A Plate for All Seasons

In my kitchen, I have a little plate holder that for years held a red and white “rooster” plate. A while back I decided to make it more than just a plate holder with a decorative plate…now it’s a fun way to mark the changing of the seasons, as well.

So when February rolls around, it’s time to think about cupid…

And as it get closer to Easter…

Once Easter has past, it’s time to celebrate the warm days of spring and summer…

When summer days begin to wane, the kitchen is ready for fall…

Been enjoying this plate for several weeks, but today I put it away and got out…

this one…

Fa, La, La…y’all! 🙂

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  1. Lady of the Mote says

    what a pretty and sweet idea

  2. profenretraite says

    Fa la la yourself Miss Susan…You know I love this idea! What a cute collection of seasonal plates! Hope you are enjoying your Thanksgiving weekend. I’m taking a break from cooking. I’ll be over near you in Kennesaw tomorrow for Thanksgiving #2 at my sister’s house. I think I will have had my fill of dressing by then! lol Thanks for sharing that clever idea!…Debbie

  3. Now that is a great idea and very cute! I’ve just been out shopping on Black Friday. I barely got anything for Christmas…got it all for me. EEK!

  4. You are It! Please pick up your tag over at my place.

  5. I have two questions…okay more than that..but here is a couple or three..lol
    1. do you have full sets of all those plates? what parts of a set do you pick up for the scapes you do…?
    2. Do you eat on all of those beautiful sets that you have shown us?
    3. where do you store them?
    4. Will you do a post about what to buy when one of the “tootsie”-type tablescapers is trying to pick up the peices to make an attempt? I have no clue…and there are so many peices that are in the sets…you know what I mean…
    after all I am the table Non scaper…lol

  6. What a great idea to keep your counter fresh. I just love it. You really are on clever lady. Enjoy…

    Fa-la-laaaaaing EllenL

  7. Lady Katherine says

    Susan, you have such great ideas! I love the rooster and all the plates! My kitchen is so full of roosters! I almost bought another plate holder today, now I wish I had! of your plates,my favorite is summer and Christmas plates. Oh, I have to say the rooster plate too!

  8. Ma'dame French says

    This is a wonderful idea I don’t collect plates but may have to start;) French

  9. I love that ornament plate! So cute! I’m glad you are decking your halls. I’m too beat to do much of anything about it all today. But tomorrow…. I’m ON it!
    Have a relaxing evening!
    hugs~ C

  10. Aren’t the seasons just wonderful.
    That’s what makes us women love to decorate because the seasons keep us changing things up. This is such a cute idea.

  11. That’s such a cute idea, it’s almost like the rooster is sitting there ready to crow in each holiday. LOL


  12. What a great idea! I’ll have to search my plate storage to see how many seasons I can come up with!!

  13. momstheword says

    I’m with Tootsie. I’d love to know how you did it too. Love the rooster, even though I don’t own a single one (alive or ceramic, lol!). I do, however, have several bunnies (ceramic not alive) and love the rotating seasons.

  14. Your plate switching is a cute idea. Fa la la to you also, however, today I feel more like Scrooge. I haven’t even started Christmas stuff. It took me all day just to pack up the Harvest stuff. I’m pooped! Maybe Fa la la tomorrow!

  15. You know I’m “loving” these plates..(I’m a plate hound !!) hope you’ve enjoyed your day..
    hugs ~lynne~

  16. Diane@A Picture is Worth.... says

    Cute plate Susan…plates are so easy to decorate with aren’t they?

  17. Evening, Susan! This was a cute idea! Of course you would have the most precious of plates to display!!
    Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful! I’ve met your sister Glenda and she’s a doll!!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  18. What a great idea… In Tassie there is limited space but that would work… especially if they are small plates…. Thanks for the great ideas…


  19. Cute, cute, cute! laurie

  20. Hi Susan,
    Big shock! I love all your plates!!!! This is really an awesome idea too! Now back to Decking the Halls! ☺

  21. Happy To Be says

    Oh Susan very girl idea…but would expect nothing less from you..Hope you had a great Thanksgiving girl..Hugs and smiles Gloria

  22. once in a blue moon... says

    very cute~ i have a little dish affliction we affectionately call dishease, its not curable…

  23. Linda/ "Mom..." says

    *SS~ I’m so glad you’re “here” right now, as NOW I’m assured that you “survived” yesterday~~~ I thought about you a few times, being w/o your darling son, and at one point said a quick lil’ prayer that you DID find joy yesterday~~~ am SO glad you did, Sweetie! He’ll be home soon, right? Warmest, Linda

  24. imjacobsmom says

    Oh Susan, you do come up with the cutest ideas. I have a few seasonal sandwich plates, I may have to start displaying them, too. ~ Robyn

  25. Melissa Miller says

    What a great idea! My favorite is the “HEART”.

  26. Linda/ "Mom..." says

    OMG, SS! Almost forgot to tell you how much I enjoyed seeing this!!! (“Knock, knock, Linda~ anybody HOME?”)~~~ Hugs, Me

  27. This reminds me of the paper towel holder I have on my counter top. It is wood and has seven interchangeable finials. They are painted and include a heart, flag, turkey, Christmas tree, birthday cake, pumpkin, and for year round use a curved round knob like one found on a chest.

    I don’t have but two sets of dishes and no room for anymore collections (to display or store), but the paper towel holder is a must in my kitchen anyway, so it heralds the holiday season and special occasions for me.
    I consider it one of my “best ever” purchases from a home shopping channel.

  28. I love that idea, but I have so little counter space that I couldn’t do it all the time.

  29. Terri and Bob says

    Adorable! I do a similar thing with my coffee mug, although it doesn’t sit out…. oh wait, yes it does!

    I have a mug for all holidays/seasons…

  30. Hi Susan….I love the idea of changing up the plates, what a simple, but fun idea to bring more of the holiday in. I, too, understand about missing your “little boy” at Thanksgiving. My sweet nephew is in his first year of medical residency WAY UP NORTH IN NEW YORK CITY and didn’t make it for T-Day. I know his heart was here, as your son’s, no doubtly, wished he was with you. I’m so glad you’ll have him home at Christmas. Let the HOLIDAYS BEGIN!
    Susan at My Colorful Life

  31. What a super idea. Absolutely adorable. I’ve got to start looking for all those wonderful plates. Thanks for sharing. Marty

  32. Cute! I do something similar with platters but I only change a couple of times per year. You set the standard so high!!

  33. That is a wonderful idea. I have a start on wood cookie jar lids. I need to go back to tolepainting and make more lids to go with the seasons. I am going to post a Tuesday Tablescape this week.

  34. What a great way to celebrate and “honor” each season!! I love the new Christmas plate…too cute! 🙂

  35. Hi. I have been admiring all your plates and took a peek tour through your home as well. It is beautiful. It is about my taste as well. We in Holland call it English.:)) Beautiful furniture and curtains as the carpets. I had to grin when I read you only want one couch and for the rest lots of chairs. I have been saying that for years. We want everybody to feel comfortable in an easy chair. LOL
    Thank you for visiting my blog/

  36. Hi Susan! Great idea and all the plates are lovely! Deb

  37. Dear Susan, You make things fun, clever and classy…always just right! Your counters look so nice with that beautiful backsplash. Such a great idea that I will share with a friend of mine back home who displays plates on her counter, too. Hugs, Jan

  38. Well, duh…..why didn’t I think of doing this…LOL…Love all of them! 😉 Bo

  39. look at you miss smarty pants! lol…glad you played along!

  40. Susan, I just love your blog and your house is beautiful! What a cute idea for your plates.

  41. What a great idea Susan! Love the way you have a plate for each season. Do you mind if I say “hello” to MOM here???

  42. Susan, I have a spot in my kitchen and do the same thing that you do, change a plate to reflect the season or my mood. I have gotten a few novelty plates at the dollar store that are seasonal…and the price was right! I love your plates, very pretty.

  43. Hi Susan, Each and every plate is so ala Susan. I change plate out in a corner of my kitchen also, I even put out a black framed mirror for fall, but none as cute as yours. The Christmas plate made me smile because I have been telling everyone they have to hum to create or at least that is my experience, so now when I am humming Fa,la,la,la I will picture this darling plate and thinking of you. Smiles to you my friend, Kathysue

  44. Your plates are precious!

    Thank you so much for your kind comments on my blog. They mean so much to me. I do not blog about it because it would upset my husband, but he is ill and that along with every thing else that has happened this year …has made this year a bit**! Thankfully God still reigns!

  45. glimpse of my world says


    hUGS FROM teXas!

  46. Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity says

    Susan, I love your plates!! You have so many beautiful things!!!

  47. Miss Janice says

    Susan, I sent you a long drawn-out e-mail last night about the Ballard topiaries (but I don’t think my e-mail is working)–I had the exact same ones and when I moved, I tried to pawn them off on my neighbor. When she said “no thanks,” I tried to pull out the topiaries and keep the urns. I finally left them on the street as garbage pickup! Are you hosting Tablescape Tuesday on Dec. 2nd?

  48. Pat@Back Porch Musings says

    Neat idea Susan. I have a wall hanging plate rack. I need to change to Christmas plates.

    Love the Home Alone music!

    Have a wonderful week.

  49. Meadowsweet Days says

    Hi Susan,
    I just found your lovely site while having my morning coffee. I so appreciated your photo with your son and Teddy Ruxpin, our sons must be similar ages because I brought back wonderful memories of that Christmas so long ago when that was number 1 on his Christmas list! Thank you for bringing that lovely memory back into my mind! Please come and visit me when you have a moment!

  50. at the cottage says

    What a great idea. I love the idea. I have seasonal tea towels that Ilike using for fun. I may have to do this :):)

    Tank you

  51. at the cottage says

    Oh and you have been tagged 🙂


  52. Those are all fun plates. What a good idea!

  53. You tickle me…isn’t it funny how we LOVE some dishes, but don’t really care for cooking!?! Love the plates…all of them, but you knew I would!

  54. Oh, what adorable plates…I dearly LOVE this idea..will start looking for seasonal plates to COPY you!! lol…I just love everything you do and always want to copy it!!
    love, bj


  56. Susan, I do the same thing!!!! I have a plate holder and use a plate that is big enough to hide my bottle of soda that I ALWAYS need!!!LOL! Hugs, Pinky

  57. Here is a lovely Christmas prose…
    “The Unexpected Gift”
    I hope it helps you treasure your family this season…
    (it is my latest work)


    Thank you and many blessings…I really am happy to have found your blog :)And I am spell bound by the amount of time I have spent here!

    Congrats on your kitchen redo, lovely! And I adore your plates…!

  58. Thank you so much for inspiring me to get plates for all the holidays and seasons.
    I had a spiritual plate that permanently staed in my kitchen, well it broke while I was putting away dishes last month. So I had to get a new one. I found a nice Pumpkin plate at Walmart, really inexpensive, so I started to think to myself, I need one for the next holiday to keep switching it out. This was confirmation for me that its a great idea.
    Thank you for sharing.

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