A Great Way to Store Your Beautiful Headbands

Welcome to the 730th Metamorphosis Monday! I have become enamored with wearing headbands lately. I used to wear them many years ago but hadn’t thought about wearing them again in ages. I noticed a YouTuber/Instagramer I sometimes follow began promoting a brand of handmade headbands made in the UK where she lives, and they look so nice on her, it revived my interest in trying them again.

Unfortunately, the headband she was promoting was completely sold out and as soon they would get a batch in, they were gone again within minutes of hitting the website. Also, they were quite expensive, around $48 in US currency and that didn’t include the cost of shipping them from the UK to the US. Discouraged by the lack of inventory and the cost, I started looking elsewhere for similar headbands. The ones I had seen that I liked were a padded velvet style so that’s what I really hoped to find, at least for now while we are still in winter.

Well, apparently handmade velvet headbands are quite popular everywhere right now because I had no trouble finding them online, even handmade, for about 1/4 the cost of the UK brand. Since they were so reasonably priced, I purchased a few sets in different colors.

Beautiful Headbands


The first set I purchased included the colors black, brown, and red–and I love them! They were so comfortable, I immediately ordered another set in the colors pink, grey, and black. Since then I’ve also ordered them in a ribbed-fabric style as seen in the photo below on the far left, and in a brown/cream/gold plaid style–4th one from the left. It is so cute on! I would love to order more patterned ones in the future!

Headbands, Beautiful Styles


I have so enjoyed wearing these headbands! They actually fixed another issue for me that I’ve had for the past couple of years, that being how my hair gets caught several times a day in the glasses I wear here around the house. I’ve had the screws tightened up but it didn’t help. Wearing a headband has completely eliminated that problem–so no more hair breakage around my temples! Since I’ve been enjoying these velvet headbands so much, I decided to look for them in spring-summer styles. I found these cute woven headbands on eBay and they were so ridiculously inexpensive, I decided to give them a try. They are the four headbands that you see in the foreground below.

Headband, Velvet and Wicker


I have found them to be just as comfortable as the velvet and fabric-covered headbands that I’ve been wearing, so I think they will be perfect for spring and summer. I found the woven style headbands here: Woven Headbands.

Headband for Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer


To corral all my headbands, I purchased a holder/organizer designed to hold headbands. This is the one that I purchased and it works great. You’ll find it available here: Headband Organizer.


If you are interested in any of the headbands I have recently purchased, you’ll find them at the links below. I’ve listed them in the order they are on my organizer, starting from left to right.

Set of 3 Ribbed, Padded Heads in Pink, Khaki, and Black.
1 Brown-Gold-Cream Padded Plaid Headband.
Set of 3 Velvet Headbands in Black, Gold, and Red.
Set of 3 Velvet Headbands in Pink, Gray, and Black.

Headbands, Beautiful Styles


I so wish I had discovered these headbands a long time ago. I get so tired of pulling my hair back in a scrunchie, which truthfully isn’t a great look for me and ends up causing a lot of breakage. I find headbands much more flattering for my face shape and super functional for keeping my hair out of my face during the day. Hope you find this helpful, especially if you wear glasses and have experienced the same issue I have with your hair getting caught in the frames. Looking forward to all the great Before and Afters linked for this week’s Met Monday!

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  1. Thanks for link. I used it to purchase the pink, black and grey ones. What a clever idea for the headband storage. My DIY would be much less elegant…pool noodle over a bracelet holder. LOL So, a drawer will have to make do.

  2. I love the look of hair pulled back by a pretty headband! Always have. It’s a funny coincidence because today, I was looking through some old photos and found a school picture of myself at about 9-10 years old. I smiled when I saw the headband. It wasn’t a hard one, like yours. It was a soft fabric band and I loved it, lol. I would happily wear them more often nowadays, but the hard ones never seem to fit my head properly. Still, I’m going to check out your links because I might just give it a go and see if I can find some that fit. Love the organizer!

    P.S. I wish you would model some for us! You’ve got just the right type of hair.

  3. What lovely headband. We have many ,too. The velvet ones are our favorites among all the others. We have a few from several years ago. There is nothing like a headband to keep your hair neat.
    Joan,Marion and Marilyn

  4. I love headbands but I need the kind with teeth or combs to get my stray hairs away from my mouth, eyes, and face. I’ve searched but they’re eluding me.

  5. Cute headbands Susan, thanks for the links and the party!

  6. Super cute headbands! I love the woven ones. I might have to get one for summer. Thanks for the links! XO- MaryJo

  7. Susan,
    Thanks so much for hosting this delightful party each and every week!! Stay safe, healthy and happy!!

  8. Love, Love the velvet and that adorable plaid headband. so fun! Thanks for having us over, Susan. Have a great week!

  9. Mary R Stewart says

    Have you ever heard of square hand bands?They fold like glasses and very comfortable.

  10. Susan, my bathroom drawer and I thank you! I did not know headband organizers existed! My headbands rattle around in the drawer and tend to jam it.

    I wear headbands frequently for reasons similar to yours–keeps my glasses, which go on and off constantly, from catching and tearing out my hair, plus I simply like the headband look for me.

    Yet another great idea from you…thank you.

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