A Little Eye Candy for Your Sunday

Love the simple way the windows were decorated in this room! Love the rug, too! Thanks to everyone on Facebook who was trying to help me find it. I love the color and how it doesn’t have a band or anything around the edge.

Beautiful Room for Christmas



Christy’s beautiful snow-covered home…thanks for sharing this beautiful picture on Facebook, Christy!

Christy's Home


The cutest Christmas mud room from The Creek Line House

Mud Room Decorated for Christmas


Missy’s beautiful bay window seat at My Cottage Charm: Just had to share this lovely room!

This Old House


Charming Christmas table setting in red and white by Tobi Fairley…

Tobi Farley


 Kitchen designed by Tobi Fairley’s …beautiful! Love the blue cabinets!

Wreath in Window



Another beautiful snow-covered cottage decorated for Christmas…

Cute House in Snow



Stay warm! It’s rainy and yucky here today…good day to stay inside and read and nap!

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  1. Love the eye candy for sure. Thanks for sharing! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Donna Roesink says

    Thank you for the lovely photos today, Susan. Eye candy, indeedโ€ฆ. all of them! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you, as well!

  3. I love those pics, especially the one where it is snowing. That’s what we woke up to this morning. Finally, those high salaried meterologist got the forecast right for a change! I always write on my calendar when we get the first snowfall.

    I browsed for hours during the wee hours on Pinterest, looking for simple Christmas decorating ideas. We didn’t put a tree up last year, only the two ceramic ones. All the holiday decorations are stored in the garage rafters and we have to ask our daughter to come over and get them down for us and put them back up after the holidays are over. It’s climbing a 7 ft. ladder and lifting the heavy tubs down and back up again. Have to see if I can do some re-arranging in the summertime when its warm in the garage. Was looking for ways to decorate without a lot of fuss and energy and having to ask somebody to help us. DH is not able to do much, so I have all the responsbility now for everything, including all the chauffering. I pinned some great ideas, so I’m going to concentrate on those ideas for the holidays in 2014.

  4. Thanks for the eye candy! Every photo is so sweet. I love the red and white polka dot motif and oh would I LOVE living in one of those cottages. What charm!

  5. Were you able to source the rug? I found it at West Elm at a very reasonable price.

  6. Love the aqua accents on the mantle and tree in the first house. The aqua kitchen cabinets were just simply gorgeous, and the red and white chair covers were so festive they made me smile just to see their charm. Thank you Susan! I was taking a few minutes away from making some stuffed cabbage for dinner (I almost scorched the tomatoes that I was caramelizing). Have a great week….. Candy

  7. Gorgeous eye Candy dear Susan! I totally love the snowed up scenes and miss snow around here this part of the year!
    The blue kitchen is adorable and the red and White dining รกrea too! Thanks for sharing, I’m so inspired by C’mas now, lol! Have a great C’mas season week.

  8. All lovely

    On a different post, you recommended wireless, 5 socket switch. Exactly what I needed. My mom does Department 56 villages. This switch system will help her get all her houses lit without having to reach around furniture to get to socket. I ordered 2 systems for her Christmas present.

  9. Susan, thank you for repeating these lovely pictures since I am probably the last woman standing who does not do Facebook! The perfect post for a cold snowy day. MM

  10. I have to tell you a funny story about the post “Keeping Cool With the Birds”. In there, you have a home from Isle of Hope. I used to live there and we knew the family that lived in that house. They had triplets that lived on the top floor of the house. My sister in law was baby sitting one weekend while the parents were away. The triplets were supposed to be taking a nap but my SIL kept hearing noises. She went upstairs and saw them throwing their shoes into the ceiling fan and watching it fly against the wall. Giggling ensued and no one got a nap. Those triplets are grown now. But I can’t ride by that house and not smile. Thanks for the memory!

    • Jenny, was it the blue/grayish house that I now use as my desktop background? I love that house! What a great story! How cute is that! I wonder what age they were…so funny!:)

      • Yes! That’s the house. We always called it the gingerbread house because of the trim. The kids were about 6 when they did that. Two boys and a girl. They were last three children in the family (can you imagine from 3 to 6 children in one fell swoop???). That was about 24 years ago. My husband and I lived on Isle of Hope when we were first married (not close to the water but in a sweet house I always loved!) and used to ride our bikes on the bluff every Sunday. The house next to it used to have peacocks. Another house down the way always had the best parties in the front yard. A little piece of paradise!

  11. Thanks for sharing these on your blog–gorgeous pictures! Between my blog and my work, I almost never get on FB anymore! Dee ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Eye candy for sure…so pretty!! LOVE that blue kitchen!!

  13. I’m with you – move over! ๐Ÿ™‚ First “big” snow of the season…grandkiddos were out with my black gloves (my good ones, too yet!!) catching snowflakes and “borrowing” Grandpa’s magnifying glass to examine. Snow is for the young. ๐Ÿ™‚ franki

  14. Thanks Susan!! I sure hope we get snow soon, I absolutely love it and would love to see it around Christmas.
    Christmas Blessing to you and yours!!

  15. I love that mud room, and it has inspired me to do something similiar in my laundry room, I mean closet:) Thanks for the eye candy!!

  16. Love the yellow house in the night snow picture, look just like what I want to do to a house we’re thinking of buyin. I saw in my mind exactly how I wanted to change the back of the house and looking around for something totally different came to you sight and there is was! Where is the house at?

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