hangs in there forever. Hope you are at the tail end and will be over it very soon.

      Nancy mentioned that yesterday, said they use it a lot. I was thinking the other day, kids must feel like they live in a world of giants…with giant people and giant furniture. lol I think they love having something that’s actually their size to sit in/at.

      Unlike his Mama, indeed! He did get me to go down the hill on their front yard last winter. That was pretty fun. lol Thanks for the info on the sledding discs and bumps/moguls! 🙂

      • I very clearly remember being little and feeling so small compared to everything around me. Climbing up onto sofas and chairs, and trying to see over tables — it was arduous! That’s why I do love ‘child sized’ furniture. It makes so much sense. I’m sorry you were sick, but knowing you got through it encourages me to think that the end is in sight. 🙂

  8. Thanks so much for hosting each week!!

  9. Nancy Harris says

    Obviously your daughter in law has a decorating flair like you!! Beautiful family!! MERRY CHRISTMAS

  10. Oh Susan,
    your grandsons look sooo cute; they’re adorable! I am sure they (and their Dad) 🙂 will love those sledding discs you bought for them! Glad to hear your dil is feeling better! Love the “Home” banner and their (?) house; it looks like a fairy tale home! Have a safe journey back home, Susan, Christmas will be upon us in the blink of an eye! 🙂

  11. Cute mantel at your son’s home, Susan. The house exterior reeks cozy, and I can see your dilemma in wanting to be with them yet still being in a warmer clime. Decisions, decisions…..
    So many Cyber deals, they overwhelmed me this year, but I did take advantage of a few (one major purchase my husband & I FINALLY took the plunge on that I hope to write about). You’re right, those WS towels are, hands down, the very best. I love them.
    Have a great week, hope you get lots done – without getting sick!! Thanks for sharing all the deals and hosting us.

  12. LL Bean promo.code expired

  13. OH, what fun it is to….SHOP ‘n Decorate ‘n Bake ‘n etc!!! franki

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