A Football-Themed Table for Your Super Bowl Party

Welcome to the 539th Tablescape Thursday!

Loved your comments so much on yesterday’s post about possibly adding three storage cabinets to my upstairs hallway. You had me laughing and nodding my head so many times. I definitely recognized myself! I also loved your ideas for what I could store in them until (and if) my handbag collection ever grows.

For now, I’m trying to resist buying the cabinets for all the reasons my “rational” self came up with, but I’ll definitely let you know if I do end up buying them at some point. If you missed yesterday’s post, you’ll find it here: Inner Conflicts. Be sure and check out the comments, they were so much fun to read and made me feel better about my inner conflicts! lol

In last week’s Tablescape Thursday, I shared these cute football-shaped plates in case you had some party plans for the Super Bowl this year. (Football plates are available here: Football Plates.)Football Plates for Game Day Dining or Super Bowl Party

I also shared these football-shaped glasses I had purchased several years ago in my local Dollar Tree. By the way, they had them again this year so I was able to replace the one I broke last week. I purchased a couple more in case of breakage, so now I have a total of 8. I think they will probably be going to live with my son and daughter-in-law since they love watching the games every year.

The glasses hold an incredible amount of drink, I was surprised by how much! If you don’t have a Dollar Tree nearby or your location doesn’t stock these, you’ll find them online here: Football Glasses. This picture from the website makes me want a Coke float! Ha!

Football Shaped Glasses for Game Day


Instead of creating a full table setting, I put together a little snack table starting with some faux/artificial grass as my tablecloth. I absolutely love how it looks as a backdrop for a football party table! I didn’t take time to do it for this setting, but if you are actually having a Super Bowl gathering, it will be so cute to spray paint the sidelines, goal lines, etc… onto the grass. It would take a little time, but it would make such a great impact! Can you just imagine it?

Super Bowl Football Party Ideas


You can purchase tablecloths (paper and fabric) designed that way, but I think it would be so much fun to paint your own football field on this faux grass. You’ll find this grass in a lot of different sizes where I ordered mine here: Faux Grass.

I purchased it in the 3’0′ x 7’3″ size because that size will fully cover the table on my screened porch. I’m envisioning using it again this spring or summer in a table setting on the porch. It would be really cute in an Easter tablescape or for a garden party table.

Super Bowl Party, Football Plates, Football Glasses


Tip: If you’re going to use artificial grass as your tablecloth indoors, buy it far enough in advance that you can place it in your garage or on a porch to air out a bit. The backing of the grass smells a bit like a tire shop when you first unpackage it. Perhaps the black backing is made from recycled tires, not sure. I placed mine out on my screened-in porch to air out and it was fine after a couple of days.

A Super Bowl Party Table


Love these football plates! I ordered two sets of 4, but one set came damaged, so I’m going to call and see about exchanging those today. Forgot to get a close up but I started out with my University of Georgia mini in place on the pedestal.

Super Bowl Party Dinnerware


The football-shaped cookies and cupcakes are from Publix. Did you notice in this photo that I had changed out the red football helmet for this cute football mini?

Super Bowl Party Cupcakes and Cookies


Here’s a better view of the football mini. I just added it to my mini collection recently and I’m so glad I did because it’s one of the nicest ones I’ve seen. It’s super detailed. You’ll find it available here: Football Mini.

The pedestal I’m using it on is available here: Pedestal. I love this pedestal because it always makes a great centerpiece in any table.

Football Mini for Serving Dish, Super Bowl


I filled the football glasses with Coca-Cola for this setting, but I really love how they look with a Coke float as seen earlier in this post!

Super Bowl Party Glasses and plates


Oh, there’s a better view of the University of Georgia helmet mini for you Georgia fans out there who may be reading this. I’m not sure if those are still available since the minis are unfortunately, always discontinued and retired at some point. Update: Good news! The UGA helmet mini is still available, you’ll find it here: UGA Mini.

Super Bowl Party Glasses


Happy Super Bowl watching to those who plan to watch the game! If you’re rooting for one team or the other, hope your team wins! 🙂

Super Bowl Football Party Ideas


Looking forward to the beautiful tables shared for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. This all came together so well–a great setting for the Super Bowl or regular season games. An advantage to painting your own goals lines etc., is that you can do your team’s logo in the endzone. (maybe just print out the opposing team logo for the other one). But really all I can think about now is a Coke float 😉

  2. So cute! I love the football plates and football glasses, and your Publix treats are just perfect.

  3. I’ve used artificial grass as the ‘tablecloth’ a couple of times, having purchased a large ‘rug’ of it from Home Depot for around $20. I then cut the size I needed from the rug, and had enough left over to use as liners for trays on the buffet table and some other items. It was originally purchased for a Cincinnati Reds themed wedding shower, but has been reused for a Summer Picnic tablescape. It looks great on your football themed table, Susan. I hope your team wins!

  4. You can’t fool us. You’ll buy those cabinets.

    • Lol, Ginger!! This made me laugh because I thought the same thing. 😀 Susan may give it the old college try for a day or two, but she’ll get them. :D:D ~ (I think she should, since she loves her handbags so much.)

    • lol I don’t know, one minute I think, yes, next minute, no. 🙂

      • Aww, I wish it wasn’t such a hard decision for you. Here, I’ll help you. I’ll give you the sort of advice you’d give to one of your readers who was in the same position: Clearly, you love your handbags. You have no desire to stop collecting them and you certainly want to protect your investment by caring for them. You also love, love, LOVE to organize things, and you love pretty displays. So here you can accomplish all these things by simply buying the cabinets.

        Worst case scenario, if you don’t like the cabinets or it turns out you can’t fill them, you can always sell one or two. They would sell fast, I’m sure.

        One thing you always say is, if it makes your heart sing, go for it. And your handbags, your love of organizing and making things ‘pretty’ all fit that sentiment.

        (you can thank me later.) 😉

  5. Gosh darn it Susan, now I’ll be heading out into the Polar Vortex for 8 glasses at Dollar Tree I have no idea or place to store…. My inner self is saying “it’s OK you can give them to your son in Philly…”

    • lol Well, be careful and bundle up good! I hope your Dollar Tree has them in stock. Mine didn’t have very many left. I bet they’ll bring them back again, though.

  6. This is adorable, specially because of the cute football plates and glasses !
    Perfect to watch the SB with friends, or family.
    I hope the players don’t kneel, otherwise I will not watch, lol..
    Have fun and enjoy it dear friend !

  7. Such a fun table, Susan! And I love your idea of using the grass for a future Easter table. Thank you for the tip about airing it out. My daughter bought me some professional rubber mats for the kitchen and the smell was appalling. I imagine you wouldn’t notice it in a commercial kitchen, but I sure could in mine!

  8. Oh Susan, how cute and what fun. You’re so clever to come up with this. I can see that grass in an Easter Tablesetting coming up soon in your blog. I can’t wait.

  9. And it’s all happening in your city Atlanta, Go Patriots!!! Cute tablecsape.

    • You know, I did not even realize that until someone mentioned it. I asked my son today why it was here and he said that they usually host it in the newest stadium and that it was booked for ATL a few years after the new Mercedes Benz stadium was built. That is a stunning stadium, I just googled it and looked at the images online. I was shocked when my son told me how much the tickets are!!!

  10. Cute Susan! Thanks!

  11. so, I am curious as to what you do with all the food you have for your tablescape, do you drink all that coke or pour it back into the bottle, do you have friends/neighbors over after you post. I’d have enough family around for that whole table of goodies, but that’s a lot of cupcakes… Just nosy me wanting to know.

    • It depends on what the food is that I’ve included. I don’t usually have food in my table settings. For this one, the drink definitely all got poured out. I just recently purchased the Coke that’s made with cane sugar and stevia and I don’t like it, so I was glad to use the rest of it in this table to get rid of it.
      The cupcakes will probably get eaten over the next week or two, but I’ll scrape 95% of the icing off first because I do not like store-bought icing. I don’t really care too much for store bought cakes or cupcakes, either. The cookies will definitely get tossed because I don’t like store-bought cookies, although I did just taste one and it was better than most I’ve had.

      When I’ve used foods I’ve baked or cooked (like soup or heart-shaped cakes, snowman cake, etc…) in a table setting, that definitely all gets eaten, but again, I rarely include food because I just don’t always have time to bake/cook a food that fits the theme, and create a new table setting each week. Also, cooking is not really my thing, I have to be motivated/inspired. I love cooking when family is here, or for a dinner party or a big neighborhood party, but otherwise, I see it as a chore.

  12. Susan,
    since the game is scheduled to be played when it’s already night here, I can’t give a party and have friends over here, 🙁 so I will watch it by myself and will make buttered popcorn, put it in a big container and call it my own “Super Bowl”! 😉
    And I will pretend I know the rules! (I have watched “Blind side” three times, after all!) LOL
    PS: You’re so lucky the game will take place in Atlanta this year! If I were you I’d go to the stadium! 🙂

    • Cecilia, you and I would be great watching it together because I’d have pretend, too! lol I’ve never seen the Blind Side so you already know more than I do!
      Apparently, the cost of the tickets are insane. I think my son said they were $3,000 for the cheapest seats!!!

      • Wow Susan, I had no idea! Do you think it’s too late for us to become NFL Cheerleaders, so we can get into the stadium for free? I believe it doesn’t matter that we are … “30” plus… does it??? LOL
        Seriously, Susan, you need to watch “The Blind Side”! I know you will love it! It is a touching and heart warming movie and Sandra Bullock is amazing! I promise you’ll not stop ‘awwwing’ while watching! ♥

  13. Peggy W Nodine says

    Sooo cute, the artificial grass looks great, and it would be so cute with a Clemson tiger painted in the center of it, or a big tiger paw either one, ha ha, it really is a cute idea and for Super Bowl would be great. Plates and glasses are great too. Publix does such cute cupcakes. I can’t wait to see how you use that grass tablecloth again, I can see your wheels turning right now. Love all your ideas. Thanks for sharing. PS Get those cabinets!! Peggy

    • Ha! Thanks, Peggy! It’s very tempting, I even took a long blanket and folded it and placed it on the floor to see how much space they would take up, and it was as crowded as I thought. I think I’ve decided to wait and see if my love for collecting handbags continues for the next year or so. If it does and I really start to have a storage issue, then I could justify the cabinets. Right now, I still have space in my closets for more handbags, although they are a bit of a challenge to reach in one of the closets. Hope they don’t stop making the cabinets in the next couple of years, then I will be kicking myself if it turns out I need them at some point.

  14. Jane Franks says

    We’ll be watching!! As a native of New England, you know who we’ll be rooting for!! I sometimes feel bad for the other teams. They must get tired of this! But not tooo bad! 🙂 We Patriots fans sure enjoy watching them play!! Love your table setting. Just one change we’d make: red/white & blue cupcakes!! lol!! Thanks for the ideas!

  15. Wanda Bradey says

    Too cute! So I have some of the artificial grass I used one time before to do this football setting. I have also used for my Easter table. It’s fun. Happy Super Bowl!

    • Thanks! Wanda, did you paint on the stripes when you used the artificial grass? I’m guessing it wouldn’t be too bad if it was taped off and spray painted. The hardest or most tedious part would be all the measuring and taping.

  16. Susan, I love the use of the green astroturf for the field! So cute. And a great idea for Easter and garden tablescapes, as you said. I look forward to seeing how else you use it.

    Make mine a root-beer float, will you? Yum! That looks so delicious and would be refreshing if it weren’t absolutely freezing outside, lol. Those football glasses are ideal for the setting and so inexpensive! Cute, cute, cute.

  17. Cyndi Raines says

    The grass is a great idea! Even though it is very cold outside, a rootbeer float sounds really good! But I love ice cream any time of the year. Living in the north you feel part polar bear, especially in this vortex crazy weather, so glad by Saturday our temps will be climbing! Happy February! ♥️

    • I’m so glad you guys are finally going to see some relief. I noticed my son and dil’s weather will improve on Saturday, too. They’ve had it extremely cold but I’m sure not as bad as you have. We survived January, Cyndi! Yay!

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